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Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale - Stone Brewing Co.

Not Rated.
Sublimely Self-Righteous AleSublimely Self-Righteous Ale

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5,194 Ratings

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Ratings: 5,194
Reviews: 1,826
rAvg: 4.22
pDev: 10.43%
Wants: 225
Gots: 456 | FT: 6
Brewed by:
Stone Brewing Co. visit their website
California, United States

Style | ABV
American Black Ale |  8.70% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: Gueuzedude on 09-02-2007)
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Photo of athensbeermaster
4.38/5  rDev +3.8%

This dark and lovely ale poured a slow but solid two finger head with good retention. The nose had strong grapefruit and coffee aromas. The mouthfeel was silky for a well hopped brew. The taste was like a roller coaster of flavors. The smooth chocholate and coffee taste takes center stage then the big citrus hops try to peak thru the murky flavors of all the malts. This beer was darker than most Indian brown ale's I've tried. Thanks to Stone for pushing the envelope.

athensbeermaster, Jan 21, 2009
Photo of prsguitarsr4me
4.5/5  rDev +6.6%

One of my favorite Stones. A little more accessible that the Bastard beers from Stone, yet is has a character of its own. Pours extremely dark for an ale. Great head and retention. Aroma is very Stone, as is the taste. Hoppy and thick - lots of layers to the flavor. Fruits, figs, then some smokey dark woody notes. Very pleasant and smooth taste and feel. 55 degrees is best for this beer, similar to the Bastard beers. This has become something of a regular for me - luckily I bought a case a while back. I'm looking forward to the Self-Righteous Ale so I can get a case of that. Man I love Stone!

prsguitarsr4me, Jan 21, 2009
Photo of cproioi
4.25/5  rDev +0.7%

Color is a dark reddish-brown with a tan head layers the top. The aroma is made up of citrus, spicy and resiny hops with a dark biscuit malt backbone. The taste follows the aroma with a slight alcohol taste as the beer warms. Very dry finish wonderful beer. One of my favorites from Stones.

cproioi, Jan 20, 2009
Photo of ruckzuck
4.25/5  rDev +0.7%

A - pours a very dark brown with a nice khaki head. My first thought after reading the back of the bottle was "WTF!? IPA's don't look like this!?" =)

S - soft citrus and piny hop aromas waft into the nose at first. Definitely some toffee and caramel going on from the roasted malt

T - oh wow! The nose is very pleasant, but it didn't tip me off to the (comparative) flavor bomb about to hit my palate. Delicious! Loads of delicious citrusy hops fill the mouth. Further savoring reveals the roasted malt characteristics coming through in all their glory. There's a great taste of bitter dark chocolate that comes through, and the whole thing finishes with a bitterness that only an American IPA could have

M - solid bodied and smooth. Delightful as it goes down

D - I wasn't sure what to expect of this when I opened it, but I am not disappointed! A lovely beer that I'm glad I got a chance to sample (we only got Stone in GA back during the Fall). Will totally enjoy finishing this bomber. Stone really are one of the best and most consistent breweries around. Keep it up dudes, and let's get more of your awesome beers to GA already!

ruckzuck, Jan 19, 2009
Photo of SShelly
4.55/5  rDev +7.8%

Poured from a 22.

Pours black like an RIS with a thick 3" offwhite head that sticks around for a minute or two.

Lots of hops in the nose, citrus, citrus citrus, i love it!

Flavor starts out with a citrusy bitterness that coats the mouth, has a nice strong malt backbone behind the hops, finishes a touch to the malty side and leaves the mouth with a light citrus hop coat. medium-light mouthfeel, the only thing I would change.

This is the rebrew of one of my favorite beers ever, 11th anny stone, and it delivers, hits well across the taste buds and leaves you wanting more. Mitch, please please please brew this more than once a year!

SShelly, Jan 18, 2009
Photo of scottoale
3.98/5  rDev -5.7%

22 oz. brown bomber with a black, blue and silver silk-screened label featuring a S-R Gargoyle and the usual blurb. It pours a dark ass black of a brown, with a tight, thick and creamy 1/2" cocoa colored head. Lots of thick sheet type lace that eventually disappears back into the brew.

Certainly smells a lot different than it looks...hopbomb right hook to the nostrils and then a left jab. Pine, citrus and spruce set the stage for this ale. A slight roasty malt in the far background.

The taste is hoppy as hell from start, to finish, with pine-o-plenty and loads of citrus. Make no mistake, this is a strong hop ale of the IPA type...more hop than strong, the alcohol gets burried deep in the forest. Medium plus body with a bitter, sappy finish. Quite refreshing and drinkable. If you like your beers dark and hoppy, this is a must try.

scottoale, Jan 16, 2009
Photo of MisterClean
3.4/5  rDev -19.4%

Stone night at the Grad in Davis:

A - Dark lack pour with a 2 fngered head. Dissipates to 1 fingered head and sticks around. Beautiful lacing.

S - Dark roast coffee. Wish I could smell more, but no.

T - Dark roast coffee and light alcohol.

M - Very smooth, little aclohol in the mouthfeel.

D - Good, but needs more hoppiness and flavor.

MisterClean, Jan 16, 2009
Photo of thekevlarkid
4.38/5  rDev +3.8%

Off the tap at Stone Night this beer was a nearly opaque dark brown with some very deep mahogany hues visible against bright light. The head was tan, one-finger thick and retained well as a thick collar that left lacing in broken sheets. Good looking for sure, if it were a lady, I'd be picking her up. The aroma was intriguing, like an IPA gone evil, to further the metaphor, the lady with torn fishnet stockings and red, red lipstick. Big floral hops, rich malts and a depth of spiciness. The flavors were equally complex, deeply floral hops, balanced with robust malt, elements of pine, caramel sweetness in the middle, hints of mocha and milk chocolate. The punchy 8.7% was well concealed and I had to give it high marks for being both impressive and unique. The mouthfeel was very creamy, the body full and the carbonation perfectly smooth. An unusual treat.

thekevlarkid, Jan 13, 2009
Photo of Brewsmith
4/5  rDev -5.2%

From a 1L growler fill at the brewery. It's interesting how this beer has changed over time. Just in the last 6 months a ton of the hop character has started to fade since the last time I tasted this beer. It's closer to a strong brown ale now than it's former dark IPA self. It still has a good strong hop profile, but it is mellow and round with the malt. Don't expect this beer to slam you over the head with hops, but expect a big malty beer that is still fairly bitter.

Brewsmith, Jan 11, 2009
Photo of magictrokini
4.25/5  rDev +0.7%

Love this stuff. Pours dark brown, almost black, with a creamy off-white head. Cascade hops, some resin, dry pine needles, some earthy leaves and wood. Clean, dry hop bite. Roasty, burnt coffee-like maltiness mixes well. This is the first time I have ever had such a blend. Kind of like an over-hopped porter or a black IPA with malt and coffee. Worked out nicely.

magictrokini, Jan 05, 2009
Photo of nd5282
3.63/5  rDev -14%

A relatively muted after taste for an IPA. However, the mellow easy going character lead to the subsequent enjoyment of a few other pints. Bitterness factor is minimal and overall flavor versus drinkability ratio is superb. I personally bought multiple bottles to cellar and failed miserably at being patient.

nd5282, Jan 05, 2009
Photo of EGledhill
4.33/5  rDev +2.6%

Another bottle courtesy of every BA's favorite gutter slut, patronwizard. I gotta admit though, I owe him for this one. I wasn't too big on Stone after the few brews I tried from them. but this one completely redeemed Stone for me. He's still a big bag of douche, but he makes some solid recommendations. On with the review.

A. Brownish/dark red body with a thin white head that fades to the sides and leaves a little lacing the whole way through.

S. Smells of hops, citrus,piney, descent sweet malt, coffee and chocolate. smell was way more than I was expecting out of this.

T. like a hop kick to the jaw. I can't believe how well the hops has held up in this. A year later it's still banging fresh. Citrusy, slight piny taste. Malts pull through in a big was too with a coffee and chocolate taste. Is it good? Fucking right it is.

M. Mouthfeel is solid. slightly sticky, not too thin.

D. hell yeah it has drinkability. This has everything I like in a beer, booze, hops and chocolate.

Like I said, I have a new found faith in Stone that Stone 12 killed. I hope a year in the cellar calms the 12 down

EGledhill, Jan 05, 2009
Photo of yesyouam
3.95/5  rDev -6.4%

Dec 1, 2007
Stone XI is a solid black ale with red highlights. It has a creamy tan head with oily bubbles. Great retention and lacing. It has an aroma of licorice and medicine. It almost smells like seawater. There is salmiakki and something leafy in the nose. It's medium-bodied and a bit sharp with a gritty finish. The roast really comes out in the flavor, along with a bit of chocolate. It's quite bitter! It tastes like Christmas trees. It's bold and flavorful and has good balance. It's almost like... an imperial porter? Good stuff!

yesyouam, Jan 03, 2009
Photo of LilMatrix
3.05/5  rDev -27.7%

A - Poured a dark brown that lets little to no light through. A thin tannish head

S - Smells like it tastes: roasted malts, slight hops, toffee.

T - The malt is up front with caramel, toffee, and slight coffee notes. Transitions to a hoppy back end that's not too overpowering. Not overly complex, this beer is mostly malts.

M - Medium body beer with thin finish.

D - A decent beer from Stone; there is better out there, I'm not overly impressed with this one. I wouldn't want to drink more than one of these but this beer is definitely worth a try.

LilMatrix, Jan 02, 2009
Photo of sloejams
4.1/5  rDev -2.8%

On tap at Pure Luck, LA 12.29.08 - $7 for 10 oz

Piitch dark in the chalice. Brilliant looking - full frothed head, lacing everywhere. Just looking at it you'd reckon you're dealing with a Trappist quadruple. But that couldn't be further off. It's the roasted malt and caramel flavors of Arrogant Bastard meshed wit h the hop bang of an IPA. You get some caramel in there too, which i very unique with all them hops bouncing around. There is a big hop presence, but not as far as Ruination.

I guess this is Stone 11th Anniversary re-released. I'm happy as that was a favorite of mine and now that means this is too. Hopefully it will be around for some time.

sloejams, Dec 30, 2008
Photo of davexisxrabid
3.23/5  rDev -23.5%

Waited about a year to drink this brew...

Poured a nice dark brown color in the light, almost black when it sat there in my glass. Tiny head fizzled out almost immediately. The slick brew did leave lots of lacing on my glass during the drinking period.

Aroma was of floral hops and a scent that was reminiscent of soy sauce.

Interesting dark malty flavor like unsweetened dark chocolate and hoppy bitterness. The hop bitterness was not too prevalent but noticeable.

The lingering bitterness was a bit excessive, maybe due to roasted malts providing a dry flavor and the hops. Not much alcohol present in the aftertaste or lingering on the taste buds.

Good drinkability for a bold, full bodied brew but the rich flavors would keep it from being a session beer for me.

A good beer but falling short of what I would expect from Stone.

davexisxrabid, Dec 29, 2008
Photo of tai4ji2x
4.72/5  rDev +11.8%

(NOTE, may 2010: the entry for stone 11th anniv. ale has been merged into this one. the following review is for the original 11th anniv. ale)

(originally tasted during the first week of dec 2008, but retired beers were temporarily un-reviewable at the time.)

brought a bottle with me here to beijing earlier in the year, and had been in the fridge ever since the late spring of 2008, before the weather got even the tiniest bit warmer.

poured into tulip.

almost pitch black. amber-brown tones are visible only under direct intense light. great foamy head that slowly fades to a thin wispy layer and ring. nice rings of lace.

piney, fruity and citrusy immediately upon pouring and instantly waft out from the glass, perceptible even though it's a couple feet away from my nose. roasted and caramel malts, approaching chocolately in character. heavy on caramel and rich toffee scents, with hints of coffee. otherwise, quite clean (and free of phenols).

flavor is a sublime balance of caramelized, roasted maltiness and piney/citrusy american hops, which also stay grassy and herbal in the back. more reminiscences of coffee and a hint of cocoa. resinous, bitter hop freshness persists throughout, but syrupy malts still peek through - even in the hoppy, resinous finish.

feel is smooth and substantial, like a light syrup. gentle to moderate carbonation provides counterbalance to resinous texture.

the boldness and high alcohol probably limits drinkability, but i'd be hard pressed to stop ;-)

an amazing brew. i'm so happy that stone will be re-releasing this as a semi-regular offering in the future.

(NOTE, mid 2009: when i was writing my tasting notes by hand, i had no idea at the time that the re-release would include the word "sublime" in the name. it really was just THAT good!)

tai4ji2x, Dec 28, 2008
Photo of LilBeerDoctor
4.03/5  rDev -4.5%

Reviewed on 7/6/08. Bottle. Pours a dark brown/black with a huge gorgeous tan head that looks like a milkshake and leaves nice lacing on the glass. Aroma of citrus hops and sweet roasted malt. Flavor of roasted malt, light citrus hops, alcohol, and lots of sesame and wheat cracker as the beer warms. Nice and rich palate. Excellent and quite drinkable.
8/5/8/4/16 (4.1/5)

LilBeerDoctor, Dec 28, 2008
Photo of advm1
4.53/5  rDev +7.3%

I first want to start off by saying that this is one of my favorite beers right now. So my review is going to be pretty biased :)

It poured out like black coffee into my snifter with a one finger tan head. There were thick tan rings left after each sip and they didn't go away. Smells of hops and more hops, malts and minimal citrus fruits. Tastes exactly how it smells and leaves you with a hoppy aftertaste. Let it warm a little and you'll really taste the malt!! Mouthfeel is wet and refreshing, I actually wanted to gargle with this beer. Carbonation is a little on the heavy side making it a bit difficult to drink glass after glass.

advm1, Dec 27, 2008
Photo of vacax
4.53/5  rDev +7.3%

Had a pint of this good stuff on tap at Beachwood.

A: This double IPA is nearly black, but retains a tinge of deep brown toward the edges. Nice looking head with beyond adequate lacing.

S: Grapefruit up front with pine in back. Beautiful bouquet with an enormous aroma.

T: Chiefly those grapefruit and pine notes, in bulk quantities. It is a real pleasure to taste this beer fresh once again and it is a far bigger beer than I recall. Vast quantities of hops flavors which would be unbearable if it were not the the roasted balance of the mythical black IPA. An exceptional beverage.

M: Quite on par with any DIPA or strong ale I could want, a tingling palate and medium body that does not go over the top--this is definitely not a porter/stout. It is a black IPA.

D: I absolutely love this beer but it is huge in flavor and quite a high ABV as well. Highly recommend this brew, but it is a little weird to describe a DIPA as a sipper.

Overall, sublime, and Stone has every right to be self-righteous.

vacax, Dec 19, 2008
Photo of antilogic
4.38/5  rDev +3.8%

From what I hear, this is stone's 11th black IPA re-released. Had it on tap @ Beachwood BBQ this weekend.

Black, brown body. Not quite opaque, but a step below brown. Aroma is of hops, medium body, with a mix of IPA characteristics like the citrus and floral but a definite touch of malt. A very interesting mix, and much better done than other black IPAs I've had (dogzilla, etc).

Worth a try!

antilogic, Dec 15, 2008
Photo of MSchae1017
4.5/5  rDev +6.6%

I was pleasantly surpirsed when Stone shipped this to Georgia (as well as some IRS) in the Double Bastard Shipment. I have been fortunate enough over the years to stumble into every Anniversary Ale going back to 8th with the exception of this one and it seems as if I have now stumbled into a fifth anniversary ale from stone.

So on this Thursday evening after a brutal week at work so far, I poured this bomber into my 22oz Terrapin snifter. As the beer descends into my glass, a black-brown body emerges underneath a two finger tan head. The head dissipates down to a full ring and an almost complete thin foam cap. As I drink the beer, a nice amount of lace is left on the side of the glass.

The aroma of the beer is initially all hops. This seems to be mostly C-Hops along with some Simcoe. As the beer warms, however, the malt becomes more apparent, first with a familiar caramel malt presence you would expect, and then with the rosted malt character that the appearance of the beer would suggest.

Looks can be deceiving, and the aroma of the beer only give a hint to this beer's true nature. Once you take a sip though, you know where its true loyalties lie. This beer's heart and soul is in its IPA nature. Hops bust forth with that piney, resiny, and somewhat citrusy nature. Not to be out of sync with the aroma, the beer starts to display its dark side as the beer warms up. While the initial flavor of the beer is still hops, subtle roasted and chocolate malt flavors attempt to cut through the hops and creep in towards the finish. Nevertheless, the hop flavor is what stays on your tongue til the end. It is amazing how well the hops have held up for more than one year. I might even have to pick up a few more bottles of this to see how it ages. I imagine that those darker malts would eventually cut through the hops, totally changing the profile of this beer.

The beer displays a body on the full side of medium. Carbonation is about average and lively.

Overall, Stone's 11th Anniversary Ale is great. I think that 10th-12th really outdid 8th & 9th for me, and personally 11th 12th outstrip 10th. While 10th was by all means great, it just didn't bring anything new to the table. It was a great DIPA, but no better than Ruination, but this "Black IPA", now this is unique, and not just unique's sake, it is damn tasty too. Kudo's to Stone for doing something different and doing it well. Now I am going to have to go out and see if I can get some more.

MSchae1017, Nov 21, 2008
Photo of montageman
4.85/5  rDev +14.9%

Prior to pouring this bad boy, I read over the bottle. A brief scan mentions IPA as the style, so I brace myself for another Stone hop bomb.

Poured into a pint glass.

Wait a second - this is dark, REALLY dark. Unlike like any IPA I've seen before, but totally intriguing from the get go. Totally sturdy head with lots of lacing and plenty of sticking to sides goodness. Roasted malt mixed with pine and citrus is the complex aroma. Really nice and different. Taste is a cross between a really nice dark ale and a hoppy IPA. Sweet and malty but finishes bitter and citrusy. Excellent stuff. Sturdy, full mouthfeel and this is one easy to drink brew. I could have another bottle right now. But alas, I only bought one. Highest recommendation.

montageman, Nov 16, 2008
Photo of tpd975
4.33/5  rDev +2.6%

Enjoyed at the Florida Stone Kick Off party.

A: Pours a nice dark hue with a nice tight half finger head. Nice retention and lace noted.

S: Nice marriage of malt and hops. Nice roasted malt aromas with bold tones of citrus pushing thru.

T: This one has toned down a touch from when I had it fresh in bottles, but that is not a bad thing. I loved this one fresh and it has added wonderful balance with age. Tons of rich roasted malt up front. Hints of chocolate and a touch of toast. The hops still dominate the finish. Tons of C hops give this one a nice citrus finish.

M: Medium in body, great carbonation.

D: Drinking real nice with a year under its belt.

tpd975, Nov 15, 2008
Photo of CrellMoset
4.38/5  rDev +3.8%

Bottle courtesy of Phocion - thanks!!! Poured into a Terrapin snifter.

Appearance: Whoa! It's dark. Thick, black, and dark, with a foamy deep tan head with great retention. Lacing is streaky, sticky, foamy, bubbly, nice, and doesn't stick around too long after things warm up, but still, it's very nice.

Aroma: Roasted sweetness, dark bready, licorice, with twinges of coffee, and a solid, solid hop aroma profile - resinous pine, sweet citrus (the good, heavier kind, grapefruit, hints of pineapple, very nice), and a faint bitterness that you can smell.

Taste: Whew, this one's mellow as hell, and a year in the cellar has treated it kindly. Thick toasted malts, with lots baker's chocolate, toasted breads, hints of waffles, strong anise, and even a few burnt astringencies as things warm; a mild, well-blended bitterness that was likely at one point significantly more potent; and a nice dose of sticky pine and grapefruit, tropical fruit. This one's really well-blended - there's no hint of alcohol warmth whatsoever, which is impressive given the abv%.

Mouthfeel: Big bodied, but incredibly creamy, smooth, even, and fluffy. It's not nearly as thick as it probably should be, and the airiness of the body counteracts the thickness of the beer itself.

Drinkability: This is indeed a "dark" IPA, almost a barleywine at this point, given the malt content and the age on it. Definitely an "India Black Ale." Alcohol on this one is expertly-hidden and not too outrageous to begin with, so good show here. Recommended if you can get your hands on it.

CrellMoset, Nov 09, 2008
Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale from Stone Brewing Co.
94 out of 100 based on 5,194 ratings.