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Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti - Great Divide Brewing Company

Not Rated.
Chocolate Oak Aged YetiChocolate Oak Aged Yeti

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2,388 Ratings
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Ratings: 2,388
Reviews: 822
rAvg: 4.22
pDev: 9.72%
Wants: 153
Gots: 528 | FT: 24
Brewed by:
Great Divide Brewing Company visit their website
Colorado, United States

Style | ABV
American Double / Imperial Stout |  9.50% ABV

Availability: Rotating

Notes/Commercial Description:
Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout is another revered incarnation of our legendary imperial stout. We toned down the hops a bit to allow cocoa nibs to contribute some pleasing bitterness, while vanilla notes from the oak combine with the cocoa to create an aroma and flavor akin to a gourmet chocolate bar. A dash of cayenne keeps things lively, adding just a bit of heat to the finish. Another great Yeti? Hell yes.

(Beer added by: Mebuzzard on 05-30-2009)
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Ratings: 2,388 | Reviews: 822 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of hossua34


3.7/5  rDev -12.3%

A - Dark, dark brown... like chocolate syrup. A medium-large head that is basically the same color, with fantastic retention. A good deal of lacing. The beer LOOKS freakin' delicious.

S - Overwhelming smell of chocolate syrup. That's about it.

T - Chocolate syrup all the way. Notice this is the third time I've made this comparison already... perhaps Yeti went a little overboard with the chocolate. Sure, there is a little warm spice on the finish. But it's almost totally chocolate.

M - A wee bit on the thick side. Not enough carbonation. Very warming in the mouth.

D - After drinking this I actually felt a little sick to my stomach, but in fairness that could have been something I ate. Overall I think they went way too heavy on the cocoa... and the cayenne pepper? To the extent they were evident, they just made me sweat, and did not add much flavor.

09-19-2009 19:56:25 | More by hossua34
Photo of kingcrowing


4.13/5  rDev -2.1%

22oz bomber poured in a snifter.

Pours black, smell is of backing flour and yeti yeast, very appealing.

Taste is awesome, mouthfeel is amazinf. It's very velvety and heavy with some awesome chocolate and oak notes. Nice and smooth and for such a high abv it isn't very strong. An awesome sipper.

09-19-2009 03:16:15 | More by kingcrowing
Photo of phisig137


2.7/5  rDev -36%

A- Gentle pour reveals the deepest black I've ever seen in a glass, capped by a 2 finger thick, lucious, creamy head of dark brown molasses color. Good retention, and hefty lacing. Beautiful.

S- Lots of char and alcohol, but not a whole lot else. Only a touch of caramel, and maybe mocha pop through on the nose. Fairly uninteresting.

T- Oddly mild flavor considering what this beer is supposed to be. Milk chocolate dominates up front, with a touch of vanilla. Not particularly sweet with little malt character other than the char and chocolate flavors. The cayenne does not seem to be present at all, until after the swallow when a gentle heat takes over and lingers. This seems to be missing all of the things that make Yeti great, and adds a bunch of stuff that doesn't belong there. Poor balance, weak unnecessary flavor additions, and no real imperial stout flavors aside from the additions. I'm all for oak aging, chocolate, etc type of beers... but the beer still needs to be the main character, not completely overshadowed by the process.

M- Exceptional. Thick, viscous, and creamy carbonation. Just like the other Yeti's, this one is simply luxurious.

D- Low. While the alcohol is fairly well hidden, the heat from the peppers does build.

Overall, I'm very disappointed with this one. Somehow Great Divide took one of the greatest imperial stouts on the market and managed to ruin it. This is a prime example of the fact that you shouldn't mess with a good thing. In fact, Yeti and Oaked Yeti are excellent beers, and should not be meddled with. I never, EVER thought that I'd be pouring out half a bomber of Yeti, but I think tonight might be the night...

09-17-2009 23:12:44 | More by phisig137
Photo of MenamenaDooDoo


3.83/5  rDev -9.2%

I have had the Espresso Oak Aged several times, and I would rate it perfect in every category, however, this beer, I was less impressed with. Don't get me wrong, it is a decent imperial stout, but it falls short in several areas. One, not intense chocolate. If you would have told me it was a coffee stout I would believe you, but it just didn't smell or taste, like chocolate. Two, it was way too strong, the taste of alcohol stood out like a sore thumb - like someone had poured a half shot of grain alchy in it. 3, the mouthful fell short - it wasn't creamy or full-bodied enough to stay with the Imperial Stout pack. Dissapointing, but acceptable.

09-17-2009 22:35:41 | More by MenamenaDooDoo
Photo of JMD


4.08/5  rDev -3.3%

A: Pours an opaque black with thick and rocky mocha head that leaves heavy lacing on the glass. Very nice looking beer.

S: Big malty nose. Toasted barley, dark chocolate, and ripe dark fruits.

T: Big toasted malt flavor with big punch of bittersweet chocolate. Hints of expresso and ripe prunes. Nice vanilla and smokey tones from the oak ageing, and finishes with a touch of spice. I don't really pick up the spice in the flavor, but after a few sips your mouth starts to heat up and the cayenne is apparent.

M: Full bodied, and viscous. Creamy and smooth.

D: I thought the spices in this would be overpowering, but it ended up being a nice touch. Not the best version of Yeti, but still very good, and very drinkable.

09-17-2009 01:13:44 | More by JMD
Photo of oakbluff

Manitoba (Canada)

3.8/5  rDev -10%

Bomber- pours inky black and given a vigorous pour into a Duvel glass- a thick three finger mocha head. Lacing is quite good. Nose- milk chocolate, nuts, and anise. Taste- chocolate forward- mix of dark and milk chocolate. Not a ton of roast. Vanilla and hops come through towards the finish. Finish is fairly bitter from the hops and oak and some alcohol heat.

09-15-2009 01:36:09 | More by oakbluff
Photo of Patrick999


3.73/5  rDev -11.6%

Poured very dark, as expected. Ominously bubbly little crown of foam.

Lots of chocolate in the aroma.

It must have been a little too cold to start out with, because this was pretty boozy. I didn't think it was *that* cold. Yet until it really, really warmed, I got an unpleasant bitterness and little else. As it opened up, there were some vanilla notes from the oaking, and of course chocolate, along with the advertised spiciness. Good, but by all means, warm it the hell up, probably even more than you think you need to.

Like the other Yetis I've had, this one has a huge, lustful mouthfeel.

Good beer, but I think I prefer regular Oaked Yeti. That one is a drinker, this one is a sipper.

09-14-2009 18:05:27 | More by Patrick999
Photo of zeff80


4.45/5  rDev +5.5%

A - Poured out an opaque, jet black color with a thick, firm, light brown head that left thin, patchy trails of lace.

S - It smelled of chocolate, roasted malt and some notes of oak and wood.

T - It tasted of chocolate, oak, and roasted malt with touches of molasses. It has a great spicy kick, almost like chipotle.

M - This is smooth and crisp with a warm alcohol heat. A medium to full-bodied brew.

D - This is a great brew, very complex and delicious. It was very spicy with a great chocolate taste.

09-13-2009 01:47:27 | More by zeff80
Photo of klewis


4.15/5  rDev -1.7%

A: Pours deep black with a moderate tan head. Good sustain and lacing.

S: Light smell of cocoa and mocha. Not much going on.

T: Big chocolate taste yet perfectly balanced and without a Choklat-style sweetness. The cayenne adds a subtle, complimentary flavor and a fair amount of heat on the lips - unique, but very pleasing.

M: Medium-bodied and perhaps on the lighter side for a big stout. Light carbonation.

D: Nicely done and worth seeking out. For me, this one is all about the pepper.

09-12-2009 14:28:03 | More by klewis
Photo of chris19571978


4.08/5  rDev -3.3%

Tried this beer on 09-10. Really like Great Divide beers. This beer has great color. Dirty motor oil. Great head retention. The aromas are nice. Choclate, Vanilla, mocha, and expresso are blended together nicely. I did find the cayenne to be a bit annoying though. I felt this slight burn in the back of my throat and wasn't sure what it was. Read the label and saw that cayenne was added. Never had that before. Less cayenne would be nice. Other than that a solid beer.

09-11-2009 00:56:00 | More by chris19571978
Photo of projectflam86


3.8/5  rDev -10%

A- Pours a deep brown color with a thick coffee colored head. No light passes though and some nice frothy rings of lacing are left behind.

S- Rich and malty nose with lots of chocolate and roasted aromas.

T- Rush of roasted flavor and light bittersweet chocolate flavors initially. A surprisingly large amount of bitterness and alcohol in the finish. A spicy flavor is present throughout that I can only guess to attribute to the cayenne. The heat of the cayenne was a bit off-putting.

M- Medium/full body with adequate carbonation. A hot/spicy aftertaste is present throughout.

D- This brew was a bit strange in that it the flavor didn't have nearly as much chocolate as I expected and instead was quite spicy. Overall a decent brew that could have contained more chocolate/less spice in the taste.

Note: I finished the bomber by pairing it with a bowl of French vanilla ice cream. An awesome match that is definitely worth trying.

09-08-2009 02:57:34 | More by projectflam86
Photo of SkeeterHawk


4.3/5  rDev +1.9%

Appearance: The beer pours pitch black with a 3/4" tan head of thick bubbles. After a minute, the head was still there, but about 1/3 of its original size. There is already some lacing left on the glass after the head recedes before the sip.

Aroma: I initially got some sweet malt with chocolate, but the aroma is pretty reserved in the really cold example. I just puled this from my lagering fridge, so it is about 36F. As the head falls and the beer sits for a bit, you can pick up more hops in it, and it is actually a rather subtle balance in the aroma...surprisingly.

Taste: Wow! There isn't much subtle about the flavor. I initially get the sweetness from the chocolate, but the other sweet malts and the spiciness form the alcohol are definitely there. The malt is in charge the whole way through, and there really is only a mild balance provided by the hops. As the beer warms up some, the chocolate comes out more, but it is still not overpowering.

Opinion: This is a really good beer. Kudos to GDBC. I like the balance and complexity in here, and the aroma is getting more complex as it warms up. I think that overall this beer is well crafted and I would certainly try it again. The wife likes it too, so that makes it truly a winner!

09-08-2009 01:08:32 | More by SkeeterHawk
Photo of coachdonovan

Rhode Island

3.38/5  rDev -19.9%

this looks beautiful in my tulip glass. a deep black with a big head that settles with lovely spiderweb-like lacing on the sides. aroma is all chocolate - i don't get any of the cayenne at all - to me its a chocolate and vanilla milkshake all at the same time (which isn't a bad thing).

taste: oh, THERE'S the cayenne. it is present on the taste buds initially and then follows through with some aftertaste heat. the pepper is not overpowering, but i think a little more than i would have preferred. it just seems that while toning down the hops, they overcompensated with pepper in an effort to balance out the chocolate malt.

the cayenne heat lingers, making subsequent pulls from the glass less chocolate and more spice. a disappointing end to something that started off tremendously.

09-08-2009 00:52:28 | More by coachdonovan
Photo of BarrelO


3.68/5  rDev -12.8%

22oz bomber poured into a mug. Bottled on July 16, 2009.

A: Pitch black body. Big tan head that fades and leaves a bit of lacing.

S: Roasted malts and bittersweet chocolate.

T: Starts out with roastiness and bitter and sweetened chocolate. Hops are present but not overwhelming. So far, so good. Unfortunately, the cayenne pepper eventually makes its presence felt. The spiciness that lingers in the back of the throat definitely detracts from the experience. It's still drinkable, but it's in spite of the pepper, not because of it.

M: Creamy like a melted chocolate bar.

D: Not bad, but a bit disappointing. The elements of an out-of-this-world beer are definitely there. But they got too cute with the addition of pepper, and it's only decent as a result.

09-08-2009 00:14:20 | More by BarrelO
Photo of grub

Ontario (Canada)

4.03/5  rDev -4.5%

22oz bottle. bottled june 15/09, sampled july 31/09.

pours completely opaque and inky black with a big dense dark brown head. the head drops slowly and leaves tons of lace.

aroma is great. big dark and milk chocolate. espresso and coffee. light alcohol. there's a touch of peppery warmth there that must be the cayenne. biscuit. whole wheat bread. bit of cracker. vanilla and raw oak. maybe some bourbon notes? caramel and toffee. bit earthy.

taste is good. black coffee and espresso. dark chocolate. light vanilla and anise. light alcohol. there's a neat peppery character and a subtle warmth that starts to build at the back of your mouth. multi-grain bread and biscuit. bit of cracker.low bitterness level. a bit earthy and woody. if you have a few big sips in close succession you can notice the peppery warmth start to build and spread through your mouth.

mouthfeel is good. nice big body. medium carbonation level.

drinkability is nice. i think the pepper detracts from the drinkability a little. it adds a new dimension, but i don't think it is all that complimentary. it's neat though, and another interesting twist on the yeti.

09-07-2009 21:57:22 | More by grub
Photo of ffejherb


4.38/5  rDev +3.8%

22oz. bomber into tulip on 8/12/09. Thanks to FooFaa for sharing.

A - Dispensed as an extremely dark chocolate/black body with half a finger of burnt tan head that settled into a creamy retention and patchy lace.

S - Extremely chocolatey aroma with crisp rice-like malt and subtle oaky notes with a hint of alcohol. Cocoa nibbs and vanilla bean come to mind. There is also a subtle peppery spiciness lingering in the background.

T - Opens with an obvious cocoa sweetness with subtle bitter chocolate notes, followed by a hint of woody oak and a touch of vanilla coolness to quell the alcohol presence. Whoa! There's the cayene pepper! Ooofa! Finishes with a touch of spicy heat and earthy hop bitterness.

M - Full bodied and softly carbonated with a smooth, silky yet oily texture, which allowed the liquid to glide effortlessly down the throat. Finishes with a peppery kick on the back of the tongue that lingers for the duration of my libation.

D - Quite a complex, decadent Imperial Stout to say the least. The cayene pepper really stands out and adds a spicy kick, thus adding a whole other dimension to this chocolatey treat.

09-07-2009 00:07:05 | More by ffejherb
Photo of Floydster


3.98/5  rDev -5.7%

22 ounce bottle purchased online for around ten dollars, drank a few nights ago from my Dogfish Head snifter, reviewed from notes, very dark brown color, one inch creamy light brown head that lasted a few minutes, good retention and some lacing, aroma consists of strong cocoa nibs, milk chocolate, roasted malts, sweet toffee, vanilla, burnt sugar, mild oak, and various spices oddly, flavor starts off with tons of chocolate, roasted malts and mild sweetness mix in the middle, finish is slightly dry with some light spice that seemed more along the lines of nutmeg and vanilla extract, malts become even sweeter as the beer continues to warm, good amount of cocoa by the end and a nice roastiness carries its way through to the end, sweet, slightly spicy, and roasty mouthfeel, medium to full bodied, light to moderate level of carbonation, taste lingers for a good amount of time with sweetness, just feels like part of the body is lacking, drank about half of this bottle and could not have done much more, a bit heavy, sweet at times, alcohol is hidden pretty well though, I liked this better than the Oak Aged Yeti I tried recently again, not as big of a chocolate component as I was hoping for but a very good beer otherwise, would drink again, recommended

09-06-2009 20:23:25 | More by Floydster
Photo of Proteus93


3.65/5  rDev -13.5%

After trying the other variations of Yeti, this has me most certainly intrigued.

A: Pitch black with a billowing brown head that is remarkably foamy. Most often, such stouts present something more creamy, but this has some life to it... lacing gathers like rain over a treated windshield.

S: The addition of cocoa nibs gives a surprisingly modest aroma to the beer. There is an added chocolate quality to it, but it is extremely mellow. This isn't such a bad thing, as it allows all the other aromas to come out instead of simply being masked by a new scent. It does take some of the vanilla aromas back, though, leaving more of a straight forward "woodiness."

T: Flavours start quite smooth, with a hint of vanilla, moving into coffee and roasted malts - almost even a little bit burnt on the palate. The chocolate swoops in towards the finish, quite intense and dark... it's certainly a bitter chocolate, and offers that quality rather than heavy hops. It ended with a bit of a burn on the finish, and it wasn't until reading the bottle that I realized there was "a hint of cayenne" added to give it that finish. I am a fan of a good chili-chocolate, but would have personally done away with it if it were my own concoction. The flavours don't seem to really be highlighted so much that it just offers the burn, which in some ways could even potentially be confused with being a very peppery alcohol.

M + D: Big and creamy, with carbonation giving life on the tip of the tongue and then smoothing out for a softer finish. As mentioned on the flavour notes, the heat of the cayenne leaves a bit of a burning sensation on the way down which lingers for a while. That shouldn't play TOO much into the drinkability of it, though, considering it's probably for the better it is consumed well-paced. A decent representation of Yeti, but I would probably lean towards one of the others.

09-06-2009 04:24:36 | More by Proteus93
Photo of GClarkage


4.18/5  rDev -0.9%

09/04/09- Purchased at Buy-Rite Liquors in Plainfield, NJ.

Presentation- 22oz bottle with no freshness info. Poured into my Duvel tulip.

Appearance- Black colored pour with a nice one inch creamy and thick off white head. Retention is decent, but lacing is sparse.

Smell- Odd scent that I can't determine..it doesn't help though. I have smelled this before, but not in a beer. Not sure if it is the cocca nibs giving off the scent or something else...it doesn't help the cause though. Some oak detected as well as chocolate, but it's mostly hidden from the funky smell I am noticing.

Taste- Chocolate comes into play after the beer breathes a bit. Coffee is mild and the bittersweet chocolate steals the show..quite rich and flavorful. The oak is there, but really doesn't add much to the beers flavor.

Mouthfeel- Starts out a bit over carbonated, but relaxes after a bit and becomes lighter and supports the creaminess of the beer.

Drinkability- Fuller mouthfeel makes this a sipper, but overall besides the nose, we have a winner.

09-05-2009 04:30:44 | More by GClarkage
Photo of dza360


2.63/5  rDev -37.7%

I wanted so much to love this beer. Yeti, Oaked Yeti, and the phenomenal Espresso Oaked Yeti are heavenly... but due to some unfortunate choices by Great Divide this beer will go down as a novelty not to be reproduced.

This is the second bottle I tried, to make sure I wasn't carrying any resentment, but alas the same problems show up twice.

The aroma of this beer and the appearance lead you to believe that this is going to be another great Yeti, but the taste and mouth feel ruin the beer.

Everything starts off good, but by your 5th or 6th sip the raw throat begins. This is undoubtedly due to the choice to "spice" the brew with cayenne pepper. By the time you finish the bottle your throat and chest are ablaze with the spice.

There are subtle notes of the chocolate that hint to what this could have been, but alas they ruined it by unbalancing everything terribly by making this a strange pepper brew.

09-05-2009 04:25:48 | More by dza360
Photo of WVbeergeek

West Virginia

4.3/5  rDev +1.9%

Appears a pitch black in the just like motor oil, impressive thickness with a huge billowing tan mocha khaki brown head swelling well above the rim of my Allagash chalice. Fine speckled scattered lacing is all around, damn intriguing.

Aromatics offer up deep layers of dark chocolate decadence, not sickeningly sweet, more so rich and filled with earthy deep roasted chocolate notes. Cocoa nibs may carry through in the nose a bit. There's an evident spicy background going on that I'm understanding as I begin to take my first sips, the cinnamon and cayenne kicks are explosive in the finish.

Flavors blend so nicely up front alcoholic brash dark roasted malts with dark chocolate and hints of blackened coffee roasts make their presence known. It's all dark creamy chocolate in the forefront with a bitter dark roasted malt finish with a blast of spices. It burns the lips and throat a bit, but doesn't totally ruin the beer with heat. Oak barrel effects are entertained here but do not overshadow the whole picture, I feel the standard Oaked Yeti tends to be a bit harsher than this.

As you begin to enjoy the mouthfeel the silky smooth big bear of a beer that this one happens to be, that soothing finish of cayenne pepper and dark chocolate earthiness dry things out and warm your chest between the alcohol and the heat it's a nice mix. Full bodied with silky smooth carbonation levels tightly knit bubbles are apparent from the very first pour.

Drinkability overall is pretty killer for the flavors and additives in this brew, not something I would have guessed I enjoyed this much. As for their Oak aged DIPA, that's another story. This builds on something they've done great to improve it a couple notches, while I feel the 15th Anniversary downgrades their past efforts in brewing the Imperial pales.

09-03-2009 03:17:40 | More by WVbeergeek
Photo of weeare138


3.98/5  rDev -5.7%

Appears a dark black with a soapy, creamy, tan head that slowly faded into a hefty cap. Scattered bits of lacing are left throughout the glass.
Smell is of cinnamon, sandalwood, vanilla, obvious dark chocolate, and dark fruit.
Taste is of the aromas with a nice hammering on the palate of bitter cocoa and raisiny, cinnamon sawed oak.
Mouthfeel is medium full bodied, chewy, and a nit different.

09-02-2009 00:55:34 | More by weeare138
Photo of TurdFurgison


4.13/5  rDev -2.1%

This latest iteration of Yeti started showing up in OH stores last week.

The beer is very dark and opaque with a thick chocolate-milk colored foam. I expected chocolate in the aroma of course, but also I got some coffee and lots of maltiness. This is a very rich beer, crammed with a lot of flavor. Chocolate, roasted malt, coffee, toast notes, and more. Very sweet upfront and a little bitterness (either bitter chocolate or roasted nuts?) in the aftertaste. The body is thick enough to match the overkill of flavors, very good.

I can't find much to fault with this beer, except to ask how many variations are necessary? Not sure what variation GD will try next, they've hit all the majors by now. Maybe bourbon barrel?

08-30-2009 19:49:21 | More by TurdFurgison
Photo of John_M


4.22/5  rDev 0%

On tap at Max's the other day.

The beer pours a blackish brown color with good head retention and lacing. On the nose, I get bittersweet dark chocolate, fudge brownies, espresso and licorice. This really smells pretty good. Flavors on the palate genearlly replicate the nose, but with more licorice and some serious hoppy bitterness in the finish. This beer has a huge presence on the palate, with a very full and intense mouthfeel. Also, while the beer starts out with some moderate sweetness, the hoppy bitterness balances that sweetness very nicely, giving the beer something of a dry, bitter finish. Drinkability is OK, but there is no way I could see myself having more then a single glass at a sitting. Nevertheless, this is another impressive offering from Great Divide.

08-30-2009 17:26:53 | More by John_M
Photo of OldSchoolGamer


3.7/5  rDev -12.3%

Great Divide is easily one of my favorite breweries, and when I heard about a Chocolate Yeti, it quickly became my most anticipated beer. I was expecting a beer of Southern Tier Choklat status. However, what we got here is quite a bit different. Here is my review:

A: Pours a nice thick black. Head is dark brown and lacing is excellent.

S/T: The aroma is pretty subdued. Some roasted malts, sweetness and the typical chocolate and coffee notes. The flavor is a bit disappointing. I expected this to taste like a chocolate bar, with the typical Yeti intensity. Instead, this just lacks that flavor punch that I have come to expect from the Yeti line. There is chocolate, but it doesn't stand out like it should. Coffee, roasted malts, vanilla, and a unique spicy finish from the cayenne peppers round out the rest of the flavor profile. I think this is the weakest Yeti. Needs more chocolate.

M/D: Full-bodied and creamy. Yeti are always nice and thick, and this is no exception. It drinks rather easily. Not something to chug, but an excellent beer to sip on.

This beer let me down. I was expecting a chocolate stout superior to Southern Tiers, but this just doesn't reach that height. I am being a tad harsh on the beer, but the other three Yetis easily make it in my favorite Imperial Stouts of all time. This is a very good beer, and I highly recommend it. Just don't expect this to knock your socks off. If you go into the beer with lower expectations, you might like it more than I did.

08-29-2009 19:18:00 | More by OldSchoolGamer
Chocolate Oak Aged Yeti from Great Divide Brewing Company
94 out of 100 based on 2,388 ratings.