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Guinness Foreign Extra Stout - Guinness Ltd.

Not Rated.
Guinness Foreign Extra StoutGuinness Foreign Extra Stout

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1,844 Ratings

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Ratings: 1,844
Reviews: 798
rAvg: 4.07
pDev: 12.04%
Wants: 109
Gots: 109 | FT: 1
Brewed by:
Guinness Ltd. visit their website

Style | ABV
Foreign / Export Stout |  7.50% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
Foreign Extra Stout is brewed with generous hops and roasted barley for a bittersweet balance and full-flavored, natural bite. Developed for global export from Ireland, the addition of extra hops ensured this Stout would arrive in perfect condition. Today it is enjoyed by millions around the world.

(Beer added by: BeerAdvocate on 01-30-2001)
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Ratings: 1,844 | Reviews: 798 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of Infamous7100


4.35/5  rDev +6.9%

A: opaque black with a nearly full finger sized tan, rocky head. Look delicious.
S: lots of burnt roasty flavors along with some coffee. Smells great.
T: at the front you are met with a bevy of roasted malt and dark chocolate flavors. Coffee flavor is pronounced as well. Toward the back you can really taste the hops as it finishes with a tasty bitterness to balance all of the sweet smoke up front.
M: full bodied. It starts very silky and smooth and ends up crisp and dry. A nice bite. Not as heavy as it appears either.
D: Because this tastes so good, this category deserves high marks. Equally as important is the fact that this beer won't fill you up. It is my hope that the availability of this brew persists in the US.

04-08-2011 19:27:00 | More by Infamous7100
Photo of zoso1967


3.83/5  rDev -5.9%

This Guinness pours a shiny and opaque black brown color with a towering mocha head. I was not adequately prepared for the amount of carbonation in this and the head got pretty out of control. Unfortunately (since I want to drink it NOW) it also has marathon staying power and is leaving lace like nobody's business. Had I poured with more restraint I am sure this would have been an even more attractive brew.

After allowing most of the foam to subside I am able to sample an aroma that is much less impressive than I had hoped for. It is roasty and slightly chalky with the characteristic Guinness sourness to it. There is a bit of charred smoke aroma in there as well, but not much else.

The flavor is much more enjoyable with a great intensity. It is roasty with a nice burnt black coffee character as well as a bit of smoky char. The sweetness is slightly milky and chocolaty and gives way to a nice slightly sour note and a tinge of hops. This is definitely much hoppier than normal Guinness draft. In the background it also has some nice fruity notes.

The body of this beer is medium to full and it possesses a nice smooth character that helps it go down all too easily. The finish is quite dry with a bit of a sour hit to it and it leaves plenty of roasty notes and a nice amount of bitterness on the palate after swallowing.

This is leaps and bounds beyond normal Guinness draft in terms of flavor, yet I still find that it does not hold up to many of the fine stouts brewed by smaller craft operations. Don't get me wrong, this is a step in the right direction and is a quality stout that should be readily available, but I am not sure it quite lives up to all the accolades that have been heaped upon this beer since it was introduced into the U.S. market.

04-08-2011 03:57:25 | More by zoso1967
Photo of 9InchNails

New Jersey

3.53/5  rDev -13.3%

Head explodes on the pour! The head reminds me of an Ice Cream Float. The body is the closest to opaque you can get with some very faint ruby on the sides.

I get a licorice smell, some roasted grains and some grass. Not a bad smell at all.

Bitter burnt coffee, some booziness, roasted grains and burnt grass. Very dry taste. It's not horrible but not really all that good.

Very light carbonation despite the bubblage I saw on the ruby red edges. Leaves the mouth feeling very dry and leaving the lips a little sticky.

It's not horrible just about above an average stout. The taste is a little weird for me at first but as it warms it's a little more smooth with the flavors merging quite well. The booziness becomes more pronounce but blends with the flavors. Weird but not boring. I really would have to be in the mood for this again.

04-07-2011 08:12:19 | More by 9InchNails
Photo of jamie2dope


4.15/5  rDev +2%

I have been meaning to try this for a while. I poured a couple in to a one liter boot glass. Color is very dark brown, with some ruby hues at the toe and heel of the glass. About two fingers of tan heading spring up, but fade away quickly in to a lace that remains till the end. A big creamy nose we have here, with some roasted malt, sweet cream, dark chocolate and a hint of dark fruit. The taste brings me back to my first Guinness back in high school, with lots of roasted character along with bitter dark chocolate, and a long bready finish. The aftertaste stays with you for a while, making you want to continue. It is a little bitter around the edges, yet stays smooth, if that makes any sense. The body feels heavier than the usual Extra Stout or Draught, which I am guessing is a result of the extra addition of malt and hops. A hint of alcohol can be tasted, but doesn't become overwhelming at all. Like I said before, this reminds me of my first encounters with Guinness, which really was the first dark beer I had ever tasted. Hopefully this version will find a home in a lot of the Irish pubs where the two others are regulars. Cheers

04-06-2011 22:53:11 | More by jamie2dope
Photo of VLtor


1.53/5  rDev -62.4%

Let me assure you, the Foreign Extra that you're tasting in the States is a marketing ploy, not the stuff experienced in original markets. I spend about 1/3 my year in Ghana, and while the stuff is widely available, almost nobody drinks it. It is not Guinness like, it is not stout like, it is pretty dang nasty. If you want a Guinness like beer you get a Castle (Milk Stout).

The stuff in the States may be fine, and that is one thing. But to say Foreign Extra is 'finally' available in NA is another, because the NA stuff is NOT the Foreign Extra most markets get (thankfully).

04-05-2011 22:42:40 | More by VLtor
Photo of nova009


3.58/5  rDev -12%

Poured from a bottle into a pint glass

A- pours a nice dark black, about a finger and a half tan head appears and sticks around for awhile, pretty nice lacing sticks to the glass

S- dark roasted malt, coffee and dark chocolate, a little vanilla, pretty much a standard stout

T- this is a lot more complex than the smell led on, lots of roasted malt, bitter dark chocolate, slight taste of dark fruits present as well, a little bit of vanilla, the roasted malt tends to dominate despite the abundance of flavors

M- medium body, smooth and creamy, pretty nice balance of carbonation, solid feel

O- this is definitely better than a standard guiness, not an incredible beer but a decent stout overall

04-05-2011 00:44:14 | More by nova009
Photo of leokbelo


4.22/5  rDev +3.7%

Finally got myself the highly anticipated Guinness Foreign Extra, apparently the ONLY Guinness currently sold in America that is actually brewed and bottled in Dublin, Ireland! And what a difference it makes!
Pours a rich dark brown on a pint glass, which then turns into a nice ebony treat, with a creamy 2 inch "mocha" head that dissipates into a nice lacing after a minute.
Roasty caramel / coffee on the nose with hops in the backround. Hoppy on the tongue, again coffee, malty and sweet.
Drinkability is very good, even at 7.5% ABV. Alcohol is present and there to stay.
Overall a great Stout, worth a try.
Highly recommended!

04-03-2011 17:03:09 | More by leokbelo
Photo of livewire05


4.4/5  rDev +8.1%

I've was quite excited to try this beer, after all the good things I've been told about it. Guinness Foreign Extra Stout definitely doesn't disappoint. The pour yielded a dark black beer with a creamy coffee brown head. I got an aroma of roasted coffee. Taste-wise, this was leaps and bounds better than the standard Guinness - a swirl of coffee, chocolate, and caramel. Full bodied. Quite an excellent beer.

04-02-2011 17:17:32 | More by livewire05
Photo of schoolboy


4.25/5  rDev +4.4%

When I first started drinking good beer and really digging it, Guinness Extra Stout was my favorite beer (for a short time). Once I tasted Guinness on tap and Guinness in a can (and later the draft bottles), then I became undecided. I liked them all and they are very different.

For some reason I never tried Foreign Extra until (it might have been) some time last year. And now it seems to be available everywhere. On the cruise I went on last week (Royal Caribbean) this was the best beer available and I dinged them on the evaluation for poor beer selection (not to mention high prices).

I liked this from the first. It is strong and powerful but balanced and not harsh (like Extra Stout). It's pretty in the glass and you can drink more than one. I had quite a few last week on the Majest of the Seas (at $7 or so each).

Additionally, while in Antigua in March 2014 I had some that was brewed in St. Vincent in the Caribbean. It did not taste quite right (and it was not a great choice for the amazing conch roti I was eating). If I were to review just the Caribbean one it would be much lower.

04-01-2011 00:49:16 | More by schoolboy
Photo of AEK

United Kingdom (Wales)

4.4/5  rDev +8.1%

330ml brown bottle poured into a Guinness 'draught' pint pot.

A. Pure black with a mid-brown bubbly, towering head.

S. Roasted malt, some woody tones. Maybe some liquorice and some coffee too.

T. Black coffee, chocolate, roast malt, treacle.

M. Medium, mouth coating.

D. Far more satisfying than the ordinary 'black stuff', lots more character.

03-30-2011 10:20:31 | More by AEK
Photo of philbertk


2.68/5  rDev -34.2%

Guinness & Company--St. James Gate Dublin--Guinness Foreign Extra--Genuine Quality Stout--2010 11.2 oz. Bottle. 7.50% ABV. 65 IBU's. (2.25 / 5.0) Big dense lacy rocky rich espresso 3/4" lasting head. Black pour & opaque obsidian jet black color .Sweet roasted dark fruit fig plum raisin mild hop front. Roasted crusty slightly creamy sweet burnt dark fruit toffee body. Sweet mild bitter hop hot hint end. Sampled 3/17/2011. Purchased 4-Pack for $8.99 at Fred Meyer--Ballard, Seattle on 11/9/2010. Disappointing.

03-29-2011 02:43:14 | More by philbertk
Photo of wspscott


3.48/5  rDev -14.5%

11.2oz bottle in Sam Adams glass

A: Completely black with a thick,creamy, one-finger head that looks like the foam on a cappuchino.
S: Predominately roasted malts with a little sweetness, relatively muted overall.
T: The roasted malts are driving the bus, but there is some definite sweetness as well as some yeasty fruitiness. The alcohol is completely hidden.
M: A definite carbonation tingle, almost too much, it makes the mouthfeel much less "creamy" which I usually expect for the style.
D: A much better beer than "regular" Guinness, but that is not saying much. I like this beer, but I either like RISs more or this is lacking something.

03-29-2011 01:14:16 | More by wspscott
Photo of Bfarr


3.33/5  rDev -18.2%

Deep brown with big tan foamy/frothy head with great retention and okay lacing. Not much in the aroma, a little roasted and sour lager. Molasses and roasted malts with slightly sour finish. A little hoppy and smoky with a roasted finish. Thick yet thin/smooth with a slight fuzz.

Much more drinkable than other Guinness although still probably just a slightly above average stout. Easy drinking to the point of it being unnoticeable except the sour/bitter finish. Not anything I'll be looking for except if it's the only thing available on St. Patrick's Day. I would definitely drink it before any other Guinness I've had.

03-29-2011 01:08:50 | More by Bfarr
Photo of Chickenhawk9932


4.78/5  rDev +17.4%

Pours black with a mocha colored head - good retention and some lacing.

Smells of banana, rum, raisin, creme brulee.

Sweet banana, bitter coffee, rum, Burnt sweetness of creme brulee in the back. Finishes dry with raisin notes and slight oaky wine taste. This is an excellent beer full of flavor and none of them are artificial.

03-25-2011 22:46:45 | More by Chickenhawk9932
Photo of RonfromJersey

New Jersey

4.18/5  rDev +2.7%

Pure black body with the thinnest of red highlight line along the bottom edge. Big billowing medium tan head. Excellent lacing.

Rich roast coffee aroma with chocolate back up.

Taste follows aroma as deep roasted coffee rolls down the tongue with chocolate highlights. Subtle bitterness sneaks up more than bites. Late warmth, but not a burn.

Rich smooth mouthfeel. Who needs nitro?

Overly drinkable, its gone too fast.

A long time coming to the US, the only reason to drink Draught Guinness now is the lower ABV. If you're not driving, stick with the Foreign Extra Stout.

03-24-2011 20:42:48 | More by RonfromJersey
Photo of zoolzoo


3.43/5  rDev -15.7%

A: Stout black, opaque. Large khaki head, gobs of sticky lacing.

S: Mostly roast with a tiny metallic tinge. Dark, bitter chocolate rounds out the aroma. No perceivable sweetness, just bean. Some faint herbal hops float around in the nose.

T: Plenty of roasted malt as detected in the nose. Bitter just about everywhere...bitter chocolate, bitter hops, bitter coffee. A bit acidic. The finish suggests smoke, and lingering nutty/bitter flavors.

M: Carbonation is high, maybe too high. Finish is dry.

O: A good stout. This is different than Guiness Draught, for better or worse. If I could change anything about this beer, I would dial the acidic and dry aspect down. As far as stouts go, this finishes a little funny. Good job on hiding the 7.5 abv though, wow.

03-23-2011 20:31:39 | More by zoolzoo
Photo of Retsinis


4.18/5  rDev +2.7%

Ah, Guinness FES. I have a bit of a love affair with this beer, since my band if misfits on our first time visiting Ireland were on a misson to find some. It was actually a bit of a trek to find this in the Irish countryside (outside of St. James Gate is) First bottles we landed were in a small town on the Ring of Kerry.

Anyhow, I was excited that this has now made it stateside again after a long absence. Have had this a few times since, but decided to review it this past Saint Patricks Day at home.

Review from notes.

Poured from a 12 oz bottle into a Bruery tulip glass.

A: Black, no light penetration, light tan head with a half inch of head that faded to just a quarter inch that retained througout. Little light lacing.

S: Dried tobacco, or light peat. Light chocolate, light coffee, some dark fruit.

T: Bitter dry chocolate, light hops with a medium roast coffee note. Roasted caramel malt, with a crisp dry finish.

M: Thin, light, dry. Medium carbonation. Alcochol is well hidden though.

Overall, it's the best product Guinness makes, and probably the best FES to style you will find in my humble opinion. I hope it does well now that it is state side. Reason being given Guinness distribution, and macro penetration, it makes a good go to craft like beer in otherwise BMC selling establishments.

03-22-2011 17:49:30 | More by Retsinis
Photo of Mancer

New York

4.43/5  rDev +8.8%

The bottle poured out a jet black body with a two finger high foamy head. The head dissipated to a thick and sticky lace that remained coating the top of the beer. The initial aromas were of dark fruits, caramel, light alcohol and light tobacco. The initial flavors were of burnt caramel malts, light tobacco, dark fruits (primarily prunes,) and chocolate. The flavor overall was on a slightly sweet side with some bitterness. The beer had a medium body with light carbonation.

Overall, this is the best Guinness that I have had to date. The flavors are fantastic. I will definitely buy this again.

03-22-2011 03:00:11 | More by Mancer
Photo of SkipWeathers


3.93/5  rDev -3.4%

Wow, so glad I gave this a chance, not being a big fan of Guinness, as I feel it's too light in flavor.

Not this one. Pours a deep fizzy black, with roasted flavor and some chocolate, cola and cherry flavors. Nice bitterness on the finish. Leaves behind a silky spicy mouthfeel, with fizz. Nice balanced alcohol, a lot more than usual in a Guinness. Approaching an Imperial Stout but just short of it.

If you don't like Guinness because of its mass production, flat finish, and blah taste you should really give the Foreign Extra a try. It's more of a beer advocate's Guinness, much tastier, fizzier, and stronger.

03-22-2011 02:17:57 | More by SkipWeathers
Photo of Hoptometrist


4.5/5  rDev +10.6%

Served from the bottle into a nonic glass at the Winking Lizard.

A-Jet black, two fingers of creamy frothy mocha colored head, with clumpy clingy lacing

S- Strong roasted coffee, chocolate, and caramel notes

T- Dark fruit (raisin, plum), coffee, toffee, chocolate, with dry vinegar finish. Hop bitterness adds depth and balance with the sweetness from the dark fruit and chocolate flavors.

M- Very robust and mouth coating. Nice chewy body on this stout.

O- I have only have Guinness Draught twice in my life, both times on tap, and I have enjoyed it for what it is, but it never stood out to me too much. This is a fantastic beer though. Very drinkable considering the ABV and with enough depth and complexity for me to want to revisit this beer on a regular basis. Very pleasantly surprised with this beer.

03-21-2011 20:39:23 | More by Hoptometrist
Photo of clayrock81


4.05/5  rDev -0.5%

Pours a thin blackish body with great tan head and lace patches everywhere down glass on top of a sticky, syrupy malty aroma that has minor sweetness and a boozy, grainy hop undertone. What can I say of flavor/body that isn't known? Smooth, creamy, goes down easy, a lighter-bodied stout that has a delicate balance of a grainy, hoppy frontbite and then passes clean and mellow with a strong malt base. Roasted, dry malts mix with sweet malts like caramel and a touch of chocolate so in other words after the hoppy, prickly taste that first hits your tongue you get that sturdy dry/sweet malt profile one loves from a stout and then finishes with a crisp finish. While not the strongest stout it is well-crafter and a pleasure to drink; the real deal.

03-21-2011 10:20:01 | More by clayrock81
Photo of BARFLYB


3.68/5  rDev -9.6%

from a bottle into a glass

A- This has a dark black look to it but is actually a very dark dirty brown with a very pretty white foamy cap of condensed bubbles. Good lace on the way down.

S- Nothing to write home about but slight roasted malt and some chocolate backing although it's not to strong. There is a strong presence of aroma hops in here so hopefully that translates to taste.

T- Like flavored chocolate water with roasted malts thrown into the mix. It is on the dry side though with warming. The hops come out and distract me from the regular guinness taste making this a bit more doable.

M- A bit watered down feeling but not as much as regular draft. This has a nice meaty body that is about medium. With all that said it does display some creamy appeal. A nice amount of carb judging by feel and look.

D- Gets better as it warms while the chocolate comes out more. Next time I pick this up I'll just wait till it gets to that point.

03-20-2011 23:04:31 | More by BARFLYB
Photo of sjohansen


3.95/5  rDev -2.9%

Looks unbelievable. Poured oil black, with a rocky mocha head. As the head dissipates, it's revealed as tightly grouped bubbles. Toasted the middle of the session, there's a cloud of cream on top of the black base. Great lacing throughout.

Started to get strong hints as soon as the bottle opened. Dark chocolate, bitter coffee, however strongest in the nose is an astringent boozy note that overpowers the rest of the smell.

Boldest taste is a refreshing roastiness. There are balancing notes of dark/rich chocolate, bitterness from several different components; hops, chocolate, and roastiness. Full mouthfeel, slick but sticks to the pallatte.

Had heard great things and was not disappointed. Full flavored, full bodied, lots of roast.

03-20-2011 21:35:17 | More by sjohansen
Photo of LiquidBread219


4.35/5  rDev +6.9%

A- Poured into a tumbler a beautiful black color with 2" beige head

S- lots of roasted malt comes through Along with faint hops

T- roasted malts and currant dominate this flavorful brew. Has that guinness taste to it but a more flavorful beer then the extra or draught. As beer warms some alcohol can be detected but not overwhelming.

M- very velvety and silky feel to this one, quite nice

Overall a very good offering and I really like this one better than the regular Guinness really nicely done.

03-20-2011 20:11:03 | More by LiquidBread219
Photo of cdrogers


5/5  rDev +22.9%

Poured from bottle to Guinness pint glass at about 52F.

Appearance: Dark, black coffee. Tan, velvet head.
Smell: Definitely get the coffee and malts. Nice roasty smell. Definitely get the hoppiness coming through as well.
Taste: Head is very creamy when it hits the lips. Get the roasted malts right from the beginning and then it goes into the coffee and finally the hops. Very well balanced though and none of them stand out above the rest.
Mouthfeel: Head is very creamy. A thickness to the overall beer, it's great. Very smooth.
Overall this is super. The head, even though it is not nitrogenous, is very similar to the draught in that way. Lovely and glad it's in the states.

03-20-2011 01:45:05 | More by cdrogers
Guinness Foreign Extra Stout from Guinness Ltd.
91 out of 100 based on 1,844 ratings.