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Blanche Des Neiges - Brouwerij Huyghe

Not Rated.
Blanche Des NeigesBlanche Des Neiges

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28 Ratings
no score

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Ratings: 28
Reviews: 14
rAvg: 3.27
pDev: 21.41%
Wants: 0
Gots: 4 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Brouwerij Huyghe visit their website

Style | ABV
Witbier |  5.00% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: brewdlyhooked13 on 08-11-2002)
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Ratings: 28 | Reviews: 14 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of mattfancett

United Kingdom (England)

2.05/5  rDev -37.3%

08-26-2014 09:38:24 | More by mattfancett
Photo of AxlSkull


3.5/5  rDev +7%

08-25-2014 14:50:35 | More by AxlSkull
Photo of arkanu


3.75/5  rDev +14.7%

07-29-2014 20:04:56 | More by arkanu
Photo of leitmotif


3.5/5  rDev +7%

07-20-2014 19:52:55 | More by leitmotif
Photo of Ciocanelu


3.75/5  rDev +14.7%

06-17-2014 12:40:53 | More by Ciocanelu
Photo of vhmf1978


4/5  rDev +22.3%

05-04-2014 22:28:22 | More by vhmf1978
Photo of dcmchew


3.25/5  rDev -0.6%

01-21-2014 20:54:40 | More by dcmchew
Photo of FLima


3.24/5  rDev -0.9%

Hazy yellow color with a one finger head with low retention.
Light aroma of bread, lemon and pineapples.
Flavor of pineapples, spices, green apples, wheat, pear and just a light touch of spices, including coriander. Aftertaste with a medium acidity.
Light to watery body with low carbonation.
A very light and refreshing beer. In my opinion, far from bad, but still on the lower range of Witbier. Too bland, though I liked the fruity profile.

01-17-2014 20:22:41 | More by FLima
Photo of felipeprates


3.25/5  rDev -0.6%

06-17-2013 12:42:22 | More by felipeprates
Photo of laurastradford

New Jersey

3/5  rDev -8.3%

12-16-2012 19:57:53 | More by laurastradford
Photo of marvmoreno


3.5/5  rDev +7%

11-08-2012 07:03:09 | More by marvmoreno
Photo of MrHyde1886


2/5  rDev -38.8%

10-31-2012 11:08:23 | More by MrHyde1886


2.55/5  rDev -22%

330ml bottle. Tulip glass. Enjoyed on agt´11. Pale straw in color. Chill haze. White, close crown ,fairly well retention. Yeasty –fresh bread-, floral & slightly spiced aromas. Lemon zest at first sip, mildy spicy. Lemon overwhelms all flavors. Watery in the middle. Medium body, high carbonation. Fruity dry finish. Quite refreshing.

06-03-2012 09:06:17 | More by GONZALOYANNA
Photo of szmnnl99


3.5/5  rDev +7%

03-27-2012 22:10:17 | More by szmnnl99
Photo of karait95


3.45/5  rDev +5.5%

A: Pale looking with a withe head as it should, carbonation is rich as should also and it is cloudy but must be old because there are a lot of solid particulates floating inside of the beer. Retention was not so good and head was not so big.

S: Smell is clear it has the main ingredients of a witbier such as wheat and a citrus or herbal character some maybe not as intense as could but there they are.

T: Flavors are good, the yeast, wheat, maybe some orange peel and or some other herbs.

M: Nice sensation since the beginning just with a little bitter sensation at the end not expected.

03-21-2012 03:33:00 | More by karait95
Photo of BlackHaddock

United Kingdom (England)

3.7/5  rDev +13.1%

Silver paper wrapped neck on a 330ml brown bottle (4.9%ABV), best before Dec 2013: poured into my Berliner Kindl 0.4 Litre tumbler in Mar 2012.

The pour was slow, allowing the beer to leave the sediment in the bottle (I prefer it that way).

Very, very pale straw body, slight haze and with bubble trails rising up towards a good deep head of white.

The smell was citrusy, mild lemon and grapefruit mostly, very summery.

Thirst quenching with a tangy bite of citrus flavours, better than I expected: I'm not a huge fan of this style, but this was OK.

This carried the flavours well, light and easy to drink.

03-09-2012 19:18:51 | More by BlackHaddock
Photo of kja157


4.5/5  rDev +37.6%

02-07-2012 19:09:40 | More by kja157
Photo of eric5bellies


2.88/5  rDev -11.9%

Drank from my Gulden Draak tulip

A - Pours a very pale straw colour that is semi transparent. The head is frothy and White and laces the glass.

S - Mainly lemon citrus aromas

T - Pretty dull flavours of lemon citrus and coriander seed.

M - Light body with medium carbonation.

O - Dissapointing taste after a great appearance

12-17-2011 15:58:38 | More by eric5bellies
Photo of Rochefort10nh

New Hampshire

4/5  rDev +22.3%

11-26-2011 23:09:01 | More by Rochefort10nh
Photo of treque


3.28/5  rDev +0.3%

A: a pale straw, a tipycal witbier, white head, dont last too long, lots of yeast, cloudy, some carbonatation and constant

S: citrics, some clove and wheat, spicy herbal, not soo deep, moderate sweetness, expected more aroma on a witbier

T: a refreshing, citric, crisping on tongue, some wheat tasting, balanced, medium light body

06-21-2011 03:07:20 | More by treque
Photo of sfprint


1.78/5  rDev -45.6%

A: No head, some rising microcarbonation, slightly cloudy urine in color.
S: Peach, pear. With the tinge of alcohol, it smells just like pear juice gone bad.
T: Really tastes more like a strange pear cider than beer. Certainly not like a witbier. Closest beer it resembles is a belgian sour. Tangy. Sweet and sour.
M: Barely any carbonation. Slightly mouthpuckering due to the sourness.
D: Barely. I won't dump it but, it's almost there.

03-04-2011 00:48:19 | More by sfprint
Photo of hopdog


3.05/5  rDev -6.7%

Bottle notched Dec '06.

Poured a lighter golden color with a very small sized white head. Aromas of citrus, spices and a light yeastiness. Tastes of pretty much the same - citrus, spices with a trace of yeast. I
found the body to be thin and watery.

Notes from 1/26/06

12-16-2008 21:30:39 | More by hopdog
Photo of thierrynantes


3.83/5  rDev +17.1%

Beer bottle (33cl), tasted in 2003.
Appearance: Pale yellow, troubled by a large deposit of yeast, saturation very important, overabundant white foam and tenacious.
Smell: very fragrant aroma and soft grain fromentacées.
Taste and mouthfeel: flavors round and soft, acidic desire but very well balanced.
Drinkability: good white beer

Review added 11-11-2007, translated from french 1-26-2008.

11-11-2007 11:40:00 | More by thierrynantes
Photo of GCBrewingCo

North Carolina

3.8/5  rDev +16.2%

The beer poured every so slightly hazey pale golden straw with a white head that rose tall and fell back to lace the glass.

The aroma was orange peel and coriander spice with a soft wheat backbone. The orange peel dominated the aroma in a wonderful way and the wheat aroma backed up that perception. A slight DMS fell behind the orange peel and spice.

The flavor was crisp with a nice blend of orange peel bittering, though very, very light, and a bit of coriander spice. The wheat flavors in the background were well done and the beer nicely balanced between wheat, orange and coriander.

The finish was dry with wheat, orange and corinder lasting lightly into the aftertaste. The body was medium.

33 cl bottle. Notches at D (for December) and 04. The DMS in the aroma (corn and cooked vegetables) detracts, but otherwise this is a fine example of the witbier.

11-12-2004 23:32:18 | More by GCBrewingCo
Photo of diablo14


3.98/5  rDev +21.7%

im not really a big fan of witbiers full stop. i just find them a bit too sweet. picked this one up on the cheap, and i was pleasantly surprised. quite different in character to other wits ive tasted.

very cloudy, pale yellow color, creamy white head which wasnt large, but that maintained a presence till i reached the end. i was immediately hit with the aroma of white pepper and zesty citrus. just a hint of floral hoppiness in there also. starts off with a small pastry like taste, and some pear, giving way to a sharp bite of white pepper. leans into a little orange peel and a trace of herbs. that peppery nature of the beer combined with the hop bitterness gave itself to a very dry crisp finish for a witbier, and certainly had my mouth at full attention! quite firm in body too which i also quite liked. the level of carbonation gave this brew a real zing combined with the flavors.

not the best wit ive ever tried, but i did find it very drinkable comapred to most. i find i can never usually drink more than one witbier at a sitting. this had me coming back for another tho. one of the more interesting beers ive drank recently, and one ill have another go at for sure.

11-08-2003 23:51:26 | More by diablo14
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Blanche Des Neiges from Brouwerij Huyghe
77 out of 100 based on 28 ratings.