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Samuel Adams Escape Route - Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)

Not Rated.
Samuel Adams Escape RouteSamuel Adams Escape Route

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463 Ratings

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Ratings: 463
Reviews: 88
rAvg: 3.4
pDev: 11.76%
Wants: 8
Gots: 20 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams) visit their website
Massachusetts, United States

Style | ABV
Kölsch |  5.00% ABV

Availability: Spring

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: WVbeergeek on 01-02-2014)
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Ratings: 463 | Reviews: 88 | Display Reviews Only:
Reviews by Captain_Komamura:
Photo of Captain_Komamura
3.46/5  rDev +1.8%
look: 3.25 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.25 | overall: 3.5

Appearance - It is a dark golden to amber color, with a light bubbly head.

Smell - It smells like a fruity wheat beer.

Taste - It is like the smell, with some citrusy bitterness from the hops.

Mouthfeel - It is good-bodied beer, with good carbonation.

Overall - It is a pretty decent beer.

Captain_Komamura, Jan 21, 2014
More User Reviews:
Photo of Brick93
4/5  rDev +17.6%

Brick93, Mar 01, 2014
Photo of npala86
4/5  rDev +17.6%

npala86, Feb 17, 2014
Photo of SunDevilBeer
3.5/5  rDev +2.9%

SunDevilBeer, Feb 02, 2014
Photo of SmellsofMahagony
3.5/5  rDev +2.9%

SmellsofMahagony, Feb 23, 2014
Photo of Doomcifer
3/5  rDev -11.8%

Doomcifer, Jul 27, 2014
Photo of Jason
3.5/5  rDev +2.9%

Jason, Feb 18, 2014
Photo of tigg924
3.93/5  rDev +15.6%
look: 4 | smell: 3.75 | taste: 4 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 4

Appearance: high carbonation, 1/2 inch head, hazy, gold in color

Smell: wheat and honey

Taste: honey, orange, and cracker dominate

Mouthfeel: sweet, light body, high carbonation

Overall: A nice, sessionable, and clean kolsch. Feels like a good summer brew. Could easily put away several of these.

tigg924, Jan 27, 2014
Photo of UCFKnight
4/5  rDev +17.6%

UCFKnight, Jun 15, 2014
Photo of Cavanaghty
3.68/5  rDev +8.2%
look: 3.75 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.75 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.75

Poured from a bottle into a Sam Adams glass.

Appearance: Yellow with a thin white head, no lacing on the glass.

Smell: Grassy earthy notes with a hint of cloves.

Mouthfeel/Taste: Smooth light bodied. Taste of wheat, malt, hops, some hints of cloves and citrus.

Overall: Another good brew from Samuel Adams.

Cavanaghty, Mar 04, 2014
Photo of dankjohn
3.25/5  rDev -4.4%

dankjohn, Feb 02, 2014
Photo of dogfishandi
3.5/5  rDev +2.9%
look: 4 | smell: 3 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 3.75

12 oz bottle at fridge temp poured into a pint glass. Best before July 2014

Pours a very clear pale golden color. About a fingers worth of white. Decent looking lacing and head retention, lots of streaming carbonation.

Smells more like a lager than anything which I suppose is what a kolsch is going for. Minerals, just slightly metallic, hints of cereal like grains.

Very similar to the aroma, starts off very bright and crisp. mineral water, like you would find in a lager, just a bit of grain, finishes with the slightest fruity ester that let's you know your still drinking an ale.

Super crisp, high amount of carbonation, light bodied, and refreshing. A super drinkable, sessionable beer.

Pretty spot on to style, which it doesn't surprise me that this would be a style Sam Adams can nail. I'd drink this again if I found it dirt cheap for a sizer, preferably in the summer.

dogfishandi, Feb 24, 2014
Photo of GOBLIN
3.5/5  rDev +2.9%

GOBLIN, Apr 07, 2014
Photo of BurgeoningBrewhead
3.53/5  rDev +3.8%
look: 4 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

Poured into becker pint glass; my stange is back at school.
Golden yellow, clear, with a big fluffy white head that fades after a few minutes into a nice ring of foam.
Smells like a kolsch; slightly vinous, crackery malt, crisp and clean. Relatively simple.
Taste is the same; crisp, clean cracker malt, with crisp vinous flavors and light fruitiness, and a hint of belgian-like yeasty bitterness.
Mouthfeel is light and crisp.
Overall, I've had better but this is a nice kolsch. It has that "generic" malt flavor that seems to plague lots of SA's beers, but it's still tasty.

BurgeoningBrewhead, Feb 22, 2014
Photo of WVbeergeek
3.75/5  rDev +10.3%

WVbeergeek, Jan 02, 2014
Photo of bdk1417
3.5/5  rDev +2.9%

bdk1417, Mar 18, 2014
Photo of cmwilliq
3.5/5  rDev +2.9%

cmwilliq, Feb 03, 2014
Photo of DarrellK
3.5/5  rDev +2.9%

DarrellK, Jan 11, 2014
Photo of BrianCuoz
3.25/5  rDev -4.4%

BrianCuoz, Feb 23, 2014
Photo of Trashcat
3.5/5  rDev +2.9%

Trashcat, Nov 18, 2014
Photo of Brenden
3.5/5  rDev +2.9%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3.75 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3 | overall: 3.5

This beer is muddled, quite hazed with sediment but still fairly bright, making it a dark burnished gold color. The whitish head is soft and bubbly and reduces to a foamy layer that drops moderate lacing.
The smell has lots of sweetness and fruit in it at first, some of that giving way to herb and a more appropriate vinous note I didn't get initially. It takes time to warm, but it comes together better when it does. Some herb and dry leaf hold back the fruity esters and the grains, which start off with some roast but end up toasty.
The taste is mostly grainy and doesn't lose the fruits the way the nose does, including soft white flesh as well as a slight tartness. The vinous dryness and leaf does come out, but not as thoroughly as it should. The toasted grains are an overtone from just after the beginning of each sip into the finish.
The body is almost medium but has a thickness to it that doesn't work as well for this style as a nice, bright, light-bodied crispness would. Crispness has trouble taking hold, though it remains lightly all the way through, as the sweetness ends up beinga bit too cloying on the palate.

Brenden, Feb 14, 2014
Photo of Jach
3.75/5  rDev +10.3%

Jach, Jun 18, 2014
Photo of CTague
3/5  rDev -11.8%

CTague, Sep 19, 2014
Photo of lcdawg
3.25/5  rDev -4.4%

lcdawg, Jan 26, 2014
Photo of TheSixthRing
3.59/5  rDev +5.6%
look: 3.75 | smell: 3.75 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.75 | overall: 3.5

Appearance - Pours a bright rustic orange color with a white finger width head. Fair retention gives way to a broken layer of suds across the surface. Spotty streaks of lace with fair stick.

Smell - Strong bready aroma, backed by lighter notes of caramel. Mild grain and grassiness.

Taste - Follows the nose. Strong bready character, backed by lesser notes of caramel and a moderately spicy, grassy hop bite. Fair citrus notes. Finishes much the same.

Mouthfeel - Medium in body with lively carbonation. Crisp, drying finish.

Overall - A decent kolsch. Falls in line with most Sam Adams beers: safe, balanced... and average.

TheSixthRing, Jan 18, 2014
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Samuel Adams Escape Route from Boston Beer Company (Samuel Adams)
78 out of 100 based on 463 ratings.