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Shiner Prickly Pear - Spoetzl Brewery

Not Rated.
Shiner Prickly PearShiner Prickly Pear

Displayed for educational use only; do not reuse.

378 Ratings

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Ratings: 378
Reviews: 58
rAvg: 3.33
pDev: 17.42%
Wants: 7
Gots: 69 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Spoetzl Brewery visit their website
Texas, United States

Style | ABV
Fruit / Vegetable Beer |  4.90% ABV

Availability: Limited (brewed once)

Notes/Commercial Description:
This beer is retired; no longer brewed.

No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: EgadBananas on 06-29-2012)
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Ratings: 378 | Reviews: 58 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of e911mann
1/5  rDev -70%

e911mann, Nov 17, 2012
Photo of harrylee773
1/5  rDev -70%

harrylee773, Jan 13, 2013
Photo of gil1205
1.5/5  rDev -55%

gil1205, Jul 21, 2014
Photo of Shafaegalo
1.75/5  rDev -47.4%

Shafaegalo, Jan 12, 2014
Photo of Twpsyn
1.75/5  rDev -47.4%

Twpsyn, May 08, 2014
Photo of dertyd
2/5  rDev -39.9%

dertyd, Jan 21, 2013
Photo of bundy462
2/5  rDev -39.9%

bundy462, Nov 10, 2013
Photo of WKrieger
2/5  rDev -39.9%

WKrieger, Sep 06, 2014
Photo of heerboth
2/5  rDev -39.9%

heerboth, Aug 31, 2014
Photo of ChaosKittyXJ9
2/5  rDev -39.9%

ChaosKittyXJ9, Jan 13, 2013
Photo of goochpunch
2.18/5  rDev -34.5%
look: 2.5 | smell: 2.5 | taste: 2 | feel: 2.5 | overall: 2

Pours out a golden color. Head doesn't stay around very long. Very clear. Smells like artificial fruit aroma and grainy malt. The beer base is a decent enough lager (based on other Shiner products) but it is dominated by artificial flavorings. Tastes like melon and kiwi. Strange. Doesn't taste like prickly pear at all, really. Prickly pear is a delicate flavor and should have been left alone. The ¨natural¨ flavors just kill it. Like a cross between a fruit soda and some Michelob Ultra fruit mess. Mouthfeel is alright, but the sweetness kind of makes it sticky on the tongue. Not very drinkable at all.

goochpunch, Oct 31, 2012
Photo of steelscarab
2.18/5  rDev -34.5%
look: 3.5 | smell: 2 | taste: 2 | feel: 2 | overall: 2.5

Poured fresh from bottle to a glass.

Appearance: Something of a light copper color. Easy to see through and quite effervescent. It certainly looks appealing and inviting. Slighter more copperish than a standard pale ale.

Smell: It doesn't have much of a smell other than sweetness. Specifically, my first impression of the smell is something like agave syrup.

Taste: Disappointing. At first I thought it was just too cold to taste all of the flavors so I let it get to a cask temperature. There is almost no taste to this beer. The sweetness is either overpowering all of the other flavors or it is just only a sweet beer. I know that a prickly pear is somewhat sweet but this reminds me more of an agave beer than anything else. No hop flavors and no usual malts are detectable.

Mouth: Also disappointing. Very light mouth-feel; not much thicker than water. Dissipated rapidly on the tongue.

Drinkability: Moderate. I say this instead of high, frankly because the taste doesn't make me want to drink much of it. If you had a six pack of this you could easily blow through all of them rapidly, thanks to lightness and low alcohol content.

Serving type: bottle

steelscarab, Dec 03, 2012
Photo of skm
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%

skm, Dec 14, 2012
Photo of Sazz9
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%

Sazz9, Oct 06, 2013
Photo of Kubrickx
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%

Kubrickx, Dec 13, 2012
Photo of crobinso
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%

crobinso, Oct 20, 2012
Photo of Hergestridge
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%
look: 2 | smell: 3 | taste: 2 | feel: 2 | overall: 2.25

Wow.. Wow.. This brings to mind the flavour of bottle cap candy and fizzies mixed together. Fruity like straw candy bad.. except straw candy fruity tastes a bit better than this entry. This is a bit of a throwback to the Bartles and Jaymes Era of Fruit Coolers.. Ack!! I mean.. this is NOT a good bear. Wait did I say Bear?? I meant it's difficult to bear this "beer"!. It's debatable that this IS a beer..!!! I really Like Shiner Breweries Entries for the most part. this is NOT one of them..
Wow! and not in a good way..
~Carry On Citizens!!!~

Hergestridge, Oct 09, 2013
Photo of kds2437
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%

kds2437, Nov 16, 2013
Photo of Dothacker4492
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%

Dothacker4492, Jul 20, 2014
Photo of Brad007
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%

Pours a dull golden color with a huge head into my glass. I haven't seen too many beers with prickly pear flavoring.

The use of pear adds a light, crisp sensation to the nose. It does seem sweeter than normal but I'm unsure of the taste.

Clean, refreshing and light. The malt base works because it plays along to the strengths of the pear itself.

Grainy, baked bread texture at the back with just a touch of pear.

Not bad. A change of pace from the other Spoetzl offerings I've had as of late.

Brad007, Sep 08, 2014
Photo of scootercrabb
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%

scootercrabb, Jul 29, 2012
Photo of JoeMans
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%

JoeMans, Dec 28, 2013
Photo of MaddDogg84
2.25/5  rDev -32.4%

MaddDogg84, May 20, 2014
Photo of psmithmkt
2.38/5  rDev -28.5%

psmithmkt, Sep 06, 2014
Photo of avisong
2.5/5  rDev -24.9%

avisong, Oct 26, 2012
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Shiner Prickly Pear from Spoetzl Brewery
77 out of 100 based on 378 ratings.