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20" Brown - Cascade Lakes Brewing Co.

Not Rated.
20" Brown20" Brown

Displayed for educational use only; do not reuse.

36 Ratings

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Ratings: 36
Reviews: 20
rAvg: 3.52
pDev: 17.61%
Wants: 0
Gots: 1 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Cascade Lakes Brewing Co. visit their website
Oregon, United States

Style | ABV
American Brown Ale |  5.30% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
"Named after the enormous Brown Trout found in Northwest streams, this beer lives up to the legend. 20" Brown is medium bodied and has an extremely complex malty character. Using 6 varieties of Northwest grown malt, we created a masterpiece of color, aroma and flavor. Set your hook in one of these and you won't be disappointed!"

Grains: 2-Row, Vienna, Crystal, Chocolate, Victory
Hops: Willamette, Centennial
Original Gravity: 1.053
Final Gravity: 1.013
I.B.U.'s: 35
Alcohol: 5.3

(Beer added by: BeerAdvocate on 10-08-2003)
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Ratings: 36 | Reviews: 20 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of Frankieteardrop

1/5  rDev -71.6%

04-13-2012 21:20:27 | More by Frankieteardrop
Photo of sharpski


2.5/5  rDev -29%

06-25-2014 22:54:54 | More by sharpski
Photo of Reidrover


2.8/5  rDev -20.5%

A light chesnut coloured ale, tan head.Some nice lacing. not much of an aroma. quite a thin taste even for a brown,very sweet..then some hoppy bitterness catches me by surprise near the end. very thin and sweetish on the palate. it drinkable but boring

05-16-2004 19:15:28 | More by Reidrover
Photo of bluckbeyes


3/5  rDev -14.8%

03-09-2012 03:24:21 | More by bluckbeyes
Photo of fishguyac


3/5  rDev -14.8%

09-22-2012 00:07:11 | More by fishguyac
Photo of beerguy101


3.1/5  rDev -11.9%

Medium brown color. Small head. Aroma is nutty and fruity. A medium bodied brown ale. Malts are nutty and caramel, with a slight hint of chocolate. Hops are spicy and a touch floral. A touch harsh and a little too crisp for a brown ale. Mouthfeel is full and round. Finish is crisp. Aftertaste is slightly bitter

10-08-2003 03:12:41 | More by beerguy101
Photo of KevMo84


3.25/5  rDev -7.7%

05-23-2014 21:44:41 | More by KevMo84
Photo of johnnyboy76


3.25/5  rDev -7.7%

01-25-2014 03:30:01 | More by johnnyboy76
Photo of casapy


3.25/5  rDev -7.7%

04-08-2013 22:04:06 | More by casapy
Photo of vfgccp

New York

3.25/5  rDev -7.7%

01-21-2013 03:21:57 | More by vfgccp
Photo of flexabull


3.38/5  rDev -4%

Pours a light clear brown color with a nice head.

Aromas are of sweet malts, bread, and a bit biscuit like. Smells a bit "off".

Flavors are muted, a bit of a roasted malt quality, a bit sweet, and with a touch of bitterness on the finish.

Mouthfeel is about average. A bit lean in the mouth, but the finish is good.

Session worthy beer. Nothing special, but it is certainly drinkable.

01-09-2007 02:05:35 | More by flexabull
Photo of BigJTrucker


3.4/5  rDev -3.4%

Pours a slightly hazy copper brown color, thin off white head settles very quickly. Smells slightly of sweet maltyness, with hints of yeast. Flavor is fairly basic, a bit of malt sweetness with just a hint of hops. Mouthfeel is nice and smooth, fairly light. Drinkability is quite good, due in part to the low abv, and the mellow flavor.

02-19-2008 04:35:21 | More by BigJTrucker
Photo of hopdog


3.43/5  rDev -2.6%

12oz bottle.

Poured a medium brown color with a large, light brown head. Lots of smaller floaters. Aromas of nuttiness and caramel. Tastes of the same; nutty with caramel. Creamy body. Nothing special...just your typical and drinkable brown ale.

Notes from and tasted on: 10/18/04

01-18-2009 19:25:04 | More by hopdog
Photo of ccrida


3.48/5  rDev -1.1%

Served much to cold in a shaker pint at Wyatt's in Albany, OR, the 20" Brown is a chill hazed cola brown with a thin, but long lasting bone colored head.

The smell is very neutral, even as it finely started to thaw, husky malt.

The taste in on the bitter side for a brown, pushing into semi-sweet territory as it warms, but is not astringent, and is generally inoffensive and enjoyable, with a clean finish.

The mouthfeel is very smooth, with a med-light body.

This was an easy drinking, sessionable brown, made for the masses, but ultimately forgettable.

08-15-2007 16:16:37 | More by ccrida
Photo of DerwinWentworth


3.5/5  rDev -0.6%

07-10-2012 01:50:51 | More by DerwinWentworth
Photo of CoryR


3.5/5  rDev -0.6%

01-23-2013 19:34:55 | More by CoryR
Photo of shelby415


3.5/5  rDev -0.6%

02-12-2012 08:20:59 | More by shelby415
Photo of flagmantho


3.58/5  rDev +1.7%

Poured from 12oz bottle into a pint glass.

Appearance: medium tawny-brown hue with no haze and a light-to-moderate effervescence. Head is a thin layer of frothy white foam which is not particularly impressive. Color is nice, though.

Smell: nice and malty with a caramel, biscuity and lightly nutty character. Kind of like a very nice mild; I like it because it's not over the top.

Taste: lightly sweet caramel character with a fair amount of biscuit and bread character. Usually I'm not a big fan of the biscuit but it works well enough here. Very little hop character, if any, but a light bitterness which rounds things out a little bit.

Mouthfeel: medium-light body with a good level of carbonation and a pretty nice creaminess.

Overall: tasty and drinkable enough. Maybe not my favorite brown ale, but this would do in a pinch.

09-26-2013 00:29:15 | More by flagmantho
Photo of biboergosum

Alberta (Canada)

3.63/5  rDev +3.1%

12oz bottle, from very friendly Boise, ID.

This beer pours a clear, medium reddish brown colour, with one finger of dense foamy pale beige head, which leaves some low-ridin' painted lace around the glass as it quickly settles. It smells of toasted nutty malt, and acerbic, zesty, yet nondescript hops. The taste is more roasted nutty malt, dark rye bread, mild sugary chocolate, and dry earthy hops. The carbonation is on the soft side, the body medium weight, a bit astringent, generally in the drying sense, so fairly smooth. It finishes just off-dry, the nutty malt holding sway over the less prevalent hop signature.

An agreeable enough brown ale, well-flavoured, balanced too, with the leaning to the nutty side, and if that's your thing, then, have at 'er.

08-17-2011 03:48:02 | More by biboergosum
Photo of birdypowder


3.65/5  rDev +3.7%

This tasty sessionable brown ale from Cascade Lakes Brwewing does almost everything right yet doesn't do anything exceptionally. It is a great beer to introduce someone into craft brewing due to its drinkability.

The aroma is pleasing and characteristic of a brown ale. Light chocolate malt, a touch of coco and brown sugar. There is also caramel and a mild toasted grain aroma.

A small to medium light brown head foams up and then quickly recedes. Lacing is minimal. This attractive brownish ruby colored beer is bright but not star bright, the slight haze lending a bit of mystery to the look of the beer.

Nothing much hits you up front but the middle has a very pleasing malt sweetness that stays around until the end. It's followed by a slight bitterness that urges you to take another sip of this medium bodied smooth example of the Brown Ale. Hops take a back seat, as they should in this style.

Just a bit watery towards the end with a very light lingering bitterness. Very drinkable.

01-04-2010 02:22:00 | More by birdypowder
Photo of SurlyDuff


3.68/5  rDev +4.5%

20" Brown, named for Brown Trout, a popular fish around here I guess.

Having it on-tap at the CL Lodge in Bend.

Strong tan head and dark umbar body.

Roasty carmel and nuts. A coffee/porter twang in there too.

Very clean and almost watery, definitly aimed more towards the mainstream beer drinker. I would recommend this for someone just getting into craft beer.

I coincidently have had Bear Republic's Brown the other day too, and I must say I do not get enough browns these days! Keep em coming!

03-02-2008 01:52:07 | More by SurlyDuff
Photo of RedDiamond


3.68/5  rDev +4.5%

Named for a trout, 20” Brown is a deep honey-crimson with seductive clarity and haunted lace. Its flavor profile is modest but is notably clean, assuring a wide appeal to casual drinkers. A malty caramel melody is accented with modest bittering harmonies and a sensuous mouthfeel.

I’ve had bad luck with browns in recent months. The style as a whole is neither widely produced nor especially well crafted in Oregon. 20” Brown stands out for its casual drinkability and agreeable nature untarnished by dour yeasty mayhem. Very friendly.

11-09-2004 07:38:40 | More by RedDiamond
Photo of brentk56

North Carolina

3.7/5  rDev +5.1%

Appearance: Pours a clear copper color with a two inch head that leaves swathes of lace

Smell: Toasted grain, brown sugar and pecans, with a hint of honey and powdered cocoa

Taste: Toasted brown bread and pecans, up front, with brown sugar and bitter nutskins moving to the front; after the swallow, the brown sugar and cocoa powder elements move to the fore; the finish has a little too much raw grain and residual sweetness, however

Mouthfeel: Medium body with moderate carbonation

Drinkability: Kudos to the brewery for producing a flavorful English Brown as, most of the time, this is a rather boring style (to me); a little rough around the edges but still worth seeking out

Thanks, Docer, for the opportunity

08-05-2010 02:09:46 | More by brentk56
Photo of BeerAdvocate


3.73/5  rDev +6%

Review from BA Mag Aug 2007

Brewed from a blend of six different malts, this beer is named after the legendary brown trout that live in many of the streams of the Northwest.

Light tan chunky head crowns the inside of the glass with a sticky lace. The deep amber color gleams from the light. Huge malty aroma, quite amazing with hints of toasted grain, caramel, brown sugar and dark raw honey. The medium body dons a thick, creamy, smooth mouthfeel, a bit more body than expected, which is fine by us. Robust toasted grain flavor that almost borders on roasted, with layers of unsweetened chocolate within. Big on malt, though not so much with the hops; they only lend a reserved bitterness and little flavor. Rustic toasted grain flavor goes from front to back and lingers long after with a semi-dry finish.

This gets a big thumbs-up from us; it's a sure pick for anyone who's into Brown Ales. This is a big fat one with loads of flavor--almost a meal in a bottle! But if you still feel hungry, try a rack of dry-rubbed baby back ribs with a side of slaw and beans.

03-30-2009 22:33:51 | More by BeerAdvocate
Photo of Jason


3.75/5  rDev +6.5%

01-12-2013 05:50:40 | More by Jason
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20" Brown from Cascade Lakes Brewing Co.
81 out of 100 based on 36 ratings.