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Beer for Beasts
A Celebration of Beer, Food and People, for a Good Cause.

The 4th annual Beer for Beasts charity event hosted by BeerAdvocate and Sixpoint Brewery will take place on Saturday, September 13, 2014 at The Bell House in Brooklyn, NY. The celebration will feature dozens of exclusive beers, some of New York City's best food vendors, and creative entertainment to promote compassion toward animals. All proceeds will directly benefit The Humane Society of New York City.

Tickets are on sale now via Eventbrite and include access to one session (1pm-5pm or 6pm-10pm), plus beer and food tastings. Access to entertainment is first come, first served. All attendees must be 21+ with a valid ID. No minors. No pets. See the Info and Tickets page before purchasing tickets.


We all know beer is a beverage enjoyed by humankind going back to the dawn of civilization. But could beer also serve as the main engine to power the cause and social mission to help shelter animals? BeerAdvocate and Sixpoint thought with a little creativity, thoughtfulness, and thinking outside the box, it definitely could be done!

Beer for Beasts was born from this idea and intention. BeerAdvocate and Sixpoint thought there could be a way to transform the typical elements of a beer festival, and also redirect the intention to help a worthy cause. Since helping animals was already a focal point and personal mission of the founders of Beer Advocate and Sixpoint, the cause was easy to identify. And instead of serving a regular lineup of beers with typical food options, BeerAdvocate and Sixpoint decided to brew completely unique, one-time offerings solely for this event. With local talent pitching in to provide the music, and a collection of New York City's great food truck offerings, Beer for Beasts was born.

So yes, beer is more than just a beverage enjoyed by humankind; it helps Beasts too. Every year, dozens of unique beers are enjoyed by people at Beer for Beasts, and all of the proceeds go to the Humane Society of New York. Come join us at Beer for Beasts: A celebration of beer, food and people, for a good cause.

Beer for Beasts has raised tens of thousands of dollars to directly aid the better treatment of animals.

September 13, 2014 - Brooklyn, New York - The Bell House. Beer for Beasts. ©Beasts for Beer, LLC