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Bell's Smitten Golden Rye Ale - Bell's Brewery, Inc.

Not Rated.
Bell's Smitten Golden Rye AleBell's Smitten Golden Rye Ale

Educational use only; do not reuse.

1,338 Ratings
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Ratings: 1,338
Reviews: 245
rAvg: 3.66
pDev: 12.02%
Wants: 19
Gots: 115 | FT: 2
Brewed by:
Bell's Brewery, Inc. visit their website
Michigan, United States

Style | ABV
Rye Beer |  6.00% ABV

Availability: Spring

Notes & Commercial Description:
Beer added by: Biggness on 06-14-2008

Drawn from one of our oldest recipes, Smitten Ale began as part of a series of rye beers at our Eccentric Café. The combination of sharp citrus & resinous flavors from the hops with the earthy, rustic overtones of the rye malt contribution yield an interesting take on the American Pale Ale.
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Photo of corby112
3.51/5  rDev -4.1%
look: 3.5 | smell: 2.5 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 3.75

Bottled 1/24/13

Pours a slightly cloudy, pale golden orange color with a half finger frothy white head that quickly settles into a lasting ring. Sporadic streaks of soapy lacing left behind.

Spicy, faint floral hop aroma with some earthy resin and sweet citrus countered by pale malt and bready yeast. Somewhat bland really with not much of a rye presence. Just some spicy, grassy hops followed by bread, biscuit and subtle light fruit notes.

Full bodied and much more interesting than expected. The nose is pretty boring but it's actually complex, well balanced and flavorful. Crisp spicy hop bite up front gives off some dry bitterness with resinous oils, grass and pine needle flavor. Some peppery rye, but like the nose, it's not a dominant flavor. Nicely balanced by yeast, light fruit notes and a pale malt backbone. Hints of bread, biscuit and cracker round things out in the dry finish. Not a great beer but it's refreshing and easy to drink with nice hop flavor.

Photo of droomyster
3.5/5  rDev -4.4%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

Pours a golden body with lots of yeast suspended and swirling around, with a small white head with decent retention. Aromas of honey and grain with slight hints of flowers and pineapple. Taste is consistent with the aromas and extremely well balanced in the malt to hop ratio, and finishes dry with a flavor of orange pith. It's worth trying if you don't mind chewing yeast.

Photo of lilsmizzul1225
4.25/5  rDev +16.1%

Photo of dcbdc1
3.75/5  rDev +2.5%

Photo of plato
2/5  rDev -45.4%

Photo of LambClowder
2/5  rDev -45.4%

Photo of kp29
3.75/5  rDev +2.5%

Photo of morsetaper2
3.75/5  rDev +2.5%

Photo of Gonzoillini
3.75/5  rDev +2.5%

Photo of mattkoon
3.77/5  rDev +3%
look: 3.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.75

smitten golden rye ale is pretty bold. less citrus than an ipa with a more bitter finish. it smells hoppy and crisp. the look of this beer is cloudy and golden with small chunks suspended like fruit in jello. this isnt a bad beer at all pretty full flavored. id drink it again.

Photo of MSandahl23
3.75/5  rDev +2.5%

Photo of Mark5252
3.5/5  rDev -4.4%

Photo of Alextricity
3.96/5  rDev +8.2%
look: 3.75 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 4

Had on-tap at Green Dot Stables in Detroit, Michigan. $3 for a 12oz mug. Gimme!

Appearance: A beautiful golden color with a tiny head. The lacing's patchy and not that great, but the appearance surely isn't what matters most.

Smell: I tried, tried, and tried some more to get aromas out, and for some reason I didn't get that many, but they were more than pleasant. Rye, floral aromas, some sweetness, maybe like a honey... very inviting.

Taste/feel: Great stuff. I've only had about three or four rye beers in my life, and this one tastes different than most... but I think that's a good thing. The sweetness of this beer is something I'm not used to, because ryes generally seem more bitter to me. The floral notes with the sweetness and, really, light rye makes this a super tasty beer. The rye doesn't come out very strong, but a good beer's a good beer.

Photo of jduprey007
3.75/5  rDev +2.5%

Photo of swetsastonic
3.5/5  rDev -4.4%

Photo of johnhenryconway
3.5/5  rDev -4.4%

Photo of SaisonRichBiere
4.5/5  rDev +23%

Photo of jdellico
4.5/5  rDev +23%

Photo of WI_Boiler
3.75/5  rDev +2.5%

Photo of Slatetank
3.96/5  rDev +8.2%
look: 3.75 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 4

I picked this up at Giant in the mix-a-six cooler enjoyed chilled from a willybecker.

The color is slightly darker golden with light amber accent with mild haze and thick pale cream of about 2.5 fingers and retention is very good with lace stickage on the glass. The smell is nice with some floral hop elements and mild nutty and grainy malt in the nose with slight citrus in the hop aroma with light orange rind and grapefruit tinged nose. The feel is very good with moderate bitterness and mild sweetness with slight husky grain presence midway through with semi-dry and moderately astringent aspect toward the end with spicy and gently acidic quality in the finish

The taset is pleasant with citrus peel hop flavor and gentle earthy malt with slight grassy taste from the hops w/ light tannic element which seems like a tea-like hop astringency with toasted maltiness in the back end. Overall a pretty tasty rye w/ nice balance and plenty of hop flavor which is almost a Rye IPA in terms of perceived bitterness with fresh taste and dry feel that brings you back for more.

Photo of busternuggz
4.71/5  rDev +28.7%
look: 4.5 | smell: 4.75 | taste: 4.75 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4.75

Center poured from a 12 oz bottle into a tulip glass. Bottle date of 1-18-13.

Beautiful golden/straw color with a puffy, finely bubbled head. Leaves a thick ring of sudsy lace.

Big, sharp, bright aromas of bitter orange, spicy rye, fresh grass, grapefruit zest. A little bit of grainy bread. Very nice, full and inviting.

Lively rye malt leads in to nice bitter grapefruit and orange zest, rye spice, bitter grassiness. Hop forward but very well balanced. Finishes dry with a long, pleasantly bitter herbal/rye aftertaste. Harmonious, bright, and very clean. Manages to be both intense and very drinkable at the same time. This beer is beautifully made.

Crisp, light texture, very smooth, ends clean and dry. Fades out with subtlety and leaves you wanting more.

This beer is immaculate. Superbly crafted, amazing balance, straightforward and clean with a nice complexity. This beer is about everything I could want from an American pale ale. My favorite beer this year so far, hands down.

Photo of shand
4.37/5  rDev +19.4%
look: 4.25 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4.5

Smitten pours out a hazy orange color with a nicely retaining head. The aroma is nice and rye-forward, with light malts and hopping. The taste, again, is rye forward, but it doesn't smack you upside the head with spiciness. The rye is also brilliantly matched by an APA-level of bright citrus hops. The mouthfeel is light and moderately carbonated, and the drinkability is exceptional. Bell's Smitten is an excellent rye beer, one of the best I've had. It provides an insanely delicious level of balance that keeps me coming back for more.

Photo of oberon
3.46/5  rDev -5.5%
look: 4.25 | smell: 3.25 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 3.25

Pours into a standard pint a clear light to medium golden with a great looking sticky over one finger white head that lift multiple rings of broken lace as it settled into a frothy mass.Aromas were just mild with a sharp note of rye over top of light citric hops,again pretty light.Flavors have some decent citric hops and sharp rye notes but they end ebruptly and nothing really lingers.There is some earthiness that comes into play but the flavors seem to die out pretty quickly after a good start.Not one of the better rye ales I have had but it's not horrible by any means.

Photo of SpdKilz
4/5  rDev +9.3%

Photo of sixerofelixir
3.75/5  rDev +2.5%

Bell's Smitten Golden Rye Ale from Bell's Brewery, Inc.
83 out of 100 based on 1,338 ratings.