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Bell's Christmas Ale - Bell's Brewery, Inc.

Not Rated.
Bell's Christmas AleBell's Christmas Ale

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1,214 Ratings
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Ratings: 1,214
Reviews: 461
rAvg: 3.57
pDev: 13.45%
Wants: 34
Gots: 58 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Bell's Brewery, Inc. visit their website
Michigan, United States

Style | ABV
Scottish Ale |  5.40% ABV

Availability: Winter

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: BierFan on 11-06-2008)
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Ratings: 1,214 | Reviews: 461 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of Adamostella


4/5  rDev +12%

11-14-2011 20:29:09 | More by Adamostella
Photo of ej285701


3/5  rDev -16%

11-14-2011 17:57:09 | More by ej285701
Photo of SaintJonah


4/5  rDev +12%

11-14-2011 17:25:53 | More by SaintJonah
Photo of sbricker


3.5/5  rDev -2%

11-14-2011 17:02:10 | More by sbricker
Photo of freduardo


3.5/5  rDev -2%

11-14-2011 16:56:10 | More by freduardo
Photo of bpfrush


3.5/5  rDev -2%

11-14-2011 16:07:02 | More by bpfrush
Photo of Brent


4/5  rDev +12%

Bell's does a nice job with this style interpretation. I didn't get much of the traditional peat note, but there was a nice caramel malt aspect which seemed to carry the barest whiff of smoke. Overall the beer was lively and consistent from front to back. There seemed a faint echo of a spice at the finish. Overall, a reserved seasonal offering, but hearty.

11-14-2011 15:39:14 | More by Brent
Photo of rsitarski


4/5  rDev +12%

11-14-2011 14:32:26 | More by rsitarski
Photo of cdrogers


4.03/5  rDev +12.9%

Poured from bottle to Pilser glass.

Appearance: Nice off-white head with a deep copper color.

Smell: Get a spicy-cinnamon smell, very earthy.

Taste: First off, it reminds me a lot of the Sam Adam's Winter, which is great. Some sweetness with a little bitter after, but very well balanced.

Mouthfeel: Bitter not overwhelming; crisp and clean.

Overall: Overall this is a good ale.

11-13-2011 00:54:49 | More by cdrogers
Photo of TheSarge


3.03/5  rDev -15.1%

Poured this brew into a standard pint glass...

Lots of carbonation, which make a solid two finger thick head of light khaki. The body is copper in color and is mildly hazy.

Not much in the way of aroma, except for some caramel from the malts, some metallic hops qualities, and a hint of pine.

Upfront there isn't much of a taste either, but middle to the end sweetness of ginger, nutmeg, and vanilla envelope the palate.

Feels medium in body with lot of carbonation, and an oily slickness in the end.

Overall a non intrusive kind of beer. Not really sticking out with any real certain qualities.

11-11-2011 04:01:00 | More by TheSarge
Photo of Hoptometrist


4.05/5  rDev +13.4%

Served from the bottle into a nonic glass

A- Clear reddish orange color with one and a half finger foamy head left a little lace

S- Butterscotch, toffee, and a huge pungent citrus hop aroma

T- Super hopped up scottish ale. Big juicy citrus, butterscotch, toffee, caramel. Finishes with some graininess. Hop overshadows the malt quite a bit, but the presence is still there to make this very different than the average IPA. Quite sweet overall.

M- Starts of smooth, carbonation on the middle of the tongue, but the finish really lingers (not dry at all)

O- A really unique beer that sounds like a perfect combination for me, the sweet mailtiness of a scottish ale and a big juicy citrus hop presence. I really enjoyed it, but think the hoppiness took over this beer a little bit too much. I would love to try another hoppy scottish ale and could see myself getting this one again.

11-11-2011 01:09:49 | More by Hoptometrist
Photo of VncentLIFE

North Carolina

3.63/5  rDev +1.7%

Pours like a Christmas Ale. a mix of orange and red. orange-red crayon. decently thick head.

Smell is candy sweet. Hints of peppermints, gingerbread cookies, and caramels. smells like a holiday dessert spread in a bottle.

I wouldnt even describe the taste as caramelized sugar, its pure candied sugar. It feels like I just ate a caramel. I have never had anything like it. The grains feel dry, but still I feel candy everywhere. Hops are non-existent. Very malty and sweet. Im not real sure about how I feel about it. I like the interplay between dry grain and candied sugars, but not really a drinkable beer. I like it sips in place of a dessert wine.

It still leaves your mouth coated with a candy coated smoothness.

11-11-2011 00:12:06 | More by VncentLIFE
Photo of minterro


3.83/5  rDev +7.3%

Sixer Mixer from Oades.

A & S: smell is a bit on the weak side but incorporates a piney scent off the bat and then turns into more of a subdued spiciness even though they claim to really not have much spice in this beer. Nice unfiltered elements to this copper colored beer. Head is white and fizzy and pours about a finger till it disappears pretty quickly to nothing but a thing layer in the center, not much lacing at all.

T & M: not as powerful as I expected seeing that it is a Scottish ale instead of a winter warmer as much Christmas ales are. A bit more hoppy then advertized, moderately spiced. Hints of cinnamon, berry and herbal elements. Medium to fully bodied (kinda buttery), carbonation on the high side but it fits well with this beer.

O: probably not as good as the famously overrated GLBC Christmas Ale, but it’s a good take on the Christmas Ale style, I really found it enjoyable and easy to drink. I would give this beer my recommendation, but it’s not in my top 5’s for bells.

11-10-2011 19:44:13 | More by minterro
Photo of dorianmarley


3.63/5  rDev +1.7%

Appearance is golden red, light head, nice lacing.

Nose is sweet malt with a nice dose of fresh hops; unique for a Christmas ale.

Taste is sweet malt with bitter hops. Defined maple flavor, with a biscuit finish. The flavors are hardy, fitting for cold months, but lacks the zest or spice usually associated with holiday cheer.

Mouthfeel is smooth with mild carbonation; refreshing.

Overall, not a bad Bell's brew, but it is not what I would look to first on a cold, Holiday night.

11-09-2011 01:35:47 | More by dorianmarley
Photo of Mdog


2.63/5  rDev -26.3%

Appearance: Red-amber, good head.

Smell: Weird--cloves and upholstery? Slight grassy hop note.

Taste: Weird again, a candy sweetness followed a strange hop flavor like mint. Some spicyness shows up later.

Drinkability: I don't think I'll have this again.

Beer #2 of the winter mix 6 pack. I thought this was a winter warmer, but it's listed as a Scottish ale. In either case, it was strange smelling and strange tasting. Swing and a miss with this one for Bell's.

11-07-2011 00:46:26 | More by Mdog
Photo of wvsabbath

West Virginia

3.48/5  rDev -2.5%

Serving Type - Bottle

Appearance - Dark amber, tan/brown, 1 inch white creamy head, thick lacing.

Smell - Carmal, hops, malts, spices, nuts, a slight bready/biscuit aroma.

Taste - Very mild and biscuit malt flavor. Hops are present and add some bitterness, and a little floral flavor. Spices and carmal add some sweetness.

Mouthfeel - Its rather mild and light, tounge gets alot od malts, some hops, and a little sweetness from spices. Palette gets remaining malts and some bold nut. Aftertaste is really light.

Overall - Light, mild, smooth and easy to drink. Problem is theres not enough flavors, malts overpower everything. Its good but not what it can be. Its not bad but its forgettable, theres better xmas ales out there.

11-05-2011 21:52:36 | More by wvsabbath
Photo of MsRif


3.85/5  rDev +7.8%

Poured a nice amber color with a bit of haze and a nice head that leaves a bit of lacing. Aroma is that of sweet malts, spices and an undertone of citrus. Tasted of spice, citrus and sweet malts. Very well balanced and a good seasonal ale. Could have been stronger in the spice for my taste, but still decent.

Mouthfeel was medium with good carbonation. A very drinkable brew that I try every time it comes around in the seasonal selection.

10-29-2011 01:10:05 | More by MsRif
Photo of secondtooth


3.33/5  rDev -6.7%

Clear amber, with a big head. Large rings of retention, too. Solid presentation, and this one's been aged around 10 months!

Nose says caramel, wheat, and toast.

Taste is malty and rich, with a definite toasty, biscuit-like tone. I'm not getting any of the hops, but that may be muted due to the age.

Overall, not a bad amber ale. Not sure how "Christmas"-like this one is, but a solid session beer nonetheless.

09-02-2011 22:24:09 | More by secondtooth
Photo of Knapp85


3.68/5  rDev +3.1%

After trying Bells' Winter White Ale I stumbled upon this brew. Figure maybe it would be a more logical choice for a winter brew than a White Ale. This beer poured out as a deep amberish red color with a tan fizzy head on top. So far it looks morel like a winter ale. The smell of the beer has some faint spices on the nose along with hops and malts. The taste seems to have a good amount of caramel sweetness upfront that fades into a spicy sweetness. The mouthfeel could probably be a little thicker or heavier. Overall it's not that much of a winter brew either in my opinion. I can't say that I'd have to buy it again or not.

07-19-2011 20:24:14 | More by Knapp85
Photo of chinchill

South Carolina

3.58/5  rDev +0.3%

12 oz undated bottle poured into a pint glass.

Pours a nice clear medium amber with less than 1 finger of bone head. Head has good retention and lacing.

Somewhat sweet aroma featuring caramel (?) malts.. More toasted malt than hops, but hops are detectable.

Taste is good but quite mild, although the finish is a little bolder and more toasted than anticipated.

M - smooth with good carbonation level.

O - rather blase offering, particularly for something called a "Christmas Ale", but should appeal to many people, especially fans of amber ales.

04-19-2011 22:42:25 | More by chinchill
Photo of jsanford


3.53/5  rDev -1.1%

12oz bottle poured into a Pint Glass. Batch #10023.

A - Pours a clear gold with a huge, creamy off-white head that never really settles, but leaves some soapy lacing. Great retention.
S - Sweet and bready caramel malt dominates, with some subdued earthy hops and a bit of roasted nuts.
T - Very close to the nose, mostly getting that sweet caramel mat with just a slight hop bitterness. Not a ton of flavor, but it's good.
M - Quite crisp with a medium body and sharp carbonation. Surprised by the "peppery" mouthfeel , I'd expected this to be fuller and creamier.
O - While I'm not getting how this is a "Christmas" beer, I think its a nicely drinkable Scottish Ale that I could enjoy year-round.

03-30-2011 04:14:18 | More by jsanford
Photo of mdaschaf


3.45/5  rDev -3.4%

Thanks to THECPJ for this bottle.

A: Pours a hazy orange/red with a one finger head that dissipates quickly down to a very small layer of foam on top. Nice sheets of lacing.

S: Nice malt aromas, some caramel, ginger, and a nutty smell. There is also a sweetness and a slight oxidized aroma.

T: Nice bready malts with some candy sweetness. There is a caramel and orange flavor combination.

M: Medium bodied with decent carbonation.

O: Its pretty good, if I hadn't read it, I would not have pegged it for a Scottish, I just assumed it was a winter warmer.

03-17-2011 01:47:47 | More by mdaschaf
Photo of TMoney2591


3.73/5  rDev +4.5%

Served in a Chicago Bears shaker pint glass.

It's Christmas in March, thanks to this beer. Sure, it's not quite Christmas in July, but Rudolph and Frosty can't be everywhere at all times. Anyway, it pours a generally clear light russet-amber topped by a finger of cream-white foam. A healthy population of particulates wafts about the glass. The nose comprises caramel, orange peel, light red grapes, and a pinch of nutmeg. The taste follows pretty closely, though with the addition of some mild toffee and some cinnamon. The body is a light medium, with a light moderate carbonation and a lightly grainy feel. Overall, a nice Scottish ale, nothing special, but tasty and enjoyable.

03-12-2011 02:48:35 | More by TMoney2591
Photo of thecarster1


4.22/5  rDev +18.2%

a- bottle poured into a tulip, beautiful two finger head leaving lace layer all over, amber brown coloring.

s- sweet toasted malts, cinnamon, nuttyness.

t- i just looked at the style and didn't realize that this was a scottish ale, i figured it was a winter warmer. either way it was very tasty, nice amber body to the front that gives way to nice hops and a spicy finish with cinnamon, tasty.

m- medium body.

d- nice drinkability here, i would drink this again for sure. winter isn't my favorite season for beer, but i found this to be a welcome brew. i'd drink this again for sure.

03-07-2011 19:40:58 | More by thecarster1
Photo of arizcards


3.48/5  rDev -2.5%

Picked up a sixer of Batch 10027 from Total WIne in mid-December for $9.49. Bottled on 10-21-10.

Beer poured a clear copper with a nice white head that is sustaining well.

Nose is muted malts and little else.

Taste is caramel malts with hints of toffee, finishes with subtle hops.

Mouthfeel is crisp and refreshing and pretty smooth.

Drinkabilty is pretty good, this is a nice crisp clean beer but is lacking on characteristics expected for a holiday seasonal beer.

03-05-2011 01:05:21 | More by arizcards
Bell's Christmas Ale from Bell's Brewery, Inc.
81 out of 100 based on 1,214 ratings.