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3 Monts Flanders Golden Ale - Brasserie De Saint-Sylvestre

Not Rated.
3 Monts Flanders Golden Ale3 Monts Flanders Golden Ale

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very good

405 Ratings

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Ratings: 405
Reviews: 268
rAvg: 3.95
pDev: 13.42%
Wants: 37
Gots: 16 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Brasserie De Saint-Sylvestre visit their website

Style | ABV
Bière de Garde |  8.50% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: BeerAdvocate on 08-20-2001)
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Photo of Tim2000

Quebec (Canada)

4.47/5  rDev +13.2%

750 mL brown bottle. 90th anniversary label.

Pours a clear, pale yellow with a thick and dense white head.

Bready malt aroma with some floral notes.

Starts off with sweet,grainy malt and honey and apple notes. Hops pick up quickly and are grassy and floral. Alcohol contributes some heat and there's a strong, slightly peppery, lingering bitterness. Medium body with fairly high carbonation.

Great beer with tons of character.

02-26-2010 23:08:06 | More by Tim2000
Photo of thekevlarkid


4.15/5  rDev +5.1%

Out of a generously provided bottle from a friend this beer was a clear golden color with a towering head of foam that both retained well and laced nicely as it slowly gave way. An impressive looking brew! The aroma was exotic and enjoyable. Sour apples, Belgian-style yeast funk, candy sugar, fruit and floral notes and a healthy dose of spices. Multi-faceted and impressive. The flavors were similar to a Belgian beer without so much emphasis on the yeast. Tart apples, lemon zest, sugary-sweetness, pepper, herbal and grassy notes and a light mustiness. The mouthfeel was smooth, the body medium and the carbonation lively. Though this higher carbonation reduced how quaffable the beer was it was still very refreshing and summery.

02-23-2010 17:47:07 | More by thekevlarkid
Photo of FreshHawk


4.22/5  rDev +6.8%

A - Hazy light brown to golden color. Big, pillowy white head.

S - Fruity (apple, pear, subtle lemon) and spiced (clove, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon). There is slight grassy scent, and light sweet smell.

T - Slight malt base with lots of fruity and spiced flavors resembling the smell. There is also a touch of honey. These are slightly sweet but more musty/rustic and slightly tangy. Alcohol is present but far from strong, but definitely warming.

M - Light to medium bodied, crisp, and slightly sticky. Dry finish. Decent carbonation

D - Not bad, but it's a little dry and the sweetness and spice along with the stickiness makes it a little difficult to have multiple ones.

Notes: Makes me think of a rustic France fruit orchard/farm. Interesting mix of flavors. Had a 750 ml so I reduced some down to make a sauce that was a really nice light, fruity, and spiced tasting sauce.

02-16-2010 22:22:45 | More by FreshHawk
Photo of Zorro


3.5/5  rDev -11.4%

REALLY funky cork on this one. This isn't caged the cork has a clip on it so you WILL need a screwdriver to get it off.

Exceedingly clear golden colored beer with a good sized white head. This has a paler color that I would have expected.

Smells herbal and grainy with no real detectable malt. A little bit grassy but the scent is super mild.

Starts out herbal and highly carbonated with a pear flavor. Complex herb flavor that my tongue interprets as tobacco on bread. Super mild flavor, you can't taste any alcohol but you can feel it in your chest. Faint sour flavor at the start, not sure what from.

Mouthfeel is decidedly light.

Super drinkable beer, just one problem it comes at the cost of flavor and complexity. Too bad this isn't as complex as say Hennepin.

02-08-2010 01:13:59 | More by Zorro
Photo of BlackHaddock

United Kingdom (England)

3.25/5  rDev -17.7%

Cork and clipped 0.75 litre brown bottle, best before 29th Oct 2010, drank early Jan 2010.

Very pale blonde/lager colour with a snow white close small bubbled head. Good lacing was left as the beer sank down the glass.

The aroma was a mix of dirty dish cloths, hops, yeast, leather satchels and stale lager.

The beer was refreshing and palate cleansing, mildly hoppy at first and then turning a little bitter.

It appeared to be like a round bodied lager based beer, which isn't what it should. Having said that I quite enjoyed the beer!

01-19-2010 19:24:10 | More by BlackHaddock
Photo of StJamesGate

New York

3.88/5  rDev -1.8%

Pours the palest yellow with a loose fizzy bone white head that fades fast - looks almost like champagne. Nose is green apples and fresh hay, with some barn and deep malt sweetness way in the back. Ripe pear and clover honey up front, a Belgian yeast hit and some chardonnay tartness in the middle, with light spicy hops to finish. Very lively and light bodied, crisp and dry. Slight winey ABV sting.

First time with the style + not what I expected - very summery and drinkable, but wouldn't mind more malt and less burn. A bit too much like wine for beer.

12-05-2009 00:32:47 | More by StJamesGate
Photo of adamette


3.9/5  rDev -1.3%

Live review. Poured from the 1 pint 9,4 oz. bottle that I purchased for $7.09 from Reider's Market in Painesville a few months ago into my Fat Head's Brewery 0.5 L rastal pint glass. On front label: Flanders Golden Ale Written on cork: Brasserie de Saint Sylvestre 11-18 APL. On the back label is stamped: ORDER 3042-8.

A First, significant sediment observed in the bottom of the bottle before I even poured anything. Next, the head is just magnificent, bountiful and flowing well over the top of the pint glass upon my vigorous pour. This one is a gusher folks. The head is a meringue like egg white fluff that sticks around for 3 to 5 minutes before finally dissipating down to one inch. First few pours showed little to no sediment in a nearly clear, straw yellow body. 4.0

S A pilsener like grain smell with some yeast, this is a good smelling beer. There is a bit of citrusy sweetness also to the nose. 3.5

T The pilsener smell carries right over into the taste but this is sweeter, more citrusy than a german pilsener. I think that what I am perceiving in terms of the Pils is the barley malt. Anyway, this beer is nice and enjoyable in that the light citrus and sweetness and grain tastes conspire together to make a delicious beer on the light side. Everything just works with the taste but it does lack complexity. 4.0

M Light overall but high carbonation has this beer dancing across your tongue in a light, citrusy dance. 4.0

D I finished off the bottle within 10 minutes and did so faster than I thought that I might. 4.5

Notes: A pleasant surprise.

11-24-2009 05:25:05 | More by adamette
Photo of wyattshotmaker


3.93/5  rDev -0.5%

poured into a tulip, nice head and lacing. golden color,looks good.

nose is somewhat musty and estery,bit of pear. bit of alcohol.

taste has some musty type funk in the forefront, bit of spice profile from the yeast. finishes dry and slightly tart.light on the palate. mouthfeel is light and spritzy, this is an easy to drink beer despite the high abv.

11-16-2009 03:21:10 | More by wyattshotmaker
Photo of WanderingFool


4.13/5  rDev +4.6%

3 Monts pours a clear straw yellow color with a big, rocky white head on top. The foam dissolves slowly leaving behind sheets and nets of lace on the sides of the glass. Inside, a storm of bubbles flows up to the surface. It reminds me of a snowstorm.

The aroma has notes of lemon zest, clove, honey and a hint of pale malt.

Each sip of this medium bodied beer gives an effervescent fizz on the palate. The flavor begins with light fruit notes of apple and lemon. Mixed in is a honey sweetness with a touch of clove and pepper. It finishes tart with a mild floral hop bitterness at the end. Once gone lemon and clove flavors linger on the palate.

Overall this is a quite drinkable beer for 8.5% abv. It's well balanced and complex. None of the flavors dominate and they all blend nicely together.

11-15-2009 20:40:21 | More by WanderingFool
Photo of malmquna


3.7/5  rDev -6.3%

We can find 750ml bottles of this on the cheap at most large suburban grocery stores here in France. This was one of those bottles.

Pours golden yellow to produce a fine white head that leaves some lace down the glass. Aroma is sweet with hints of straw. Floral notes bordering on meadowy cover a very light malt contribution to the flavor. Hops are virtually nonexistent. Residual sweetness turns into a bitter finish, with an overall boozy (~8% ABV) beginnng and end. This one smacks you a bit.

Trois Monts is a beer to be taken cautiously. It is quite drinkable, but the overall high gravity contributes to a body that is, fortunately, self limiting. Certainly worth a try.

11-15-2009 15:54:55 | More by malmquna
Photo of EvilPumpkin


3.7/5  rDev -6.3%

A: Pours a light hay color with visible carbonation and decent head retention and lacing.

S: Sour fruit mixed with a touch of honey sweetness.

T: Stronger with the sweetness and weaker with the tartness than in the smell. Not nearly as tart as I would have liked. As it warmed up a bit the tartness was more evident but still not as strong as desired.

M: A nice mouthfeel that is strongly carbonated

D: Good but not quite what I was expecting. The sweet and tart combination worked much better in the nose than in the taste. A stronger tart with a back up sweetness would have been more enjoyable, in my opinion.

10-21-2009 19:52:03 | More by EvilPumpkin
Photo of DawnL

New York

2.95/5  rDev -25.3%

Golden hue with lovely head that disspiates to fine lace.

Lactic acid, milky-sake like nose - some wheat characters

Graphite on the palate. Almost German Pilsner-like. It's drinkable, but not the favorite of the night. Hacker-Schorr-esque - a bit of a urea thing going on as it warms. More banana and clove character evident - German Lager now. Not sour. Not sweet. very dry beer.

This would pair well with chicken shwarma.

09-04-2009 00:13:47 | More by DawnL
Photo of thekanna


4.47/5  rDev +13.2%

A: Golden, radiant blond ale with a mile of white head that takes a long time to settle.

S: Honey sweetness with tropical fruits (pineapples?) and a slight whiff of alcohol.

T: Complex! Honey is ever-present, with some sweet citrus notes, a slight biscuit taste, and juicy pears. Powerful floral tastes are also present. A peppery spiciness then his along with a strong alcoholic boozy-ness, like vodka-soaked pineapples.

M: Small, effervescent bubbles really provide a champagne-like character.

D: Very good for sipping to admire the complexities.

09-03-2009 03:21:37 | More by thekanna
Photo of bobsy

Ontario (Canada)

3.65/5  rDev -7.6%

3 Monts pours a clear and radiant gold with a bubbly white head that shows good retention and lace. Strong carbonation is evident, and clearly a factor in the nice retention exhibited here. The nose has some good things going on, and it presents a wonderfully fragrant bouquet of tropical fruit, pale malt and earth. Digging a bit deeper, the hops become apparent, and bring a slightly spicy grassiness to proceedings.

My initial impression upon tasting is that this is slightly boozy, but the guidelines tell me that this is to style, so I can appreciate a bit of heat in this. In fact, I quite like it because its complimented by a peppery finish and a nice hop bite. The middle has a lot of citrus, and a good freshness is provided by a zesty lemon flavour and the fruit flavour continues with a touch of melon. Again I detect some earth / mineral notes going on. The body is medium-light, with a dry finish and a warming sensation in the throat and stomach.

This was my first biere de garde, and a fairly pleasurable initial experience. The flavours aren't exactly down my alley, but it seemed well done. Thanks to Shawn for the bottle which has been stored in Derek's fridge for a month or two.

08-09-2009 21:03:55 | More by bobsy
Photo of Derek

British Columbia (Canada)

3.65/5  rDev -7.6%

A: Blond with a good white head, good retention & lacing.

S: Tropical fruit (pineapple, mango) and rind, slight earthyness.

T: Citrus rind, tropical fruit, spice, a little earthy, modest bitterness, a little boozy.

M: Slight residual sweetness with a drying alcohol finish.

D: Its got character, but it's a little boozy.

08-08-2009 19:53:29 | More by Derek
Photo of dino213aa


3.95/5  rDev 0%

A: Slightly hazy and golden, with sparse lacing.

S: Fermented barley aromas with some vague wine fruity notes.

T&M: Bold but gloriously barley-like. This brew is bready and fulfilling while being light on the palette.

D: Overall this one goes down pretty easy. Although not terribly complex, it basks in sunny summer simplicity. A very commendable showing for a flanders golden.

07-28-2009 02:44:29 | More by dino213aa
Photo of juju7


4.15/5  rDev +5.1%

Quite an effort to get open but got there in the end. Pours a bright gold with a towering, fluffy head that died pretty quickly unfortunately and didn't lace a great deal either. Some champagne like bubbles power away at first but subside after a minute or two.
Nose is quite yeasty, earthy and even a touch buttery. Some spice and pear in the background. A nice aroma but not jumping out of the glass as much as I hoped. Comes together beautifully on the palate. The yeast and phenols are persistent. The cloves and spice also hold up their end well. The alcohol hangs around at the end a little too much.
A beer to be had at least once.

07-15-2009 10:28:53 | More by juju7
Photo of mulder1010


3.18/5  rDev -19.5%

a 750 bottle and poured into my Belle-Vue Kriek glass.

A--very clean pouring, excellent golden yellow (straw). Head was thick and lasted a minute until dying off slowly, good carbonation.
S-- a little sweet, and get a straw smell as well. Smells on the dry side.
T-- Clean, very little bitterness, on the dry side as well, very little alchohol taste for the ABV. 8.5%
M-- lively in the mouth but dissipates quickly after swallowing. Get that dry feeling in my mouth and on the back of my tongue. Not as complex as Belgian beers.
D-- one is enough. I like it but not something I would want a lot of. This 750 is more than enough. The ABV does not catch up on you quickly. A total savory beer. I had hoped this would be more complex than what it is. I get a lot of straw taste and the dryness from it.
Just is missing something that keeps me from going I want more. Have always read good things about it but will have to give this another chance eventually.

06-24-2009 15:27:08 | More by mulder1010
Photo of BARFLYB


3.9/5  rDev -1.3%

Bottle split with oglmcdgl, poured into a St. Bernardus tulip.

A- 3 Monts has a light gold look to it, kind of straw like in appearence. A very clean looking beer with all the debris still in the bottle. A frothy bright white cap stayed on top throughout leaving minimal lace.

S- Kind of reminds me of a saison mixed with a golden ale. Very earthy with some hops and a big mix of spices. Some grass and other barnyard scents although light. A nice bready malt background.

T- Very nice the spices are up front and I also get alot of honey. A nice blend of fruit with apple and pear. Slight lemon as well. Some earthy hops in the middle. Some barnyard musk but barely.

M- Somewhere between light and medium bodied with a fair amount of carbonation. Goes down pretty easy and finishes rather dry. This one was refreshing.

D-Would have no problem with a bottle to myself but 12oz was plenty for me. Not very high in alcohol and a good enough taste to make another purchase.

06-21-2009 07:20:30 | More by BARFLYB
Photo of Stavage


3.9/5  rDev -1.3%

Very light amber coloured fluid with a big bubbly head (poured into a tulip glass). Head had good retention and good lacing.

Smell was pretty full on but maybe a little too full on to me. Another of those champagney smelling beers to me. That tart sweet grape fruitiness but with added pleasing malt and yeast back notes. The alcohol and wine smells overdominated the malt and yeasts to my specific tastes though.

Taste was again dominated by wine like fruitiness with lots of clove and phenols. Initial alcoholic bite which fades fast to leave a smooth malt backbone which is more noticeable on the tongue than on the nose.

Overall I'd say it has a light mouthfeel which suits this beer. High carbonation which might contribute to this lightness but that malt backbone also adds a certain smoothness. After the initial hit I'd say the alcohol is very well hidden.

I can see how this beer could be perfect in the right environment. It's a relatively high abv but its so easy drinking, I'd think it'd make a great replacement to a summer wine. Very tart and fruity but balanced by malt so it's not overpowering. Light and carbonated. Not really what I look for in a beer but it works. Bit overpriced here because of its boutique factor so probably won't really go out of my way for it often but it was an enjoyable experience.

06-02-2009 12:39:22 | More by Stavage
Photo of SleepyMonk


4.3/5  rDev +8.9%

Chilled 75cl Bottle poured into a tulip glass

Appearance is a golden honey amber with a thick head that rolls away to clingy lacing.

The aroma is huge an complex. Wine like aromatic and fruit notes is a quick way to take in a majority of what is on offer. Dry yeast characteristics take a little edge of the fruit notes and I think this is what throws so many off and what leads to this beer carrying such a confusing aroma.

Just like the nose the taste palate is melting pot of flavors. Chewy caramel, pear and banana skins and practically and entire barnyard full of agricultural tastes like fresh, dried and baked wheats.

In the mouth and across the tongue the flavor starts off huge and holds the note like a slow Eric Clapton or Led Zep jam. When it dries off the alcohol dominates the finish yet the flavor is still available to savor.

This French beer is close enough to Belgium in taste and geographical location yet it has its very own unique properties. Great beer and one I'm always amazed to see omitted from top 10, 20 or whatever beer lists.

05-28-2009 11:50:23 | More by SleepyMonk
Photo of bellebouche


3.6/5  rDev -8.9%

750ml bottle with entertaining wire grip, necessary to use a corkscrew to open. Shared with my wife into two schooner glasses, served @ 10 C

A: light, grassy, shining and clear. Immense frothy head that meant a careful pour was necessary. Very fine bubbles - reminscent of a champagne

S: Fresh green hop acid aroma, backed by granny smith apple bouquet

T: Bone bone dry, lightly astringent hop bitterness

M: mouth filling mousse, again carrying on the champagne feel of this beer.

D: A sipper only, alcohol evident and the mouth expanding mouse meant you couldn't quaff in any quantity.

I'd not drink this regularly but as an experience it was quite something. I'm more likely to buy again to share a tasting session with another person. We had this with a meal and it was a poor choice for accompanying food (Tarragon Butter stuffed Roast chicken) - much better in isolation I'd say.

05-17-2009 09:50:40 | More by bellebouche
Photo of PirateUlf73


4.05/5  rDev +2.5%

750 ml corked bottle. Poured into a tulip glass.

A: Slightly hazy, light golden color with a bright white head that was pretty substantial.

S: Dry yeast character up front with a hint of wheat and light fruit. Almost gives the impression of freshly picked green apples. Light bread notes as well.

T: Sweet and apple-like in the taste initially. Might be described as "juicy," if not for the dry yeast to add some balance. Barely noticeable bitterness. Nicely blended.

M: Lighter side of medium-bodied with plenty of carbonation. Mouth-wateringly sweet at first, leading to a bready middle and dry finish. Very nicely done.

D: Glad I decided to sample this on a hot night. Great drinking for the warmer months.

Subtle and sublime. A superb beer from start to finish. I would not buy this regularly, but it makes for an excellent change of pace. Quite rustic and charming. Give this a try.

04-25-2009 07:21:27 | More by PirateUlf73
Photo of Kensai


3.5/5  rDev -11.4%

Bought a wine-size (750ml) bottle of this relatively rare beer.

Although it falls under the wonderful Bière de Garde style I can't say I fell in love with it as with its sister, the "Gavroche", from the same Brasserie. If you have the chance try THAT one.

Before opening it I noticed the various particles (yeast?) swimming in the big bottle. Poured it in my large pint glass. Color is golden, looks more like a typical lager, foam is rich but seems to disappear pretty quickly.

Smell is lightly acidic, hoppy and nutty... surely pleasing! I can't say I was impressed by any other special characteristic.

Taste and mouthfeel: yummy! I like so much this style of beers. The alcoholic aftertaste is strong though. Attention not to lose the number of glasses you have, especially if you open such a big bottle alone.

03-26-2009 19:43:07 | More by Kensai
Photo of MrIncognito


4.5/5  rDev +13.9%

Poured from a 750ml bottle with a cork mashed down by a metal band into a stemless red wine glass.

A - Beautiful golden body that is just slightly hazy with pretty heavy carbonation rushing upwards. Big sticky white head that stays a real long time and leaves some of the most beautiful lacing I've ever seen.

S - Someone mentioned this earlier, and I want to steal it. It just has that "good beer" smell. Pale malts with lemon grass and green grapes. Not much alcohol present in the nose, even after it warms a bit.

T&M - Nice crisp taste and mouthfeel. Bubbles are slightly drying but still allows for thirst-quenching. Such a clean taste of lemon grass and wheat mixed. Pale malts for sure and just the slightest alcohol presence as the beer really warms. Great funky flavors that are sweet yet slightly bitter at times.

D - So refreshing and enjoyable. This would be a summer drink that I would absolutely crave. I'll take this instead of champaign or most white wines any day. Incredibly balanced and unique. Closest resemblance would be Orval or maybe Saison Dupont, just more of that lemon grass funk.

02-25-2009 13:13:44 | More by MrIncognito
3 Monts Flanders Golden Ale from Brasserie De Saint-Sylvestre
88 out of 100 based on 405 ratings.