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Red Fox Amber Ale - Anheuser-Busch

Not Rated.
Red Fox Amber Ale
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31 Ratings
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Ratings: 31
Reviews: 20
rAvg: 2.89
pDev: 22.49%
Wants: 1
Gots: 0 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Anheuser-Busch visit their website
Missouri, United States

Style | ABV
American Amber / Red Ale |  5.10% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
Brewed exclusively for the Fox and Hound restaurant chain.

(Beer added by: Rootdog316 on 12-15-2007)
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Ratings: 31 | Reviews: 20 | Display Reviews Only:
Reviews by Kelsiemoeller:
Photo of Kelsiemoeller


1.96/5  rDev -32.2%

A - Redish/dark orange, copper in color.

S - Very malty with a slight smell of hops (bitter smell) and then a hint of a sweet after-smell.

T - Pretty much the same as the smell. Malty, a bit sweet with only a little bitteness of the hops.

M - Medium bodied, and a medium amount of carbonation.

D - It was okay... Not that great, I probably would not get this beer again.

04-29-2013 20:52:00 | More by Kelsiemoeller
More User Reviews:
Photo of Mora2000


3.15/5  rDev +9%

Drank at the Fox and Hound in Lake Highlands. The beer pours a reddish color with a white head. The aroma is full of malt with some bread and toffee. The flavor is also heavy on the malt. I get a lot of toffee and caramel with a little bit of nuttyness and grass mixed in. Thin mouthfeel and medium carbonation. Fox and Hound is not known for having a good beer selection, but this beer is actually not too bad.

09-25-2011 20:16:26 | More by Mora2000
Photo of BamfBacon


3/5  rDev +3.8%

05-26-2013 01:22:12 | More by BamfBacon
Photo of Rootdog316


3/5  rDev +3.8%

Aroma is very simple, with just some medium/light caramel. Appearance is light reddish brown, clear, with no head. Flavor is a low character malt/bittering balance forward followed by a very faint earthy, citrus hop note. Mouthfeel is medium/low bodied with a fairly strong carb bite. Overall, this is refreshing and very easy drinking, but lacks complexity

12-15-2007 21:03:36 | More by Rootdog316
Photo of mdvatab


4/5  rDev +38.4%

11-16-2011 09:05:52 | More by mdvatab
Photo of stampfler07


3/5  rDev +3.8%

10-15-2012 02:50:25 | More by stampfler07
Photo of SpecialK088


2.68/5  rDev -7.3%

Had on tap At fox and hound

A-Pours a deep amber, the high level of carbonation makes almost a champaign like effect with about a 2 finger head.

S-Very subtle light malt nose with a slight hop note

T%M-Its almost absent of any flavor at all i would be interested to see how it would be outside working but with its very light malt flavor and nothing else the flavor is nearly lost. The high level of carbonation is nearly the only thing in the taste that lingers at all.

D-Its a drinkable beer like i said would be interested under diffrent circumstances, easy to drink in the way water is easy to drink.

06-26-2008 23:36:29 | More by SpecialK088
Photo of metter98

New York

2.35/5  rDev -18.7%

On-tap at Fox and Hound, Beavercreek, OH

A: The beer is clear amber in color and has a light amount of visible carbonation. It poured with a thin off white head that died down, leaving lacing on the surface and down the sides of the glass.
S: There are light aromas of malts in the nose along with some hints of caramel.
T: The taste is similar to the smell, except that it is a little stronger. There is a slight amount of bitterness.
M: It feels light-bodied and a bit watery on the palate with a moderate amount of carbonation.
O: This beer is easy to drink but doesn’t hold up quite on its own as a standalone beer—it would be a better choice if you wanted to pair something with a meal.

08-16-2012 13:31:26 | More by metter98
Photo of MTNboy


3.68/5  rDev +27.3%

I had this beer on tap at the fox and hound. In both Chesterfield and Springfield Missouri.

It has a strange dark red brownish body with lots of bubbles in it. There's mediocre head but good off white almost beige lacing. It has yeasty and bread like malt taste more than anything followed up by a little bitterness maybe even a little nutty and some fruitiness but it is minimal. The body is medium but has great carbonation. The aroma is very sweet with some clean crispness.

11-22-2008 16:43:57 | More by MTNboy
Photo of joshuadlight


1.53/5  rDev -47.1%

To date, this is the worst beer I have ever had. I was feeling adventurous at the fox and hound the other night and there was a special on these so I thought what the heck. Maybe if I had known at the time it was A/B I would have known better. Watery and barely red, with little to no head. Faint smells of adjuncts and faraway rotted hops. Taste was even more unbearable. First, I thought I was sucking on a hand full of loose change, then I thought I was just drinking over chlorinated tap water. Watery, like I said, and I will never drink this again.

03-25-2009 03:41:19 | More by joshuadlight
Photo of miket163


2.83/5  rDev -2.1%

Had this at fox and hounds

appearance: Amberish w/ a small white head in a pint glass, no lacing to speak of.

smell: Adjunct, musty, and barely any malt and hop character to speak of

taste: Red Budweiser maybe...really not to great

It was on special for 3 bucks a pint...i would probably drink again if i had already had a couple of good beers and just wanted the fellowship.

07-11-2009 05:24:55 | More by miket163
Photo of BigBry

Alberta (Canada)

3/5  rDev +3.8%

On tap at Fox and Hound in Raleigh.

Deep, amber red color, little to no head on it, just a thing ring of foam. The smell was quite sweet, very mild hop aroma. The taste was ok, nothing great but nothing offensive either. Lots of malty sweetness, very minimal hop bitterness. The more I drank, the sweeter and more sticky it got. An average beer, lots of other better Ambers out there.
Note to self: I didn't know this was an AB beer until looking it up. Another 'hidden' craft beer.

01-30-2011 16:46:28 | More by BigBry
Photo of pisano


3/5  rDev +3.8%

05-21-2014 14:57:34 | More by pisano
Photo of AgentZero


2.48/5  rDev -14.2%

A - Red copper color with a small head that didn't do much.

S - Mostly malty, a little bit of a bitter hops in there that kills some of the sweetness. Somewhat blah with not a ton going on.

T - Pretty much on par with the smell. Malty, a bit sweet with only a little bitteness to kill the malts. Not a ton going on here, and tastes a little bit sour.

M - Medium bodied, and medium carbonation.

D - It shouldn't be hard, but the taste actually gets in the way of this one a little bit. Don't really want this again.

06-26-2010 06:49:14 | More by AgentZero
Photo of kosmoraios


2.3/5  rDev -20.4%

Had on tap at Bailey's restaurant in Richmond, VA. The bartender said that AB brews this beer "especially for them" (meaning the Fox and Hound Restaurant Group).

Pours an artificial-looking amber with a good off-white head that sticks around for a minute and laces the glass well.

Aroma is malty, with some caramel and light nuttiness. A whiff of that macro adjunct flavor. Taste is too light for an amber, just not a whole lot there. It's just got that artificial macro taste - like it's all the same basic beer with some "amber flavor" additive.

Mouthfeel is highly carbonated and light. Again, nothing really there. You could drink these if you needed to, but it's nothing to try on purpose.

01-01-2008 17:45:40 | More by kosmoraios
Photo of Vixie


3.13/5  rDev +8.3%

Has a nice copper color with a hint of red. The short white head dissipates fairly fast, leaving some lacing.

The smell was mainly malt and yeast, with a hint of floral.

Tasted pretty much like it smelled, malt up front, and a bit of sweetness. Maybe just a hint of spice. Has a lightly hoppy finish.

Feel was about average, the high carbonation helped a bit.

Not really a bad beer, but not a great one either. I had no idea who brewed this, was better than most offering from A-B. Lack of complexity and a bit of a watered down feel kept this from being something special.

04-15-2010 00:02:36 | More by Vixie
Photo of civilizedpsycho


3.3/5  rDev +14.2%

Appearance: Had a nice amber color that was pretty clear. More clear than expected, but not in a bad way. Had a pretty small head.

Smell: Some nice malt aromas with hints of fruit subtly in the background.

Taste: Has a moderately fruity flavor that has a very strong bitter kick. It's good, but not the smoothest thing.

Mouthfeel: Had a fair body; fuller than expected.

Drinkability: While it's pretty good, it's just not balanced enough for my taste. It's something I could get again, but will not actively seek.

11-12-2009 21:48:27 | More by civilizedpsycho
Photo of acrawf6


3.15/5  rDev +9%

Pours out a duller brownish red amber with a nice tan head rising. Laces nicely throughout the beer.

Smell. Has a maltier aroma, and is a little biscuity. A little bitterness gets through, but not much. Very mild, but nothing offensive.

Taste. At first i wasnt sure this was an AB beer, but really suspected it with the flavor. The malts dominated with a little more of a biscuit flavor, but was still quite mild. I just had that macro flavor...i hate to say it like that and cut them down, but it was present; just that milder flavor.

Mouthfeel was medium with a nice amount of carbonation that gave it a good crispness, but still left it easy to drink. Balance seemed to be there enough.

Overall, a very average beer...so forgetful with not much flavor coming through, yet nothing offensive about it. I had it on tap at the fox and hound and figured this is another of AB beers brewed under another name for whoever wants to have a signature beer. Paid $4.25 for a pint- not bad, but wished that went towards something else.

12-16-2007 07:04:48 | More by acrawf6
Photo of AmishT


1.95/5  rDev -32.5%

Had this on-tap at Fox and Hound

A - As advertised in color. White, one-finger head. Good retention. Lots and lots of sticky lacing all the way around the glass.

S - Very unimpressive nose. Watered-down hop aroma. Maybe a hint of citrus character

T - Feeble citrus hops flavor starts off, but is very fleeting. After the faint hop flavor departs, the only thing that remains is a repulsive bitterness. Faint lemon flavor in aftertaste.

M - Very watery mouthfeel which serves to further displease my palate. Low carbonation doesn't help either, as it allows the bad flavors to emerge even more. Light bodied.

D - The poor taste and mouthfeel really hinder the drink. The light body helps out a bit, but I definitely had difficulty finishing this one off.

05-22-2008 08:22:49 | More by AmishT
Photo of ejimhof


3/5  rDev +3.8%

05-08-2013 02:11:30 | More by ejimhof
Photo of Kempski


3/5  rDev +3.8%

06-23-2013 10:07:19 | More by Kempski
Photo of lawman834


3.2/5  rDev +10.7%

A-Couldn't see it too well in the dark bar lighting. It looks like a fairly dark amber from what I could tell. Nice head that went down kinda quick. Lots of lacing.

S-Kinda plain. Mostly malt.

T-Really not bad. When I went to look it up, I was surprised that it was AB. The aftertaste does taste a bit like a BMC, but up front it has a surprising bite. More full bodied that most anything from AB.

D-Not bad. I think that the adjunct aftertaste might start to pile up after awhile.

02-07-2008 00:51:54 | More by lawman834
Photo of kneeland

North Carolina

3.98/5  rDev +37.7%

Anheuser-Busch carries this?? That is news to me. How come I can only find it at Fox & Hound then? Sell this in more places!

It pours a beautiful red amber color, with a slight copper tone. Good carbonation throughout.

It's one of the best amber's I've tried, and I've tried a lot of ambers. It's almost sweet with a good maltiness.

I order it ever time I go to Fox & Hound.

03-21-2011 21:57:33 | More by kneeland
Photo of Vdubb86


3.25/5  rDev +12.5%

Served in a pint glass on tap at Fox and Hound

I had actually never heard about this beer so I decided to pull the trigger. It actually has a nice deep amber red color to it with little to no head on it when I got it, wasn't sure if that was how it poured or just how long it took to get to me, either way points off. The smell was nothing big there was a mild hop aroma and a crap-ton of sweet malts perhaps a bit of corn syrup, but it was hidden rather well. Mostly those aromas were pretty faint. The taste wasn't all that great, it was by no means offensive, but it was way too malty. The hop notes that were there were totally drowned out by the highly malty flavor. It was perhaps a bit off due to what may have been some corn additive to this beer. There was a syrupy nature to it that didn't make it all that great, but it wasn't outright terrible. I drank the whole thing, so that tells you something, it wasn't all that bad. It tasted like someone tried to make Boston Lager and failed. I didn't actually know that this was an AB beer, but it makes sense now to it's mediocrity.

10-16-2010 04:45:45 | More by Vdubb86
Photo of RochefortChris

North Carolina

3.25/5  rDev +12.5%

12-22-2013 19:34:59 | More by RochefortChris
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Red Fox Amber Ale from Anheuser-Busch
71 out of 100 based on 31 ratings.