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Founders Red's Rye IPA - Founders Brewing Company

Not Rated.
Founders Red's Rye IPAFounders Red's Rye IPA

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4,660 Ratings

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Ratings: 4,660
Reviews: 1,631
rAvg: 4.19
pDev: 10.74%
Wants: 241
Gots: 345 | FT: 9
Brewed by:
Founders Brewing Company visit their website
Michigan, United States

Style | ABV
Rye Beer |  6.60% ABV

Availability: Fall

Notes/Commercial Description:
Brewed with four varieties of Belgian caramel malts and 100% Amarillo hops.
70 IBU

Formerly called "Founders Red's Rye PA"

(Beer added by: Todd on 02-22-2004)
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Ratings: 4,660 | Reviews: 1,631 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of peabody


4.43/5  rDev +5.7%

Pours out a nice brown to amber orange with little suds.
Slight lacing.
Smell is hops and raisins and caramel malt.
Taste is weird. Bitter but clean and a little watery . I can't taste much here but the mouthfeel is the strangest I can remember having.
Aftertaste is nice here. Mellow bitterness that leaves a very and I mean VERY clean palate.
Drinkability would be great if I could get these everyday.
This is the most thirst quenching beer I think I have ever had.

05-20-2007 03:44:23 | More by peabody
Photo of beermanbrian


4.55/5  rDev +8.6%

I was very excited to see this one available in PA. Deep burgandy orange color with a sticky off white head. Rings of lace are left behind as you drink it. Smell is not what I expected but very nice. Tons of hops. Some fruity traces but I get more of an earthy tone than anything. Taste is all bitterness up front but it somehow manages to finish clean. I'm not sure where the rye comes in on this one but i really don't care. The hop oils are noticable in the mouthfeel. Very drinkable especially at the price i got it for. A well crafted brew and one of the better ones I've had in a long time. I will pick this one up whenever I see it.

05-08-2007 01:08:21 | More by beermanbrian
Photo of MrMcGibblets


4.4/5  rDev +5%

wow, the best rye i have ever come across. deep, hazy amber/ reddish brown. i normally don't really care about the head on a beer but the head on this is this off-white, craggy monstrosity that does not want to go away. the lacing is like a wall on the glass. there honestly was a ring of head sub-structure-a suspended ring of head an inch below the water line. have never seen anything like this. a ring of head inside the fucking beer an inch down from the top. wtf? nutty, roasty/spicy, citric, dark fruit, bread in the nose. light initial malt sweetness is quickly taken over by supporting abundant hop bitterness and roasted/spicy malt flavors. hops are pronounced. long finish. mouthfeel is medium, creamy, and nicely carbonated. complex enough to leave you wanting more and not too high of an abv.

05-07-2007 02:15:38 | More by MrMcGibblets
Photo of dreadnatty08

District of Columbia

4.03/5  rDev -3.8%

Pours a gorgeous, almost luxurious ruby red color topped with plentiful tight meringue like head. Aroma is filled with a mass of hops, centennial and chinook perhaps; much like a Bigfoot or Ruffian, telling me this will be a delicious beer. As the hops or pushed aside (very difficult), I'm able to smell some tropical fruits like mango, kiwi with a little bit of faint baking spice coming through, perhaps a sign of the rye. The hops are a lot more subdued in the taste, with a creamy smooth mouthfull of malt with a very dry finish. I'm not too familiar with rye beers, but I'm curious is the very dry finish is characteristic as its a detraction for me; I'm looking for a little sweetness to balance. But, that is my only complaint...the flavor is very complex bringing waves of hops and spice reminiscent of rye bread sans caraway. Unfortunately, that dryness will bring down my drinkability score a bit.

05-06-2007 18:20:11 | More by dreadnatty08
Photo of Grundle20


4.68/5  rDev +11.7%

Poured in to a pint glass a minimal eggshell white head is produced. There's little retention and lacing to note. The beer is clear and bronzed copper in color.

I'm thinking this is one fresh six pack of this beer. The smell is potent and fantastic. Rich and sweet caramel malts are paired with very green smelling hops which lend a fruit punch like scent to the beer. There's underlying dry and raisin notes which are undoubtedly from the rye. Overall very well balanced and pleasing while reminding you that this is indeed a rye beer.

Taste and Mouthfeel:
Again I think this is one of the more fresh six packs I've picked up in recent memory. To lead, there's some good crisp bitterness and piney hop flavor which moves in to some peppery dryness from the rye. There's just a touch of caramel malt sweetness but on the whole this beer drinks very dry, and crisp while keeping piney hops and rye as the stars of the show. The beer finishes dry and clean and begs for the next sip. This is the first beer in quite a while that has really wowed me.

The beer is perfectly mild and constantly refreshes the palate. It's good for extended drinking and would be superb with a meal. Highly drinkable.

Bottom Line:
The best rye beer I've had to date, and again probably the most impressive beer I've had in recent memory. It's perfectly balanced and quite refreshing.

05-05-2007 17:37:47 | More by Grundle20
Photo of AaronHomoya


3.68/5  rDev -12.2%

12 oz bottle.

High carbonation leads to overly huge, foamy head that does have good retention and a light tan color. Beer is clear with an orange/amber/red color.

Aroma is malty, spicy and has clear rye notes.

Taste is smooth and malty sweet and the start with nice character. Fairly light, but has some depth and balance. A bit of fruitiness in the middle. Blends into a spicy finish of hops and rye with a sour aftertaste.

Medium bodied. Clean, dry finish. Very drinkable, though a bit on the bitter finish side.

05-04-2007 02:27:48 | More by AaronHomoya
Photo of Absumaster


3.93/5  rDev -6.2%

This beer is reddish brown, I expected it to be more red given the name. It has a thin head which sticks to the glass with every sip.

Smell relies strongly on the burned, black malts, this is a very overpowering smell and almost pushes the bitterness and hops away. After getting used to this I get some resinous hops and a slight maltiness. It also has some ripe apples in the smell.

Taste is burned like black malt, and now the bitterness is able to overpower this burned taste. The rye is there and is a little oily and husky. Actually the bitterness is very much upfront and has a citric hoppy taste, that is also piny and oily. I never tasted a beer with Amarillo hops and I am not sure if this is a typical US hop. For me this beer is out of balance and too bitter, my mouth gets numbed after a few sips. Mouthfeel is a little sticky and lingering bitter.

04-21-2007 14:24:06 | More by Absumaster
Photo of xav33


4.13/5  rDev -1.4%

Founders Red's Rye
12 oz bottle
Medium pour in a shaker
Recent brewing (Winter '07?), blushed 04/07

Poured a murky ruddy brown with a large rocky mostly to fully lasting light brown head with fair lacing.

Smelt of strong caramel and grapefruit.

Taste was upfront strong bitter spruce and grapefruit rind with light sweet citrus and caramel followed by a harsh bitter spruce and leafy on a long finish.

Palate was light to medium bodied, oily, lively carbonated and strongly astringent.

Overall, a ballsy amber with lots of hops flavoring.

04-21-2007 07:03:29 | More by xav33
Photo of flexabull


4.15/5  rDev -1%

Pours a brownish amber color, a bit of haze, a with a nice thick head on top.

Aroma is quite fruity, almost like fruit punch and also with a bit of pine from the nose. This sure smells nice.

Beer has a nice tart bready rye quality. Mouthfeel is quite nice, very full especially on the front end and the finish. Finish itself is crisp, dry, and bitter. Interesting and tasty beer.

Founder's has done an excellent job with this one. Very well done use of rye. It's quite interesting, and enjoyable. Not quite on par with Bear Republic's Hop Rod Rye, but that's not a knock at all on this one.

Thanks for throwing this in as a great extra brandoman63.

04-19-2007 00:43:51 | More by flexabull
Photo of uwmgdman


4.25/5  rDev +1.4%

This rye ale pours a clear amber-red with a moderate off-white head. The head diminished to a thin skim with some lacing. The aroma is highly hoppy and high citrus, with a little bit of fruity and sweet. The taste is initially rather bitter, pleasantly so, with a high citrus hop flavor. Toward the swallow a little bit of sweetness emerges and the finish is then dominated by a lingering hop flavor and bitterness. The finish is crisp, but I can’t really pick out the rye between the immense hop presence and seemingly fair amount of crystal malt. Overall this is a tasty brew, I would put it into the IPA realm, similar in some ways to SN Celebration Ale. The aroma and hop flavor are my favorite very fresh and inviting. The color of the beer is also very nice. I’ll buy this one again.

04-19-2007 00:40:52 | More by uwmgdman
Photo of vwcraig


3.9/5  rDev -6.9%

Bonus bottle from Yinzer. Thanks, Mark

Deep ruby colored into a goblet with a small cap of off-white head. Continuous rising bead all the way through and some lacing left behind. Mostly floral hoppiness, maybe a grapefruity hop smell somewhere in the back but mild. Smells alot to me like Bell's Two Hearted. Floral notes also in the taste with a very bitter hop bite. Bitterness felt throughout entire mouth, possibly one of the most bitter hoppy beers I've ever had. Medium bodied with prickly carbonation felt on tongue. Drinkability was only affected for me by the huge bitterness in the aftertaste. An excellent offering from Founders that I may have to try again since Founders is finally allowed in Pennsylvania.

04-18-2007 20:07:26 | More by vwcraig
Photo of albern


4/5  rDev -4.5%

This beer pours a slightly cloudy, darkish red, with only a little head that doesn't hang around long. The smell is nice, ripe hops and some grain. This is a medium bodied beer with a moderate amount of carbonation. The taste is strongly hoppish with a sweet grain. You can taste the oils and embers of the hops and it is very pleasant. The only downside is that the after taste is a bit too strong, too much of a bite, and the middle and end aren't that distinguishable. What you taste on the front end is what is there at the end, which makes it anything but complex. This is a fine beer and very enjoyable, though. L'Chaim

04-15-2007 22:26:29 | More by albern
Photo of jmalex


3.95/5  rDev -5.7%

After learning Founders is now distributing in Pennsylvania, I had to open up my only Founders beer I have left in my fridge - my first taste of Red's Rye.

APPEARANCE: Pours a hazy reddish amber with a small head despite a turbulent pour. It leaves a small collar but large patching across the surface. Some good lacing is present.

SMELL: Big citrusy hop aroma, but with a nice maltiness to back it. Accompanying the hops is a spicy sweetness implying there will be a huge hop flavor to this beer.

TASTE: And I was wrong... kind of. I expected that sweetness to carry over into the taste, but it doesn't. And that's a good thing. The maltiness really shines here, and that's where the rye shows itself as a real winner. The hops aren't far behind, and as far as I'm concerned the hop flavors in this are just about perfect. Spicy and citrusy and just the right amount of bitterness.

MOUTHFEEL: Maybe a bit undercarbed and leaves a little stickiness in your mouth. Not bad though.

DRINKABILITY: Very good. Perfect for drinking all night, and the 6.8% allows for it. Overall, the hoppiness of this beer is great, but it overwhelms the rye a bit, though. Still pretty impressive.

Founders in PA? This will be great. Though I prefer the Black Rye, I look forward to picking up some of it and this beer as well whenever I'm out shopping.

04-15-2007 20:25:23 | More by jmalex
Photo of evanackerman


4.08/5  rDev -2.6%

This beer pours a murky dark amber color with a decent beige head that leaves a lot of lacing as the beer is consumed.

aroma is very pleasant, citrus hops and toasted bread malt. probably the best aspect of this beer.

taste is very dry with a strong hop presence and fairly well balanced malt backbone. This tastes pretty much like a good IPA.

ovearall this is a very tasty beer that i would definitely drink again, not sure what distinguishes it from most IPA's though.

04-14-2007 16:26:43 | More by evanackerman
Photo of ggaughan


4.28/5  rDev +2.1%

The beer poured a bright amber color with a massive and I mean massive thick foamy head into my pint glass. The head was so thick and foamy that it reminded me of the head on a root beer float. After giving the head some time to subside, I took a wiff and the nose was pleasingly hoppy. The taste was of rye and malts with a good peppery taste on the tongue. Very interesting beer.

04-14-2007 03:38:05 | More by ggaughan
Photo of Wasatch


4/5  rDev -4.5%

Thanks to Vancer for this brew.

Pours a slightly cloudy dark amber red color, nice carbonation, nice two-finger creamy off-white head, lots of nice sticky lacing throughout the drink. The nose is of malts, hops, nice touch of rye and caramel. The taste is malty/hoppy, nice touch of caramel, and slightly bitter. Medium body. Drinkable, a nice rye beer, I think my first.

04-08-2007 00:50:10 | More by Wasatch
Photo of GbVDave


4.6/5  rDev +9.8%

Poured from a 12oz bottle into a 20oz imperial pint.

A: Pours a lovely red-orange hue. One finger khakli colored head that leaves decent lace in it's wake.

S: Spicy and tangy rye, with grapefruit from the amarillo hops, and a malty sweetness.

T: See everything above. Tart, spicy, and puckery bitterness from the use of rye malt and liberal hopping.

M: Dry, bitter, and very sticky. Very long spicy finish.

D: Incredibly refreshing! A perfect "anytime of the year" beer.

04-07-2007 20:31:31 | More by GbVDave
Photo of adammills


3.88/5  rDev -7.4%

This beer pours a deep copper with a yellowish head. A nice looking beer, its head is a bit frothy and clingy and tends to fade a bit. This beer carries a hefty Amarillo hop aroma that really pulls through. In my opinion this beer is not as balanced as advertised. It is very good and very drinkable but certianly balanced toward the bitter quite well. I was hoping for the belgian crystal malt to shine thorugh a bit more as the malt character is rather muted. Aside from that, it has the ability to encourage the next quaff. The rye does lend a spicy character that blends well with the hop bitterness. The body of the beer is moderate to low, quite drinkable.

04-04-2007 18:00:01 | More by adammills
Photo of Alkey


4.08/5  rDev -2.6%

12oz. bottle poured reddish orange color with a nice frothy head that sticks to the glass. Smells of a light citrus hops and some malt. Taste has some citrus and floral hop flavors along with some yeast and malt. The feel is light with a bit of creamy thickness to it. This brew is another excellent drinker from Founders but has that bottle conditioned yeast flavor that I'm not a big fan of.

04-04-2007 16:05:18 | More by Alkey
Photo of Duster72


4.35/5  rDev +3.8%

Pours a deep ruby with lots of sediment from 12oz bottle into tulip glass. Huge tan head with brown speckles takes several minutes to subside. Looks like the top of a root beer float. Head leaves moderate lacing. Aroma is sweet rye. Taste is rye with sweet citrus hops and carmel malts. HInt of bitter at the end. Mouthfeel is smooth and creamy. Very drinkable. Will buy more of these next time. Excellent beer!

04-03-2007 21:48:24 | More by Duster72
Photo of

4.18/5  rDev -0.2%

12oz. bottle

Slightly hazy, copper colored liquid. Medium size, rocky, light tan head. Decent lacing.

Aromas of grass, caramel and grapefruit. Peaches and other fruits (melons?). Fruit scents increased as temperature went up.

Rye, for sure, helped with overall bittering. Grass, lingering in aftertaste. Bit of caramel, very subdued. Peaches and pepper at finish.

Medium in body. Medium + in carbonation. Dry.

Very enjoyable, a nice session beer but for the ABV. Very fruity with some warmth. Rye there, but mellow, nicely balances the sweet components of the beer.

03-26-2007 18:56:18 | More by
Photo of udubdawg


4.65/5  rDev +11%

12 oz bottle

pours a slightly hazed reddish orange color. Head is a quite thick light tan that rapidly subsides, but a thin layer is retained throughout most of the glass. Lots of sticky lacing. Some sediment made it to the glass, but it settles out rapidly.

Nose is full of citrus and pine needles. Sweet fruitiness and rye bread present behind the hops. Simply mouth-watering.

Bittersweet grapefruit is right up front in the flavor, with the rye bread again following behind and a lingering bitterness. Other than the grapefruit the fruit flavors were most suggestive of apple and lemon. Dries the palate a bit and leaves a spicy memory, and begs for another sip - who am I to argue?

relatively full-bodied beer, with oily hop notes coating the mouth. Crisp and extremely drinkable. I'm rapidly running out of this fine beer, and sadly it isn't available within hundreds of miles.
Don't underestimate the flavor - if you like hops, and are intrigued about how a bit of rye spiciness adds to it, you can't do much better. Few beers more tasty have ever crossed my lips.

03-21-2007 03:50:43 | More by udubdawg
Photo of liquidnoise


4.15/5  rDev -1%

A word of advice. Drink this one warm. When I first had this, I thought it was overrated, bitter crap. But luckily, my last bottle warmed up a bit and that's when it came alive. As it warms up, it gets a LOT better. This one's like coffee. Wasn't meant to be cold. I'll review this assuming you drink it slightly below room temperature.

It pours out red. The head is a little darker than normal.

Smells like rye bread.

The taste is bitter, in a good way, and tastes like bread with a little bit of alcohol.

Very drinkable, but if I haven't said it enough, wasn't meant to be cold. I reccomend storing it at room temp, and putting in the fridge for 10 minutes before drinking.

03-19-2007 01:32:58 | More by liquidnoise
Photo of meatyard


4.13/5  rDev -1.4%

Pours a pretty, hazy, dark reddish amber with a 2 finger tan head that fades quickly leaving good lacing.
The smell is a very aromatic grapefruit hops plus a slight sweetness.
The taste is a bit of sweet malt up front and finishes with a bitter bite at the end.
Mouthfeel starts with carbonation on the tip of the tongue and has a medium body.
It's a nice, easy drinking beer that is gone before you know it.

03-19-2007 00:38:24 | More by meatyard
Photo of andebrice


4.47/5  rDev +6.7%

Pours a dark hazy reddish color, small 1 finger white head that doesnt stick around very long (probably due to an unusually slow pour.) Great oily lacings all around my cup as I drink. Smells of sweet citrus hops, very overpowering thats really I can smell. Taste of grapefruit all the way on this one, impressive. Medium bodied with a great mouthfeel, low carbonation, and a nice tart pine aftertaste. The balance is superb in this brew, not too sweet not too bitter, great overall, exceptionally smooth. I could definetely have a few of these.

03-14-2007 23:32:44 | More by andebrice
Founders Red's Rye IPA from Founders Brewing Company
93 out of 100 based on 4,660 ratings.