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Founders Breakfast Stout - Founders Brewing Company

Not Rated.
Founders Breakfast StoutFounders Breakfast Stout

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11,616 Ratings

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Ratings: 11,616
Reviews: 3,211
rAvg: 4.52
pDev: 9.29%
Wants: 1,129
Gots: 2,509 | FT: 156
Brewed by:
Founders Brewing Company visit their website
Michigan, United States

Style | ABV
American Double / Imperial Stout |  8.30% ABV

Availability: Fall

Notes/Commercial Description:
Brewed with flaked oats, bitter and sweetened imported chocolates, Sumatra and Kona coffee.
60 IBU
Released on Sept. 1, 2010.

(Beer added by: marburg on 07-26-2003)
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Ratings: 11,616 | Reviews: 3,211 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of Zodijackyl


4.7/5  rDev +4%

Pitch black with a thin, coffee-colored head. Head minimizes fairly quickly, but swirls around the top of the glass all the way down. Exceptional lacing all the way down the glass.

Aroma of medium roast coffee, brewed medium-heavy, dutch chocolate with a touch of farm-fresh milk creaminess, and clean and aromatic oatmeal - more pleasing than your regular breakfast cereal. A hint of caramel also emanates from the roast of the grain, along with the heavier coffee and chocolate notes.

Taste shows the bitterness of coffee and cocoa up front, smoothing out with the mealy taste of oats. The oatmeal has the smooth and slightly sweet taste of oats, a very fresh carbohydrate character only found in flavorful grains. The malt taste also displays the roasted character of the grains paired with the separate chocolate and coffee. Very little alcohol shows through even as it warms up, though it provides a somewhat warming feel in the stomach.

Mouthfeel is great, the oatmeal is almost chewy despite being liquid, and it almost feels like a bready pastry because of the chocolate and oat mix. Extremely drinkable considering the gravity and ABV.

02-12-2011 21:02:52 | More by Zodijackyl
Photo of tsatem


4.28/5  rDev -5.3%

12 oz bottle, with an unreadable date into a snifter. Thanks to calbertb2.

A: 1 finger tan colored head recedes very quickly but with extremely thick lacing already. Body is extremely dark brown, a shade away from being black. Though it's not the blackest beer I've ever seen, no light at all is coming through until I tilt the glass to drink.

S: Well - chocolate, coffee, and oatmeal. The coffee dominates - really smokey and bitter, blending with some roasted malt aromas. Chocolate provides a subtle sweetness that balances out the coffee a little bit. Great earthy aroma that I imagine is coming from the oats.

T: Balanced the same as the nose, but with additional flavors. Coffee is still predominant but is more coffee-like than the nose, and not just smokey and bitter. Really tastes like chocolate covered espresso beans. Great oatmeal stout like malt backbone. Absolutely delicious, but perhaps a little bit too coffee dominant - I wonder what it would taste like if the other flavors were a little more present. Very slight, but pleasant, alcohol presence.

M: I actually wanted this to be a little bit thicker, but the carbonation is very nice and the flavors linger for a long time. Slightly chewy.

D: As a big coffee fan, this is really drinkable. For someone who doesn't like coffee, it wouldn't be. That being said, I love the flavors so much that it improves the drinkability for me. The ABV is complimentary to everything that's going on. I could get into trouble by wanting to drink this with breakfast on a regular basis...

02-12-2011 04:59:17 | More by tsatem
Photo of DaveHS


4.6/5  rDev +1.8%

Great beer, never got around to reviewing it before. Here we go.

A-Pours a deep brown/black with an inch of mocha colored head. Fades quickly, leaves traces of attractive soapy lacing.

S-Loads of chocolate and coffee bean, just like the label says.

T/M-Really solid. Heavier on the coffee than the chocolate, but the combination of flavors is expertly achieved. Surprisingly this beer is not as heavy as you might expect given the style. Medium bodied with a lush, silky mouthfeel. This beer rolls off the tongue, leaving behind delicate, simple flavors of coffee, chocolate, and oats.

D-Another killer beer from Founders, on par with some of the best coffee/chocolate imperials on the market.

02-11-2011 05:37:48 | More by DaveHS
Photo of lnashsig


4.18/5  rDev -7.5%

Thanks to JackTheBear for this bottle from our recent trade. Poured into my Dfh snifter. About 1 finger of tan bubbly head recedes quickly, not much lacing. Color is deep dark brown, almost completely opaque.

Smell- on the nose, I got tobacco leaves (almost reminds me of a faint whiff of chewing tobacco), cinnamon, some faint chocolate.

Taste- cinnamon again, tobacco leaf, chocolate, a lot going on here, very unique. It finishes with a slick dark chocolate resin on the end.

Mouthfeel: I LOVE the carbonation- very carbonated, small bubbles. Perfect thickness, nice and chewy.

This beer lives up to the hype, I would seek out again for sure!

02-08-2011 01:20:05 | More by lnashsig
Photo of Tilley4


4.18/5  rDev -7.5%

What a deliciously creamy brew this is... Loaded with coffee chocolatey goodness... Intense aromas of dark rich coffee and bitter chocolate..

Smooth richness blend of coffee and cocoa.... Very rich and intense... Overpowering taste and aroma...

A delicious beer... Terrific... World class.

02-07-2011 20:21:34 | More by Tilley4
Photo of kevinv


4.45/5  rDev -1.5%

12oz bottle poured into a pint glass. This bottle is from '09, so I was curious to see how it compared to fresh FBS. Big thanks to DannyKelly for including this bottle as an extra in a recent trade.

A - Pours a deep thick black with a 1-finger dark tan colored head. Quickly dissipated to a small rim on the surface. Little to no lacing. Beautiful looking beer.

S - Dark roasty malts. Strong notes of coffee and bittersweet chocolate. No presence of alcohol in the nose.

T - Ahhh, this is what keeps me coming back. Smooth bittersweet chocolate hits you up front with a nice bitter coffee taste on the finish. As expected, the coffee notes are a bit muted compared to fresh FBS, but they are still very prevalent. Alcohol only begins to show as the beer warms, other than that it's hidden very well. All of the flavors seem to mend extremely well together.

M - A very smooth and creamy mouthfeel. With this bottle being from '09, it seems to have thinned a bit from the full and thick body I'm used to. Carbonation seems to be in check.

D - Super drinkable beer. The alcohol is masked well, but definitely noticeable after a few.

Founders has got it right with this beer and it's easily one of my all-time favorites. Such a great choice for those cold winter days.

02-07-2011 00:22:25 | More by kevinv
Photo of brew3crew


4.47/5  rDev -1.1%

A-Very dark black 9as if there is another kind of black) with mocha head
S-dark Coffee up front. Malty undertones follow. MMMM.
T-Tastes a lot like it smells. Coffee and Chocolate are the most prevalent and delicious.
M-Medium boded and oh-so-smooth
D-Very drinkable. If coffee tasted like this, I would actually drink it

02-06-2011 20:49:49 | More by brew3crew
Photo of mountsnow1010


4.25/5  rDev -6%

A - Black as night with thick mocha head, beautiful. Limited lacing though, somewhat surprised about that, would have loved a touch of that as well.
S - Sweet deep coffee notes; I drink my coffee black and this tastes nearly like that. Hints of chocolate and smoke as well. Nice roasty elements from both the choc and coffee.
T - Immediately a bitter coffee flavor is present. It is followed by berrylike coffee notes (dark cherry) almost. It is followed by dark chocolate and fruits. Cocoa flavors are very abundant. Oatmeal too, perhaps?
MF - Quite viscous, goes down nice and smooth. Limited alcohol presence.
DB - 2 beers or three would be great. High drinkability at this ABV.

Very good beer, although I would say that it slightly overhyped. As far as price for enjoyment goes, it is very good.

02-05-2011 04:06:22 | More by mountsnow1010
Photo of scubasteve04


4.53/5  rDev +0.2%

First thing I noticed about this beer, gifted to me by a good buddy, was the incredible viscosity as I emptied the bottle into my Duvel Tulip. It could easily have been Penzoil, and he was playing a really mean trick on me... Turned out to be the opposite.

Let it be known that I did, in fact, have this beer from breakfast. It is 830 am. Poured and first imbibed ~ 20 min after removing from fridge.

A: The foam reached the top of my Duvel Tulip with ease, not even an aggressive pour. The full 2.5 inches of deep mocha head persisted for several minutes before beginning to settle into a thin, dark tan protective blanket covering the virtually opaque, black liquid. I held the glass directly in front of the 65 W (equivalent CFL) bulb lighting the room, and none of it made it through this beastly beer. Impressive.

S: As advertised by the label on the bottle, a noseful of this beer is like being inside of a barrel of dark chocolate while drinking the world's freshest, most flavorful coffee. I didn't detect much hop, if any, nor did I care. It's breakfast.

T: FLAVOR-town, bitches. This brew kicks you in the mouth with all kinds of rich, palpable flavor, from coffee to chocolate to deep roasted malt, with dark fruits and a subtle, balanced hop bitterness (and did I catch a 9-er in there? Were you callin from a walkie-talkie?). Once the liquid itself has moved on to your innards, your whole throat warms with smooth alcohol, and a complex array of lovely flavors lingers in your mouth and nose. Superb.

M: Incredibly full body, but not gooey or chewy like a sauce. It is of the ideal consistency to coat the whole mouth and deliver a steady dose of robust flavor with every sip. A light tinge of dissolved CO2 livens the flavors as well, and keeps it fresh and drinkable...on that note.

D: Significantly more drinkable than I had anticipated. The incredible balance of sweet and bitter, and the excellent mouthfeel make this beer rich, but not overly heavy, and no doubt more drinkable than it should be. That being said, I would probably have to call it quits after two 12s. My hat is off to Founders for this one. Hell, I'd even give em my hat if they wanted it.

Notes: It being breakfast time when I decided to drink this wonderful gift, I conjured up a delicious turkey, egg, and smoked swiss melt on dark buttered, toast. The pairing was delightful, and the richness of the sandwich slightly muted the sweetness of the FBS, revealing some nice hop character to the beer maybe not otherwise noticed. Very cool.

02-03-2011 14:46:52 | More by scubasteve04
Photo of Buddha22


4.8/5  rDev +6.2%

A: A beautiful black color with a nice light brown/tan head. The head subsides and a thin rim remains around the glass throughout the beverage.

S: Chocolate and coffee aromas with a minor presence of alcohol.

T: The taste is amazing. Coffee and chocolate collide to make a perfect mix. The alcohol is hidden very nicely and it is extremely smooth.

M: Full bodied with a nice creamy texture that slides down the throat perfectly.

D: Extremely drinkable and could have this easily for breakfast.

02-02-2011 23:57:39 | More by Buddha22
Photo of JHamm


4.53/5  rDev +0.2%

Appearance: Jet black with one finger brownish head that quickly dissipates to little head with lacing around the glass.

Smell: Lots of coffee with bits of chocolate linger througout. very nice, warm smell

Taste: bitter coffee with slight chocolate in the background. warm alcohol flavor up front that gives way to a smooth, creamy feel at the end.

Mouthfeel: not as thick as I had expected. slightly coats mouth with bitter coffee flavor but not in a bad way at all. overall good flavor lingers in the end.

Drinkability: Alcohol is hidden well and gives the impression several could be enjoyed throughout an evening (or breakfast). would like the oatmeal to come out more but overall really nice breakfast stout. not too overpowering in any sense.

02-02-2011 23:15:58 | More by JHamm
Photo of alexonate

North Carolina

4.7/5  rDev +4%

Poured from a 12oz bottle into a nonick pint glass. I know, I know... nonicks are for IPA's. However, the dimples on the sides of the glass allow the aromas of espresso to really come out. I started drinking espresso since I was a baby and this has the best qualities of it. The dark richness, and incredible scent. Beware, it's a sneaky beer. It isn't hairy like Old Rasputin, where you know the hammer will drop. You can sit and have 3 in one sitting and the feel the Cain Velasquez right hook when you stand to go to the restroom.

02-02-2011 12:32:20 | More by alexonate
Photo of micmillon18


4.43/5  rDev -2%

Poured from a 12 oz bottle into a pint glass. I've pulled this bottle from the fridge where it was about 48 degrees. To ensure that I'm getting the most flavor I've let it sit a bit in room temperature beforing imbibing. Here we go...

A - Pours a thick pitch black with a copper bubbly head. Slight lacing. Black, I mean its black. DEEP black!

S - Rich chocolate, dark coffee, earthy dirt scents. Maybe some roasted nuts?

T - Bittersweet chocolate seems to be the prevalent flavor making for a delicious initial tasting. Coffee, more earthy flavors. Slight hop flavors are present at times. Alcohol shows itself at the end, though its minor on the pallet (though this may be due to the beer getting warmer). The complexities are abound and its going to take a number of sips to deduce all the flavors. Pace thy selves though!

M - Thick full body. The alcohol is present, but doesn't hurt the beer. Carbonation is in check. Smooth.

D - Quite a complex beer, full of all sorts of layers. You can spend all day trying to pick this thing apart. I won't say its drinkable, both because of its full body and its boastful alcohol content. But you'll certainly keep coming back for more, as you should! With the exception of a slight alcohol after taste, its balance is damn near perfect. Great scenario: Sitting outside on a cold morning after a hearty breakfast. Try it.

02-01-2011 05:33:45 | More by micmillon18
Photo of Jdmpolk


4.72/5  rDev +4.4%

A- Dark with hints of ruby amber where light can slightly penetrate the black. The head is tan at the corners, and dark brown in the center and leaves minimal lacing on the sides.

S- Slightly smoky with coffee aroma. Chocolate peaks out from the tail end mingled with the slightly sweet smell of the alcohol. Roasty malts are definitely present.

T- Sweet and dry, hints of chocolate precede the very coffee finish. The aftertaste brings to mind coffee and coffee grounds leaving a very dry finish. Very substantial and oatey.
M- very fleeting on the front end with a light slightly syrupy feel, which dissipates to the very dry almost tannin like back end.

D- This is a very tasty brew. The coffee flavor is mingled perfectly with the sweetness of the chocolate and the oatiness gives the beer the body that can stand up to it. Always happy to have this in my fridge.

02-01-2011 02:22:53 | More by Jdmpolk
Photo of ColdPoncho


4.55/5  rDev +0.7%

A - pours a very deep and thick black. no hint of light through the edges, but you know it's a bit red. a thin tan film of head and a ring remain after a gentle pour.

S - Oh man. lots of oatmeal, coffee, and chocolate, all in very good balance with one another. some spice and bitterness in the coffee. It's really tremendous.

T - Just like the nose. smooth coffee and oats with a nice rich chocolate backbone. a touch of bitterness on the tail end.

M - It's a touch thin. but its smooth and creamy.

D - This is seriously drinkable. It's very tasty and not overpowering. Hard to put down.

01-31-2011 21:22:42 | More by ColdPoncho
Photo of Bierman9

New Hampshire

4.5/5  rDev -0.4%

I had a pint of this ($6.00) with lunch at the Georgetown Deli in Wilkes-Barre on 26JAN11.

A regular shaker glass was filled with an opaque, deep brown liquid. Head was mocha hued, frothy and creamy, lasted well, and left excellent lacework. Aroma was lovely and rich, malty, roasty and lightly sweet all at the same time. Body was full and chewy, with a superb smooth feel on the tongue.

Tasted of luscious choco, some roasty dark notes, with light sweetness. Mocha and some cocoa also appear, with a smidge of bitterness at the finish, which also has some subtle florality. Quite nice, especially as it warms a bit! Zum Wohl!!

look: 4.5 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | drink: 4.5


01-31-2011 17:10:32 | More by Bierman9
Photo of jayhawk73


4.6/5  rDev +1.8%

Pours a jet black color with a nice chocolate brown head that disappears in a couple minutes. The smell is fantastic, with malt, chocolate and coffee being the predominant smells. The smell is so good it makes me hungry! Excellent lacing. The taste is also world class, with malt and chocolate hitting me first, with an aftertaste of coffee. Pretty dry finish. Very smooth, and very drinkable. The alcohol is sneaky, as I don't taste it at all, but it's 8.3%. Probably wouldn't drink more than 2 of these in one sitting. GREAT beer- either on draft or in the bottle. This one was out of a bottle into a St. Bernardus chalice. I will pick this up whenever I see it regardless of whether I'm looking for it or not. Cheers!

01-30-2011 18:32:23 | More by jayhawk73
Photo of gdrydenc


4.4/5  rDev -2.7%

Had 5oz sample on tap at Sunset Bar & Grill in Allston, MA. Reviewed from (quite old) notes.

A - Caramel brown head atop a dark black beer.

S - Sweet chocolate and coffee.

T - Thick, more alcoholic than I expected. Good definition of stout style. Coffee and chocolate with hints of oats.

M - Light, foamy bubbles stays on the tongue well after.

D - If I'm looking for a stout, this is it. Couldn't say I could drink more than a couple of these.

01-30-2011 04:44:57 | More by gdrydenc
Photo of Pellinore1


4.4/5  rDev -2.7%

Pours very nearly black, and overwhelms the glass with head. I've had this beer before, and do not remember the carbonation being this intense, so this may be a fluke. This eventually fades to some lacing.

Coffee, roasted malt, and chocolate make for a fantastic smell.

The taste delivers everything promised by the aroma. Coffee is the defining flavor, but deep roasty malts and bittersweet chocolate round it out nicely. The finish is dry, with lingering coffee.

Medium-bodied, with lively carbonation.

Quite drinkable, considering the ABV. I'd gladly follow this with another.

01-30-2011 02:37:22 | More by Pellinore1
Photo of n2185

North Carolina

4.58/5  rDev +1.3%

A: Pours a very dark black with about 2 fingers of a rich milk chocolate head that dissipates into a brown layer with some lacing.

S: Rich, sweet chocolate and coffee with some dark roasted malts. Delightful.

T: Sweet, creamy chocolate at first followed by dark roasted coffee. Some bitterness from the coffee, but not much. It leaves a pleasant coffee aftertaste.

M: Rich and creamy--heavy body with some carbonation. The oatmeal creates a very smooth feel.

D: Despite how heavy of a beer it is, it goes down amazingly smooth. Very, very good beer.

01-29-2011 02:24:23 | More by n2185
Photo of Zadok


4.78/5  rDev +5.8%

First review in quite some time and probably not a better beer around to indoctrinate a 2 year absence.

Have had this on tap at one of my favorite places in KC, Waldo Pizza.

Pours a gorgeous dark chocolate brown, almost black with a whipped frothy dark tan head. A side note, I wouldn't mind scraping off mass portions of the frothy creamy head and eating/drinking them.

Delicious coffee and chocolate aroma with a subtle bitterness and dryness, reminiscent of the coffee/chocolate themselves.

The taste is directly inline with the aromas in that they are full of a smooth coffee bean and dark chocolates, perfectly balanced. And when I say perfectly balanced, I mean Perfect! Mild ABV allows for a couple samplings if desired without ever knowing that there is alcohol present.

Mouth feel is an integral piece of the balance between nose and taste, the creamy richness and frothy whipped topping has a perfect texture throughout the entire pallet.

An absolutely amazing beer and possibly in my top five if not in my top 2. I used to have several other stouts that topped my list but once Founders came to the KC area this bad boy took the throne. Definitely World Class!

01-28-2011 21:20:07 | More by Zadok
Photo of MadCat

New Jersey

4.83/5  rDev +6.9%

Recently purchased, so I assume it was the most recent batch. Can't find a date code on the bottle.

Appearance: Pours black as night with a creamy brown head. Leaves considerable lacing.

Smell: Dark chocolate with a hint of coffee. Smell reminds me of the dark chocolate coffee we had at the coffee shop I used to work at. Beautiful.

Taste: Complex, malty, chocolatey, hints of coffee. Minimal bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Thick and velvety, a little bit of carbonation sting

Drinkability: I could drink this all day if it weren't for the fact that it would kill my wallet and I would be drunk as hell.

Overall, absolutely amazing. Not a perfect beer for me, but it is damn close. Well deserving of its spot on the top 100. Looking forward to KBS, and hopefully I can get some CBS.

01-28-2011 02:42:31 | More by MadCat
Photo of thedoubler55

New Jersey

4.47/5  rDev -1.1%

12oz bottle aged about 7 months, poured into a pint glass

A - Opaque black, with a beautiful tan head that leaves lacing around the glass after the first sip!

S - Complete smell of roasted coffee beans, smells just like my home in the morning, some hints of chocolate as well

T - Amazing taste, coffee over powers the chocolate but beautiful flavor with just a bit of bitterness.

M - Thick bodied with almost no carbonation, very oily.

D - Amazing beer, one of the best from Founders, and definitely one of the best Imperial Stouts I have ever had!

01-26-2011 20:35:10 | More by thedoubler55
Photo of inlimbo77


4.4/5  rDev -2.7%

Poured from bottle (purchased at Capone's in Norristown, PA) into DFH signature tulip glass. No bottle date listed?

A: poured a deep, DEEP brown/black with a thin tan head that disipated very quickly. nice lacing that sticks around.

S: I took in lots of coffee and chocolate in my first nose blast. really amazing notes.

T: I get all the above (coffee and chocolate) with more. really great. as mentioned in previous, you aren't going to get the hops at all. mostly the flavor notes and malts.

M: chewy delicious winter stout. this coming from an IPA guy.

D: very drinkable stout. the ABV at 8 and change is hidden nicely (as mentioned) but will sneak up on you. would definitely drink more than one.

Overall, a GREAT stout. I really enjoyed this one and was happy to stumble across it this past weekend. Tastes match the high ratings.

01-26-2011 02:33:36 | More by inlimbo77
Photo of chilly460


4.7/5  rDev +4%

A - Poured a bit cold, inky black color but minimal head, probably better if poured warmer.

S - Excellent, dark chocolate and light roasted coffee. Not much note of hops or malts, just that great coffee aroma.

T - Wow, just perfect coffee and dark chocolate, along with a smooth vanilla. Some toffee. Smooth as can be, hops come in at the end to make it crisp. This is my idea of the perfect stout.

M - Could be little thicker but carbonation is perfect and "chewiness" is there.

D - As easy to drink as any stout I've sampled, the booze is masked nicely but gives some warmth. I could drink multiple bottles no problem, great for the style.

01-23-2011 23:46:24 | More by chilly460
Founders Breakfast Stout from Founders Brewing Company
100 out of 100 based on 11,616 ratings.