Moralité - Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel

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Ratings: 166
Reviews: 31
rAvg: 4.28
pDev: 7.24%
Wants: 25
Gots: 29 | FT: 2
Brewed by:
Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel visit their website
Quebec, Canada

Style | ABV
American IPA |  6.50% ABV

Availability: Rotating

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: VelvetExtract on 07-26-2012)
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Photo of Sammy
3.75/5  rDev -12.4%

Photo of acurtis
3.75/5  rDev -12.4%

Photo of Phyl21ca
4.78/5  rDev +11.7%
look: 4.25 | smell: 5 | taste: 4.75 | feel: 4.75 | overall: 4.75

Bottle: Poured a hazy deep bright beige color male with a large foamy head with good retention and some good lacing. Aroma is a sucker punch of floral hoppy notes with some citrus and some green hoppy notes. Taste is full of hoppy notes with plenty of citrus, some green and hay notes. Malt backbone is almost hard to distinguish beneath all the hops oils. Body is full enough for style with good carbonation. I will gladly drink instead of HT which is so hard to obtain right now.

Photo of biboergosum
4.19/5  rDev -2.1%
look: 4 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4.25 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 4.25

12oz chalice at Beer Revolution Oliver - nice to get a heads-up from a fellow beer nerd that this is available here, when I'm already on the way! Alchemist in Alberta (sort of)!

This beer appears a rather hazy, medium golden amber hue, with one skinny finger of puffy, bubbly, and weakly foamy dirty white head, which leaves some distant active storm cloud lace around the glass as it duly recedes.

It smells of fresh-squeezed grapefruit zest, orange cream, pine resin, and bready caramel malt - simple, but in the simply awesome sense. The taste is a veritable Save-on Foods produce aisle orgasm of lemon, orange, and grapefruit rind, grainy, biscuity caramel malt, a further hint of toffee candy sweetness, wet leafy pine needles, a mild stoney flintiness, and smashed and smushed earthy, perfumed hops.

The carbonation is sort of laid-back, and earns a participatory sticker for little more, the body a sturdy medium weight, and actually smooth amongst all that swirling fresh hop (and patently welcome, let's be clear) astringency. It finishes off-dry, barely, as the grainy caramel malt keeps a stiff upper lip in the presence of such a heady, topped-up (I couldn't resist) green hoppiness, booyah!

Like the little brother of you-know-who, what with all the hop character one could ever expect. A wee bit toned down, sure, but I would have hardly known if I hadn't enjoyed Big Bro a mere few months ago. Awesome on tap, and a bit too expensive for the native brewery's offerings, so I'm ever so keen on seeing this stuff in the standard DDC 4-packs in the near future.

Photo of NeroFiddled
4.25/5  rDev -0.7%

Dieu Du Ciel "Moralité"
$5.22 Canadian for a 12 oz. tulip glass on tap @ Bier Markt, Montreal, QC

Notes: Hazy amber body. 1 finger thick head of frothy/creamy white. Drops but holds a surface covering. Retention is good. Leaves craggy streaks of lacing behind. Aroma: pungent, floral, tropical, piney, and gently caramelish. Flavor follows. Floral notes stand out over the citrus and pine - that's surprising; nicely done. Really well balanced, and not laden with malt and bitterness; not thin or lacking in any way either. Direct. Focused. Very drinkable, and yet almost enjoyable just for the nose. One of the best beers I've tasted in Canada; and possibly one of the best from Dieu Du Ciel.

Photo of smcolw
3.64/5  rDev -15%
look: 4.25 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

Good starting head that settles slowly to a single layer of bubbles. Good blanket to spotty lace. Cloudy gold color.

Initially, I detected some earthy smells, but I no longer can detect them. The aroma is fresh and has a grapefruit element to it.

Astringent finish to this beer--just straight bitterness. Light malt up front but it succumbs quickly. Good body and carbonation.

Photo of Kelp
4.25/5  rDev -0.7%

Photo of liamt07
4.25/5  rDev -0.7%

Photo of TheSevenDuffs
4.25/5  rDev -0.7%

Photo of wordemupg
4.34/5  rDev +1.4%
look: 4.5 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4.25 | feel: 4 | overall: 4.5

On tap at Devino, 18/11/13 from notes

A slight haze in a golden orange body, just a few slow bubbles but they feed a well sustained finger of foam that leaves several distinct rings before falling to a thin film

S canned peaches, tangerine, guava, lychee, big on the tropical fruit, mandarin, pineapple, a little pine and caramel, smells great

T not all the tropical fruit that the nose had going for it, some lemon peel added with more pine then I could smell with a little vitamin C chewable's

M medium bodied, a nice bitter snap, a little grit, low carbonation but enough to give it some life

O top notch IPA here, lots of tropical notes and I like that in the style, no booze anywhere and my glass was gone before I knew it

13$ for a 12oz glass was pretty steep if you ask me but I'm happy I got to try it I just wish I could've caught it during happy hour at Beer Rev.

Photo of spinrsx
4.26/5  rDev -0.5%
look: 4 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4.25 | feel: 4 | overall: 4.5

341ml Bottle from March Omni for $14 for a 6 pack

Appearance - Slightly hazy gold colour with an average size white coloured head. There is an average amount of carbonation showing and there is some fair lacing. The head lasted for around 4-5 minutes before it was gone.

Smell - Malts, hops, apricots, grapefruit/lemons

Taste & Mouth - There is an above average amount of carbonation and I can taste malts, grapefruit/lemons, and hops. There is also some caramel and apricots and a bit of floral and resin.

Overall - Some of the flavour reminds me of hop side of their L'Herbe à Détourne. I am really excited that this will be a regular listing available to me locally. A really great beer that definitely has shades of heady topper. Beers like this will slow down my american cross border beer buying trips.

Photo of LoveStout
3.75/5  rDev -12.4%

Photo of tbeckett
4.41/5  rDev +3%
look: 4.25 | smell: 4.25 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.25 | overall: 4.5

Got 2 six packs of this from Rapido. Bottled less than a month from consumption. This was on tap at their Zwanze event, but I passed it by for some reason. From notes.

A - Light golden pour with lot's of haze and good carbonation. Two fingers of fluffy white head left great lace rings and a half finger of retention.

S - Lot's of light fruits, stone fruits, mango, passionfruit, pineapple.

T - Nice big citrus and tropical character with a bit of alcohol and yeast. Pineapple, syrupy fruits, sweet fruits, hoppy goodness with some melon. Such a great flavour with lot's of hop character.

M - Not too intense of a bitterness, mild to medium carbonation, medium body.

O/D - I don't know how involved Alchemist were in this, but you can see mild similarities to Heady in here. It's like a tamed and lighter version of it. Light and crazy hoppy with amazing drinkability. Delicious stuff.

Photo of CrazyDavros
3.5/5  rDev -18.2%

Pours amber with a large lasting head.
Noes shows pear, apple, spicy hops and a little light malt.
Flavours include more pear and soft malt, a metallic note and honey. A little abrasive.
Carbonation is a bit over the top.

Photo of TheBeerAlmanac
4.5/5  rDev +5.1%

Photo of VelvetExtract
4.58/5  rDev +7%
look: 4 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 5

A collaboration with the Alchemist for VT Brewfest 2012.

A-Pours a golden honey color. Body is completely translucent. Head is bright and short. Head laces well and retains moderately well.

S-Whoa! Super hoppy. Full of Alchemist-esque hops. Tropical and fruity. Notes of pineapple and melon along with the huge citrus and grassy notes. Also lightly floral and piney. Malt is mild and a mix of bread and Animal Crackers.

T-Delicious tropical hoppy slap that lingers and lingers. Clementines and tangerines and fresh Summer grass. Finishes moderately bitter and piney. Malt adds some balance but this of course is all about the delicious happiness.

M-Medium bodied with and almost Cask feel. Lighter carbonation and a bitter, dry finish. Very sessionable. I...need...more.

O/D-Great collaboration. These two breweries killed it. Has a unique quality that must have been from those boys from Montreal! Really, really enjoyed this. One of the Brewfest's gems.

Photo of Holland
4.25/5  rDev -0.7%

Photo of tom10101
3.75/5  rDev -12.4%

Photo of muskiesman
4.75/5  rDev +11%

Photo of andrenaline
5/5  rDev +16.8%

Photo of Jspriest
4.25/5  rDev -0.7%

Photo of mklisz
3.75/5  rDev -12.4%

Photo of dar482
4.5/5  rDev +5.1%

The beer pours out in a light yellow orange.

The aroma hits of big floral and grapefruit. A bit of biscuity malt. Smells very much like West Coast examples like Racer and Sculpin.

The flavor follows with a big pop of that floral hops, onto grapefruit sweetness, and bitterness on the finish. The beer continues of that bright floral theme, with a light balanced bready malt.

A really good attempt that compares to American West Coast IPAs. Easily the best hoppy beer I've had from DDC.

Photo of jrenihan
4.23/5  rDev -1.2%
look: 4.25 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.25 | feel: 4 | overall: 4.5

Re-review of this beer. The below review was done from a cask version of this beer which clearly did not do it justice. Having now had it on tap a few times, a revisiting is in order.

Beer is cloudy range in colour, with a moderately-sized white head, Good retention.

Bice hoppy scent, tropical fruits with some citrus and a bit of caramel.

Great tropical and citrus fruit flavour. It does have a strong resemblance to Heady Topper; almost like a toned down version of that beer. Fairly bitter. Good malt base, a bit bready.

Medium bodied, strongly carbonated. Bready and oily.

Overall, very good. I hope it becomes a regular for DDC.

On-cask at Volo during the IPA Challenge. Was excited to try this one given the reviews on this site.

Beer is honey amber in colour, with white bubbles around the glass that stick around.

Nose is good. Tropical fruit: mango and pineapple. Smells "sticky". Some biscuity malt scents, but pretty slim.

Tropical and citrus fruit in flavour as well- pineapple, mango, some grapefruit. Fairly bitter. A slight malty presence.

Light to medium bodied, low natural carbonation. I am not sure the cask is the best treatment for this beer, as it feels too thin.

Overall, a good beer, but, in my view, not up to the ratings it has got thus far. I would like to try it again on tap, which perhaps would work better for this beer.

Photo of kwjd
4.25/5  rDev -0.7%

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Moralité from Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel
95 out of 100 based on 166 ratings.