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Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. Van Wink - Hoppin' Frog Brewery

Not Rated.
Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. Van WinkBarrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. Van Wink

Educational use only; do not reuse.

278 Ratings
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Ratings: 278
Reviews: 24
rAvg: 4.36
pDev: 9.86%
Wants: 149
Gots: 71 | FT: 14
Brewed by:
Hoppin' Frog Brewery visit their website
Ohio, United States

Style | ABV
Russian Imperial Stout |  9.40% ABV

Availability: Limited (brewed once)

Notes & Commercial Description:
Beer added by: dwagner003 on 11-21-2013

This beer is retired; no longer brewed.

No notes at this time.
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Ratings: 278 | Reviews: 24
Photo of chippo33
1/5  rDev -77.1%

Photo of DrunkAl
3/5  rDev -31.2%

Photo of drummermattie02
3/5  rDev -31.2%

Photo of jrallen34
3.25/5  rDev -25.5%

Photo of CLCardinal84
3.5/5  rDev -19.7%

Photo of Rhettroactive
3.5/5  rDev -19.7%

Photo of ygtbsm94
3.5/5  rDev -19.7%

Photo of thebigredone
3.5/5  rDev -19.7%

Not a big fan of this. I'm sure it suffered due to comparison (this was drunk right after Assassin, Life is Like, and three BCBS variants), but this beer was extremely hot and very abrasive. Not much to be enjoyed in terms of flavors, the booze really covered everything up.

Photo of Sean9689
3.5/5  rDev -19.7%

Photo of mrn1ceguy
3.5/5  rDev -19.7%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

Photo of matt2591
3.5/5  rDev -19.7%

Photo of cpetrone84
3.7/5  rDev -15.1%

Tap at the release. Pour is jet black with a tight mocha head. Nose has a strong bourbon note with subtle wood nuances. The malt profile isn't super bright, dry chocolate and a moderate roasted malt. Sweetness kicks in with a touch of ink. Taste is a bit brighter and richer, bourbon is clean with wood notes and more rich chocolate. Some notes of roasted malt and a hint of bitter coffee with the bitterness lingering through the finish. Sweetness starts to pick up towards the finish as it warms. Full bodied with strong carbonation and a soft delicate feel.

Photo of Durb777
3.75/5  rDev -14%

Photo of Auracom
3.75/5  rDev -14%

Photo of Flabbyjandro
3.75/5  rDev -14%

Photo of IpeeA
3.75/5  rDev -14%

Photo of jvillefan
3.75/5  rDev -14%

Photo of fredmugs
3.75/5  rDev -14%

Photo of dunlap926
3.75/5  rDev -14%

Photo of jegross2
3.77/5  rDev -13.5%
look: 4 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

Reviewing the Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. Van Wink from the Hoppin' Frog Brewery out of Akron, Ohio. This beer is Hoppin' Frog's signature BORIS Russian imperial stout aged in pappy van winkle barrels.

Score: 84

November 2013 vintage bottle served in a Surly Darkness chalice and enjoyed on 07/12/14. Thank you Kevin S. for sending me this brew!

Appearance: Pours a pitch black color with just under a finger of khaki head that recedes quickly to a thick ring around the glass. Okay lacing and retention, light browning from swirling. 4/5

Smell: Fudge, bourbon, oak, caramel, chocolate and a little roast. Really nice mix! 4.5/5

Taste: Taste is boozier, oakier and less integrated than the nose. Licorice, oak, dark fruit, booze and baker's chocolate. Has a kiss of ashiness. Not bad at all, but it is a far cry from the quality that the nose led on or even regular barrel aged BORIS. 3.5/5

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, low carbonation. More bitter than anticipated. Creamy mouthfeel. 3.5/5

Overall: A solid, but far from spectacular beer that proves that using Pappy barrels does not always make a beer better. Regular barrel aged BORIS, and even non-barrel aged BORIS, were better in my opinion.

Cost: $15.99 for a 22 oz (bomber) bottle.

Photo of scottfrie
3.79/5  rDev -13.1%
look: 2.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

22oz bottle into snifter. Thanks Eric!

A: Pours a think dark black color with cola highlights. There's no head at all on this one, which is slightly disappointing.
S: Warming whiskey on the nose is mellow but noticeable, and I get rich notes of fudge and vanilla. Not a strong nose.
T: Thick dark chocolate fudge brownie dominates with traces of licorice and caramel. The finish is full of mellow whiskey, oak, and vanilla. This beer is not especially complicated, as all I get is pretty much chocolate and mellow whiskey. The pappy is definitely pappy, but it's not very strong.
M: Thick and viscous body, chewy and sticky mouthfeel, fizzier than expected carbonation, with a frothy mouthfeel at first that leads into a very smooth and thick beer.
O: A fairly decent stout but definitely a let down, especially given the barrel treatment. I love the thick body, as this beer is viscous as hell, and I also think what barrel flavors are there work well. This just wasn't on the level as the top tier barrel aged stouts. Thanks again for the hookup, TurdFurgison.

Photo of Sammy
3.94/5  rDev -9.6%
look: 4 | smell: 3.75 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

Photo of Alieniloquium
3.95/5  rDev -9.4%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 4

22 oz. bottle poured into a snifter.

Appearance - Black with some edge transparency. Still stains the glass. Medium khaki collar.

Smell - Lots of bourbon. A little nutty. Oaky. Some coffee roasted malt.

Taste - Straight bourbon. Sharp boozy liquor flavor. More chocolate. Bitter and oaky in the finish.

Mouthfeel - Boozy. Medium heavy. Not as rich as I'd like.

Overall - Lots of barrel and liquor. A far cry from regular BORIS, but good.

Photo of acurtis
4/5  rDev -8.3%

Photo of blindpiggie
4/5  rDev -8.3%

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Barrel Aged B.O.R.I.S. Van Wink from Hoppin' Frog Brewery
96 out of 100 based on 278 ratings.