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USAlive! (Alive) - Mikkeller ApS

Not Rated.
USAlive! (Alive)USAlive! (Alive)

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very good

163 Ratings
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Ratings: 163
Reviews: 68
rAvg: 3.91
pDev: 11.51%
Wants: 11
Gots: 13 | FT: 1
Brewed by:
Mikkeller ApS visit their website

Style | ABV
Belgian Strong Pale Ale |  8.00% ABV

Availability: Rotating

Notes/Commercial Description:
Brewed at De Proef Brouwerij, Lochristi-Hijfte, Belgium.

Ingredients: Water, malt (pale and cara), light candy, hops (tomahawk, cascade and amarillo), yeast and brettanomyces.

(Beer added by: Nickls on 03-02-2009)
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Ratings: 163 | Reviews: 68 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of pat_usher
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

pat_usher, Jul 12, 2014
Photo of JSchock7
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

JSchock7, Mar 01, 2014
Photo of sendbeer
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

sendbeer, Mar 17, 2013
Photo of artemh
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

artemh, Aug 24, 2012
Photo of kwjd
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

Got this as part of a private order to Ontario. Pours a cloudy orange colour with thick white head and tons of lacing down the glass. Smells of cirtus hops, candy suger and something a bit funky (I assume brett?). Nice bitterness mixed in with the Belgian sweetness. Big carbonation level. A very nice beer, which I had more!

kwjd, Feb 07, 2011
Photo of BeerImmediately
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

BeerImmediately, Mar 13, 2012
Photo of IanSpindler
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

IanSpindler, Feb 26, 2013
Photo of Beervana
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

Beervana, Apr 15, 2014
Photo of jackrodgers77
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

jackrodgers77, Feb 23, 2014
Photo of rolltide8425
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

rolltide8425, Aug 29, 2012
Photo of firesrage
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

firesrage, Nov 02, 2013
Photo of andrewfjohnson
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

andrewfjohnson, Mar 30, 2014
Photo of JimmyTango
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

JimmyTango, May 14, 2012
Photo of LilBeerDoctor
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

Rating #1100!! And appropriate, considering it's also Memorial Day! Anyway, pours a cloudy brown/orange with a thick off-white head that leaves nice lacing on the glass. Aroma of tropical fruits and floral hops. Smells like an IPA, an awesome IPA at that! Flavor is not a fruity but has a nice bitter finish. Definitely quite hoppy with some sweet caramel malt. Nothing Belgian about this one to me. This is a great beer--I really enjoyed this one!

LilBeerDoctor, Jul 11, 2009
Photo of falloutsnow
4.25/5  rDev +8.7%

From: John's Grocery, Iowa City, IA
Date: None listed on bottle, but bottle has what I assume is an older, "white" label
Glass: Tulip

Called a "Belgian Wild Ale" on the label, which certainly caught my eye at the time. I really enjoyed this very complex beer that manges to mix sweetness, spiciness, wildflower/herb, and Brettanomyces components together in a way that is very palatable to me.

Pours a 2cm tall head of small to medium-sized bubbles, faint tan in color, with excellent retention. As it slowly descends, the head leaves substantial and interesting lacing along the sides of the glass, some looking like the Earth's continents: very pleasing. Head settles to a thin cap atop the body at all times. Body is a deep, orange-tinted, burnt, light brown color, with light bringing out the pale orange undertones. The haziness of the beer's body still allows for carbonation to be visible, reaching up from the bottom of the glass.

Aroma is, at first, richly sweet, like toffee; this fades into a sharp hop bitterness mixed with a bit of Brettanomyces pepperiness; finally fading into substantial Belgian amber candi sugar.

Backbone of toffee-like malt sweetness with fruity, herbal, and spicy undertones overall. Front of palate discovers toffee sweetness along with flowery/herbal flavors and Brettanomyces pepperiness. Mid-palate finds mild hop bitterness, equally mild and pleasant Brettanomyces peppery and pineapple-like characters, and Belgian amber candi sugar. Back of palate has sharp bitterness from hops well-tempered by toffee-sweet malts, Brettanomyces pepperiness, and . Fades out with a faint burst of peppery spiciness that indicates Brettanomyces and ethanol. Lingering taste caramel malts and Belgian amber candi sugar mixed with Brettanomyces pepperiness and pineapple, fairly substantial hop bitterness, and ethanol. Really, pretty excellent.

Beer is medium-light to medium in body, with fairly high carbonation that leads to an at first fizzy mouthfeel that becomes soft and pillowy as the carbonation crosses the palate. Closes dry, with modest stickiness across the palate.

falloutsnow, Nov 24, 2012
Photo of Blanco
4.2/5  rDev +7.4%

Reviewed from notes

Slightly reddish brown color and semi muddy. Small white head that disappears immediately. Citrus in the smell as well as some hoppiness and funk from wild yeasts. Flavor is also hoppy, but almost no bitterness. Wild tastes lean more toward vinegar and reminiscent of flanders sours than funk, with some slight tartness. Overall very good and interesting. This is one I very much enjoyed for its unique flavor.

Blanco, Jun 04, 2011
Photo of bludtek
4.2/5  rDev +7.4%

I poured this hazy, light amber-orange Belgian strong ale from a corked 750 mL bottle. The head was a beige white that stuck around and clung to the sides of my tulip glass.

I smelled citrusy hops, followed by fruity candy.

A honey maltiness was followed by grapefruit, floral, and grassy hops. Slight earthy acidity was also present.

There was a thin carbonation, medium body, and bit of a dry aftertaste.

Smooth taste and dry finish makes this drinkable for me. The alcohol was hidden with all the flavour. I would buy this one again. Interesting character for one of my favourite styles.

bludtek, Jan 03, 2011
Photo of vette2006c5r
4.15/5  rDev +6.1%

USAlive! pours a redish color, with not much head, but lacy. The smell was a bit on the sweet side, lots of candy aromas, and sugary. The taste however only had hints of the sweet candy flavors, and had a nice strong bitter undertone. Good strong flavors, and the sweetness wasnt overpowering. Overall a really good tasting beer.

vette2006c5r, Jun 11, 2012
Photo of glid02
4.13/5  rDev +5.6%

Bottle purchased from Five Points Bottle in Athens, GA.

Pours a hazy gold-copper color with a one-finger white head. The head recedes into a thin layer on top leaving thick lacing.

Smells of a combination of pale and somewhat grainy caramel malts with good amounts of citrus and smaller amounts of tropical fruit hops. Mild amounts of brett funk waft out as well and intensify as the beer warms.

Tastes very similar to how it smells. Malt flavors that skew more toward pale than caramel but with good amounts of both kick things off. Coming in shortly thereafter are candied hop flavors - more earthy than in the aroma but still with strong hints of citrus. Midway through the sip mild hints of funk come in before fading into a mildly bitter finish.

Mouthfeel is good. It's got a nice thickness with smooth carbonation.

Drinakbility is also good. I finished my glass without a problem and could have another.

Overall I thought this was a tasty beer, although more of a wild IPA than a wild Belgian. I'm willing to bet the high amount of hops used is a result of the US part of the name. Worth a shot.

glid02, May 25, 2010
Photo of WeedKing4
4.13/5  rDev +5.6%

Pours hazy, dark reddish orange with a decent amount of foam in the Chimay chalice glass. Smells floral with some citrus piney hops lingering in there too. Tastes almost fruity like with a slight hoppy, floral finish. Decent drinkability overall. Would be interesting to have this beer when it was first bottled, before the hops started to fade. Still pretty good overall though.

WeedKing4, Mar 25, 2011
Photo of metter98
4.1/5  rDev +4.9%

A: The beer is hazy dark orange/amber in color and poured with a thin off white head that left some lacing on the surface but eventually completely faded away.
S: There are light aromas of grapefruit in the nose.
T: Like the smell, the taste has some citrusy flavors of grapefruit, but these are well balanced by the underlying malts.
M: It feels medium-bodied on the palate with a moderate amount of carbonation.
O: The beer goes down very smoothly and is easy to drink. Ordering this at a bar can make some interesting discussion if it should be pronounced “USA live!” or “US Alive!”

metter98, Jun 07, 2011
Photo of dbrauneis
4.1/5  rDev +4.9%

Served on tap at Beer Street Brooklyn in New York, NY

A: Pours a hazy dark orange to copper/amber in color. The beer has a quarter finger tall off-white head that reduces to a very thin ring at the edges of the glass. Light amounts of lacing are observed.

S: Very light amounts of funk with a moderate amount of grapefruit aromas.

T: The beer starts out with some light amounts of caramel malt sweetness that turns a little sour/funky as you continue to taste it - there are some light notes of fruit like apple and grapefruit.

M: Medium bodied with moderate amounts of carbonation.

O: This beer is pretty easy to drink and is enjoyable - certainly not sessionable but a decent sipping beer. A little tough to drink on a really hot afternoon in a shop with minimal AC.

dbrauneis, Jul 02, 2012
Photo of hopdog
4.1/5  rDev +4.9%

750ml bottle.

Poured a medium and cloudy golden/amber color with a larger sized white head. Aromas of citrus, some pine, some funkiness, and fruity. Tastes of citrus, the same funkiness, lighter pine, and caramel.

Couldn't drown away the way the Flyers sucked while I was drinking this...

hopdog, Apr 26, 2009
Photo of Humulus85
4.1/5  rDev +4.9%

Have had a couple of the single hop ales from Mikkeller, but this my first belgian of his. Some confusion as too which "Alive" this was, due to the label and self description as a Belgian Wild, not as strong ale. No worries. From a 750 ml bottle into my Darkness tulip.

Pours a hazy copper with a righteous, 3-finger, belgian head. Some of the most clumpy, clingy, lacing I have ever seen. Superb retention. Well done sir!

Fruity, funky, ester-y, pear, a touch of booze, and some note I just can't put an adjective on; I'll go with leather. The complexity is beyond my expertise, but I like it.

Not as tart as I thought, but plenty of funk. In-fact the funk is quite dominating. Leathery, some tobacco, but a nice hit of earthy hops and toffee malt come through with enough strength to balance.

Exceedingly drinkable for both the style, and the ABV. Bone dry, in typical Wild Ale fashion, and well carbonated.

Overall this was not quite what I expected, but I did like it. I'm still learning my Brett brews, and I think this might actually be a bit green in that regard. Thinking of getting another to throw in the cellar for a year or two. Either way Mikkeller really does know what they're doing. Cheers!

Humulus85, May 20, 2012
Photo of Nickls
4.1/5  rDev +4.9%

Sample both on tap and bottle (bottle reviewed)

A - Poured with a thinner white head, nice lacing on the glass and had an orangey golden color. Pretty translucent and not really hazy. Some rising carbonation

S - Good cedary/piney hop bitterness in the nose, with just a touch of funkiness from the brett yeast utilized in the bew

T - Hop bitterness is the driving taste up front, and very much mirrors the nose, being cedary/piney and just a little citruisy in the flavors. Not as much funk as would have hoped, but would remind one of an Orval in that department. Bit tart in the flavor as well.

M - Thinner MF, and a touch oily. Little snap of carbonation, and overall really pleasant in this area.

D - This is hugely drinkable for me as it is equal parts refreshing and interesting. I think that this could go head-to-head with an Orval which seems to serve as its inspiration. The hyped of nature of the hops really commanded my attention.

Overall, this is definitely solid and interesting and would recommend. My only complaint, very minor, would have been more prominence of the brett. Def. recommend.

Nickls, Mar 02, 2009
USAlive! (Alive) from Mikkeller ApS
88 out of 100 based on 163 ratings.