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BeerAdvocate isn't just another free app that lets you quickly find, rate, and learn more about beer. It's an extension of the largest beer community on the planet. Download and join today! It's free, and so is joining BeerAdvocate.

Now available on iTunes (Apple/iOS) and Google Play (Android). Windows soon.

Android app on Google Play

  • Search, rate and add beers to your lists
  • Browse beer styles, beer listings, places and events
  • Get the latest beer news, releases and regional happenings
  • Read and participate in forum discussions
  • Message your friends and other members privately
  • Find nearby breweries, bars and stores
With tons of other features in the works.

Requires creation of a free account, that's logged in, and on an Internet connection.

Need help? Checkout the App support forum.

For updates, checkout the Announcements forum.