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Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout - Terrapin Beer Company

Not Rated.
Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial StoutTerrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout

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3,034 Ratings

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Ratings: 3,034
Reviews: 1,178
rAvg: 4.3
pDev: 9.07%
Wants: 678
Gots: 473 | FT: 37
Brewed by:
Terrapin Beer Company visit their website
Georgia, United States

Style | ABV
American Double / Imperial Stout |  9.40% ABV

Availability: Winter

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: rajendra82 on 02-15-2005)
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Ratings: 3,034 | Reviews: 1,178 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of mothman

United Kingdom (Wales)

4.2/5  rDev -2.3%

Poured into CCB snifter

Pours a light layer of dark tan head. Color is a deep brown, near black.

Aroma: Awesomeness. Cookies, cocoa, rich coffee. It seems to have bourbon notes, but I am dreaming. It almost reminded me of a weaker coffee bcs for some reason. Lots of roasted malts with a sweet/rich flavor.

Taste: Rich cocoa and coffee. Reminds me of cookies. Light oak flavor again, very odd. Some vanilla. Roasted malts. Pretty solid.

Mouthfeel: Smooth, creamy, refreshing. Medium to full bodied. Lower amount of carbonation. Ends with roasted coffee notes.

Overall, this beer is very drinkable. Lots of awesome flavors. Terrapin has yet to let me down. I wish this one was around my area.

06-14-2010 04:19:15 | More by mothman
Photo of busternuggz


4.4/5  rDev +2.3%

Poured from a 12 oz bottle into a pint glass on a Sunday mid-morning. Better than coffee.
Comes out thick and oily, opaque black with a 1/2" creamy light brown head that dissipates in a few minutes to a ring. Leaves some spotty lacing when swirled, coats the glass.
Smells like rich espresso, some cocoa, roasty malts, a little nuttiness. A hint of molasses or syrup as it warms up, some buttery toffee. Very full and inviting.
Taste follows the smell, rish espresso, bitter chocolate, dry roasty malt, nuttiness. A tad boozy but not unpleasantly so, it's almost a bourbon note. A little butterscotch hint. Very rich and full. Has a nice roasty, bitter coffee finish that lasts a while.
Has an amazing texture. Thick and velvety, a little creamy. Drinkable for an imperial but you want to take it slow.
I love this beer and I think it's a little underrated. It's like Bourbon County Coffee Stout Jr.

06-13-2010 15:20:21 | More by busternuggz
Photo of DmanGTR


4.5/5  rDev +4.7%

Review from notes from December 09

Big roasty stout with a lovely black body and tan head. Pretty rocky. Lots of roasted coffee beans, hint of toast, tobacco, and a sweetness of oatmeal. All of this is nicely balanced and blended well with a bit of vanilla. Cocoa bitterness in the finish, no alcohol detected. Creamy, silky mouthfeel. I would easily finish a growler of this.

06-10-2010 19:40:42 | More by DmanGTR
Photo of Halcyondays


4.22/5  rDev -1.9%

12 oz. bottle at Beachwood, Vintage '09,

A: Pours black with a soft tan head, some nice lace.

S: Dark chocolate predominately, coffee.

T: Bit of a change from the nose, the coffee takes over in the flavour. Big sweet floral coffee beans, some milk chocolate - the sugar coming out. No burnt roasty flavour. Definite residual sugars, but not too sweet. Very tasty brew.

M: Creamy, smooth, medium/full-bodied.

D: My 2nd beer ever from Terrapin, the legendary Wake and Bake. Reefer aside, this is one tasty coffee stout, to my fellow BAs in the South, a must try.

06-06-2010 21:47:38 | More by Halcyondays
Photo of oregonskibum


4.15/5  rDev -3.5%

Poured from a 12oz bottle into a small wine glass.

A: Color is black that fades to a dark brown right along the edge. Tan head is thin (1/2 an inch or so) and fades quickly to a faint ring around the edge of the glass.

S: Not sure if it's the suggestive picture on the front or not, but the beer reminds me of warm chocolate chip cookies. Strong coffee notes with a touch of vanilla, caramel and some burnt bitterness from the coffee.

T: Taste follows from the smell, with the coffee flavors taking centerstage. The burnt, bitter flavors come through more strongly as well, almost to the point of being a detractor. Slight head on the finish. Finishes nicely, bitterness subsides, leaving some nice coffee notes to linger.

M: Medium to big body that coats the tongue nicely. Low carbonation. Nice and right in style.

D: A very nice coffee imperial stout. Perhaps they roasted the coffee beans just a touch long, but outside of that, this was very enjoyable.

06-05-2010 19:49:38 | More by oregonskibum
Photo of jsanford


4.25/5  rDev -1.2%

On-tap at the Thirsty Monk in Asheville on 5/28/10

A - Pitch black with a huge, foamy chocolate-mousse head. Nice!

S - Ummm...coffee! Roasted chocolate, toasted oats, whiff of vanilla.

T - Roasted coffee. Bitter chocolate and roasted malt, vanilla.

M - Medium-heavy bodied, creamy & smooth. Coats the palate.

D - Easy drinkability. Could have a couple in one sitting, despite the ABV. This is my favorite Terrapin beer. Is it one-dimensional?
Sure, but when the coffee is this delicious I don't mind!

06-02-2010 13:07:51 | More by jsanford
Photo of Wisconsinality


4.03/5  rDev -6.3%

Another generous offering from beerwolf77.
12oz bottle poured into Duvel tulip.

A- Pours a huge three finger head that leaves some good soapy lacing. The beer is pitch black and lets no light through.

S- Big dose of coffee, chocolate and toasted malt. Some burnt notes in there as well. Seems to have a nice balance between milk and dark chocolate.

T- Bitter coffee and dark chocolate. Roasted malts and a small hop presence round out the taste to this one. Pretty big and bold.

M- Full bodied that has a bitterness from the coffee and chocolate. The carbonation isn't as apparent as the giant head would indicate.

D- A good beer that has a bunch of flavor but the bitterness from the coffee drops it a little bit. Another good beer from Terrapin.

05-29-2010 18:32:59 | More by Wisconsinality
Photo of Brez07


3.98/5  rDev -7.4%

12oz bottle poured into a Brooklyn snifter

A: Dark brown that gives little, if any, head. There is a mocha colored ring around the glass though. No lacing, but an oily presence

S: A great combination of roasted coffee, chocolate and oat. I even get a subtle whiff of nutmeg/cinnamon sugar

T: Roasted coffee dominates the palate, almost making this a little too one dimensional. There is some bittersweet chocolate mixed in as well

M: Medium bodied, very creamy. Roasted flavor left on the tongue

D: Very easy drinking considering the ABV. The huge roasted flavor gets a little much towards the end of the glass. Definitely worth a try, but I could only drink one in a sitting

05-24-2010 23:53:35 | More by Brez07
Photo of AleWatcher


4.22/5  rDev -1.9%

Got this one from a guy that I am already in talks with about a 4th trade-- and we've only been talking about 5 or 6 weeks. Just an awesome trader and an all around good guy-- JohnQVegas. But don't all start trying to set up trades with him, he needs to focus on hooking me up with more awesome beer!! Lol.

This pours deep and dark like hot fudge-- just slightly thinner. A huge dark cocoa head rose 3 fingers and has amazing retention and lace. I mean even the lacing is pretty opaque at first! Very intensely delicious looking beer right here.

Nose has fresh-ground espresso and dark unsweetened chocolate coming through in a huge way. There also seems to be a nice toffee malt in there too. Very nice aroma-- good balance to it. Upon sipping this beer it is hard to not comment on the absolutely delectable mouthfeel. Thick and creamy-- like marshmallow fluff after being heated up a little. The flavors are intense and quite good as well. But the mouthfeel is absolutely incredible. Flavor-wise, we're looking at roasted coffee beans and 80% pure dark cocoa; big and dark and bitter cocoa, like the kind you don't find in a check out aisle.

It was 90 degrees here today-- yet I wouldn't mind drinking 3 more of these. Just a fantastically enjoyable beer. Very easy to sip on with the new Jakob Dylan album playing softly in the background. A good way to end my beer week..

05-24-2010 02:05:49 | More by AleWatcher
Photo of SpeedwayJim

New York

3.88/5  rDev -9.8%

Poured from a 12oz. bottle into a Blue Point snifter.

A: Standard pour barely creates any disturbance in this abyss-like brew, resulting in a barely 1/4 finger mocha head that dissipates into nothingness as quickly as it forms. This beer is as dark and oily as any I've ever seen. Lacing is stringy and spotty with near no cling.

S: Epic coffee with a touch of roasted chocolate sweetness, brownie, and liquorice. Nose does not attempt to deceive and is intensly aromatic.

T: Sweet at the outset mixed with a light coffee bitterness that almost tastes milky in parts. Slight touch of bubbles tickles my palate, preparing it for more. Touch of booziness at the middle mixed with sweet chocolate and dark fruit (prunes, raisins). Coffee flavor comes back towards the end but is never really bitter but more of a mixed, cocoa powder flavor. Finish is messy, leaving noticeable coffee stains.

M: Medium to full bodied, with light carbonation and very smooth and oily. Beer easily swirls around and coats the entire palate. Finish is messy, aftertaste lingers long after the beer is gone.

D: I'm not really sure what to say about this beer. Flavor is complex and there's no doubt the mouthfeel is very very good. Still, it doesn't live up to the epic pour and nose. A bit too carbonated in parts and with a coffee that screams to stand out but never really gets a chance to. You have to experience this one for yourself. Definitely worth a visit.

05-21-2010 00:43:07 | More by SpeedwayJim
Photo of jmhart


3.85/5  rDev -10.5%

A - Pours black and thick, thicker than anything I've had, and I've had more than my share of imperial stouts. Pours like thick muddy coffee (surprise surprise, right?). Moderate pour yields a rich brown head, that leaves a strong lace and moderate webbing.

S - Espresso elements hit first. If your an espresso person, this has a strong resemblance to esspressos with heavy berry aromas. After the berry/espresso, a semi-sweet bitterness hits like that of cold espresso. The coffee is strong. Underneath it all is a rich roasted malt aroma that balances nicely.

T - Strong roasted malt is the most predominant flavor. The coffee takes a back seat and nearly all the bitterness that was in the aroma is not present in the taste. There's some mild earthy hoppiness in the middle, and a bittersweet chocolate finish.

M- Thick with no carbonation. Rolls and coats the mouth with that same consistency of evaporated milk.

D- It's a good beer, but heavy. Drinkability is high at first, but after about 9 ounces it starts to become repetitive and daunting.

Overall- Really enjoyable throughout the first one, but I imagine the other 3 from my 4 pack will hang out in the fridge for a month or two, dwindling in number slowly.

05-14-2010 17:38:39 | More by jmhart
Photo of steve8robin


3.05/5  rDev -29.1%

Extra in a trade...

A: Awesome thick dark black stout with a thick 2 inch dark chocolate colored head that fades at a medium pace. Awesome.

S: Espresso upfront with raisin in the middle and chocolate hops on the backend. Decent.

T: Very grassy espresso upfront. Not in a good way. Ick! Kind of black licorice like. I hate black licorice.

M: Leaves a sticky palate. Full of black licorice flavor. Nothing special.

D: Goes down super easy. Very good.

All in all, this is a crater beer. Crater beer meaning it starts good and ends good, but dips big in the middle. Not worth hunting. Ok to try once. Not much special. Eh.

05-09-2010 03:37:34 | More by steve8robin
Photo of nsmartell


4.15/5  rDev -3.5%

I enjoyed this beer from the comfort of my own living room. From the bottle marked "Vintage 09AA" to a standard pint glass.

Appearance: Pours black with a 1inch mocha colored head with nice looking bubbles throughout.

Smell: The aroma is more mocha than coffee, which is nice. Smells also of bitter chocolate and a hint of sweet malt.

Taste: Just as the smell suggests, this beer tastes of mocha and bitter chocolate but now the alcohol comes through.

Mouthfeel: Medium to full-bodied and very smooth.

Drinkability: Very tasty but maybe too sweet for more than a couple. But overall, a nice and sweet tasting coffee beer. Not sure it comes across as "imperial" though. I was expecting a bit more. That being said, I would drink this again and would recommend.

05-08-2010 12:05:54 | More by nsmartell
Photo of pmccallum86


4.33/5  rDev +0.7%

Thanks to Blazer06 for sending this my way.

Appearance is a dark motor oil black, little to no head. Very dark, no light gets through at all.

Smell is a cold coffee and huge roasted malts. Oatmeal also comes through in the back. Very good smelling beer.

Taste is of coffee and dark bitter chocolates with a huge roasted malt backbone. Tastes like a liquid chocolate and oatmeal cookie, sweet! Very good beer, Terrapin continues to impress the hell out of me. Not much is said about this brewery but their beers always impress, and they have another hit here.

Mouthfeel is rich and heavy with a light level of carbonation. Velvety smooth mouthfeel, great finish.

Drinkability is pretty damn good, this beer is like eating a delicious chocolate oatmeal cookie.

05-08-2010 03:12:27 | More by pmccallum86
Photo of homebrew311


4.45/5  rDev +3.5%

Received as extra in trade with Beerisheaven- Thanks!

A: pours a silky opaque black, dark brown head with no retention

S: bold, roasty coffee, notes of oatmeal and loads of dark chocolate... this smells delicious

T: the roasty coffee is all up front and followed by dark chocolate. Long and slightly sweet finish with lingering roasty notes on the palate

mf: slick mouthfeel, very silky texture, carbonation is a tad high

D: another delicious coffee infused stouts-- one of my favorite styles... not sure if this measures up to FBS or Surly Four, but it is certainly tasty!

05-07-2010 23:25:25 | More by homebrew311
Photo of BTPete

New York

3.98/5  rDev -7.4%

12 oz bottle poured to pint glass.

A: Pitch black with small dirty brown head. Bubbles bounce around on top of beer like coffee would.

S: Big roasted coffee nose. Hints of alcohol lying underneath.

T: Roasted coffee with a little chocolate underneath. Some bitterness, maybe from hops maybe from coffee but still smooth like an oatmeal stout with a little heat.

M: low carb but works for style.

D: Good drinker for 8.1%. Good coffee stout.

05-04-2010 16:15:31 | More by BTPete
Photo of beerwolf77


3.3/5  rDev -23.3%

I recieved bottles of this from several of my trade partners so thanks goes out to all of you.

Poured into my pint glass the beer is dark chocolate brown bordering on black. The dark mocha head bursts to full three fingers and flirts with going over the top edge of my glass. After a brief rest the head fades leaving a small cap and no lace.

The aroma is a mix of harsh black coffee and wet cardboard. Dark fruits and booze are quite present as well. Not what I was expecting from such a highy rated beer.

The flavor is pure black coffee. Light hints of chocolate and dark fruit can be picked out. The alcohol is very present as well.

Medium to full chewy body. Light carbonation.

Overall a bit of a let down. The aroma and flavor were less than stellar. I have a handful of bottles of this so I will revisit it. Maybe my opinion will change with future tastings.

05-03-2010 23:30:22 | More by beerwolf77
Photo of reeverbythespeak


4.38/5  rDev +1.9%

I absolutely love this beer. It pours like oil with a rich dark head. It wreaks of Jittery Joe's in the best way possible. Full coffee flavors with hints of chocolate malts get your eyes open again. The oily attenuation makes it stick to your teeth like the thickest coffee I've ever brewed. Good thing it comes in a four pack because it's way too easy to drink. This beer is the bomb for any coffee stout lover.

05-03-2010 18:50:55 | More by reeverbythespeak
Photo of AprilMarie

South Carolina

3.13/5  rDev -27.2%

A- pitch black with little or no head. Dark tan head if there is one.
S- very strong coffee, with hint of chocolate
T- strong coffee taste- can taste the alcohol.
MF- hard to drink, heavy flavor. thick body but not a lot of carbonation
D- flavorful in alcohol and coffee. not smooth at all. would drink maybe again if this was a choice given over others that are not appealing. but would not put the money down into buying it again.

05-03-2010 01:05:48 | More by AprilMarie
Photo of JamesS


4.58/5  rDev +6.5%

Poured a wonderful deep deep brown, but with no head and no lacing. Great deep scent, a huge malt sweetness, deep and dark, with hints of licorice and plum/prune, and a wonderful slight roastiness and slight coffee scent. Great deep taste, with a wonderful dark roasty malt flavor; nice coffee tones, but not overdone like too many coffee stouts, the perfect amount for a coffee stout; nice slight sweetness from the oats, but no oat flavors to overcome the others, including a slight plum/prune flavor. Goes down wonderfully well, with just a bit of alcohol heat.

05-02-2010 21:17:28 | More by JamesS
Photo of thedoubler55

New Jersey

4.38/5  rDev +1.9%

A: Thick, viscous pour that appears a very deep brownish black color.
S: Immediate coffee bean followed with a little bit of booze, and on the tail end of the nose it had some very nice milk chocolate mixed in.
T: Very dark and heavy beer... lot of coffee and chocolate that is really well balanced.
M: Simply heaven, as it had looked initially it enveloped the mouth like oil. Very impressive stuff here!
D: Not an extremely drinkable beer here but I don't mind it one bit, quite enjoyable.

05-02-2010 02:50:06 | More by thedoubler55
Photo of mfunk9786


4.8/5  rDev +11.6%

This is a great coffee imperial stout from Terrapin, a beer that I had a 4-pack of but that I didn't necessarily appreciate until the last bottle that I drank under the guise of "Well, there's always next year." rather than "SWEET NECTAR!" (which should have been my reaction.)

A: Aside from the virtual lack of head, this pours gorgeously, with nice light brown lacing along the surface of the glass. Looks just like a glass of black coffee (if a 'glass' of black coffee were a thing.) Not perfect obviously because it looks a bit undercarbonated. Ironic, because the mouthfeel is just the opposite.

S: Unlike other beers of this style, rather than smelling like fresh brewed coffee, this smells (wonderfully) like fresh coffee grounds. A bit of the milk and oatmeal is also apparent.

T: The taste isn't for everyone, if you don't like coffee all that much it probably isn't even tolerable. Aside from a smidge of dairy funk and oat, this is all coffee. It tastes like black iced coffee with a little bit of cream - not something that everyone can handle. A bit of chocolate can also be detected, but not nearly as much as usual when it comes to this style.

M: A bit fizzy for the style. It might pour/look creamy, but it feels rather thin in the mouth with a bit of fizz, sort of like a coffee-flavored soda.

D: Regardless of this, if you like coffee, this is something you'll happily pound down. I love black coffee and drink it daily, so this gets a perfect score from me. But if you're not a huge coffee drinker, look elsewhere.

Seek this out in the wintertime! It's a lower cost alternative to Founders Breakfast Stout and it is a very different beer, but I could see some people actually preferring this.

05-01-2010 02:36:53 | More by mfunk9786
Photo of Petrislav


4.33/5  rDev +0.7%

12oz poured into pint glass

A:Pours like syrup into pitch black coffee, topped with a creamy light brown head

S: Lots of heavy roasts, actual fresh coffee, creaminess, slight hint of alcohol

T: Sweet mild hops, rush of coffee/heavy roasted malt, finish with alcohol

M: Lightly carbonated, very thick and creamy on the palate, heavy coffee and malt aftertaste

D: Huge flavor, not too filling, definitely a sipper

04-30-2010 20:24:14 | More by Petrislav
Photo of craytonic

District of Columbia

3.58/5  rDev -16.7%

Dark pour, decent head. Thick smell - chocolate, oatmeal, dark malts, cream and sugar. A bit too much roast. Taste is more of the same, but somehow a bit... ho-hum (most beers of this style are). I suppose I can't get that much into a beer that does no more than celebrate the ability to add a bunch of roasted hops to the brew in "extreme" quantities. Mouthfeel is decently thick. Drinkability is average for style, nothing to run to the store for.

04-30-2010 03:16:40 | More by craytonic
Photo of sjccmd


4.22/5  rDev -1.9%

Another thanks to Lerxst!

Pours nearly black, very dark brown like black coffee with a small espresso creme head that fades quickly. Leaves traces of lacing but eventually disappears entirely

Dark chocolate and coffee dominate the aroma. Dark fruits and a good amount of char. Chocolate comes out the most as it warms with just a hint of alcohol warmth.

The taste begins with dark fruits, mostly raisins and is quickly rounded off with dark roasty malts, coffee and chocolate. Subtle citrus and bitterness from hops.

Significant carbonation but on top of a full body. Finish is long and sticky.

Lots of flavor and body with little of the ABV detectable. It does feel a bit bigger than 8% from the amount of roastiness in the flavor and a pretty full body.

04-24-2010 00:05:10 | More by sjccmd
Terrapin Coffee Oatmeal Imperial Stout from Terrapin Beer Company
96 out of 100 based on 3,034 ratings.