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Black Magick - Voodoo Brewing Company

Not Rated.
Black MagickBlack Magick

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296 Ratings
no score

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Ratings: 296
Reviews: 203
rAvg: 4.19
pDev: 12.65%
Wants: 400
Gots: 72 | FT: 3
Brewed by:
Voodoo Brewing Company visit their website
Pennsylvania, United States

Style | ABV
American Double / Imperial Stout |  15.00% ABV

Availability: Rotating

Notes/Commercial Description:
This beer is retired; no longer brewed.

This is an Imperial Stout that is of great strength and complexity. We then gently age that beer in Elaigh Craig 13 1/2 year old Bourbon Barrels for 6 months to 1 yr. and then primed and bottled to bottle condition for continued aging and celler life. Black Magick should be able to be aged up to about 5 years, to heighten the complexity and smooth nature of this beer.

First Black Magick brewed in Feb 2007. Released 2009. = 15% ABV

Second Black Magick brewed in 2009 and released 2011. = 15.5% ABV

(Beer added by: WVbeergeek on 07-05-2006)
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Ratings: 296 | Reviews: 203 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of schroederm


3.95/5  rDev -5.7%

In a snifter:

Head is dark as hell. Jet black. Low lacing. Head dies immediately, but this is reasonable due to the ABV. Smell has molasses, bourbon, and umami. Alcohol is obvious. Taste: bourbon bourbon bourbon. Chocolate. Great warmth going down. Truly awesome. Mouthfeel is thick and creamy. Perfect carbonation. Way to hot to be drinkable, although delicious.

Overall: More bourbon than it is beer! What a great brew, but it could seriously use some aging.

02-22-2009 22:14:55 | More by schroederm
Photo of paco1029384756


3.78/5  rDev -9.8%

Pours black with minimal dark tan head.

Scent of roasted malts, chocolate, hops, dark fruit, apples, and alcohol. It's a bit strange, but good; the alcohol isn't overpowering in the scent.

Taste of chocolate, dark fruits, molasses, and alcohol. Not particularly complex, but the alcohol heat is pretty subdued. Good, but still a little strange. This beer some nice qualities, but is perhaps too young right now.

Mouthfeel is heavy bodied with a small amount of carbonation.

02-22-2009 04:26:07 | More by paco1029384756
Photo of CrellMoset


3.98/5  rDev -5%

12 oz. bottle courtesy of sonicdescent - thanks!! Poured into a 12 oz. brandy snifter.

Appearance: Pours an inky, thick, deep black, with absolutely no head - what was there was dark, chocolatey, bubbly, and faded quickly. It's pretty lifeless, really, just sort of a thick, black, dense mess.

Aroma: Bourbon. Yep, bourbon. Earthy, woody, oaky, spicy. There's also some definite strong anise, spicy and woody, with plenty of dark fruits, berries, raisins, chocolate. Coffee covered raisins? Is that possible?

Taste: Oy, this one's intense. The bourbon is heavy, spicy, accompanied by a boatload of chocolate, coffee, toast, wood, vanilla ... whew. It's hot, as well, particularly as it warms, though what do you expect at 15.0?

Mouthfeel: Thick on one side of things, but thoroughly thinned out by the bourbon, fluffy, bubbly, becomes more uneven as it warms

Drinkabiltiy: Ok. I appreciate what this beer is, but it's nowhere near as good as the Voodoo Daddy I just cracked. This one's hot, thin, and bourbony, and though I do like my bourbon, I like a little more out of my beer. Needs a little more balance, in my opinion - 15% is just a little too much.

02-16-2009 05:08:32 | More by CrellMoset
Photo of yourefragile

District of Columbia

4.78/5  rDev +14.1%

12 oz bottle poured into a snifter. oh boy.

A: Evil looking, extremely viscous pour. Liquid is opaque dark brown, nearly black. As expected for this type of beer a thin, bubbly wine like head of small brown bubbles. Very little retention or lacing but the beer coats the glass and appears very thick.
S: Just incredible, even given my high expectations. Incredibly complex, strong barrel aged aromas, heavy on the bourbon and whiskey obviously. Supported by a strong malt background and slight vanilla sweetness.
T: Very rich and complex like the aroma. Begins with vanilla and oak flavors, in the middle has a light chocolate malty flavor and then the whiskey flavors hit and finish is extremely rich and persistent. Also notes of dark fruit, caramel, coffee, etc in alternating sips. I had lowered my expectations for this after reading some other reviews and not particularly caring for GI BCS the only time I tried it and assuming I would feel the same about this. I did not.
M: Maybe only lacking part of this beer. Very slick, medium bodied, coats the mouth, but very low carbonation resulting in it feeling slightly thin.
D: Ok, obviously a 12 oz bottle of this is even worthy of sharing with a friend, but for what this beer is its pretty amazing. The alcohol is present, but never overwhelms the other flavors of the beer. This is pretty incredible and can't wait to try it aged. However, looking at my reviews I notice that I've rated BBVD the same score as this, but personally I prefer that beer over this.

02-15-2009 03:25:23 | More by yourefragile
Photo of Mauerhan


4.58/5  rDev +9.3%

a recent score from the black booty bif. sweeeet.

pours pitch black with very little head off of a direct center pour. im pretty sure if i held this up to direct sunlight nothing would come through. lacing looks like im drinking a wine or whiskey. the viscosity is intense.

smell is fantastic. i feel like i am putting my nose in a barrel. big oakish vanilla notes hit me predominately in the front followed some nice roasted malts and a touch of chocolate. oh yeah and i almost forgot. booze. from when i opened this and started pouring i got a nice amount of bourbon smell.

taste is nice. this beer is rich. tastes range from chocolate, roasty malts, and boozy dark fruits. drinks very well.

mouth is thick and viscus. i am practically chewing this beer. moderate amount of carbonation.

I really enjoy this beer. hopefully i get more of this out here in california. yum

02-13-2009 07:10:50 | More by Mauerhan
Photo of aerozeppl

New York

4.47/5  rDev +6.7%

Thanks to bwyker for bringing this.

A: There is black then there is this. Looks like a black hole. No light gets through and the beer had a slight gravitational pull.

S: Chestnuts. I don't know why but I kept getting chestnuts. Huge barrel nose. Chocolate and roast. The smell of this beer is massive.

T: Huge bourbon taste. I have had chaotic chemistry mind you. The booze taste is epic but enjoyable. The dark fruit adds something IMO to sort of balance things out.

M: Thick body. This beer really works your tongue out.

D: This is a monster of a beer. Despite all of this I found it enjoyable. We split 2 bottles and that was enough. I could see people having problems getting through a bottle by themselves. I also like the scotch tape labels.

02-09-2009 17:53:56 | More by aerozeppl
Photo of ToddT


4.33/5  rDev +3.3%

A- Pours black, almost no head just a little brown ring around the top of the glass.

S- Bourbon dominates the smell, a little chocolate and malt in the background.

T- More like a mixed drink than beer, tastes much like it smells. Bourbon dominates up front, then notes of roasted malt, chocolate, and fruit (apple maybe??). Warming alcohol finish not overwhelming but with just a little bit of heat.

M- Feels thick and a little on the heavy side but with light carbonation. Finishes dry and slightly bitter.

D- A sipper to be sure. Wouldn't want more that one but it does go down easy for it's 15.0% ABV.

Interesting beer, one to savor and sip slowly on a cold winter night. Lots of complexity going on in this one. Want to see what this is like with a little ageing.

02-09-2009 04:54:26 | More by ToddT
Photo of jgap


4.55/5  rDev +8.6%

Huge thanks to jac5084 for this, you are a revolutioary and wise beyond your years. From last night's notes: Pours thick into a stone 12th anniv glass. Very dark. Smell is huge bourbon with thick malty undertones, rich alcohol. Small head that fades to a nice, even lace and rebuilds quickly with a turn, however, I noted that this resiliency somewhat deteriorates toward the end of the beer. My mouth is literally watering. Taste is similar to small, bourbon fades to thick malt then a surprise twist of rich dark chocolate and finally back to an incredibly smooth alcohol finish like a perfect shot of pricy, flavorful bourbon. Mouthfeel is surprisingly light. This is a sipper for sure but each taste leaves you wanting more. Exceptional beer.

02-06-2009 19:49:37 | More by jgap
Photo of OneDropSoup


3.98/5  rDev -5%

I was very excited to see bottles of this & Big Black Voodoo Daddy on the new arrivals shelf at D's Six Packs & Dogz.

Poured a thick black, totally opaque, with a darkish brown head, about a finger's worth. The smell was kind of knock-out bourbon at first (my wife said it smelled like medicine), very alcoholic. As it warmed, some great chocolate cake, dark chocolate, raisin, & caramelized flavors (think burnt marshmellow). It reminded me of my dad's bourbon balls, very comforting. The taste translated pretty well, but the warming boozy character took over a tad too much to compare to the smell -- still, very burnt & roasty. The mouthfeel was moderate, a little on the thick side but not as rich as the look & flavor would have you expect. At this strength, the drinkability suffers a little of course.

The boozy bourbon quality is overwhelming at first, but once it subsides & balances out some really great elements emerge. I'd imagine this would be a good candidate for aging. I wouldn't buy it too often (pretty pricey), but a great gift or "special occasion" brew.

02-04-2009 00:36:39 | More by OneDropSoup
Photo of waltonc


2.08/5  rDev -50.4%

Picked this up in a recent trade.

A: pitch black and virtually no head at all. Poured more like black juice than beer. A troubling start to the beverage.

S: Super boozy smell, tons of dark fruit in here, rum-soaked-raisins, bourbon.

T: Again, the dark fruits are very strong, there's bourbon, and at 15% ABV, the alcohol is hot. Not super sweet. Kind of dry, in fact.

M: Medium bodied, very low carbonation.

D: Very off-putting and out of whack. Super high ABV coupled with low carbonation and strong dark fruit notes don't work for me. I'll probably end up pouring out some of this. As far as super strong bourbon stouts go, I'll take a Goose Island BCS over this every time, especially given the price tag on this one.

02-03-2009 04:32:25 | More by waltonc
Photo of Dubbercody


3.48/5  rDev -16.9%

Two different bottles, one with the paper label one without. Both brought to the Stouts tasting.

I'm really glad we all shared these two bottles. Wow what an awesome beer. Definitely a sipper and defiantly something to share (both the enjoyment of and the ABV of with friends.)

The beer is quite hot, but manageable. Would do well with some years on it. Thick and oily and really really enjoyable. Thanks to DA (and other) for bringing this treat.

01-30-2009 20:04:16 | More by Dubbercody
Photo of Overlord


3.28/5  rDev -21.7%

Thanks to JWelsh for the trade!

Pours black with, startling enough, kind of a ruddy bit of foam around the edges. Interesting, and unexpected. No real head. Just a thin crust of foam.

Smells like booze soaked dark fruits along with booze and bourbon soaked booze booze booze booze. And there's maybe some chocolate, oak, and vanilla in there. And booze. You can smell the bourbon from five feet away.

Taste is one of the most alcohol laden beers I can ever recall consuming. I've had stouts of 10-13% that hid their ABV much better than this 15% monster. It's like a souped up Kentucky Bourbon Stout. Big bourbon, chocolatey/roasted malt, and dark fruits galore, with some vanilla and oak to round it out. I'm actually surprised that the main characteristic of this flavor is the dark fruit, rather than chocolate, coffee, or the more typical double stout panoply. Fairly disappointing aroma/flavor package due to the heat.

Mouthfeel is, surprisingly, neither that thick, nor "chewy." It's not watery, mind you, but I was expecting a syrup.

Drinkable? Yeah ... for me maybe. But for me, it's a full-time thing (name that movie!).

01-28-2009 08:52:09 | More by Overlord
Photo of younger35


4.1/5  rDev -2.1%

Received this brew in a recent trade with weeare138. This will be my first brew from Voodoo so I'm pretty stoked to try it. Can't say I've tried a brew with 15 different malts in it. Interesting. Drank from my Darkness snifter.

Appearance- Pours a jet ass black that allows zero light to penetrate any part of the glass. A small fizzy dark brown head comes as fast as it goes leaving no cap, super thin collar and a bit of random lacing.
Smell- Loads and loads of caramel from the opening of the bottle along with some raw cocoa and light cream. Very pungent with a sort of extreme roast and heavy char. The barrel characteristics are pretty damn strong as well. Bourbon and oak mostly with some light vanilla and smoke. Plum and figs add a bit of a dark fruit component to the nose especially once it warms.
Taste- Supremely intense flavor with a big boozy start. Both bourbon and the 15% really bite. Semi woody with a light astringent kick and a surprising citric jolt. Nothing crazy, just a bit of lemon and even some cherry. Raw cocoa and a strong char subdue the light sweetness that is somewhat earthy. Molasses and toasted marshmallow add a bit of the smokiness I got in the nose. Finishes with a bit of lingering sweetness and a bourbon kick of dark caramel.
Mouthfeel- Well considering the alcohol and barrel aging I'd expect the body to be slightly thin. I was just hoping the 15 malts would add a little more body.
Drinkability- Overall this is a pretty tasty brew! I love how the bottle says this brew was "gently aged in 13 year barrels". Gently my ass! The bourbon is definitely assertive and probably more so because this bad boy is sitting at 15%. A definite sipper that I really enjoyed. Thanks Mike!!!

01-27-2009 23:37:01 | More by younger35
Photo of Hojaminbag


4.28/5  rDev +2.1%

Super dark, definitely black and opaque. About a finger and a half of brown head that settles down into a small island in the middle of the beer. Leaves a little bit of lacing.

Wow. This is one strong smelling beer. The whole room smells like Whiskey. This is the strongest bourbon aroma I have found in any beer for sure. Underneath that bourbon is a little bit of chocolate and sweet malts, but just barely. The alcohol will probably burn your nose hairs off before you actually smell it, so don't spend too much time looking.

No surprise here, a huge bourbon flavor assaults you right off the bat. The bourbon is not quite as overpowering as in the nose, but it definitely dominates everything. Next is a little bit of a woody taste. There are some roasted notes and some chocolate notes along with some sweet malts. But those are certainly in the background. This one is all about the bourbon, it dominates the taste. The next strongest taste is probably alcohol, and that is not even a close second.

This isn't the huge, thick mouthfeel I expected. It's actually about medium bodied with a relateively high level of carbonation. The most striking note about this mouthfeel is the alcohol burn, it is intense. It even makes my nose and nose hairs feel like they're on fire.

It will take you a long time to drink this, it is definitely a sipper.

01-19-2009 22:38:42 | More by Hojaminbag
Photo of sonicdescent


3.8/5  rDev -9.3%

This is a fresh bottle poured into a Guinness pint glass.

Pours a motor oil black with a thin brown head that leaves a crown and an island with spotty lacing. Looks viscous.

Smells first of whiskey way up front, roasted malts and chocolate in the background. The whiskey is strong as hell. I can smell this from about three feet. I wonder if the barrels these were aged in were still full.

The bourbon character is still there in the taste, but not nearly as overpowering as the smell. Still a strong brew, whiskey hitting you first followed by your typical impy tastes, but something about this screams it is of a higher quality than your run of the mill.

Pretty thick bodied with low carbonation, mouth coating. It's like drinking whiskey without the regrets. I could chug this stuff if I knew I wouldn't end up on the floor. Simply great. I only downrated it because even letting it slightly warm, the bourbon character became too overpowering.

01-18-2009 05:01:29 | More by sonicdescent
Photo of mikecharley


4.65/5  rDev +11%

This beer pours a dark brown color. Very limited carbonation. When swirled it really coats the glass, and almost stains it brown. The smell... well imagine what a shot of bourbon mixed with equal parts stout would smell of, and you got it. Smells like a quality bourbon. Taste is much more subdued than the nose would suggest, but the bourbon is present. Great notes of roasted malts, and some coffee notes as well. A well put together beer to say the least. The mouthfeel is the only downfall of this wonderful brew, as it is a bit thin for the style, but hey, who's complaining? I think this beer with 1-2 years on it might be the best thing going, because as it is, it is one of the best beers i have ever had.

01-18-2009 00:28:59 | More by mikecharley
Photo of MmmIPA


3.85/5  rDev -8.1%

Inky black color with a sexy brown ring.Reeks of Bourbon and chocolate,not a too intense note of the latter.I taste vanilla,oak and charred malt.Thin mouthful for the style and silky smooth.Prickly on the tongue.Dank taste in the aftertaste.Good beer and Im glad to have tried it.I look forward to trying it again.

01-17-2009 08:44:09 | More by MmmIPA
Photo of dondeez21

New Jersey

4.63/5  rDev +10.5%

I grabbed a 12oz bottle from Capones in Norristown PA.
A: Deep dark black almost looks like used motor oil.
S: When I take a deep whiff I smell roasted malt and alcohol.
T: The first taste is of alcohol. This beer is aged in bourbon barrels and the first sip reminds you of that. It is far from over powering but definatly noticeable.Nice aftertatse of Oak/Vanilla.
M: This beer packs a nice thick body to it.
D: If you are a fan of strong Imperial Stouts this beer is for you. The beer is aged so the "heat" that most high ABV% beers produce isnt too high. If you happen to find this beer anywhere I would suggest you give it a try.

01-17-2009 04:52:43 | More by dondeez21
Photo of CoolJosh


4.65/5  rDev +11%

Received this in a trade from jwelsch, and also came across it at Zeno's. Was really happy to get my hands on a few bottles of this stuff, never thought I'd see it in stores. I've heard so much about this beer and its unique qualities. Originally this beer must have been unlabeled, as the bottle I received in trade is missing the artwork. Cool graffiti work on the label, Voodoo uses some really cool urban graphics on most of their beers. Definitely the beer I wanted to celebrate my 100th review with.

I split a 12oz bottle of this with fellow BAer treyrab, as we poured the bottle into 2 mini tulip glasses. The beer poured like straight molasses, incredibly thick and syrup like. Very still, with no head and no seeing through this black mesmerizing and viscous looking beauty. The lack of head is slightly disappointing, and buy the looks it may be really young still.

As I dipped my nose into the glass, I could of sworn I was smelling a chocolate Vanilla latte from starbucks, with a few shots of a kentucky mash. This is nuts, very reminiscent of the Mikkeller Black, in that it is full of complexity and huge and overwhelming flavors. A lot of vanilla attacks the nose. I'm getting a heap load of oak and bourbon flavors. Supporting acts come through in a nice smooth cocoa scent, and light touches of caramel. This thing is gonna be a monster, no doubt about it, but the smells are very well rounded out with no harshness.

The complexity found in the taste is even greater then that of the scent. To confirm my beliefs in the smell, There is a ton of lovely and smooth bourbon flavors in this beer. It all tastes of oak, but lacking the dryness typically found with this flavor. It's also kind of milky and sweet. This one has thrown me through a loop in trying to identify all that is here. This beer has almost reminded me of a well aged old ale. There are tons of caramel, some light coffee notes in the background, and some charred malts as well. It all comes together in a very smooth manner.

I most likely won't be having another one of these soon, mainly due to its high price tag and over the top abv. With those two components out of the picture, this would be a go to with out hesitation.

01-16-2009 02:35:45 | More by CoolJosh
Photo of DarkerTheBetter


4.3/5  rDev +2.6%

This beer pours a pitch black with only a sliver of port-like purple sneaking in around the edges. No head at all save for a little wisp of a film.

Smells potent with a nice subdued dark fruit, gratuitous barley sweetness, green grapes, a touch of fresh cut wood and a distinct whiskey that nestles into it all rather well.

The flavor is rather thin by comparison. It starts with a clean glassy texture that slowly lets out the dark fruits, but they're accompanied by a citrus like dryness that fades quickly into oaky whiskey finishing up with old instant coffee.

Feels rather thin and glassy, with not much to mention about the carbonation at all.

I think a little residual sweetness would have balanced this one out and made for a far better beer. Overall, at 15%, this is an accomplishment in and of itself.

01-16-2009 01:31:54 | More by DarkerTheBetter
Photo of treyrab


4.33/5  rDev +3.3%

Hole E. Shit. This is one ramped up, bastardized, monster of a beer that takes no mercy. Split a twelve ounce with jac5084 last night and was seeing fairies and cartoon characters flying around the pub.

A: Pours a syrup black with the slightest of head. Pretty much no head, but a few bubbles appear that are a dark, dark brown. This is just about the darkest beer I have ever seen, no contest (sorry Dark Lord, but you are no match).

S: One word can describe this: Barbarian. This is just massive with intense smells. The first thing you notice is intense oak and vanilla that warp around in your nose. Whiskey comes next followed by chocolate, molasses and some brown sugar.

T: If an imperial old ale style exists, this would be it. Tastes extremely, extremely complex with oak and vanilla coming to the forefront. Whiskey then makes its way in and tackles your taste buds. Tastes like a Kentucky bourbon to me. There is not much chocolate and/or roast in here. This reminds me of a bastardized old ale.

Overall, this was one hell of a beer. I am definitely going to let one age for 5, maybe 10 years to calm this man down. If you have a chance to try it, you must.

01-13-2009 15:32:44 | More by treyrab
Photo of hoppymeal


4.47/5  rDev +6.7%

Pours black with a small, pumpkin pie orange colored head that fades quickly to a ring. Aroma is strong notes of leather and wood, some red wine and oakiness, perhaps strange but I get a freshly smoked pipe smell, very soothing. Also some meatiness and some sweet and sugary malts. Taste follows with the leather and a good deal of dry woodiness, some smokey ashiness, and some dry nutty roastiness in the aftertaste. A good sized bourbon character as well. Mouthfeel is medium to heavy in body, the sugars are cut and well balanced by the bourbony alcohol and dry woodiness, medium soft carbonation some bitterness in the finish, alcohol bites and warms the throat in the finish as well. A very good beer, the aroma is extremely complex and very nice. The taste is nearly as good, but not quite the same amt going on as in the aroma, but the strong bourbon notes are very good. A huge thanks to George and Aaron for the opportunity to try this one.

01-13-2009 02:43:16 | More by hoppymeal
Photo of maximum12


4/5  rDev -4.5%

First, a shout-out to the soon-to-be-sainted beerisheaven for trading this to me, & then to Avalon68 for throwing this into a small trade. Now I gots one to drink & one to saves! Yeehaaaa!

I have to admit I'm a little afraid of this beer. 13% seems to be about the cutoff for brews that knock me into stumbly territory. But since I'm here safe at home, with the a "Lost" DVD ready to spin, the kids safely in bed, & the wife off to her horrid overnight shift...bring it on, Black Magic (& not in the fertarded Bush way, either).

This beer is dark. I think it's actually capturing light rather than just allowing nothing to penetrate it's blackness. A tentative sniff yields nothing but bourbon. On the advice of Mr. Avalon, I let it warm up for a good while. Better!

Bourbon still wraps itself around my tongue like a warm fuzzy bunny, but it's lost a bit of it's sting. In addition to the shot, there's some pleasant dark, fruity undertones. This beer is as thick as a Marine's head (& I say that fondly). Drinkability? Not if I want to walk up the stairs tonight.

"Dammit Kate, run!"

OK. This is one big, vicious, nasty bruiser of a beer. It's very good, but still unbalanced. I had a similar reaction to the GI Bourbon County Stout, I think I've found my border territory for extreme beers in this pair. Very glad I had a chance to try it, & splitting the other bottle with the wife, in about a year when I've recovered, sounds excellent.

01-11-2009 05:15:08 | More by maximum12
Photo of kkipple

South Carolina

4.08/5  rDev -2.6%

The hits just kept coming at our New Years bash. Cheers to Chris D. for breaking out this monster from his cellar.

A. Deep, dark brown, basically black. Next to no head. Unsurprising given the massive 15% reported abv. Thick and chunky looking.

S. Well well... I am smelling bourbon here, and I like it. Just huge, over-the-top bourbon notes. Oak, vanilla, booze, pungent wood, more alcohol, and still more booze piling on. The rich stout (this IS a stout, right?) plays second - no make that fourth - fiddle to the wood, booze and spirits. Less balanced than it should be, IMO.

T. Now, Black Magick is an exceedingly rare beer that you may never get to try. But that's ok, because you can get the same experience thusly: Take a fine Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, pour into a saucepan. Reduce over heat to 8 ounces. Remove from heat, chill, re carbonate. Pour into a glass, adding a splash of your favorite bourbon. Stir. Pour yourself a double shot of said bourbon. Shoot. Begin to sip upon your Xxxtreme Goose Island bourbon-thing. Oh yeah, and magically smooth it out so it's impossibly drinkable and belies the mad alcohol within. There you have it.

M. Slick, rich, heavy, smoove! A big of a sour woody finish after you get past the insane roast and bourbon.

Ultimately, yes this is a fine beer, this is a huge beer. I can't help but think that it is simply too much, too out of balance. Bourbon County (and really there are precious few beers to compare this to) is a better, more accessible, more tasty brew. That said, if you are lucky enough to try Black Magick, pin your hat to your head first. This'll rock you.

01-03-2009 17:43:42 | More by kkipple
Photo of DrJay


4.4/5  rDev +5%

Black, pitch black, with the faintest of edges. The cap of brown foam rose quickly and fell quickly, leaving a solid collar and skim of fine bubbles on the surface. There was a bit of spotty lacing too. The aroma was a bit boozy, full of bourbon and toffee, but still on the mellow side. There were notes of figs, wood, caramel, dark chocolate, a bit of roast and it was a little buttery with a slight cheesiness. Bitterness was restrained compared to the rest of the flavour. Up front it was bourbon and booze, some caramel, then it turned fruity mid-palate (plums, figs, dates). Roast was mild overall and the whole flavour combo lingered into the finish. Full bodied with moderate carbonation made up of fine bubbles. Very smooth with a bit of astringency from the wood and roast malts. It was quite warm with alcohol, but didn't approach being hot. I'd never have guessed this was 15%. This was very flavourful with a mild roastiness and quite easy to drink given the gravity.

12-27-2008 20:56:26 | More by DrJay
Black Magick from Voodoo Brewing Company
93 out of 100 based on 296 ratings.