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Otiose - The Bruery

Not Rated.

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308 Ratings
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Ratings: 308
Reviews: 64
rAvg: 4.05
pDev: 10.12%
Wants: 61
Gots: 113 | FT: 11
Brewed by:
The Bruery visit their website
California, United States

Style | ABV
American Wild Ale |  8.20% ABV

Availability: Limited (brewed once)

Notes/Commercial Description:
Otiose is an English word (pronounced ‘oh-shus’) which means “without practical purpose.” It was a beer developed by our brewers during a rare space in the brewing schedule simply to satisfy their own cravings for a sour brown ale fermented with guava. Rich with tropical notes and balanced by a mellow roast, this beer brings your mind directly to a decadent Hawaiian luau, complete with the roasted pig.

(Beer added by: UCLABrewN84 on 03-18-2012)
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Ratings: 308 | Reviews: 64 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of tobelerone


4.25/5  rDev +4.9%

12-07-2012 04:42:31 | More by tobelerone
Photo of ASUBeer

North Carolina

4.25/5  rDev +4.9%

12-06-2012 01:39:07 | More by ASUBeer
Photo of rowingbrewer


4.5/5  rDev +11.1%

12-03-2012 18:08:00 | More by rowingbrewer
Photo of Hanzo


4/5  rDev -1.2%

12-03-2012 02:18:11 | More by Hanzo
Photo of LambicKing


3.75/5  rDev -7.4%

12-03-2012 01:57:58 | More by LambicKing
Photo of C-Dog

4.75/5  rDev +17.3%

11-27-2012 05:28:51 | More by C-Dog
Photo of joshwith


5/5  rDev +23.5%

10-23-2012 16:33:36 | More by joshwith
Photo of brycevolk


4.5/5  rDev +11.1%

10-22-2012 14:40:07 | More by brycevolk
Photo of bauermj


4.25/5  rDev +4.9%

10-18-2012 19:40:54 | More by bauermj
Photo of ObeMaltKinobee


3.5/5  rDev -13.6%

10-17-2012 07:50:13 | More by ObeMaltKinobee
Photo of litheum94


4/5  rDev -1.2%

10-16-2012 04:19:07 | More by litheum94
Photo of ncaudle


4/5  rDev -1.2%

10-15-2012 15:02:45 | More by ncaudle
Photo of arash1000


4.25/5  rDev +4.9%

10-14-2012 20:50:57 | More by arash1000
Photo of Archemedies


4/5  rDev -1.2%

10-10-2012 22:44:28 | More by Archemedies
Photo of JosephThompson

New Jersey

3.5/5  rDev -13.6%

10-09-2012 21:34:50 | More by JosephThompson
Photo of claspada

New Jersey

4.05/5  rDev 0%

Pours a mahogany color with a large, fizzy and frothy off-white head that leaves some spotty lacing.

Aromas begin with generic tart fruitiness with underlying toasted/caramelized brown maltiness. As it warms I can detect some darker fruits including light fig and there is also a light oak, acidic and lactic presence in the background.

The tastes begin pleasantly oak a malt heavy, with a definite acetic, malt vinegar flavor joining soon after. As it warms I get some tropical and dark fruitiness, but a real secondary flavor compared to the generic sourness and brown malt flavors.

The mouthfeel is medium-bodied, with medium frothy carbonation. The finish has a balanced acidity and is quite easy drinking for being 8.2% ABV.

Overall this was a quality sour which I would purchase on a semi-regular basis due to the quality balanced flavor profile. Many people just want their beers super sour and do not enjoy the malt playing a factor but I am one that appreciates a quality malt backbone in any beer regardless of style. Reminds me of a toned down version of Marron Acidife from the same brewers.

10-09-2012 15:17:21 | More by claspada
Photo of sweemzander


3.53/5  rDev -12.8%

750mL bottle poured into a tulip. Thanks to Chris for sharing!

(A)- Pours a dark burnt sienna-like brown color. Produced a small cap of white froth. Good lacing.

(S)- A deep raisin, prune, and spicy oak acidity. Tiny hints at vanilla. Very very dry.

(T)- Similar to the smell. a nice spicy oak and dark fruit vinegar acidity combo.

(M)- A good carbonation level and balance. Subtle tartness, but a definite dark fruit/oak/vinegar profile similar to a Flanders style.

(O)- Another solid sour by the Bruery. As I mentioned earlier, quite Flanders-like in style with a good profile. I think that in comparison to Marron Acidifie, Marron is a bit better if comparing similar beer profiles.

09-26-2012 14:52:37 | More by sweemzander
Photo of MasterSki

Ontario (Canada)

4.05/5  rDev 0%

Bottle shared by Jason or Chris - thanks to whomever it was. Served in a Hill Farmstead tulip.

A - Light tan foam settles to a thin cap, thicker collar, and a few specks of lace. Murky dark brown colored body.

S - Smells a lot like a Flanders Oud Bruin, with malt, oak, and lactic sourness dominating. There's some nebulous fruit pulp in there, but I'd never guess guava from the aroma. Alcohol isn't apparent at all - would have guessed maybe 6%.

T - Again, a good amount of malt sweetness, with a brown ale profile that featured nuts, lightly toasted grains, and perhaps a hint of milk cocolate. Lactic acidity and oak abound, with some light tropical fruit flavors in the periphery. Not very acetic for a Bruery sour.

M - Smooth, medium body, with moderate carbonation. Dry and tannic finish, and well-hidden alcohol.

D - This is a pretty nice beer, and it's a step in the right direction for the Bruery sour program. It's nothing mind-blowing, but it's an enjoyable American spin on the Flanders Oud Bruin style. I'd drink this again, but I probably wouldn't actively seek it out.

09-24-2012 21:46:59 | More by MasterSki
Photo of oline73


3.85/5  rDev -4.9%

Poured from the bottle into a goblet.

Appearance: Pours a murky dark brown color with over a finger of off white head. The head sticks around pretty well and leaves some lace on the glass.

Smell: A bit lighter than most sour browns I've had. Definitely getting the tropical fruit and oak. I'm getting a mild funky with a touch of vinegar as well.

Taste: Follows from the smell with more tropical fruit. The guava is very nice with the sour notes. The oak is prevalent as well with some vinegar like sourness. The finish is fruity, oaky, and slightly funky.

Mouthfeel: Medium body with carbonation on the milder side with an extremely dry finish.

Overall: I was impressed by how well the tropical fruit went with the dark sour notes. The oak was quite good as well. I'm glad I have a few more of these stored away.

09-23-2012 18:12:51 | More by oline73
Photo of redfacedshooter


4.25/5  rDev +4.9%

09-20-2012 18:10:18 | More by redfacedshooter
Photo of jlindros


4.18/5  rDev +3.2%

Also shared with rudzud since the bible tells me so.

Nice creamy 1/2 finger head, fades semi slowly with nice head, hazy cola murky brown slight reddish sediment laden beer.

Nose great Flanders red, dark caramel malts, slight reddish. Great sour malt, tart fruit, some sour cherry and tart guava, little tart berry, and just a bit of funk. Just a touch of vanilla oak.

Taste starts light brown malts again, caramel reddish toasty, great sour malts, tart fruits, sour cherry, light soured guava, little raspberry even. Nice oak, toasty and vanilla, little brown sugar like sweetness, dusty oak, cherry vanilla caramel flavors, nice acidity, and little booze. Finish is a bit flemmy and acidic, nice lingering sour fruits and oak.

Mouth is fuller to med bodied, decent carb and soft booze, nice acidity.

Overall very nice, great tart sour fruits, nice vanilla dusty oak, nice malt balance to the sour fruit, good acidity, very tasty.

09-19-2012 12:55:19 | More by jlindros
Photo of kjyost

Manitoba (Canada)

4.25/5  rDev +4.9%

09-19-2012 01:08:31 | More by kjyost
Photo of rudzud


4.25/5  rDev +4.9%

Shared with JLindros thanks to our rs membership.

A - Poured into a standard Kate the Great tulip a hazy chestnut brown hue that is quite dark with a one finger head that leaves a nice thin blanket.

S - Aromas of delicious guava notes. Mmmmm so freaking good and inviting with lots of sour barrel notes.

T - Taste is delicious with lots of faint fruits, namely cherries, with faint guava notes. Delicious sour tart barrels with tons of barrel vanilla. This is delicious. Super lightly sour and invitingly delicious.

M - Mouthfeel is very nice for the style and superdrinkable for the style with nice light puckering notes.

O - Overall I really enjoyed this beer. Glad I have extra bottles damn the bruery can make good sours!

09-18-2012 22:59:53 | More by rudzud
Photo of MikeRMII


4.5/5  rDev +11.1%

09-18-2012 05:22:07 | More by MikeRMII
Photo of ffOpusx


4/5  rDev -1.2%

09-15-2012 18:18:27 | More by ffOpusx
Otiose from The Bruery
90 out of 100 based on 308 ratings.