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148 Ratings
Ratings: 148
Reviews: 109
rAvg: 4.43
pDev: n/a
Taps: 9
Bottles: 950
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1710 N 45th St
Ste 3
Seattle, Washington, 98103-6855
United States
phone: (206) 633-2437

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Photo of GClarkage
4.55/5  rDev +2.7%

What can I say about this place that hasn't been said already? I literally had dreams about this place for months before I even got to go here. You walk into a dark and fairly cluttered storeroom. Enough room to walk around, but just wall to wall beer wherever you turn. A "U" shaped refrigeration unit plus seperate other units await as you walk through the door. It's very nicely arranged in the coolers. Each door has an appropriate style. The first door was the IPA door. About 75 different IPA's in 12oz and bomber sized bottles with prices below each of them. Pretty much the whole store is all singles except for a medium sized cooler in the middle with six pack (which you can grab singles out of). The very cool thing about this store is that you can buy different ages of some brands. They had about 4 years of Bigfoot and another 4 of Old Crustacean, but several other brews. The prices for Belgian beers were a bit high as well as the aged beers. But, hey, where else are you going to find 1998 Old Crustaceans? The guy working there wasn't much help, but he wasn't rude either. Just a guy running the registar basically. The glassware selection was very nice as well. At the time of the visit this was the Holy Grail of all beer stores that I had been to....until my visit to John's Marketplace in Portland. If you are within a days drive of Seattle, come here for sure (Bottleworks).

Photo of OldFrothingSlosh
5/5  rDev +12.9%




I was VERY excited to stop by this place during my recent foray into the upper Northwest under the thin guise of a business trip (if you ever get a chance, the Fairmont Olympic in downtown Seattle is one serious kick-ass hotel). RoyalT was kind enough to haul my sorry ass 'round town for a few choice visits (you will be rewarded for your kindness) and I told him Bottleworks was way up on the list.

End store in a small row of store. Ample parking.

When you head inside, make sure you hold on to something welded/nailed/cemented to the floor. Your head will spin like a top when you begin to comprehend just exactly what is available to you in this beer heaven. One thing that struck me was that it was really dark. But this is a great thing. All the beer is protected from light.

Lots (that really doesn't begin to describe it) of beer on the floor and even more in the multiple coolers they had. Singles (HUGE selection) and 6-packs available. I nearly wet myself on several occasions when I saw just what I could cram in my carryon. Multiple vintages of many, many beers. First time I've ever seen this, not to mention side-by-side for easy picking.

Can't find anything in the front (like that'd ever happen)? Just check the chalkboard over the entrance to the back for a partial listing of goodies in the back. How many years of JW Lee's Harvest Ale do you want today? Some Rogue Old Crusty from the last 10 years? Sure.

All the workers were very friendly, and, more importantly, damn knowledgable about what they were selling. Offering suggestions on what to try. Kick ass.

Although I am very lucky to have Once Upon A Vine in Richmond (my previous measuring stick for beer store quality), I would jump/leap/vault at the chance to hit this place again.

Too bad I didn't have more room in my luggage.

This place lives up to the scores. If you west of the Rockies, find a way to make this stop.

Photo of Knuckles
5/5  rDev +12.9%

I fear that my rather strong opinions about Brouwer's have, for some reason, led people to believe I may possess similar opinions about Bottleworks. Quite the opposite, actually. Part of what I love about Bottleworks is what I dislike about Brouwer's. Bottleworks is a like a great used bookshop, in that you can go in there and get lost for hours just browsing. It's comfortable, and I always love going in there (I just don't like driving there very often, as 45th isn't terribly convenient to this BA. However, it is always worth the visit). Maybe it's this contrast between the two spaces that led me to being disappointed in Brouwer's. But that's neither here nor there, as this review is about the best beer store in the Seattle area.

Quality: Bottleworks is a bottle shop that is beyond compare in terms of its dedication to quality beers. They have, by FAR, the largest selection of craft brews that you are going to find in the the Northwest, and one of the greatest import selections as well. The care they take in terms of storage, etc. is also fantastic. Further, they cellar and stock vertical selections of various holiday beers such as Old Crustacean, Alaskan Smoked Porter, Old Guardian, etc. It's great to see a retailer take the time to take product off the shelf in order to age it properly and offer this to the consumer. Not all customers have the space to properly age a beer, and I think it's fantastic that Matt and crew do this.

Service: Always great. I rarely ask any questions when I'm in, simply because my head is always buried in some cooler, but there always seems to be someone coming in asking for advice on what to buy their wife/husband/yardman/chiropractor, etc. and whomever is behind the counter is always quick with something of quality to recommend (it also warms my heart to hear them frequently recommend the big beers from Silver City. Mad love to Don Spencer from the east sound, yo.).

Selection: Phenomenal. There's no other way to describe it. Sure, you can get Bear Republic at Central Market in Poulsbo, but you can't get Allagash and pick up a bottle of 2003 Poseidon.

About my only complaint with this store (other than it's way too goddam far from my home), is the pile of beer boxes in the middle. Not that that's a bad thing in and of itself, but frequently I'll see something I want that isn't in the cooler, and it will be on the bottom of the pile (and it's a bigass pile). Not a big issue, really, I'd just like to see better distribution of the product throughout the pile.

I love this store. It is a thing of beauty, and all other bottleshops should take lessons from them. They've got the windows covered to keep the light out, and the interior light is nicely muted in order to give it a nice, homey feeling. It's also very carefully airconditioned at (I'd guess) between 65 and 70 degrees. These kids care a lot about the product that they put on the floor, and it shows in everything they do. Pay them a visit when in Seattle, as they deserve your money.

Photo of freed
4.85/5  rDev +9.5%

Even though I'd heard personal accounts of the store, and I'm accustomed to large selections, I was still temporarily numbed when I entered the store. The dimly lit and highly decorated interior is a visual deluge of beer and beer paraphernalia. To the left is a selection of domestics - mostly regional micros. The center aisle seems to be a mix of special deals and new arrivals, and the right side ranges from ciders, pearys, sours, and imported beers. The back has a mix of barleywines and strong ales as well. All bases are covered - even glassware.

To keep my sanity and financial security, I stuck mostly to the micro side only to venture over to the import side for a glimpse. The selection is excellent, and at least for the regional micros - the prices were excellent. Cheaper than in Portland even without factoring in the bottle deposit. One of the beers I'd been hoping fore - LaConner's dry hopped IPA seemed to be temporarily out of stock, but the staff was pleased to inform me of more and retrieved several bottles for me. They also made a few recommendations which were helpful. I later found myself in disagreement over one of the beers - but opinion is opinion.

Unlike most of the bottle shops I frequent, every beer has been fresh. I often find some sours or old beers that have been lurking on the shelf for too long. The low light and smaller available stock is most likely the greatest factor.

Like I said, when I received the total for my two mixed sixers, I was surprised at the bargain. I nearly went back to get more.

Photo of tiodan
5/5  rDev +12.9%

beer shopping just doesn't get any better than this. a modest, darkish (presumably to minimize light damage to the brews) little joint staffed by friendly people and packed to the gills with fantastic beer. the selection is top-notch, and EVERYTHING IN A 12OZ BOTTLE IS MIX & MATCH. i can't even begin to imagine how many times i've wished i could just buy one or two of many different brews and been cockblocked, so this was a bit of a dream come true, especially as i stopped here on vacation and wanted to sample the greatest range of local fare as possible during my short stay.

they carry a wide variety of regional brews, a good number of micros from other parts of the country, and a great selection of imports, including belgians. the beers are segregated by type into coolers of differing coolness depending on the particular needs of the style. many barleywines stand side by side with previous vintages dating back as far as '01 (i think), which i've never seen anywhere else. hell, they even carry a bunch of glassware, including fancy belgian glasses...

Photo of beerceller99
4.7/5  rDev +6.1%

What more can be said about this place ? This is every beer geeks Valhalla !!
Housed in a small , dark, unassuming building this place is packed wall to wall with beer, ONLY beer ( ok, they do sell chocolate and beer glasses up front.) Advertising over 400 varities, it seems more like a thousand. Most of the beers are in coolers, arranged by country of origin. My favorite cooler doors are the two at the back of the store that house vintage bottlings of Hair of the Dog, Rogue, Sierra Nevada, Fish Tail , and other beverages worthy of cellaring. Home to Laconner Brewings dry hopped IPA.
The staff here is fairly beer savvy, hell, they've got the coolest job in town.
The only bummer here is parking is scarce, especially in mid -afternoon .
Every big city should have a store like this !

Photo of RedDiamond
5/5  rDev +12.9%

The rumors are true. This is a world-class place to buy beer. My first impression of Bottleworks was kind of funny. I walked in and started browsing, but had to promptly step out and trade in my sunglasses for my regular specs. The place is a bit dark inside. No doubt the subdued lighting is for the benefit of the beer. Now that’s a great idea.

The selection was fabulous. I’m accustomed to shopping in the better beer stores in Portland, but was quite impressed with the selection of Washington state beers that don’t make it south of the Columbia River. There was also a decent selection of meads, ciders, barleywines, and pretty much anything you might care to drink from around the world. They also sell chocolate and a wide array of glassware. Most of their beer is refrigerated.

This is a fairly small store in terms of square footage. But the floor space is optimized and the smallness of the place assures attentive service. I found the staff to be knowledgeable and helpful. They pay attention to details such as stocking beers from the back of the shelf outwards to assure good turnover and fresh product. Prices were fair market value. Really couldn’t ask for more.

Photo of zacharius
5/5  rDev +12.9%

Quality of beers in this place is great, they have microbrews from all over the northwest as well as imports such as belgian and german beers. The selection is incredible, never seen so many different beers in one small place like this. The service is great, the help there can offer, if you like this beer, than try that one, type of stuff. Best beer store in the area. They keep their beers refridgerated and the store is dark to protect the beers. Great glassware selection as well. For some beers that have several vintages of each.

Photo of TheBungyo
4.6/5  rDev +3.8%

I just arrived home from a trip to Bottleworks. I promised myself the entire way that I'd come straight here and write a review. There haven't been many cases in my life where I've received service as good as the service I had tonight. Everyone else has spoken about how great the selection is, and I won't add to it because that point has been established (the selection is incredible). I'd just like to say that not only are the prices great but the service is outstanding. I asked some questions and they were very very helpful and full of knowledge. I ended up spending a fair chunk of change and when I was ready to check out, my cashier bought one of the glasses I was going to purchase for me out of his own pocket. Even if he hadn't done that, I'd have been impressed. That was the capper to a great beer shopping experience.

Photo of GoCubsMatt
4.85/5  rDev +9.5%

I just moved up to Seattle, and one of the first places I stopped by was Bottleworks. There isn't much that I can add to what other people have said; the selection is world class, and the people are friendly and helpful. All I can say is that when I walked in and looked around, I nearly soiled my pants. In addition to the splendid beer selection, they have a small selection of nice beer glasses, and they had some t-shirts as well. If you are in Seattle and need to buy some beer, you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice if you do not go to Bottleworks.

Photo of Globetrotter
4.65/5  rDev +5%

Thanks to RoyalT for taking me to this beer Mecca. A small storefront on a fairly minor street somewhere outside the center of Seattle masks an awesome collection of beers available for purchase. The inside, not much bigger than a 20 foot container, really, is dark and packed full. All of the walls are lined with coolers with beers perched above, while more beers are stacked on shelves in the middle. It's hard to move in the narrow aisles, and sometimes hard to see the labels in the dark, but, man, they've got a lot of good stuff. They even had several brews from Russia's Baltika line, as well as many other imports. The strength of this place, however, is in brews from the Pacific Northwest, sorted by style rather than brewery. Hundreds of choices to make, but nary a bad one in the lot. Only down side? No Westvertieren products (but plenty of other Belgians). U.S. beers from east of the Mississippi were also rare, although I did spot a Dogfish Head product. The staff was friendly and helpful. If I lived in Seattle, I'd be here regularly. Moscow needs a place like this..

Photo of henrysunset
4.65/5  rDev +5%

I went in with a very nebulous mission; to find some beers to push my tastes to new places. I'm glad to say that the friendly staff helped me make that come true, as I walked out with an interesting mix of 12 beers for around 30 dollars. Some were only 1.25$ and ofcourse the premium and larger bottles approached 7 dollars a bottle.

The store is kept well shaded to protect the beer, and also features some chocolates in the front as well as some glassware.

The beers are refrigerated in about 9 fridges, organized by alcohol strength and/or region.

Very nice shop and excellent selection, A+++ (ebay style review :-)

Photo of drewbage
4.85/5  rDev +9.5%

Ok.. so Bottleworks.. been there a few times now. Always make it a point to go there when the business takes me to Seattle. (And yeah.. I totally forgot to review this joint after my first few visits.)

All I can say is wow.

You walk up to the store and it doesn't really look like much.. looks kinda small actually.. And then you open the doors and find a world of good beer waiting for you.

Beer is organized and kept clean and protected from the light. Verticals live next to each other and it becomes apparent that it's feasible to live a world of beer within the cooler walls of this store.

Staff is friendly, hip and massively knowledgable about beer. The selection is immense. The thought behind the list is evident and heck even the prices are pretty good.

I defy the dedicated beer hunter to venture into this store and leave saying "eh".

Photo of SeanChouffe
5/5  rDev +12.9%

Bottleworks is the best beer monger in the US I have had the pleasure to patronize. I did my research prior to visit by looking at their website. Even though they did not carry many of the beers listed on their site, I was not disappointed. The selection is great, the beer was well displayed and the staff was friendly and helpful. The availability of singles was great and they even broke up six packs that many other stores would have not. A great experience, although I was unable to keep myself from spending the GDP of a small nation.

Photo of beertaster13
4.65/5  rDev +5%

My first trip to Bottleworks I made this morning. I have been looking for some Stone and Rogue offering that I haven't been able to find. Of course they had it. Bottleworks is the holy grail for beer drinkers. Heard about it on Beerfly and had to go see it for myself. Funny I've lived in Seattle all my life and have never heard of it until recently. The service is helpful and very knowlegable. The quality of the beers here is great, the selection even greater. If only I lived closer to the city this would be a staple in daily living. The service here is what seperates this from any other store. They will spend time with you and give you beers that cater your needs. Go here when visiting Seattle. Oh one other note, they were out of a couple beers I wanted but ordered it for me, ah the insanity. I love this store. GO HERE NOW!

Photo of RoyalT
5/5  rDev +12.9%

Quality – This place has the good stuff. The store is kind of cramped, but mainly that’s because of all the beers. They have some of the best ales on the planet.

Service – The staff is very helpful. I asked for certain ales and they knew right away if they had it and exactly where it was in the store. They’ve also been sampling the merchandise, because they know how just about every beer in the store tastes. I've often walked in to, "Here, you'll love this," and, "If you like that, try this."

These guys know their beers, and that’s saying a lot because they stock a whole mess of them. They have consistently pulled out aged beers from the back, given excellent cellaring suggestions, and even special ordered things on request. I don’t see how the service could be any better unless they started driving beers over to my house.

Selection – This is top notch. Almost everything is in coolers. The beer selection spans the globe, and they have a lot of local stuff as well. They advertise over 700 beers available and cold. This is hands down the best beer store on the West Coast.

Photo of weefisheads
5/5  rDev +12.9%

After almost giving up hope that Washington had a truly exceptional place to find beers, I went to Bottleworks and my faith in humanity was immediately restored.

From the get go you know this is a place of quality by simply looking at the empty bottles that adorn the entrance - a few vintage Anchor OSA, a Bells 5000th batch, and a few other desirable collectables. However, my expectations were somewhat low as a quick peek at the website lead me to believe that the selection would be similar to what one can find most anywhere, but no no no! Trust their website not - the lineup here was most impressive

I was especially delighted to see all the "regional/local" beers that they had, as none of these - though but 50 miles or less away - are available anywhere else I checked. In addition, there are a few unique "Bottleworks" brews as well, available only at this store, of which one is brewed in Belgium and one heck of a beer! Together with the other standards of a first rate beer store - Stone, Dog Fish Head, etc, this is a very spectacular lineup.

Although I received a less then warm reception the very first time I visited this store, visiting a second time proved that the less than stellar serivce was an abberation. The store is run by folks very serious about their beer and who love what they do, and this is not only evident in the 5's in service given by others who've rated this store, but clear as day when I chatted with Craig who spent a few minutes with me to find one absolutely amazing beer.

After leaving Bottleworks the second time, I realize that the only downside is that there aren't more of them. Whether you're intrested in finding Washington beers that you just can't find anywhere else, or just looking for a store that knows a great deal about great beer, then Bottleworks is the place to go. I can't recommend this place enough.


Addendum - visited again - brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! Picked up a JW Lees 1997, 1999, 2000 and 2001. Need I say any more?

Photo of jreitman
5/5  rDev +12.9%

An absolutely incredible beer store. They stocked almost everything I wanted and were willing to order anything they didn't have that was available.. Fairly large international brew section and the staff was very knowledgeable. The owners and staff are constantly ordering new beers so this is one of those places you want to visit often. Vintage beers is also available, though at a hefty price, but it's still nice to treat yourself to some 1996 Stille Nacht every once in a while. If you live in Seattle, this place is a must visit.

Bottleworks in Seattle, WA
98 out of 100 based on 148 ratings.