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Arrogant Bastard Ale - Stone Brewing Co.

Not Rated.
Arrogant Bastard AleArrogant Bastard Ale

Educational use only; do not reuse.

9,477 Ratings

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Ratings: 9,477
Reviews: 2,879
rAvg: 4.16
pDev: 12.5%
Wants: 329
Gots: 1,550 | FT: 11
Brewed by:
Stone Brewing Co. visit their website
California, United States

Style | ABV
American Strong Ale |  7.20% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes & Commercial Description:
Beer added by: kbub6f on 11-15-2000

No notes at this time.
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Ratings: 9,477 | Reviews: 2,879 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of Vigilante
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of avschmitt
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of cuvtcuv
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of southhousebrew
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of hockeybarbie
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of Andreji
4/5  rDev -3.8%
look: 4.5 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

So another one along the lines of Stone, a brewery i've been able to test on various occasions. this time, a 66cl bottle brought from overseas by a good friend and fellow beer lover.

As has happened to me before with the stone brews, the visual aspect is the best of it. Not only starting from its bottling, but the actual pour (into a trappe chalice on hand) is a barely translucent red-brown, almost viscous with a frothy brownish head, fairly thick with a generous lacing left behind.

Smell right off hits you, it's hops, hops and hops, very much in-line with the american style of strong ales. Some caramel-ish flushes come around from within the piney, hoppy feel. nice and complex.

The taste is good but a bit overwhelming. It has a very distinct syrupy feel at first, rather malty and driven to the total, extreme opposite of what overtakes it within seconds- an extremely robust bitterness that almost numbs the palate instantly. While it may hold for a solid pint, the IBUs certainly hit me super-hard and it would be tough to sip and session this one. It also lacks the distinct woody musky feel the OAB has, which certainly makes it a better beer in my opinion. Nonetheless, this one is quite a worthy sample of its style, and a good beer by Stone.

Photo of timwardjr
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of iCabaLLero
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of AirZombie
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of AnotherBeerGeek
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of OleLouIPA
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of sideshowe
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of Beerandboards
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of toppoop
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of Steamer
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of modernartblues
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of JerseyHopHead
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of MrBeige
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of nucmedmario
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of guerocabral
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of MidtowneMarket
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of adityashekhar
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of mklisz
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of Flowyn82
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Photo of pgrenvicz
4/5  rDev -3.8%

Arrogant Bastard Ale from Stone Brewing Co.
93 out of 100 based on 9,477 ratings.