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Myrcenary Double IPA - Odell Brewing Company

Not Rated.
Myrcenary Double IPAMyrcenary Double IPA

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2,169 Ratings

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Ratings: 2,169
Reviews: 500
rAvg: 4.3
pDev: 9.3%
Wants: 441
Gots: 252 | FT: 10
Brewed by:
Odell Brewing Company visit their website
Colorado, United States

Style | ABV
American Double / Imperial IPA |  9.30% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: Bitterbill on 02-18-2011)
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Ratings: 2,169 | Reviews: 500 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of Haybeerman
4.3/5  rDev 0%

A: Clear orange/amber color. Poured a 2 finger off-white head with good retention to a thick, even skim. Decanted lightly with slowly rising bubbles. Laced in wide rings.

S: Big tropical fruit. Orange rind and citrus. Faint spicy tickle. No malt character,

T: Some bready malt transitions quickly to resiny hops - tropical fruit, orange and flowers. Bitter builds in the finish for balance into a cleansing dryness.

M: Medium body. Moderate carbonation. Resiny and dry. Disguises the alcohol well.

O: Flavorful and balanced for a big beer. Watch out for the ABV; it'll sneak up on you.

Haybeerman, Apr 12, 2011
Photo of azdback
3.9/5  rDev -9.3%

Poured into my Surly pint glass. Bottle dated 7/1/11, so it's obviously a drink by date. An off bright orange, fairly clear. Decent carbonation bubbles doing their job. Head is a short two fingers and bright white, very creamy in appearance Lace looks a bit sticky, for now, but doesn't stay around for the 9th inning.

Smell is sweet malts and sweet bitter hops. Orange and a bit grapefruit, sprinkled with sugar. There is some bready yeast smells that come out as it warms.

Citrus hops meet me first. They are very sweet and not that bitter. There is a taste early middle that I need to figure out. I think it's leafy, call me crazy but I think it tastes like iceberg lettuce.? Or cabbage.? It's not a bad flavor just misplaced (or misjudged). I think it might be the essential oils in the hop flower (Myrcene) they were shooting for. There are some yeast flavors coming as this warms. I like it though.

The mouth is what it should be. Almost creamy up front. Silky and full to the end, but just a bit dry at that point also. A tad bit off of what I think this style should be.

Overall I believe this has held up to the hype. It is still very fresh, so I can't speak for this one in a few months, but right now I am very pleased. Even at $3 a 12oz. bottle I will pick up a fresh one of these every chance I get.

azdback, Apr 12, 2011
Photo of mdogg
4.43/5  rDev +3%

This showed up in KC with very little fanfare. I picked up a 4 pk and really liked it, and luckily found a bunch more at an obscure store in NKC.

appearance: a hazy orange-amber. a thin but resilient head that leaves it's mark all over the glass

smell: clean and citrusy hop goodness. a really enjoyable smell.

taste: similar to the smell. sharp, clean hops on the front end, with a sweet clean finish. Reminiscent of hopslam, in a good way. You get a tiny bit of heat at the very end, but considering the high abv, it hides it impressively.

mouthfeel: good for the style. A tad bit thin, but didnt really detract from the beer.

This is delicious stuff. Hopefully odells keeps this one coming.

mdogg, Apr 11, 2011
Photo of ShogoKawada
4.5/5  rDev +4.7%

12oz thanks to an awesome trader! Into Stone VE sample glass.

A- Good clarity on an orangey body with amber around the edges. Fantastic 1cm head that is big and sticky. Great lacing.

S- The nose on this one is so damn fruity. Orange pulp. A bit spicy/dank, but only a smidge- this is very fruit-forward.

T- Great fruity hops. This is like biting into an orange. Almost tart, very juicy, bit of pith bitterness. Bitterness builds as the beer goes down... hophead's delight.

M- Good body, no sign of ABV, drinks very well.

O- This was a beer that really impressed me. I would be very happy to have this again.


ShogoKawada, Apr 10, 2011
Photo of Chriscrundwell12
4.33/5  rDev +0.7%

Poured from a 12 oz bottle into a snifter

A- Very clear, light yellow straw appearance, excellent lacing, ¾ white head
S- Sweeter aroma, grapefruit and pine, nice floral light aroma, nothing in your face, hints of lime, citrus
M- Medium mouth feel, very light on the palate
O- Solid DIPA, really refreshing, excellent taste, aroma was very mild, overall really solid brew from Odell, very drinkable.

Chriscrundwell12, Apr 10, 2011
Photo of mothman
4.43/5  rDev +3%

Pours 1/2 finger of white head. Not very good retention. Leaves some splattered lace. Color is a clear gold.

Aroma: Mega hops. Huge floral and pine kick. Tropical citrus fruits. Some bready malts. Nice.

Taste: Wow, this stuff is hoppy. Huge pine and floral kick. Intense. Grapefruit and tropical fruits. Bready and biscuity malts.

Mouthfeel: Bitter and a bit creamy. Medium bodied with a medium amount of carbonation. Ends sticky and weedy.

Overall, a really solid dipa. I was really impressed with this one. Really drinkable. Probably the best I have had from Odell.

mothman, Apr 10, 2011
Photo of FosterJM
4.22/5  rDev -1.9%

384th review on BA
Draft to Pint

Old Chicago, Lincoln, NE

App- A very golden yellow beer. Not sure if this was the intended color. Seems a bit light for such a big DIPA. A very fluffy one finger head. Nice job by the bartender on the pour. Big cling all the way down the glass.

Smell- Very sweet upfront on this one. The malts seem to be a bit too crystal and therefore a bit sweet with a small caramel/citrus note. Nice, but sweet.

Taste- HUGE beer. I was not expecting this at all. The grapefruit punch is right in your face. Suprisingly as well it was very creamy in the taste. Good DIPA.

Mouth- Medium bodied with a paired carbonation level. A malty beer to say the least but cream is what stays with me.

Drink- A very good DIPA. I was suprised to see this one on tap. I was about to call a buddy to send a 4 pk. Not what I was expecting but was very taste non the less.

FosterJM, Apr 10, 2011
Photo of pokesbeerdude
4.47/5  rDev +4%

12oz bottle purchased as a 4 pack from Central Park Liquors in Steamboat, CO for ~$10. Into a DFH Signature Glass.

A: Nice amber color with a stark white head, about half an inch that quickly recedes to a cap of bubbles. Slightly hazy. A few spots of lacing linger as the head recedes.

S: Big tropical fruit nose of oranges, mangoes, and pineapple, wow this is nice. Really has a great hop note of citrus and tropical fruits. Reminds me a bit of Bootleggers Knuckle Sandwich in the nose, but just a little bit, this is its own beast. Nice.

T: Again nice tropical fruit flavors, I get a fair amount of pineapple and mango, some passion fruit, as well as a fair amount of orange in the profile as well. Not a huge malt backbone, but there is a nice little bit of sweetness that helps balance things out. The bitterness is not incredibly harsh like other DIPAs. Great!

M: Spot on, medium carbonation, nicely dry, no noticeable alcohol either which is nice for a 9.3% abv tag. Great here as well.

O: Fantastic offering from Odell, I was very excited when I heard about this, and it did not disappoint. Another fantastic IPA from Odell. Really digging a lot of their new releases.

pokesbeerdude, Apr 10, 2011
Photo of birchstick
4.38/5  rDev +1.9%

A - pours a nice orangish yellow color with a beautiful 1/2 finger head on it

S - smells of tropical fruits (pineapples and mangoes sticking out the most) with a bit of bready and caramel malts. Smells delicious

T - starts off with papaya and mango that is ushered aside by even more tropical fruit flavors, pineapple being the most prominent. The caramel and bread malts come in during the middle of the palate and is subsequently overwhelmed by another rush of sweet, tropical hops. Not much bitterness to speak of. Great stuff.

M - nice and creamy with a solid body...this is 9.3%?!

D - solid DIPA here. One of the sweeter versions out there. I really enjoyed this guy and wouldn't hesitate to recommend or buy again. Surprise, another solid beer from Odell.

birchstick, Apr 09, 2011
Photo of joshuaseresse
4.35/5  rDev +1.2%

Bottle. Poured into a pint glass:

A - Golden, hay colored. Light foam head that dies very quickly into murky cloudy bubbles in the middle. Constant carbonation coming up the side of the glass. Lacing retention is OK.

S - Delicious pineapple, papaya and mango. Hints of grapefruit. Just a tad bit of malty, caramalized, bready character but really big on the citrus. Little bit of pine notes as well.

T - A faint version of the smell. It kind of reminds me of Founders Double Trouble and Hopslam mixed. Flavors of pineapple, green apple skins, mango and little bit of lemon zest. A bit malty.

M - Really smooth but there is a bit of a thickness to it, probably due to the higher ABV. Pretty nice carbonation.

O - Pretty decent DIPA. The smell is just great but it lacks in the taste. Understandable mouthfeel based on the ABV. I will try this again and based on the price, smell and mouthfeel, I think it is a bit better than Hopslam.

joshuaseresse, Apr 09, 2011
Photo of aval89
4.7/5  rDev +9.3%

On tap at Flannys Bar & Grill in Tempe, AZ

A: beautiful golden orange with a nice 1 finger of head.. hop haze going on.. leaves some nice lace & some alcohol legs.. looks super inviting & what a DIPA should look like..

S: ripe & fresh citrus fruits.. tangerines, sugar coated grapefruit.. some mango & papaya as well.. hints of pine. Small touch of caramel.. but the hops steal the show..

T: pretty much follows the nose.. sweet tangerines, sugar coated grapefruits .. touch of pine & tropical fruits.. some caramel malt & a touch of breadiness. Bitterness is sweet orange peel like but not a heavy bitterness that crushes the palate.. almost forgot this was 9+% abv.. hard to put taste to words..just need to try it!!

Mf: spot on for this DIPA! Soft, with great carb.. feels great in the mouth.

O: a true Pliny killer..

aval89, Apr 09, 2011
Photo of mdcrouser
4.2/5  rDev -2.3%

White and milky head, reminiscent of real whipped cream - a full finger's worth that doesn't recede. Provides an inviting topper to a completely translucent deep golden beer.

Big fresh pineapple and grapefruit on the nose - one of the biggest I've ever enjoyed.

Bitter grapefruit, some pineapple, and even some cedar come through juicy, but close very dry. Increasingly bitter to close, which is mildly questionable.

Like the skin of a peach on the tongue - velvety, with a distinct juiciness beneath. Mildly resinous as well.

The look, the smell, and the initial taste are glorious, hinting even at world clasas. But the close leaves a bit to be desired.

mdcrouser, Apr 09, 2011
Photo of hardy008
4.78/5  rDev +11.2%

Pours a hazy light orange with a large white head which leaves nice lacing. The aroma is really nice on this beer. Oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, floral hops, and pine. If it tastes as good as it smells, this will be another winner from Odell.

This tastes even better than it smells. Oranges, grapefruit, pineapple, floral hops, and pine. There is also some sweetness from the malt, but it takes a back seat to the hops.

Medium bodied, smooth, and creamy with low carbonation. I could drink this all the time. Since it is year round, I think I will. Odell IPA is one of my favorite IPAs. Myrcenary will no doubt become a favorite DIPA. Nicely done by Odell.

hardy008, Apr 08, 2011
Photo of ZAP
3.53/5  rDev -17.9%

There are many great IPA's but none better than O'dell IPA in my opinion. I was hoping this would be a DIPA version and it is and it isn't.

It has some similar flavors...tropical fruits...bready/doughy maltiness..but really comes with a pretty heavy alcoholic bite. The finished product does not stack up as well in DIPA land as their regular IPA does in basic IPA land.

Aroma is of tropical fruits, garlic (there has to be Summit hops in this), and cookie dough...the taste begins with some juicy tropical fruits but then the splash (to be kind) of alcohol enters and just overrides the flavors too much...a bit garlicy on the finish as well...

Body is low side of full...did I mention it is boozy..

All in all this does not showcase the flavors I expected and hoped for nearly as much as the regular IPA does. Worth trying but does not compare to Hopslam or Dreadnaught

ZAP, Apr 06, 2011
Photo of dbossman
4.53/5  rDev +5.3%

A: Golden orange and slightly hazy with a huge billowing head that rests beautifully above the rim of the glass; retention is good and lacing is great

S: Tropical fruit presence up front: grapefruit, pineapple, and mango; a touch of black pepper spiciness; all on top of a grainy malty backbone; the hop oils tickle the nostril and a bit of alcohol burns the back of the nose

T: Nice combination up front of tropical fruits and alcohol burn--a pleasant burn--this is smooth and not overly sweet like many DIPAs; oily and fruity with a solid malt bill backing it all up

F: Nicely carbonated and oily, which helps it cling to the inside of the mouth

D: Such a smooth, easy-to-drink DIPA; awesome beer, Odell!

dbossman, Apr 06, 2011
Photo of amcmaho1
4.38/5  rDev +1.9%

Had seen these at a local bottle shop, and finally picked some up. Poured into a Surly snifter.
No bottled on date, though its likely fresh since we just recently got it in to stores here. If nothing else, it's "relatively fresh."

Appearance: Pours a pretty pale golden which is very translucent. No real definite head, though there is some rather small lace going on. I'd say the aesthetic appearance of the beer is it's only downfall, as well as the lack of head & head retention.

Smell: Here's where the beer earns its stripes. Some great fruity hop esters, along with some nice pine and citrus notes dominate the nose. There's undoubtedly a big malt bill here, though the hops really seem most apparent: which is very well received. There seems to be virtually no notice of the 9% abv on the nose.

Taste: I get some really "bready" notes along with some mild malt sweetness, and otherwise it's another hop exhibition. The alcohol comes through with a very mild warming at the end of the taste, and it is working very nicely with the residual hop bitterness going on. Very clean bitterness makes this a very hop focused beer.

Mouthfeel: This beer seems rather thin for a double ipa, though that thinness may actually be increasing the overall drinkability. There is no stickiness, cloying sweetness, or unbearable viscosity. Instead an easy drinking IIPA, which feels more like an IPA but tastes like a very hoppy IIPA.

Overall: I have thoroughly enjoyed this beer. As far ass IIPA's go, this one certainly stands out at me. the fact that it is very hop forward, without losing anything in the malt profile, while still remaining fresh and drinkable is a huge plus for me. Great job Odells, on another beer well executed!

amcmaho1, Apr 05, 2011
Photo of StlHopHead77
4.45/5  rDev +3.5%

A-Two full fingers of dense,eggshell white head that reduced by half after 5 minutes in the glass. The body is peachey/orange with only a slight haze.Really ,really nice ribbons of lacing.

S-On the nose this brew is a tropical hop bomb.Musky,ripe mango,nectarine,some papaya,Clover honey and some minimally expressed toffee malt.

T-Soft but sneakily unctious with a moderate bitterness that is foiled by flavors of mango,stonefruit,flowery jasmine and a sweet honey
note on the finish.

M-Well integrated flavors delivered by a smooth but slick mouthfeel and good moderate carbonation.

O-I honestly was unaware of this beer until Curtis at Randall's Old Halls Ferry location pointed it out.He was spot on.A truly solid example of the style.

StlHopHead77, Apr 05, 2011
Photo of ucis
4.78/5  rDev +11.2%

(S/)trolling some liquor hideouts on an airport commute searching for anomalies. The shop wasn't open for another fifteen minutes, but the steward let me in. He was phoning friends and texting; I had the run of his 200 square foot liquor hole. Searching. Searching. Searching. One lonely four pack of Odell's Myrcenary.
I quickly set my purchase up and get ready to pay. "One minute Phil, I have a customer". The rest is a long drive of

Fast forward two days.

This bottle art is amazing. Top is popped. The smell is ambrosia. Pours out a bronze-yellow with wisps of white sea foam. Smelling again; floral and yeasty. Taste is bitter, warming, hops, malt, sweet, yeast. How did my glass get empty? Shrug and pour. This has more balance than most Olympic gymnasts. 9.3% abv? The alcohol is playing hide and seek in my glass. The mouth feel is full. So close to perfection.

I can't seem to find any excuse why I wouldn't buy more-- if I can find it.

ucis, Apr 04, 2011
Photo of Phelps
4.25/5  rDev -1.2%

Poured from the bottle with an expiration date of 7-1-11, meaning it was bottle March 1. Into a tulip it goes.

Pale pineapple gold in color, with the slightest chill haze obscuring my fingers on the other side of the glass. A 1.5-finger head of frothy, pale yellow foam sits atop, diminishing slowly and leaving sticky walls of lace behind as it does.

According to this pretty little bottle, Myrcene is a component of the essential oils found in the hop flower, and Mycenary was brewed using a blend of hops with the highest levels of the compound. The idea guys over at Odell deserve a medal of some kind -- they come up with cool beers and great, explanatory names to go along with them.

Myrcene must be in the hops I like, because this nose is dynamite. Sweet pineapple and mango, fresh-cut grass and a rich, dank character all dance in harmony. Also getting honey, roses, lavender, and lightly toasted biscuits. Very nice.

The flavor follows the nose beautifully, really showcasing the sweet, tropical nature of the hops. Pineapple, juicyfruit and grass emerge again along with honey and rose petals, and pale cracker malt peeks out at the mostly-clean finish. A bright, fresh flavor.

A little light in body, though it is nicely soft. Carbonation is equally subtle, massaging the tongue gently and lending the beer just a bit of fizziness. Ethanol vapors can be picked up every now and then, but for the most part, the booze is so well-hidden by the flavor that I hardly notice it.

For an everyday, off-the-shelf DIPA, this is outrageously good. Outstanding, complex flavor mixes with an easygoing body to make a beer that's far more drinkable than its nearly 10 percent ABV would imply. The fact that it comes in affordable six packs instead of the pricy 750s Odell seems so fond of just adds ammo to Mycenary's clip. A winner, for sure.

Phelps, Apr 04, 2011
Photo of regspeir
3.93/5  rDev -8.6%

12 oz bottle (thanks mnbearsfan) into a Duvel snifter.
Pours a light yellow-gold with a smallish head that dissipates to a coating. There is some some lacing which lasts all the way through. The nose is a lemony citrus (pineapple, mango, orange) with some bready, floral and sweet undertones. Taste reveals a very sweet and thin DIPA, with orange, lemon, and pine as the dominant notes. The finish is only mildly bitter and dry and this is a little thinner than I would have expected (almost like a pilsner or pale ale). The mouthfeel is crisp, medium in body and carbonation. I liked this offering but it is not terribly complex and is a bit too thin for my preference. Still, it is a solid offering and one I would have again.

regspeir, Apr 03, 2011
Photo of jjanega08
4.05/5  rDev -5.8%

Date stamped on bottle reads 7/12/11A

A= Pours lighter than your typical DIPA sort of a nice golden color akin to many APAs with a thick soapy white head on it that rises to a finger high and holds steady retention. Looks pretty nice with some great lacing as well.

S= Tropical fruit all the way! Smells like many fruit salads I've made at work. Pineapple is dominate with some overripe mango maybe some peaches and of course some of the classic hoppy resin in there.

T= The taste is just as I expected. Not quite the fruit bomb it smelled like but still really nice tasting. The hops don't play as much of the bitter role as they do the flavor role. Nice fruity flavor with resinous hops. The malt backbone is there but plays a supporting role for sure.

M= Smooth and creamy. Nearly perfect.

O= Great DIPA! Worth checking out for sure. Not the most flavor in the profile but again worth checkin out.

jjanega08, Apr 02, 2011
Photo of JohnGalt1
4/5  rDev -7%

12oz from the COOP... decent 1 finger white head... nice lacing and a flimsy cap atop a nice clear lite golden brew.

Nose sports a fair amount of floral hoppiness and some background tropical fruit hops.. smells pretty dry with only a dusting of pale malts.

Flavor mirrors the nose with a smooth bitterness that melts seamlessly into an abundant floral hop note... again a bit tropical too.. just enough malt to help bring the hops up out of the glass.. finish is long and lip smacking. Medium bodied with a lite yet everpresent small bubble carbonation that accentuates the oiliness of the hops.

Pretty nice... glad we are finally getting Odells into Boise.

All 4's

JohnGalt1, Apr 02, 2011
Photo of siradmiralnelson
4.5/5  rDev +4.7%

Poured from 12oz bottle into Tulip.

A. Nice 2+ finger head. Excellent retention. Thick lacing. Golden yellow orange color.

S. Great hop smell. To me it smells like a hopped up version of their regular IPA. Citrus and piney hops balanced with a biscuity dry malt smell. Really nice floral hop aroma.

T. Taste is very smooth and delicous. Nice hop flavor. Some citrus and tropical fruit hop flavor. Nice bitterness. Has a bit of sweetness to it, but pretty hop forward. I think this is close to being up with some of the big boys.

M. Medium/full bodied. Medium carbonation. Little bit of lingering tropical fruit sweetness.

O. Overall I am pretty impressed. I really like regular Odell IPA and Myrcenary delivers as well. Nice citrus and tropical fruit hop flavors. I like Odell's malt flavor in their IPAs. I think it lets the hops shine. Very glad this is going to be a year round release, just wish Odell's was distributed in Iowa.

siradmiralnelson, Apr 02, 2011
Photo of Mdog
4.38/5  rDev +1.9%

Appearance: Gold, slight haze, good head.

Smell: Pink grapefruit, moderate strength.

Taste: Nice juicy-feeling grapefruit citrus, some sweetness, has some bitterness but not too much, very nice.

Drinkability: Nice DIPA, $10 per 4 pack is pretty good pricing too.

I could have tried this on my trip to Arizona but didn't know what it was when I saw it on a tap list. So I had a bottle here at home. Very nice DIPA, not super bitter. I should probably pick up a 4 pack.

Mdog, Apr 02, 2011
Photo of dave43
4.93/5  rDev +14.7%

Some nice lace on this one. Smells like some top end sticky icky. Not too bitter...not too sweet, this beer is well balanced. The alcohol at over 9% is well hidden. A very session able beer and good news it will be a year round release. This is the good stuff as Julio would say.

dave43, Apr 01, 2011
Myrcenary Double IPA from Odell Brewing Company
96 out of 100 based on 2,169 ratings.