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Illustrations by Sam Brewster
Where to Drink in Reykjavík, Iceland
Oak & Ore in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Barkeep by

In addition to hosting the state premiere of Drie Fonteinen and tapping Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout for its loyal patrons, Oklahoma City watering hole Oak & Ore supports and effects positive change in the region.

Brian Hunt of Moonlight Brewing Company 9 Steps to Beerdom by

Since 1992, Brian Hunt’s little Santa Rosa brewery Moonlight Brewing Company has been churning out small batches of ales and lagers that are uniquely rooted in Northern California.

Sean Lynch, Founder, Clean Beer Project Last Call by

Sean Lynch launched the Clean Beer Project, which travels to bars in New York City, scrubs down beer lines, and lets patrons know via Twitter that their favorite bar is now squeaky clean.

Skipping the Store: Will Beer Delivery Services Change Consumer Behavior? Feature by

As on-demand technology increasingly becomes part of everyday life, beer-delivery services are shaking up the status quo when it comes to beer purchases, from customized 24-packs to freshly filled growlers from local breweries.

Sequencing Wild Yeast: Brewers Team Up with Scientists to Better Understand Fermentation Feature by

To create more consistent wild beers, brewers are teaming up with scientists to better understand fermentation. And with the help of in-house labs and affordable beer spoiler kits, they’re very deliberately shaping the future of wild beers.

Piney River Brewing Company: Making Hay in the Heartland From the Source by

Piney River Brewing Company is located 5 miles outside of Bucyrus, Mo., an unincorporated community small enough that the brewery’s first distributor had never heard of it.

Chilean Sea Bass: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

At Public House in Las Vegas, lead bartender Nick Barlow picks three beers to pair with a Chilean sea bass dish by chef Anthony Meidenbauer.

Carolina Creeper Kindred Spirits by

In this beer cocktail, Watermelon provides a refreshing base as lemon and thyme subtly act as a bridge to the peppery finish, while a Witbier finishes the cocktail with a light, smooth mouthfeel.

Asian-Style Noodles Infused with Stout and Witbier Cuisine à la Bière by

A Stout-infused mushroom sauce and spicy seafood sauce with Witbier bring unique flavors to two Asian-style noodle dishes.

Extract This: The Secret to Bitterness Without Muddiness BYOB by

To achieve peak bitterness without green muddiness, this Pliny the Elder clone calls for multiple doses of hop extract.

Adulterating Germans Fermented Culture by

Despite the strict rules of the Reinheitsgebot, in the mid-1800s, Germans were no less prone to tampering with beer than the British.