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Kiwi - Lawson's Finest Liquids

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180 Ratings
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Ratings: 180
Reviews: 31
rAvg: 4.33
pDev: 7.39%
Wants: 158
Gots: 9 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Lawson's Finest Liquids visit their website
Vermont, United States

Style | ABV
American Double / Imperial IPA |  8.10% ABV

Availability: Limited (brewed once)

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: Pinknuggets on 12-16-2012)
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Ratings: 180 | Reviews: 31 | Display Reviews Only:
Reviews by monitorpop:
Photo of monitorpop


4.25/5  rDev -1.8%

12-18-2012 03:14:19 | More by monitorpop
More User Reviews:
Photo of bierdabbler


5/5  rDev +15.5%

02-03-2013 14:48:20 | More by bierdabbler
Photo of codysjb


4.18/5  rDev -3.5%

Two week old bottle picked up from the hunger mountain coop on 9/27/13, poured into my wicked weed pint.

A: nice orange yellow, 3 finger had that dissipates but keeps a small 1 cm head. Great lacing.

S: lemon, grapefruit and wheat.

T: good fruity hops become a nice hoppy and alcohol burn that goes down easy.

M: a little boozy but overall good. More like a pale.

O: good, but not all that hoppy. I would drink this if available but its comparable to some of the finer ipas available in Tallahassee and not worth the trip.

10-13-2013 00:45:42 | More by codysjb
Photo of williamjbauer

West Virginia

4.25/5  rDev -1.8%

10-09-2013 07:23:27 | More by williamjbauer
Photo of stereosforgeeks


4.25/5  rDev -1.8%

02-05-2013 02:52:00 | More by stereosforgeeks
Photo of johnyb


4.25/5  rDev -1.8%

01-19-2013 21:47:02 | More by johnyb
Photo of acurtis

New Jersey

3.5/5  rDev -19.2%

12-16-2012 21:11:12 | More by acurtis
Photo of jh1982


4.5/5  rDev +3.9%

12-29-2012 02:52:18 | More by jh1982
Photo of SpeedwayJim

New York

4.11/5  rDev -5.1%

Thanks to Kyle and Phil for this one. 22oz. bomber into a Brooklyn Brewery snifter. Shared with schen9303.

Pours a thin, .5 finger white frothy head with moderate retention. Beer is clear bright orange. Lacing is patchy and stringy with good stick. Nice looking beer.

Nose is citrus hop bitterness with undertones of cane sugar, white grapes, and other tropical fruit. Moderately aromatic but enticing.

Opens grapefruit, citrus, some gingerbread, cane sugar, and hop bitterness. White grape skin towards the middle, citrus, and more of the pulp at the end. Some sappy hop bitterness and white grapes at the finish with a tropical fruit, light white grape flesh aftertaste. Different but very solid.

Light bodied with moderate to high carbonation. Smooth and lively in the mouth and quenching and abrasive going down. Messy finish with a lingering, sticky aftertaste. Really nice.

This beer showcases the Nelson Sauvignon hops nicely with a good balance between the fruit characteristics and the subtle hop profile. Overall, an interesting, off-the-path ipa that's solidly crafted. Worth trying.

01-22-2013 02:29:21 | More by SpeedwayJim
Photo of let8it8grow


4.5/5  rDev +3.9%

12-19-2012 04:14:46 | More by let8it8grow
Photo of Alieniloquium


4.16/5  rDev -3.9%

650 mL bottle poured into a snifter.

Appearance - Nice head on an orange body. Mostly clear and good lacing. Leggy as it swirls.

Smell - Grassy and herbal as most Lawson's IPAs tend to be. Much more grassy than others, even Jade. Grapefruit behind it and a slight grain.

Taste - Sweetness from the malt balances the grassy flavor very nicely. Enhances the citrus character. Interesting dichotomy to the hop flavors. Grassier in the finish and only slightly bitter.

Mouthfeel - Nice slick mouthfeel. Perfect amount of sweetness. Medium carbonation.

Overall - As always, a great IPA from Lawson's. Always an interesting hop profile. Never pure citrus or pine.

02-12-2013 01:38:22 | More by Alieniloquium
Photo of Suzanneccll


4.25/5  rDev -1.8%

02-15-2013 12:41:15 | More by Suzanneccll
Photo of KYGunner


4.3/5  rDev -0.7%

Don't let the name fool you there is no kiwi in this, fruit or bird. The Kiwi is the New Zealand hops that punch you in the face with each sip. It is the first DIPA that I've ever had that I liked a bit warmer to help offset the strong and bold hop profile and settle it down. Not to say that this needs to settle down but it makes it easier to catch the hop variant flavors: pine, earth, onion, grapefruit, tangerines, sour lemon, tart oranges and even a bit of grass or tea.

This is truly interesting and exceptional.

10-15-2013 21:57:19 | More by KYGunner
Photo of Ajlvt


4.5/5  rDev +3.9%

09-29-2013 18:14:57 | More by Ajlvt
Photo of EgadBananas


4.45/5  rDev +2.8%

Pours a light copper colour, not much clarity, with an off white finger of head that leaves only traces of lace. Dissipates to a grouping of soupy bubbles.

The aroma is somewhat resinous, with bits of tropical and herbal hop notes, and a predominant maltiness coming through.

BOOM! That is heavenly...zesty hop punch straight in the teeth, then some tropical fruits, herbal hops, some floral-ness, some resin, a stark, but not too lingering bitterness, and a clean malt profile just to even things out. Delish!

Has a light/medium body, good carbonation and overall pleasant palate presence.

Smells good, taste is epic, overall excellent.

01-04-2013 00:02:56 | More by EgadBananas
Photo of RMoeNay


4.75/5  rDev +9.7%

02-03-2013 02:29:36 | More by RMoeNay
Photo of BuckTuckian


4.5/5  rDev +3.9%

10-14-2013 14:02:08 | More by BuckTuckian
Photo of jmarsh123


4.45/5  rDev +2.8%

Pours bright orange with a slight haze. 2 fingers of soapy off-white head leaves great retention and solid chunky lacing down the glass.

Very good aroma typical with other NZ hopped beers I've had. Lots of tropical fruit and pineapple with grapefruit hanging in the background. Also a bit more of a floral/soapy nose than I usually associate with these hops.

Lots of grapefruit bitterness up front on the palate. Lush juicy tropical fruit then grabs hold along with a slight caramel presence. Lots of mango and pineapple throughout. Finishes a bit floral with good lingering bitterness.

Medium mouthfeel and carbonation. A little bit of a fuller body works well with the juicy tropical fruit profile.

Very enjoyable beer. Not on the level of Double Sunshine, but pretty close. Lots of complex flavors I'd recommend to any hophead.

01-03-2013 14:25:13 | More by jmarsh123
Photo of beerasaurusrex


4.25/5  rDev -1.8%

09-28-2013 01:52:39 | More by beerasaurusrex
Photo of Fusebuddy


4.5/5  rDev +3.9%

09-30-2013 01:54:35 | More by Fusebuddy
Photo of 1424IpA


4.25/5  rDev -1.8%

10-03-2013 17:37:05 | More by 1424IpA
Photo of jamvt


4/5  rDev -7.6%

12-21-2013 23:16:27 | More by jamvt
Photo of

4.5/5  rDev +3.9%

You rated this beer. Add a review.

02-19-2013 03:49:58 | More by
Photo of HopsHopenstein


4.5/5  rDev +3.9%

10-05-2013 17:05:49 | More by HopsHopenstein
Photo of SourinQns

New York

4.75/5  rDev +9.7%

03-25-2013 02:36:52 | More by SourinQns
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Kiwi from Lawson's Finest Liquids
96 out of 100 based on 180 ratings.