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Longboat Chocolate Porter - Phillips Brewing Company

Not Rated.
Longboat Chocolate PorterLongboat Chocolate Porter

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very good

110 Ratings
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Ratings: 110
Reviews: 49
rAvg: 3.76
pDev: 18.35%
Wants: 3
Gots: 10 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Phillips Brewing Company visit their website
British Columbia, Canada

Style | ABV
English Porter |  5.20% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
Classic Pairings in History: Stevie Wonder & Paul McCartney Super Dave Osborne & Mr. Fuji Cheddar cheese & pickles Bob & Doug McKenzie Mork & Mindy Bonnie & Clyde Chocolate & Beer!!! We'd say that Longboat is a classic chocolate porter, but lets face it, who's ever heard of a chocolate porter? It is, however, a rich dark ale, with a distinctive chocolate finish. Comes in a 650mL bottle, cause 341mL just isn't enough!

(Beer added by: BeerAdvocate on 12-17-2004)
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Ratings: 110 | Reviews: 49 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of pootz

Ontario (Canada)

3.85/5  rDev +2.4%

Bottle from trade:

Pours dark black with a 2 finger brown cap which laces and displays fair retention.

Full bodied, cocoa-malty character.

Big malts in front like chocolate cake without the sweetness, some dark fruits, coffee, tobacco...long wet finish dries slowly with bitter chocolate end.

Well made, good tasting, satisfying but nothing stands out from the hundreds of other micro cocoa porters out there.

07-29-2010 15:36:01 | More by pootz
Photo of Kmat10

Alberta (Canada)

3.75/5  rDev -0.3%

05-20-2013 04:54:16 | More by Kmat10
Photo of BDTyre

British Columbia (Canada)

4.33/5  rDev +15.2%

Having this on-tap restores my faith in Phillips' ability to brew heavier beers. While I enjoy this and the Dark IPA, the Espresso stout somewhat destroyed my faith in this breweries ability to do stouts and porters.

On-tap, this is an improvement over the bottle. Nice dark porter colour couple with a definite sweet chocolate and dry malt scent. Tastes smooth, milk chocolatey with dry malt on the finish. Thicker, creamier and smoother than the bottled version. I previously found this to be a bit watery but on-tap the mouthfeel is significantly better.

I hope to see this on tap again....

03-24-2006 09:00:25 | More by BDTyre
Photo of chickenm

British Columbia (Canada)

2.8/5  rDev -25.5%

Pours a dark brown color with a small tan head that disappeared quickly. A sweet smell of chocolate milk and cocoa dominates. The body of this is way too light for a porter. There is a watery cocoa taste... did not appeal to me at all. Overall this was a disappointment, don't think I'll buy this again.

11-24-2009 02:07:40 | More by chickenm
Photo of EyePeeAyBryan


4.25/5  rDev +13%

05-08-2014 20:49:23 | More by EyePeeAyBryan
Photo of sprucetip


1.63/5  rDev -56.6%

From notes.

Dark brown with some light around the edges when backlit. Fizzy tan head fades fast. No lacing.

Chocolate syrup and not much else. With a swirl, I get faint booze and a light whiff of base grains.

Better than the nose, but not much. Chocolate syrup and something sorta dark fruity trying to poke through. Way to sweet and chocolate syrupy!

Too much carbonation tingle, medium body, and a bit of viscosity. More warming than I'd expect for its size. Or is that that overly strong carbonation?

I support being creative and experimental. But whose idea was it ot dump a bunch of Hershey's syrup in what may have been a decent beer? Very disappointing. I don't do drain pours, but if I did, I would have. Not at all enthused about finishing this.

01-12-2011 04:36:28 | More by sprucetip
Photo of Naerhu


4.3/5  rDev +14.4%

Thanks to the Silverhand and Jackytreehorn.

Drank with RobBeer in my living room, helluvaguy.

Excellent beer. The word double in the title pertains to the double chocolate as opposed to the double porter.

Very dark brown body, with chunky tan head.

Amazingly complex aroma of hand-made chocolates. Like what Scharfenberger bittersweet.

Very mild and easy drinking. Definately nothing double powered on the flavor. Cocoa, a hint of sourness and a whole bunch of goodness. Surprisingly clean.

Very light body.

Very drinkable. My pint was gone before I knew it.

04-03-2008 14:20:03 | More by Naerhu
Photo of DaftCaskBC

British Columbia (Canada)

3.8/5  rDev +1.1%

A: 3/4" mocha coloured head that left nice lacing over extremely dark brown liquid.

S: cocoa and some malt.

T: dark chocolate mostly with some malt. Bitter finish.

M: Very thin and a low level of medium carbonation.

O: Good smell and taste, but could have a better mouth feel.

07-11-2011 04:40:40 | More by DaftCaskBC
Photo of ZachT

British Columbia (Canada)

4.5/5  rDev +19.7%

11-10-2013 07:50:58 | More by ZachT
Photo of Erik-P

British Columbia (Canada)

4.5/5  rDev +19.7%

09-25-2013 00:44:33 | More by Erik-P
Photo of kelvarnsen

Ontario (Canada)

4/5  rDev +6.4%

11-30-2011 16:17:39 | More by kelvarnsen
Photo of elricorico

Alberta (Canada)

3.45/5  rDev -8.2%

Pours dark brown like root beer, the edges are see through. A thin tan head to start that falls to a ring within a minute.

The smell is a battle between milk chocolate and porter sourness. I find it to be a bit strange. I also get a bit of vanilla in the aroma.

The taste comes in as a mix of chocolate milk and coffee. Quite rich and smooth tasting. There is a faint roasted malt flavour in the finish. Hops are not notable. Lingering in the back of the mouth is a bit of smokiness. I'd say it is a decent taste, but falls short of greatness overall.

Mouthfeel is good for a porter. A bit of body and light carbonation. Could be thicker, but not by much.

When I see the word's "Double Chocolate" I can't help but get excited. This isn't bad, but it is no competition for Young's.

05-10-2006 01:46:21 | More by elricorico
Photo of BillHilly


4/5  rDev +6.4%

08-21-2012 02:57:05 | More by BillHilly
Photo of ericj551

Alberta (Canada)

4/5  rDev +6.4%

11-14-2011 16:40:16 | More by ericj551
Photo of LampertLand

British Columbia (Canada)

4.3/5  rDev +14.4%

Phillip's Brewing 'Longboat Chocolate Porter' @ 5.2% served fresh from a growler purchased for $10 , or try a Govt Liquor Store , 650 ml bottles for $5

A - pours is a lovely dark chocolate brown from the growler to glass with a creamy tan head leaving a streaky lace along the pint

S - sweet chocolate , dark malts , cocoa

T - so smooth and creamy , pleasant but is not over powering sweet , there's just a hint of bitterness like bakers chocolate at the end of the swallow

MF - ok/good carbonation , medium body , real easy drinking beer

Ov - what can I say this is the house favourite , Mom & Sis enjoy it and ask me to pick some up whenever I visit the jar store's , most refills on my growler list , a little bit harder to find on tap sometimes , a good beer anytime and possibly anywhere

prost LampertLand

12-31-2013 07:44:07 | More by LampertLand
Photo of Hendrick24


4/5  rDev +6.4%

06-21-2014 21:00:12 | More by Hendrick24
Photo of leaddog

Alberta (Canada)

3.3/5  rDev -12.2%

Appearance- Dark cola colour with thin beige head. Opaque and bubbly.

Smell- Milk chocolate with slight caramel aroma.

Taste- Bitter cocoa at first but then goes to the milk chocolate that was detected in the smell. No lingering aftertaste.

Mouthfeel- Lighter bodied than expected. Slightly watery. Nice bubbliness.

Overall- A decent chocolate flavoured porter. A little disappointed by the mouthfeel, but the taste is pleasant and the aromas smell delicious.

11-26-2011 04:15:56 | More by leaddog
Photo of shivtim


4.05/5  rDev +7.7%

A very good porter. Tried this one at the Alibi Room in Vancouver.
Looks good in the glass. very dark brown with ruby highlights. Off-white small head.
Nose is strong baking chocolate and bitter dark malts.
Taste is heavy dark chocolate, iced coffee. Nice combo of flavors. Not too sweet. Gentle creaminess.
Mouthfeel is wonderfully full and milky. Great brew.

07-15-2009 13:26:32 | More by shivtim
Photo of CalgaryFMC

Alberta (Canada)

3.93/5  rDev +4.5%

Enjoyed right at ground zero, the Phillips tasting room in Victoria BC (basically the front of the brewery). A dark brownish black brew with a faint yellow halo at the bottom of the glass and a smattering of khaki head. Aroma was rather fruity for such a dark brew, with some currant notes along with the expected roasted coffee and chocolate. Palate is initially bittersweet chocolate truffle, vanilla, and medium roast coffee, but this evolves over the course of sips, with some additional fruit roll up, peanut butter, and caramel notes appearing. Gets sweeter as you go, really. Body is quite light and drinkable, truth be told, with a smooth creaminess and a semi-dry finish full of cacao powder. Fantastic dessert beer that had to overcome some of my "special ingredient" biases to earn these ratings. Solid English porter base with a tasteful yet assertive layering of sweet flavors.

04-29-2014 00:52:59 | More by CalgaryFMC
Photo of KalanM

British Columbia (Canada)

4/5  rDev +6.4%

11-29-2012 02:53:15 | More by KalanM
Photo of DamageCase76

Ontario (Canada)

3.75/5  rDev -0.3%

11-03-2013 14:20:04 | More by DamageCase76
Photo of Exeter

Alberta (Canada)

4.25/5  rDev +13%

12-13-2013 03:50:07 | More by Exeter
Photo of cam477

Newfoundland (Canada)

4.5/5  rDev +19.7%

09-07-2013 22:42:58 | More by cam477
Photo of fizzyted

Ontario (Canada)

3/5  rDev -20.2%

12-21-2011 17:11:30 | More by fizzyted
Photo of Citadel82

New Jersey

4.33/5  rDev +15.2%

Picked this up in the BC liquor store in Vancouver and Enjoyed it in my snug and cozy cabin on the Seven Seas Mariner. What a delightfult rich and roasty treat to enjoy with salt tang wafting in fro our cabins balcony as the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest unfolded. Like the Inner Passage this brew is vast in scope and timeless in character.

Pours Opaque deep brown with a frothy, sticky, light brown head.
Aromas of chocolate, espresso mingle with wine and ripe fruit. Taste is complex blend of cocoa, charcoal, winey notes and hints of bready and sweet malts, Mouthfeel is rich and slick with some fine effervessence. This is an incredibly drinkable brew that left you longing for more...It was a long swim to shore but I did think about stealing a Tender...

08-07-2006 20:18:49 | More by Citadel82
Longboat Chocolate Porter from Phillips Brewing Company
85 out of 100 based on 110 ratings.