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Pike Pale Heirloom Amber Ale - Pike Pub & Brewery

Not Rated.
Pike Pale Heirloom Amber AlePike Pale Heirloom Amber Ale

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54 Ratings
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Ratings: 54
Reviews: 40
rAvg: 3.51
pDev: 13.68%
Wants: 0
Gots: 1 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Pike Pub & Brewery visit their website
Washington, United States

Style | ABV
American Amber / Red Ale |  5.30% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: RJLarse on 03-05-2007)
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Ratings: 54 | Reviews: 40 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of t0rin0


3.75/5  rDev +6.8%

12-08-2012 22:03:54 | More by t0rin0
Photo of ChainGangGuy


4.18/5  rDev +19.1%

22 ounce bottle - $3.99 at Total Wine & More in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Appearance: Slips out an amber body with sufficient clarity and capped with a large, airy, off-white head.

Smell: My mind always wants to assign this type of scent as "amber malts", sort of a pale malt scent with delicate nutty, toasty accents. Combined with the faintly citrusy, dried herb hop notes, this provides for a fluttering gust of toast and tea.

Taste: Pale malts with accents of lightly toasted grains and nuts. Restrained sweet. Crisp hop character, predominately the lightly spicy, lightly herbaceous Fuggles, but also a modest backing of citrus, giving an impression of brewed Luzianne tea. Mild bitterness. Gentle, drying finish with a light lingering tea-like taste.

Mouthfeel: Medium-light body. Medium-light carbonation.

Drinkability: It's good. Keenly drinkable with a sensible, discreet amount of alcohol. Heck, I'd even add this to my regular rotation if I can manage to locate it in 6-pack form.

06-16-2010 19:10:51 | More by ChainGangGuy
Photo of oberon

North Carolina

3.83/5  rDev +9.1%

Poured into a imperial nonic more bronze than amber with a night formed 1/2 finger slight off white head that left multiple rings of broken lace behind as it settled pretty quickly.A good burst of caramel malt hits home in the aroma,a subdued but noticeable piney hop element comes thru as well,big English malt character.Flavors are biscuit and caramel sweetness up front with a decent smattering of leafy hop in the finish.Its a little light in the mouthfeel department but its a pretty decent amber ale,I may have thought there would be a bit more hop,but I know this brewery is more true to roots than many other northwest brewers,wich isnt a bad thing.

07-19-2010 20:59:37 | More by oberon
Photo of biboergosum

Alberta (Canada)

3.5/5  rDev -0.3%

This beer pours a slightly hazy pale rusty copper colour, with two fingers of foamy off-white head, which leaves an uneven wall of lace around the glass as it recedes. It smells mildly of bready caramel malt, and leafy, weedy hops. The taste is more bready, caramel malt, a bit of fruity sourness, and leafy, earthy hops. The carbonation is moderate, the body medium weight, pretty smooth, and refined. It finishes off-dry - again with the bready maltiness, and earthy hops.

A respectable enough amber ale - definitely a cut above the average around here, but not quite possessing that je ne sais quoi...and too bad about the silly Yankee import prices, on top of that...

10-11-2010 07:25:54 | More by biboergosum
Photo of Rifugium


3.03/5  rDev -13.7%

First had: on tap at Pike brewpub, Seattle, WA

Pretty basic amber ale, maybe a little more hoppy than you'd expect for the style. Poured amber with some ruby highlights, and a finger of off-white head. Caramel malts in the nose, with some citrus hops coming through. Pretty good balance of sweet malts and bitter hops in the taste, with nothing much more to speak of. Light-medium mouthfeel and pretty easily drinkable.

05-31-2011 17:33:43 | More by Rifugium
Photo of Mora2000


3/5  rDev -14.5%

Beer pours an amber color with a minimal white head. Smell is sweet malt with a little bit of fruit. There is a little hoppyness in the aroma, but not enough to be able to pick out the kind of hops used. The taste is more malt, with no detectable hops. Really not a lot going on in the flavor department, simply caramel malt. Certainly a refreshing beer that is easy to drink, but it is a little watery. I wouldn't seek this one out but it is not a bad beer.

11-07-2009 04:16:09 | More by Mora2000
Photo of Halcyondays


4.1/5  rDev +16.8%

22 oz. bomber,

A: Pours amber/red with a nice white head, good lace.

S: Pine, light citrus, some caramel.

T: Dark red malt, biscuit and caramel give some sweetness. The beer is dry overall, hop flavours of cedar, grapefruit and lemon.

M: Smooth, refreshing, crisp, good body.

D: I really liked this amber out of Pike, one to add to the rotation.

11-28-2009 18:44:54 | More by Halcyondays
Photo of Wasatch


3.5/5  rDev -0.3%

Pours a nice hazy dark golden orange color, nice carbonation, nicle little fizzy off-white head, some nice sticky lacing follows. The nose is malty, with a very slight spice scent. The taste is malty, slightly spicy, and sweet. Medium body. Drinkable, not a bad brew at all.

07-27-2008 01:52:20 | More by Wasatch
Photo of dmorgan310


3.75/5  rDev +6.8%

10-08-2013 02:39:26 | More by dmorgan310
Photo of beertunes


3.63/5  rDev +3.4%

Listed as an Amber at the brewery. Served in straight pint glass. Poured a clean, clear brownish amber with 3/4 of an inch of off-white head that decent retention and good lacing.

The aroma was mostly nice, grainy malt with some gentle hops in the background. The flavor was fairly typical for this approachable style, smooth easy malts and well balanced hops on the finish.

The body was very nice, fuller than typical for the style, without being heavy or sticky. Drinkability was very good, several of these would go down quite easily. Overall, a very good example of a style that doesn't get a bunch of love here on BA. Worth trying if you see it.

02-06-2012 06:19:52 | More by beertunes
Photo of Derek

British Columbia (Canada)

3.75/5  rDev +6.8%

Really a pale ale.

A: Copper-bronze with a light tan head, thin ring of retention, slight lacing.

S: Citrus hops with plenty of rind, a little pine.

T: Dark toffee, nectarine, grapefruit rind, tangerine, biscuity malt, good bitterness.

M: Well attenuated moderate body, with a slight hop acitity.

D: An easy drinker.

07-26-2009 22:58:45 | More by Derek
Photo of ccrida


3.98/5  rDev +13.4%

Bottle poured into a shaker, Pike Pale Heirloom Amber Ale is a chill hazed brown amber with a thin off-white collar leaving light, scatted lace.

Smell is soft, sweet malt, pleasant and clean

Taste is similar, although there's a pretty nice snap of hop flavor, with enough bitterness to counter most of the sweetness.

Mouthfeel is medium light bodied, dry, with nice carbonation.

Drinkability is good, a nice, classic amber. Balanced and sessionable, although some might grow tired of the bitterness on the finish.

02-16-2010 02:52:05 | More by ccrida
Photo of Cyberkedi


3.63/5  rDev +3.4%

Strong aroma has a fruity overtone and a malty body with floral hints. It pours a beautiful clear orange-amber, almost coppery, with a fairly thick pale yellowish-tan head. Lacing is minimal. Flavor is malty with a good hoppy undertone and a firm floral hint. Texture is fairly fizzy and tingly, and leaves a fizzy and slightly tinny finish.

09-10-2010 01:12:31 | More by Cyberkedi
Photo of RBorsato


3.5/5  rDev -0.3%

10-22-2013 18:58:18 | More by RBorsato
Photo of Reagan1984


3.03/5  rDev -13.7%

Nice creamy head tops my special Sam Adams glass.. fairly short retention leaving behind nice sticky lacing.. Slightly hazy deep amber color.. tiny sporadic bubbles of carbonation..

Aroma is crisp crackers, toasted malts, light caramel. Some cinnamon

Fairly light flavor.. light malt up front. Some real grain flavor... a bit dry.. some light toasted flavors... Nothing too exciting to be honest. Could stand a bit more character... Either a touch more sweetness or hop presence. Not bad, just not exciting..

Mouth feel is fairly light and the carbonation is a bit bright.

Not overly drinkable.... Just o.k.

01-18-2009 19:58:18 | More by Reagan1984
Photo of twelveinches


3.5/5  rDev -0.3%

06-23-2012 05:37:45 | More by twelveinches
Photo of harrymel


2.33/5  rDev -33.6%

Uncertain if this is an amber, or pale based on label, WTF?

Review date: 10OCT11
Bottle date: unk says 210B on the label, maybe (July, week 1ish?)
A: Pours a hazy dark amber ale with a finger of caramel cream which falls quickly to a broken sheet of the same. Spotty lace is weak. (2.5)
S: Smells like caramel malts, sweet. Some earthy hops, and toasted sugar (3.5)
T: Oxidized malts, water, an alkaline tone, and some bitterness. Unimpressive. (2)
M: Thin (for either style) with moderate carb. Dry finish. (2)
O: I am not impressed and not surprised I've never seen this on tap anywhere (2)

original review: 04APR11
A: Pours amber, excellent clarity. single + finger head with medium density and peanut color. This dissipates over a few minutes leaving a medium to thick sheet of the same. Near sheeting lacing. (4)
S: Caramel, carapils, noble hops. A slight metallic hint as well. Smells like a very, very standard amber. (3)
T: Plenty of malt, caramel malts. Woody hints. No real hops. Again with the metallic flavor: copper and aluminum. (2.5)
M: Medium-heavy for the style, lower carb. Very nice. (4)
O: Well, see above. Overall, standard. Quaffable, not great. (3)

10-10-2011 11:19:39 | More by harrymel
Photo of andrenaline

Ontario (Canada)

3.83/5  rDev +9.1%

A - Pours a cloudy golden orange with a reddish hue, half thumb of head which dissipates leaving a thin layer of head but no real lacing.

S - Floral hops on this one, with a sweet toffee malt and a bit of caramel coming through.

T - The toffee and caramel malts come through strong off the top with bitter citrus hops coming through on the finish. There is a lingering bitterness with the slightest metallic aftertaste.

M - Fairly light and goes down smooth but finishes quite dry.

D - Overall quite tasty, smooth and flavourful. Definitely worth a try but unlikely to really blow you away.

06-24-2010 14:18:37 | More by andrenaline
Photo of WDJersey


3.5/5  rDev -0.3%

07-26-2013 21:38:54 | More by WDJersey
Photo of AlCaponeJunior


3.69/5  rDev +5.1%

Orange, slight haze, 1.5 finger head, lacing not bad.

Aroma is a middle-ish pungent floral hops and earthy malts, not overpowering, but enjoyable.

Taste is a bit bolder, with the earthy aspects really coming out. IT's got a good chunk of crystal malts (I assume from the flavor and body), and some nice bready notes, and perhaps some fruity undertones.

Body is fairly easy drinking, medium to light, moderate carbonation, with a fairly dry, pungent earthy finish.

It's a tasty beer, another good one from Pike. Actually, I have liked everything I've gotten from Pike brewery so far, this one is no exception. Not sure which is my favorite, but I know I'll buy Pike again in the future. I also know that there's at least two more Pike beers available here that I haven't tried yet!

06-23-2013 11:27:38 | More by AlCaponeJunior
Photo of CampusCrew


3.58/5  rDev +2%

I had a 4 oz taste sample in greenville, sc Total Wine
appearance: amber color with some red dappling glows

smell: sweet bready flavors

taste: not bad. like a non sweet fat tire. godo amber ale. low bitterness though

mouthfeel: medium to light bodied

drinkability: solid but nothign spectacular.

05-17-2010 13:43:58 | More by CampusCrew
Photo of bismarksays


3.5/5  rDev -0.3%

04-21-2014 01:12:48 | More by bismarksays
Photo of DovaliHops


3.15/5  rDev -10.3%

Pours a cloudy, dark amber color with lots of carbonation. Smells like citrus fruits and very little hops. Strong orange smell. Tastes a bit watered down. A little sweet and not too much going on. Sweet citrus fruits (oranges and lemons). Very mellow. The mouthfeel is very light and highly carbonated. This would make a good session beer on a hot day, but not the best amber ale I've tasted.

06-02-2010 04:38:08 | More by DovaliHops
Photo of RJLarse


3.15/5  rDev -10.3%

I bought a couple of bottles of this "heirloom amber ale" at a specialty shop to taste and review. I poured this beer in to a pint glass.

Pours a redish copper color and is slightly hazy. A foamy off-white head forms and dissipates quickly, but still laces the sides of the glass nicely.

The smell is floral, and perfume like, with a little malt aroma mixed in.

The taste is slightly sweet and acerbic. It's like a bock beer that way. Slightly bitter finish.

Mouthfeel is a little sharp and slightly cloying.

A drinkable beer, but probably not the best amber or red ale I have had. I would have it again, bit it's nothing special, and I think Pike has better offerings.

NOTES: Admittedly the label is confusing because it says it is a pale ale and an amber ale. The label is different from the Pike Pale I have already had, so I will assume this is a different beer. Pike's web site is currently being updated, so further research at this point is thwarted.

03-05-2007 00:08:27 | More by RJLarse
Photo of jmccraney


3.75/5  rDev +6.8%

05-26-2013 02:21:37 | More by jmccraney
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Pike Pale Heirloom Amber Ale from Pike Pub & Brewery
80 out of 100 based on 54 ratings.