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Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout - Rogue Ales

Not Rated.
Shakespeare Oatmeal StoutShakespeare Oatmeal Stout

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2,879 Ratings

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Ratings: 2,879
Reviews: 1,529
rAvg: 4.16
pDev: 10.82%
Wants: 184
Gots: 172 | FT: 4
Brewed by:
Rogue Ales visit their website
Oregon, United States

Style | ABV
Oatmeal Stout |  6.10% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
9 Ingredients:
Malts: Northwest Harrington & Klages, Crystal 135-165 & Beeston Chocolate, Rolled Oats & Roasted Barley.
Hops: Cascade.
Yeast & Water: Rogue's Pacman Yeast & Free Range Coastal Water.

69 IBU
77 AA
135º Lovibond

(Beer added by: Cyberkedi on 01-30-2001)
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Ratings: 2,879 | Reviews: 1,529 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of Iguana
4/5  rDev -3.8%

A: Poured motor oil black with a 1 inch beige head, looks pretty good.

S: A bit thin maybe, roasted malts and kinda metallic smell, different, but it works.

T: Roasted malts, coffee grounds, bit of hop presence, pretty good in general.

M: Smooth, rich, tasty. Remarkably smooth.

D: A solid stout, dunno as its best bang for the buck, but enjoyable every now and again.

Iguana, Sep 10, 2006
Photo of kimcgolf
3.88/5  rDev -6.7%

Pours from the big Rogue bottle to an opaque black, with thick, dark tan head that lingers and then receeds to very good lacing. Aroma was not real strong, but chocolate and roasted coffee was evident. Taste was more of the same, but not as sweet as I had expected. Finish was nice and smooth. overall, a good tasting, stout that was pleasant from start to finish.

kimcgolf, Sep 09, 2006
Photo of AmorousAngel
3.65/5  rDev -12.3%

Poured opaque black with very small, brown head, which dissipated quickly.

Coffee, chocolate, and roasted malt aroma. A bit of citrus.

The hops kind of smack you in the face. The roast malt and coffee are underneath but are overpowered by the hops. Very flavorful and complex.

Acidic feel. Low carbonation. Heavy body

The hops are a bit too much for my personal taste, but if you like hops, you will love this stout. Nice change of pace, but I will probably not make this one a regular purchase.

AmorousAngel, Sep 07, 2006
Photo of geexploitation
4.72/5  rDev +13.5%

Pours jet black, with a minimal dark khaki head that dissipates to a dusting. Great aroma, with rich, burnt malts, coffee grounds, caramel sweetness and citric hops intermingling. At lower temperatures, there's a pronounced "sour stout" note, as well as bracing malt bitterness. At higher temperatures, these edges soften considerably, leaving caramel, coffee, nice citrus hop bitterness, and mouth filling carbonation. Brilliant. Great mouthfeel, medium with an enticing dryness (this isn't a sugarbomb). Very drinkable at 6 percent ABV, and a party in your mouth. Deservedly an underground classic amongst the beer geeks.

geexploitation, Sep 03, 2006
Photo of WAP
4.45/5  rDev +7%

Saw this on tap at local pizza restaurant and had to try it!

A - Poured deep black with a small, tan head. Moved heavily in the glass and coated the sides as it moved. Looked creamy and delicious right off the bat.

S - roasted coffee, dark chocolate, with a hint of citrus coming through from the hops. A very complex flavor experience that changed with each sip and complemented my pizza wonderfully.

M - Exceptional! Creamy and velvety, felt luxurious with a nice weight to it.

D - Surprisingly drinkable, given its sheer weight and texture. I could have kept on going for 3 or 4 more.

Highly recommended - a fine stout.

WAP, Sep 02, 2006
Photo of JoeyHotrod
4.72/5  rDev +13.5%

Ahh shakesphere Stout, how I've missed thee.

For the first time in over three years, this nectar of the gods is available in my home town. They say that time changes things, that what you look back on fondly, won't always have that same magic after an extended period away. I can say with zero trepidation, that's not the case here. Yes this is every bit as great, as I remember it being.

Let's start with the look of the beer. Lovely to say the very least. Nearly jet black with a beautiful creamy head. This is the type of beer, that would scare lesser beer drinkers by the look alone and that's a definite shame... oh well more for me!

The smell: divine. A perfect cross between chocolate malts and citrusy cascade hops. A Stout-IPA hybrid of sorts from a scent perspective, It's almost like smelling two different beers, and I mean that in a good way.

The taste: again simply awesome.

Acidic... citrusy.... chocolate in the finish. This is truly one complex stout and makes the likes of Guinness pale in comparison (and this is coming from someone who still enjoys a Guinness from time to time)

This is a classic in every sense of the word and worthy of any and all accolades it recieves. If this isn't the world's best stout, it's no doubt in the top five.

Heavenly and boy am I ever glad to again have access to it!

JoeyHotrod, Sep 02, 2006
Photo of TheFeintingGoat
4.78/5  rDev +14.9%

The bottle says "ebony" and boy do they tell it like it is, dark and the day before creation this one is. A dirty, cola colored head as well that creates a union of the darkest proportions.
The smell is quite good, with cola, coffee, toffee, unsweetened chocolate and (i'll be damned) mud permeating throughout. The citric acid here is a bit too dominant as you get through the beer.
This beer is nice and salty on the front (which reminds me of coastal pacific waters) with the coffee/toffee and cream flavors coming out to play throughout the mouth. Hops are definitly evident, and this is the great, american thing about this beer. It's very bold, yet refined and able to hold itself with the rest of the world's stouts.
The mouthfeel is, quite honestly, perfect. It's lead-heavy, however it doesn't weigh you down, but controls you palette in the most elegant of ways. When you finish the beer the aftertaste moves toward a rennet on the back, like a fine, salty cheese. A nice cream stout moves to a chocolate orange to a fine cheese--you can't ask for much more.
It's drinkability it good, despite the fact that you can really only session one (tops two) of these at a time. The answer to that? One is all you need. 6% ABV didn't seem like alot until about 10 minutes after I finished it, when this issue was resolved for me. Very enjoyable, very drinkable, and very warming. It's the perfect drink if you want high flavor but the humbleness of your beverage to blend in to what else is going on around you (Food, friends, etc.). Not much wrong here, not much at all. Can't wait to try this gem on tap.

TheFeintingGoat, Sep 02, 2006
Photo of ngandhi
5/5  rDev +20.2%

I think I had to grow to love this beer. And, three years later, I feel completely confident revising my 4.3 to a perfect 5. The beer is exactly the same as it's always been, but I'm a better man.

Shakespeare Stout is the first growth Bordeaux of beer. Its lush fudgy taste balanced by the best use of Cascade hops in the U.S. Yes, better than any I.P.A.

The bitter citrus is a wondrous foil for the chocolate. And it adds edge to the otherwise creamy texture. Yeah, the Brits would have just left it creamy--maybe relying on a bit of minerality from their water to balance it. Rogue don't need no mineral. They've got hops. And I'll take delicate hops over limestone any day.

Looking back on my experience with beer over the past several years and drinking this today, I realized my proudest moment was probably when I tried to clone this--and it came out exactly the same. For one day, I played tennis with the gods.

ngandhi, Sep 01, 2006
Photo of numenor1
4.35/5  rDev +4.6%

Black as pitch, hazelnut colored head with great lacing. Smells like coffee with some noticeable hops. Sweet upfront giving way to massive roasted flavors, bitter chocolate, coffee, fruity esters, underlying caramel all balanced by fantastic hops. Hop character and flavor becoming noticeable through the finish, green and citrusy, but always balanced. Amazing balance in this beer. Mouthfeel is full, and this is very drinkable. Great beer.

numenor1, Aug 31, 2006
Photo of mcarroll10177
4.05/5  rDev -2.6%

poured from the bottle into a tradional beer mug at the Moan and Dove

A- black as night with an off white head, tons of lacing on the glass

S- some roasted malts, with hints of black coffee

T- roasted character upfront some bitterness in the finish

M- balanced, but as this is a stout it could have used a bit more body

D- a solid stout from a great brewery. I will have this one again.

notes- this stout does lack the complexity of some others but it is all in all a solid offering.

mcarroll10177, Aug 28, 2006
Photo of RedChrome
4.15/5  rDev -0.2%

Pour resulted in a pure black beer. A small chestnut brown head dissapeard quickly. Too dark to see any carbonation at all. Thin lacing.

A very nice aroma similar to hot chocolate. There is a blend of secondary scents which include a light biscut smell. Also brings hints of roasted coffee beans. There is a nice hops finish to helps balance out the sweet smell.

A very strong taste of coffee hit the palate first. There is a surprising light hint of a lemon taste. A subtle note of alcohol flavor hits the back of the tongue on the finish. A very nice blend of flavors that is a pleasing sensation.

A nice smooth body. Flavors cling to the surfaces of the mouth. A minimal amount of carbonation is a nice feeling on the tongue.

Overall a fantastic stout. This would go great with a nice thick stew on a winter night. Would also be a nice compliment to a dessert that included vanilla. Enjoy this one as a great example of the style.

RedChrome, Aug 27, 2006
Photo of nicefix
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Poured ink black with a nice brown head and good lacing and head retension. Absolutely no light coming through this brew. Nice chocolaty smell.

Some fruit up front with a nice chocolate presence and a mild bitter finish.

Creamy mouthfeel and I thought it had pretty good drinkability. I'm don't have a lot of experience with stouts, but I thougt this was very good, just not the best I've had.

nicefix, Aug 26, 2006
Photo of BeerNutta
4.1/5  rDev -1.4%

Shakespeare Stout

A = Poured a dark brown/ruby with a thick foam head. That dissapated to form a fine lace on the surface of the beer.

S = Smelt of fine coffee beans and dark chocolate. There was however a slight wet sock smell which causes me to knock the score a little.

T = Initial chocolate taste that flows to a roasted coffee taste. Very smooth.

M = A little waterey. Needs to be a little more full bodied.

D = Drinkable.

BeerNutta, Aug 25, 2006
Photo of DaveFL1976
4.33/5  rDev +4.1%

Wow. How nice does that head look?

Real nice.

A frothy, thick tan head tops a black body. The head eventually settles, but clings onto the side of the glass for dear life. That's a fine looking stout.

Smell is really nice as well. Chocolaty. Maybe a bit of coffee in there. Not overpowered by anything in particular. A nice balance, but nothing that makes me say WOW!

The taste. WOW!
That did it. An amalgamation of coffee, chocolate pudding and beer. Oh so smooth. Nothing that smacks you in the face and says 'hey! taste me!" Instead, it's just a rounded, smooth taste.

Mouthfeel is really nice. Creamy smooth.
Drinkability is a bit hampered, only because of how heavy this beer sits in your tummy. It's fantastic. But just a sipping beer.

DaveFL1976, Aug 23, 2006
Photo of Lagaffe74
4.5/5  rDev +8.2%

I poured my Shakespeare Stout from a 750ml bottle. It appeared pitch-black in the glass with a nice tan head. The aromas were of chocolate, but a little sweet. No sweetness was there when I drank it. Very thick and velvety. Tastes of coffee and unsweetened chocolate. Pretty dry and bitter finish. Extremely nice. A dessert in itself.

Lagaffe74, Aug 21, 2006
Photo of dblinkhorn
4.4/5  rDev +5.8%

Poured from 650 ml bottle into pint glass.

Appearance - Pitch black (although it poured a very dark brownish red stream from the bottle) in the glass. You can't see a bit of light through it. The head is about three fingers and dark tan. It is very velvety and quickly dissipates to a constant half-finger head that remains for the rest of the drink.

Smell - The scent is mainly of rich roasted malts with strong aromas of dark roasted coffee. There are also hints of unsweetened chocolate and some spice smells. The hops aroma is slightly citrusy and dry, but well hidden. I can pick up no alcohol off of this brew. It has a wonderfully rich smell, though.

Taste - Right away you can taste the rich roasted malt flavor accompanied by the strong flavor of dark roasted coffee beans. The hops are present near the end of the taste, and again are slightly citrusy and dry. A slight alcohol burn finishes the taste off, with malt and coffee flavors also remaining into the aftertaste. This is an excellent tasting brew, very rich and hearty. Quintessential stout.

Mouthfeel - Obviously this is a full-bodied beer. It is heavy in your mouth, with lots of presence. Also, it is very smooth and velvety. The carbonation is very little, but definitely present.

Drinkability - This is a rich brew, but the flavors are fantastic. The alcohol is extremely well-hidden and it has a superb mouthfeel. Overall, great drinkability.

Concluding, this is a top-notch stout...a must have!

dblinkhorn, Aug 21, 2006
Photo of peabody
4.22/5  rDev +1.4%

Pours out very dark with very little carbonation. the head stays less than a 1/4 inch of tiny dark bubbles that take forever to dissapate. Lacing stays where the level started.
Smell is chocolate fruity hops. As it warms you can smell something a little sweeter like mabey a coffee with toffee?
First taste is chocolate and hops. No fruit. Second sip reveals more dark fruits like apple with a coffee aftertaste.
Mouthfeel is very clean. Only the dark hops are left on the palate with mabey a hint of coffee/chocolate lingering.
Rogue is a great brewery for sure. I could drink a few of these at one sitting.

peabody, Aug 17, 2006
Photo of GPHarris
4.03/5  rDev -3.1%

a - poured a two fingers thick head from a bomber into a brandy snifter. this has a nice deep black color with a coffee colored head. the head is long-lasting and leaves nice lacing throughout.
s - hints of sweet chocolate and roasted malts.
t - very malty with hints of toffee and chocolate.
m - smooth and coats the tongue nicely.
d - very good drinkability when you want a good stout but don't need all the alcohol content of most.

indulge me while i tell a story. back in 1999 while a junior at auburn i was coming back to birmingham from tuscaloosa after the iron bowl. auburn had just won the game and the temperature was in the 30s and sleeting all game long. needless to say we were soaked. we stopped in a sports bar which consistently has the best selection in birmingham. i knew nothing about craft beer but knew i liked good beer when i could find it. we all ordered each other something different from the menu for fun. my friend ordered me a shakespeare. as the bartender poured it into my glass, i couldn't believe it, i haven't been the same since. this was when rogue bottled it in 12 oz. bottles instead of the bombers. now we can no longer get this beer in alabama b/c of the container size. thanks, taylor and FREE THE HOPS!

GPHarris, Aug 14, 2006
Photo of Wasatch
4.5/5  rDev +8.2%

A - Pours a nice dark brown/black in color, some carbonation, nice dark tan creamy head, lots of lacing throughout the drink.

S - Scents of sweet malts, and toffee/caramel.

T - The taste is sweet malty with a nice touch of toffee.

M - Medium body.

D - Very drinkable. This is a very tasty stout from Rogue, would highly recommend.

Wasatch, Aug 11, 2006
Photo of akorsak
4.15/5  rDev -0.2%

This is a 22 oz silk-screened bomber served in a Great Lakes tumbler (thanks, BigErn, for the glassware). The ale is cool.

A: The stout is an opaque, oil-black beast with a coffee (with milk) colored head and a fingers-worth of lace.

S: The stout has a soft, slightly sweet roasted malt aroma.

T: This stout is a solid west coast version, with a pronounced hop content. The malts are roasted and deep, adding a good deal of big taste to this beer. There are some chocolatey notes hidden in there too.

M: The stout is very drinkable with a manageable abv of 6%.

D: Very drinkable, the hops are not too strong (like their Impy Stout) but they provide a nice presence.

akorsak, Aug 10, 2006
Photo of afinepilsner
4.53/5  rDev +8.9%

22oz brown bottle
Shakespeare stout is very black in color with a nice brown head. The head is longlasting and leaves behind some lacing. The smell is mainly of roasted malt. The taste is very roasty with a hint of dark chocolate. It is medium to full bodied with a lingering aftertaste. It's a good thing that it comes in a bomber because 12 ounces just isn't enough. Great Beer!!

afinepilsner, Aug 10, 2006
Photo of gotbeer
3.9/5  rDev -6.3%

This is a very enjoyable Stout.

It pours very dark with a decent head. The smell is of chocolate and roasted malt. The taste hits you with more semi-sweet chocolate, roasted malt, and some hop bitterness in the finish. The mouthfeel is creamy and satisfying.

Drinkability would be great on a cold night.

A really solid offering from Rogue.

gotbeer, Aug 10, 2006
Photo of MLegendre
3/5  rDev -27.9%

A: Pitch black with a rootbeer float-like head (light and dark tan) that settles fairly quickly.

S: Smells delicious, roasted malts, chocolate, and a bit of licorice. Very, very good.

T: This is pretty much an IPA mixed with some stout. First taste is very good, the roasted malts from the smell are very apparent at first, but after that first sip, those flavors seem to disapear. There seems to be a very strong hop profile in this stout, much stronger than in any other stout I've had. The bitterness overpowers the roasted malts, the chocolate flavors and pretty much any other stout flavors. Aftertaste is pretty bitter with a little bit of burnt malt in the background. Bitter aftertaste lingers for quite a while. I think this is a very unbalanced beer. The high hop profile mixed with the roasted malts and chocolate make it almost taste sour. I know this isn't a bad bottle because I've had a few of these in the past before I decided to write a review and I had the same experience.

M: Pretty thin for a stout. Carbonation is high, but not bad.

D: I'm a huge fan of stouts and a huge fan of Rogue but this is the first time that I've had one that I didn't really want to finish. It's not a bad tasting beer, but it's a bad tasting stout if that makes any sense. Not something I would pour out but definatly not something I would want when I am in the mood for a stout. This is basically a stout made with the hopheads in mind.

MLegendre, Aug 07, 2006
Photo of pootz
3.75/5  rDev -9.9%

Bottle: Pours a deep black ale in the glass with a 3 finger frothy mocha cap. Good cap retention fair lacing... soft carbonation.

Aromas of dark roasted cocoa, grapefruit and grass.

Thick malt spine. Creamy mouth feel... full bodied and a rich "filling"character.

Layered flavor profile: cocoa, coffee dried prunes, hints of roasted walnuts, citrus...very creamy, smooth and malty up front and in body. Great balance until we get to the finish.

Finish was dry and bitter with a lingering metallic after taste mingling with a "burnt" astringency...leaves a "soapy" decernment on the tongue after a couple of these..

..this sharp asperity in the finish ruins an otherwise creamy and smooth drink and IMHO keeps it from going into the 4+ scoring

pootz, Aug 05, 2006
Photo of HoustonTX
4.88/5  rDev +17.3%

22oz. bomber poured into Duvel Tulip.

A - Deep, deep brown. Frothy good sized mocha colored head, excellent lacing and retention.

S - Sweet malts, coffee - cream - mocha - chocolate. Underlays of hops.

T - Taste upfront has a nice attentive hop bitterness to it. Layers of delicate chocolate, toffee, and roasted notes come through. These don't produce much sweetness, and only attend to the balance of the sweeping waves of hops. Aftertaste is strong roasted bitterness, that lingers for quite a long time. Long enough to take a nap, and still taste it after you awaken. Mouthfeel is creamy and finishes with a coating on the palate. Delicious and suprisingly bitter.

An incredible American Stout, and one that I highly recommend.

HoustonTX, Aug 02, 2006
Shakespeare Oatmeal Stout from Rogue Ales
93 out of 100 based on 2,879 ratings.