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Green Flash Hop Head Red Ale - Green Flash Brewing Co.

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Green Flash Hop Head Red Ale
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very good

2,749 Ratings

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Ratings: 2,749
Reviews: 894
rAvg: 3.96
pDev: 11.11%
Wants: 84
Gots: 177 | FT: 1
Brewed by:
Green Flash Brewing Co. visit their website
California, United States

Style | ABV
American Amber / Red Ale |  8.10% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
In 2011 the recipe was altered to bump the IBU’s from 55 to 70; ABV also increased from 6.4% to 7.0%. In 2014 the ABV increased to 8.1%.

A luscious beauty, Hop Head Red® exudes resinous hoppy qualities from Amarillo, Warrior and Nugget to overtake the full-bodied depths of a caramel malt base. Captivating and seductive floral aromas and alluring hop flavors are the result of dry hopping with mountains of Amarillo. The blissful union of Double India Pale and Red Ale make Hop Head Red an unforgettable obsession. Experience love at first sip. Every time.

(Beer added by: sleazo on 03-06-2007)
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Ratings: 2,749 | Reviews: 894 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of aeminter


4.05/5  rDev +2.3%

A - Deep amber, almost brown...nice off-white head, good head retention and lacing...some particulate matter suspended in the beer.
S - Nice citrus/floral hops with a little malt in the background.
T - Well defined hop flavors with a slight citrus in the finish...full finish. Malt flavors are present, but very subdued.
M - Moderate carbonation, medium body

06-06-2009 07:41:28 | More by aeminter
Photo of albern


3.4/5  rDev -14.1%

The real question here is whether this is an IPA or a red ale. I would definitely say this is more of an IPA because it has very few red ale characteristics, and the red ale character only comes through when the beer settles in. The beer pours a nice coppery amber color with lots of yeasty bits floating about. This beer isn't filtered. The head is a nice creamy off white color with some lacing as well. Retention isn't too bad either. The nose is the closest you'll come to a red ale, in that there are some chicory notes hidden underneath the rather hopped up leafy aroma.

The beer is definitely creamy, it has a nice bready undertone to it, but the hops are just too bittering, too drying, and too leafy for my tastes. I'm rating this in terms of an IPA because I'm not getting enough of the maltiness of a red ale to real label it as such. This beer doesn't have enough red ale character and the hop is too bittering for a good IPA. I'm a bit disappointed in a beer that doesn't seem to be able to find itself.

05-31-2009 22:15:03 | More by albern
Photo of jacobseyb


4.55/5  rDev +14.9%

A=Poured a deep reddish copper with a tan two finger head that dissipated to cap the beer, some yeast floating in beer.

S=definitely hoppy pine aromas, some maltiness hiding in there.

T=similar to smell, starts, goes, and finishes with hops, but not overpowering

M=very nice with good carbonation that keeps on coming all the way through, and crisp finish

D=definitely enjoyable and very sessionable.

A great cross between a red(amber) ale and a IPA, though it is very much skewed toward the IPA.

05-30-2009 03:57:27 | More by jacobseyb
Photo of lacqueredmouse


3.73/5  rDev -5.8%

Pours a nice red-amber colour with a good two fingers of frothy yellowish foam. Lacing is great, some dissipation of the head. But this looks pretty damn tasty, I have to say.

Very strong Amarillo nose, which I guess is to be expected - lots of resin, crushed vegetation and a lilting citrus character all combined with strong green peppercorn notes. It's good for it's power - not hugely complex, but very decent.

Nice hop characters on the palate, sticky resin, sharp and strong. Not a huge amount of malt though; or at least, the malt is largely overpowered. Light tartness on the back, not a huge amount of residual fading bitterness. Mouthfeel is a little flat too, could use a little more lift.

Apart from the slightly darker colour, this could easily pass as an IPA. Surprisingly, considering its classification, this seems unbalanced towards hops, and the malt base that the top IPAs is missing here. Still, it's very drinkable for all that, and I could easily go for a second.

05-27-2009 03:35:55 | More by lacqueredmouse
Photo of rpstevens

New Hampshire

4.08/5  rDev +3%

Poured from a bottle into a pint glass.

The beer pours a dark amber/red with a nice glow around the edges. There is a one inch frothy white head that fades pretty quickly and leaves bubbly lacing on the glass that sticks around.

The smell is a very balanced caramel malt and a pretty mild but definitely present hop aroma. The hop is not piney or citrus, but definitely present.

The taste is caramel and malt in the front and all hops in the finish. As in the smell I don't get much pine or citrus, but the hoppy bitter finish is undeniable.

This beer is a little heavier in than it appears, but still very crisp and drinkable. The mouthfeel is nice as the malty sweetness is more than balanced by bitter dry hops. This beer is one that I will definitely return to and try to keep in the fridge more often than not.

05-27-2009 02:26:04 | More by rpstevens
Photo of meschaefer

New York

4.7/5  rDev +18.7%

This was an excellent beer that pushed the boundaries of style.

It came to me from a tap, with a nice creamy head that showed great retention and left a web of lacing down the side of the pint glass.

A dark read mahogany color, and a fruity and very hoppy aroma. It had a full thick body, and up front the Hop flavor was overpowering and bitter which was then nicely balanced with a rich malt back flavor.

05-26-2009 12:27:21 | More by meschaefer
Photo of BeanBone


4.33/5  rDev +9.3%

Appearance: A deep orange-brown body with a hell of a lot of sediment in solution. Up top, a finger and a half of pillowy, caramel-tinged head that features great retention and lacing.

Aroma: Just as the bottle leads you to expect: lots of Amarillo hops on top of a solid caramel base. Good stuff.

Taste: More of the same. Up front, citrusy, nicely bitter hops. Underneath, the caramel malt backbone is strong enough to keep everything from being unbalanced. The aftertaste is of bitter grapefruit.

Mouthfeel: Perhaps a little fuller than medium and smooth with moderate carbonation. Dry finish.

Drinkability: As long as you aren't afraid of hops, this is pretty sessionable brew.

Verdict: Well, the bottle really says it all, this is a generously Amarillo hopped Red Ale with a lots of caramel malt. It may blur the line between Red Ale and Pale Ale a bit, but who cares?

05-18-2009 20:37:11 | More by BeanBone
Photo of NEhophead


4.1/5  rDev +3.5%

12 fl oz brown bottle; served in a tumbler.

Pours a slightly cloudy maple with a mahogany hue. Creamy, light brown head that fades to a creamy sheet. Webbed lacing with good strength.

Fresh pine and spruce with bright citrus and tropical fruit: grapefruit, lemon, orange, pear, and peach. Notes of herb.

Pine and spruce up front over a very pleasant biscuity-malt character. Notes of light cream and dry toffee that mellow to a light tea flavor in the middle. The hop flavors are dynamic, but primarily earthy. Pine and citrus resins that make for a burnt bitterness.

Medium in body; earthen and filmy in spots, but understandable given the hop character.

A nice balance of hops and malt considering that the hops are not quite subtle. If you're in the mood for a hopped-up Red Ale, this one won't disapoint.

05-18-2009 00:43:52 | More by NEhophead
Photo of dogfishandi

New York

4.4/5  rDev +11.1%

12oz. bottle at about cellar temp poured into pint glass. pours a bronze, amber, maghony color with some light sediment visable. off white sorta biege colored head. godd retention, good lacing.

i could smell the hops as soon as i started pouring. citrus and piney hops with some caramel maltiness.

citrus and piney hops with a wonderful balance from the caramel like malts. finishs with a pretty substantial bitterness. nice example of the style, very well balanced.

medium body, good amount of carbonation, very smooth drinking. a little bit of oiliness from the hops, very nice. very easily an all night sessionable beer.

05-17-2009 23:11:30 | More by dogfishandi
Photo of flexinwext


3.83/5  rDev -3.3%

Pours a dark red amber color. Lots of grapefruit aromas and citrus. This is my favorite hop smell. Very bitter taste, surprising for only 45 ibus. This is a beer I can really sit down and enjoy quite a few of. Not an overpowering ipa by any means but still a solid flavorful beer.

05-13-2009 00:33:18 | More by flexinwext
Photo of israel

New York

3.9/5  rDev -1.5%

A- Reddish brown in color with a thin but solid tan head that never leaves. Lots of sticky lacing all the way down. I have sediment floating in my glass.

S- Faint but noticeable ripe fruit scents and grapefruit is most evident aroma.

T- Bitterness builds from the beginning and never really lets go. Bitter orange peel and pine are the more dominant flavors.

M- Surprisingly smooth for a hoppier beer and almost silky at times. Carbonation seems spot on.

D- Great example of the style and quite drinkable...

05-08-2009 03:15:39 | More by israel
Photo of spointon


4.2/5  rDev +6.1%

I poured this one from a stubby 12oz brown bottle into a tulip pint glass.

A= This ale poured a dark amber-red color with a thin creme colored head. There was a bit of what looked like hop sediment in the glass (nothing off-putting though). The head dropped to a thin skim but left some very nice lacing down my glass.

S= Lots of sweet caramel malt and citrusy hops in the nose. A trace of tropical fruity esters in there too.

T= Started off with a burst of caramelly malt sweetness and a pine and citrus hop bitterness (the hops won round one). The middle was a bit floral, but gradually got sweeter (malt wins round two). The finish was a balance at first but the hop aftertaste was bitter and sublime.

MF= Medium body with a slick feel coming from those juicy hop oils. Carbonation was fairly soft.

D= Really a very drinkable ale here. Nothing too overpowering, just a great meld of flavors. At 6% this is quite sessionable too!

05-07-2009 22:18:49 | More by spointon
Photo of barnzy78


4.5/5  rDev +13.6%

12oz. Slowly decanted the beer into a pint glass in order to leave sediment in the bottle. Poured a brownish-red color with a thin white head that left some good lacing on the side of the glass. Aromas are Amarillo hops (no doubt about it), caramel malt, citrus, pine, and some floral hop aromas - smells great! Tastes are huge caramel malt sweetness with hints of brown sugar, coupled with an equally huge dose of hops - grapefruit cirtus, earthy bitter-sweetness with some pine. Mouth-feel is juicy and oily, especially as it warms. Hop resins coat the palate well allowing the flavors to soak in. Finishes bitter as the hops do linger, but this is fantastically balanced. I had this once before and really liked it, now I love it. Exceptional in the fact that it doesn't fit into a style. Call it what you want, but it is simply good.

05-05-2009 02:20:11 | More by barnzy78
Photo of psurandy


3.88/5  rDev -2%

Poured into a pint glass. Nice deep red/amber color with a nice little creamy head, decent lacing. The smell is great, bright citrusy (orange and pineapple) hops and some malt sweetness comes through after it sits a bit. In the taste I get more bitterness in the hops, which was a bit different than the smell which was more citrusy. The hop bitterness is balanced out with a bit of malty caramel sweetness. Believe the name. Nice smooth body of a red ale with a good bitter aftertaste that will sit in the back of your mouth. A very nice brew although this site has it at 6% the bottle is claiming it's 6.4%. I'd recommend it.

05-05-2009 01:40:17 | More by psurandy
Photo of CHickman

New York

4.6/5  rDev +16.2%

Poured a red copper color, with no head, but had a potent hoppy aroma. Excellent hop taste bursts through with malty and floral hints; it was hoppy on the sweet side, and had a dry crisp finish. Overall a great brew that should be in the IPA class as it has too much taste and too many hops to be a standard ale. It went down easy and I look forward to enjoying more of these!

05-04-2009 02:48:04 | More by CHickman
Photo of stephens101


4/5  rDev +1%

From a medium pour an explosive burst of bubbles leads to a two-finger airy tan head. Retention is good, with a nice thick layer of lace left behind. Color is brown with ruby red edges. A nice hit of oily hops excites the nose with a bit of citrus hanging around underneath. A little earthiness is also detected. Tastes of oily hops with a spicy and malty undercurrent and some alcohol heat at the very back. The malts balance out afer a few drinks, and overall the components interact well with each other. Mouth-feel lies on the heavy side of medium, and there's a good amount of carbonation. This one really works for me.

04-28-2009 22:44:28 | More by stephens101
Photo of johnnieoz


3.5/5  rDev -11.6%

12oz bottle w/o bottling or freshness indicators.

A hazy shade of reddish brown (did I unwittingly pour the nutritious yeast into my vessel?) with a lace-leaving latte colored head.

Sweet malt odors are devilishly mixed in with the citrusy Amarillo hops.

This is indeed a red IPA as the label suggests...the (slightly too) bitter aftertaste and the dominant hops sucking at my gums tell no lie. But the caramel malt bill is somehow squeezed in there as well.

The relatively-low abv% (6.4) and the resiny mouthfeel make this an affordable go-to brew when I'm unsure of my palate's mood. Although, the experience is somewhat dampened by the high alpha acid aftertaste, Hop Head Red is characterized by great aromas and flavors, even better mouthfeel and good drinkability. A quality beer that most will like and some will love or hate.

04-27-2009 20:23:34 | More by johnnieoz
Photo of bosco7


3.83/5  rDev -3.3%

Poured very carefully, I've noticed the green flash beers tend to have a lot of sediment. Pretty beer for sure, deep amber with a luxuriously creamy head.

Very malty nose, lots of crystal malt and candy aromas. Amarillo making its presence known for sure with orange and aspirin like smells.

Nutty, sweet, bready malt upfront with pine and orange from the hops shortly there after. Hops takeover the palate as you continue drinking. The bitterness is what you would expect in a beer named Hop Head Red.

Mouthfeel is full and very nice with a lighter carbonation than one might expect. I think if the dry hops were changed and maybe a little more carbonation might help the drinkability for me. Still a nice beer.

04-26-2009 03:39:58 | More by bosco7
Photo of gameface23


2.85/5  rDev -28%

A: Pours a deep mahogany with an averaged sized head that leaves average lacing.

S: Resinous hops, and caramel malts.

T: I was picking up strong notes of caramel, some roasted coffee, and piny hops. The finish is like drinking black coffee.

M: Average mouthfeel. I was getting a lot of brown ale characteristics from this one, so I was expecting a thicker mouthfeel.

D: I was having trouble finishing this one. It might have been because I was 6 beers deep, but I wasn't really feeling it.

04-25-2009 02:57:38 | More by gameface23
Photo of IMincedTheKing

New Jersey

3.43/5  rDev -13.4%

Pours a slightly hazy brown with a tan head. Lots of lace.

The aroma is all hops. Piney, resinous hops.

The flavor is mostly hops. Some sweetness comes from the malts, but piney hops overwhelm it. I think red/amber ales are all about balance, and this misses the point. The 6% ABV isn't enough to call this an imperial and give it a bit of leniency. The label asks, "Is it Red IPA?", and maybe it is, but I don't like it all that much. The hops are bittering and provide the bulk of the flavor, but I can't see anything interesting about them. They managed to brew a red ale and throw in too many hops, but did they do anything else? Not that I can see.

Mouthfeel is on par for an amber ale, though the hops want for an astringency that's lacking (which could be considered good or bad). I think it's too bitter to be very drinkable, especially for an American Amber. I plan to let my palate mature and revisit this, but only to see if I missed something the first time around.

04-24-2009 08:38:11 | More by IMincedTheKing
Photo of thain709


4.13/5  rDev +4.3%

A - A deep brown...a tan fluffy head forms and slowly fades...lacing with every sip

S - The hops are present...but not as powerful as I expected

T - What a balance...there is a strong malt flavor up front...producing a sweet taste...grapefruit hops take over towards the middle...the hops finish as well...but there is an aftertaste of toffee

M - Medium body...sweet aftertaste...well balanced

D - This is a well balanced beer...the hops are big as the beer is cold and the malts shine through as the beer warms...could drink this anytime of the year

04-23-2009 23:52:22 | More by thain709
Photo of Jayli


4.33/5  rDev +9.3%

This beer pours a deep, reddish/orange with a two finger beige head. Decent lacing is left on the sides of the glass. Nose is very hoppy - big on the citrus hops, with a touch of sweet, caramel malt. Taste is relatively sweet malts at first sip, and then dries out. The beer then moves in to the citrus hops - touch of tartness, then moves in to a bitter. Medium-thin body with decent carbonation, creamy body and finish to it.
This is a highly drinkable beer - just hoppy enough and blended perfectly to soften it up a bit. This is one to sit with for a while.

04-22-2009 13:48:56 | More by Jayli
Photo of CHADMC3


4.35/5  rDev +9.8%

Pours a deep walnut brown with a big, foamy, tan head which lasts throughout the beer and leaves a dense sticky lacing that engulfs the inside of the glass.

Aroma features sweet caramel malt, and a dry hop bitterness, with a touch of some type of dark or sweet bread quality.

Big dry, earthy hops highlight the palate with sweet caramel malt, a hint of sweet nuts, and just a touch of citrus.

Dry & full bodied with medium carbonation, and an excellent balance of flavor character.

Extremely well balanced, quite refreshing, and given the low ABV (relatively speaking), worth enjoying a couple of these blissful amber ales.

04-19-2009 22:22:56 | More by CHADMC3
Photo of Foxtrot


4.43/5  rDev +11.9%

I picked this up on a recommendation from a customer at my work. And I thought "Sounds good".

Poured a good murky red brown into my brand new Guinness tulip glass. Tops off with a nice ivory cap with ample head retention and lacing. The body is opaque, but clear around the edges.

Aromas of big hops balanced out with some sweet ripened orange, and some caramel.

I was pleasantly surprised with the taste, the aromas had lead me to believe that it would have a lot more emphasis on hops, but it instead delivers a phenomenally balanced and well crafted beer. Light pine and orange/tangerine citrus notes burst up front, but are quickly followed by a nice malt presence that balances out the hop bitterness.

Mouthfeel was a nice crisp medium body with decent carbonation but leaves a nice smooth finish.

This was a great beer, and I'm really pleased that this can be a good session beer to.

On another note, I have not tried many Red's. I find them to be too sweet or cloying with flavor, and have stayed away from them in the past. But this beer threw it all out the window and will be a good add session beer to my fridge. Cheers.

04-18-2009 07:11:14 | More by Foxtrot
Photo of fostwal


3.9/5  rDev -1.5%

Appearance - A dark, rich, and hazy brown.
Smell - Pleasingly light. Definitely hoppy. Just not overpowering.
Taste - Surprisingly balanced. You would think from the name that it would be loaded with overpowering hops. But it isn't. A good balance of hops and malt while the beer is in your mouth. Then there's a strong hop bitter flavor that comes out in the aftertaste.
Mouthfeel - Well carbonated, but not overcarbonated.
Drinkability - Very refreshing.

04-17-2009 19:27:43 | More by fostwal
Green Flash Hop Head Red Ale from Green Flash Brewing Co.
89 out of 100 based on 2,749 ratings.