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Long Strange Tripel - Boulevard Brewing Co.

Not Rated.
Long Strange TripelLong Strange Tripel

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1,190 Ratings

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Ratings: 1,190
Reviews: 420
rAvg: 4.15
pDev: 11.33%
Wants: 79
Gots: 131 | FT: 2
Brewed by:
Boulevard Brewing Co. visit their website
Missouri, United States

Style | ABV
Tripel |  9.20% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
Lately it occurs to us that if, back in 1989, you planned on starting a brewery in the back of your carpentry shop, you'd been wise to seek out someone like Harold “Trip” Hogue. A collector of ancient Volvos, Trip was well qualified for the make-do engineering required to coax recalcitrant equipment out of retirement and into making the first Boulevard beers. Today, he is our longest-tenured employee. We offer this rich, golden Tripel in grateful tribute to dedication, everywhere.

23 IBU

(Beer added by: homebrewhawk on 11-24-2007)
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Photo of adamparker05


4.35/5  rDev +4.8%

Very excited with this next offering from Boulevard.Thier double-wide ipa was outstanding, and I'm interested to see their take on a Belgian triple.

Pours a wonderful cloudy, rich yellow/ amber. The outer edges of the glass are like pure yellow gold, but the core is sporting the more orange, ambery hues.

Aroma is like a golden fig tart. Coriander and rich, aromatic spices. Clove.

Taste is yeasty and spicy, with a bit more of te fig tart (Or rather it's flaky pastry crust). Bit of a banana finish with some more of the clove.

Mouthfeel is nice and light with good, crisp carbonation.

Very drinkable!

Wow! Who knew such a good, authentically Belgian triple would come out of Kansas City!

10-18-2008 07:00:54 | More by adamparker05
Photo of BretSikkink


4.33/5  rDev +4.3%

Orange-gold in color, pretty clear but a little hazy. Tall tan head has good stick, lacing isn't much.

Standard tripel fare, notable for its provenance moreso than characteristics; this smells patently Belgian. Fruity, with some spiciness that doesn't seem to be getting in the way. A little more strength here would be great.

The flavor is patently Tripel, with plenty of sweet pale malt, apple and pear-like fruitiness, and citric hops holding their own against some phenolics, yeast-driven flavors. I found the banana to be stronger than the clove; white pepper underlies both of these.

Middle of the road mouthfeel, which is fine. Good carbonation, mild enough to let the flavors develop. Just right, once again, for a great rendition of the style.

Super impressed with the Smokestacks I've had the pleasure of trying. Well done, Boulevard.

10-14-2008 16:28:04 | More by BretSikkink
Photo of hckyfn9999


4/5  rDev -3.6%

Pours a cloudy, golden orange with a big fizzy white head into a Smokestack Series glass. Not much in the way of lacing. Aroma is sweet, spicy, and fruity, with clove, banana, and a touch of lemon zest in there.

Beer starts off sweet and spicy on the palate, giving way to some tart fruit, with a yeasty banana finish. Finish is a bit dry and a little heavy on the carbonation for me. A very good tripel from Boulevard. Probably my second favorite of the initial Smokestack releases behind the double wide.

10-13-2008 02:11:39 | More by hckyfn9999
Photo of Reino


4.18/5  rDev +0.7%

Thanks to Chris (ckeegan04)!

Appearance- A nice apricot hued brew pours from this cool 750ml bottle, producing a fizzy, sparkly two and half finger head. The head must have been having a bad trip because it disappears much too quickly. I'd like to have it stay around longer and trap some of those delicious volatiles the beer is producing, but unfortunately, that's not the case. When held to light, the apricot/gold shines bright, and a watery blond is visible on the bottom of my goblet. There is pretty much no lacing left by the head. If you look at my scores for this beer, you can tell I think Boulevard crafted a hell of a Belgian tripel, but apparently they missed the memo on what a tripel's head should be about.

Smell- Whoa, sweetness galore. Me likes. Synthetic banana (like in candies like Runts or Laffy Taffy), sweet pear, and just a tiny little hint of coriander. The yeasty spice is definitely hiding, but it's there. The more I sniff this beer the more I get orange juice, or not even orange juice so much as Sunny D. Anyways, it smells very good.

Taste- Well, sweetness from the nose, say hello to your old friend spice. People who know me on BA know that I am very wary of coriander because certain breweries go way overboard with it. I much prefer clove, but this beer delivers lots of coriander right up to the point of too much and then pulls back the reigns. Candi sugar, sweet pear and that synthetic banana are entangled with coriander, some pepper notes, and a touch of clove. As it warms, these flavor combos almost form a sweet celery flavor. It sounds gross, but I don't like celery and I like this flavor. The beer's flavors don't really progress in your mouth, which is not always a bad thing, until the very last second. It's pretty much a mash-up of everything all at once, and then, at the very end, you get a faint heat with that orange juice (citrus hops?) sweetness that lingers on the tongue. The best way I can describe the finish is that it's like a weakly made Screwdriver with that OJ sweetness that is just the tiniest bit altered from a bit of alcohol being present. I have had very few tripels that don't make me nauseous from too much sugary sweetness. The spice of Long Strange Tripel does an excellent job of balancing, and if there were more clove and stronger/truer banana/pear notes, I think I'd be in love.

Mouthfeel- The carbonation of this beer is so high that it nearly burns your tongue off. Obviously it is suppose to be high, but I think they went just a tiny bit too far. Maybe that's why the head disappeared. The high carbonation shot it up to the ceiling. That Screwdriver flavor sits on the middle of your tongue and lingers on it with coriander hanging in there, too. The high carbonation and the bit of alcohol really burn that flavor combo into the tongue because of the carbonation. Not an unpleasant feel, but not perfect, either.

Drinkability- I rarely enjoy tripels (unless we really count some of those Unibroues as tripels), but this one did almost everything right that most tripels do wrong for me. The 9% goes down quite nicely, never trying to show up the sweet and spicy flavors. I could drink a lot of this in one sitting. If they fixed the head retention, this beer would be a monster. This beer could have a Unibroue sticker thrown on it and you wouldn't second guess it. That's a big compliment in my book.

10-09-2008 21:32:32 | More by Reino
Photo of JoeyBeerBelly

New York

4.5/5  rDev +8.4%

I got this brew in a trade with brewCzar, Thanks Bryan!

750ml corked/caged bottle served in a goblet.

L - cloudy golden yellow color with a fluffy white head, carbonation bubbles could be seen rising through the haze.

S - sweet candied yeast aroma.

T - sweet malty flavor, cotton candy, bubblegum, whatever... this is a delicious sweet tasting brew!

F - medium bodied with a crisp carbonation feel.

D - I totally enjoyed this brew and will trade for more.

10-05-2008 22:13:37 | More by JoeyBeerBelly
Photo of smc143


3.73/5  rDev -10.1%

Up front, I loved this beer. It is strong, though, and after one, I felt it.

I didn't buy a chalice or a goblet or a snifter or a tulip glass. I poured it into my trusty Boulevard pint glass. And while I am fully aware that I may have missed out on some key character of the beer by totally disregarding the directions, I feel that I still got as much of a good sense of it as someone with my limited beer snobbitude would anyway.

The head bubbled up with a tiny delay, making me glad that I poured the glass only slightly over half full. The clean white bubbly head simmered down quickly, however, leaving just this thinner layer after a minute or so. By the time I finished, there was just a small, thin ring of white lacing at the bottom of the glass. The smell was clean and fruity, with an earthy undertone, and a heavy reality check on the alcohol content (9%). The appearance was a bright golden hue, cloudy and carbonated. The first sip was a knock out for me, not having had anything else to drink before hand. "Whoo, that's some strong beer!" came from the husband. (But he drinks Bud Light.) The first sweet, fruity, malty hit on the tongue gave way to some crunchy, pepper-ish sensations. This beer is not heavily carbonated, and after the first initial sips, the alcohol-burn seemed to go away. Or I stopped noticing. I liked it. A lot. But like other abbey tripel style beers, I can't drink too many. They make me sleepy. :)

10-05-2008 03:12:13 | More by smc143
Photo of Goliath


4.03/5  rDev -2.9%

Pours a gorgeous cloudy, pale orange color with a two inch slightly yellowed head. A toronado of bubbles rises from the center of the glass. It's actually really cool. Head retention is good, but there is no lacing.

I"m liking the aroma. It's slightly fruity with a bit of spice. Some phenol like qualities and sugar as well.

The taste is good. A nice bit of fruit with a bit of spice and a bit of a yeast component. Almost banana, but not quite. A bit of the phenolic flavor comes through.

Mouthfeel is medium bodied and highly carbonated.

Drinkability is moderate to high. It's good tasting, and a pleasure to drink. After a few sips you start to notice the alcohol heat, but it works well.

10-03-2008 21:36:40 | More by Goliath
Photo of tr4nc3d


4.2/5  rDev +1.2%

This is the second beer I review from the brewery boulevard. The first being the Sixth Glass.

Poured this into my goblet, which poured a light tan color with a nice size head. Very little lacing.

Smelled sweet, fruity, like sugary dark candy.

Taste wasn't as pleasant as the smell, the alcohol was the first noticable thing. I noticed this as it cooled down, the beer taste much better. It gives off a nice light caramel taste.

Mouthfeel was fine and as far as drinkability goes, I wouldn't pick this one up again, I strongly preffered "The Sixth Glass" over this one.

10-01-2008 23:37:20 | More by tr4nc3d
Photo of pmcadamis


4.78/5  rDev +15.2%

Well my beer buddy from work and I finally made it through the smokestack series at the Brewhaus.

A - Deep burnished bronze with peach-orange highlights. This one is cloudy, deep, and solid looking with a massive four finger head of solid white foam. Lots of lace is left in the Duvel glass the waitress gave me to pour this one into. A really pretty beer for sure.

S - Fresh hops mingle with deep caramel candy and confectioner's sugar. This smells sweet, outdoorsy, and fresh...I could wash my clothes in this stuff.

T - Like the nose, this one is fresh and yeasty with big hop notes all over the place. Worther's Original candy and some fresh juicy fruit notes combine with the hay-like hops and big time booze to make a deceivingly fresh beer that will knock your socks off.

M - Full bodied and boozy with aggressive carbonation that never seems raspy, but keeps the beer lively and fun despite the heavy body and high ABV. Finishes hot and hoppy with a lingering caramel note.

D - Probably my favorite of the series, vying for first place with the Sixth Glass quad. This is outstanding beer that I wouldn't hesitate to drink again... despite the high price (which really isn't that high if you calculate how many equivalent 12 oz 4% ABV beers are in this heavy hitting brew...you really are getting some bang for your buck).

10-01-2008 14:40:38 | More by pmcadamis
Photo of scottoale


4.33/5  rDev +4.3%

750ml. cork/caged brown bottle. Batch No.: T8088

Pours an amber-gold with a two-finger white faomy cap. Good carbonation and decent head retention. Smell is very sweet and fruity with a nice yeasty spiciness.

The taste is sweet with a nice malt foundation, notes of banana, corriander, clove and cinnimon? Nice Belgian-like flavor for sure. A clean finish with some yeast lingering...the alcohol is really well hidden for 9% ABV.

A medium bodied solid Tripel that is very authentic and worthy. I think Boulevards Smokestack Series are top notch in quality and style.

09-30-2008 18:10:13 | More by scottoale
Photo of Blakaeris


3.9/5  rDev -6%

Pours opaque apricot in color with a thick foamy head. Moderate carbonation and plenty of floating yeasty chunks.

Aroma is light tropical fruit and yeasty spices.

Taste far richer than the nose led me to expect. Strong caramel malt with a candy sweet edge. Very citrusy with orange peel, apricot and subtle banana and melon. Finish has mild yeasty spices - notably coriander and clove.

Mouthfeel is medium bodied. Generous carbonation provides a creamy feel.

An American made Belgian style brew that can actually compete with a true Belgian. Very nice job here. Tasty, with subtle fruitiness.

09-29-2008 21:40:48 | More by Blakaeris
Photo of bashiba


4.1/5  rDev -1.2%

Poured a dark hazy and muddy orange with almost no head, plenty of sediment.

Smell is light and yeasty with a hint of orange, lemon, and apricots.

The flavor is huge and complex and caught me off guard with such a subdued smell, It had nice crisp apple, lemony citrus, and nice vanilla notes all coming on quickly. A bit of yeast and alcohol with a touch of wheat form a nice backbone and a light clean bit of hops.

The mouthfeel is loaded with carbonation and has just a touch of warmth and dryness.

Enjoyable and easy to drink tripel, another nice Belgian style done by Boulevard. There smokestack series continues to impress.

09-29-2008 21:36:21 | More by bashiba
Photo of joepais


4.18/5  rDev +0.7%

Thanks to ckeegan04 for this one. Bottle batch t8067 poured into a Duvel pint glass produced a big white fluffy head (a good 4 fingers) on top of a clear apricot body.

This was quite surprising for an American brew. Aromas of big Belgian yeast and sweet fruit were well present in the nose. There is also a good spice presence as well a real good take on the style

The flavors are true to the style as well with all those wonderful Belgian flavors. With the fruity, spices that you would expect from a true Belgian tripel. The mouthfeel is spot on with great carbonation, and dangerously no hit of alcohol at all.

With this in the Duvel glass and me kicked back enjoying a crappy day indoors; it can't get any more drinkable. A good brew and I must say one of the best American takes on the style that I have tried so far.

09-27-2008 22:02:40 | More by joepais
Photo of tronester


3.98/5  rDev -4.1%

Pours a hazy golden with a huge white head. Smell is Metallic, phenolic, decent, not great. Taste is better, a light amount of malt, followed by a flavor of bananas, with a light finish of hops. Mouthfeel is smooth and creamy, carbonation levels slightly high. Drinkability is good, a great example of a Tripel, another good one from Boulevard.

09-27-2008 00:04:48 | More by tronester
Photo of Gueuzedude


3.58/5  rDev -13.7%

Batch Number: T8123; Sampled September 2008
There is lots of banana in this beer, first it smells of it as I am pouring this beer, but also the foam tastes of banana. Speaking of foam an not overly hard saw the head start to flow over the sides of my 25cl tulip glass, but I was able to react fast enough to slurp all of the excess foam; so no mess. The head stands a full four-fingers in height (including a finger above the rim of my glass) and is a pale tan color that is more the color of cream than anything. The beer is a has a nice copper hue to it as it sits on my desk, but shows a mostly clear, deep gold color when held up to the light. The aroma is a mix of grassy grain, spicy esters and fruit. Aromatic notes of bananas, definite clove, clean pepper, bubblegum / almost juicy-fruit esters, dusty-crushed grain aromas, a touch of unsalted saltine cracker, an at times strong green apple note and a touch of warming alcohol are all easily noticeable (none are a stretch for me) if you spend a little time with the nose).

Well carbonated still (even after resting for the last ten minutes), the beer foams up as it rolls across my tongue. Fairly dry, but it still has some sweetness that is accentuated by the fruity esters and the higher alcohol notes that pepper this beer. Sweet, malt accented banana flavors mix with sweet clove notes, touches of cotton candy, wild-flower honey, and ripe melon notes provide the sweet flavors in this beer. The sweetness is only lightly offset by pepper-like higher alcohol notes in the finish, a spicy clove notes in the finish that gets turpene heavy, a touch of dried ginger and a light astringency and bitterness that lingers on in the finish. Fairly light bodied as a decent Tripel should be, it has a touch of viscous heft to it, but is far more quaffable than a 9% alcohol beer should be.

Can be a bit too hot and phenolic at times, but this is certainly an interesting Tripel. This is even tasty enough and I am certainly happy to find myself quaffing this for an evening.

Purchased: South Bay Drugs, Imperial Beach CA

09-10-2008 03:31:57 | More by Gueuzedude
Photo of Zadok


4.13/5  rDev -0.5%

Poured a deep golden sunset, almost had several layers of color and had a dense fog quality. Had a 2 finger head that hung around for a little while.

Very nice smell, citrus and coriander with a slight booziness.

Taste has a flavor of light fruit mixed in alcohol. Orange and a clove citrus seem to be the backbone of flavor. There is a definite warming from alcohol on decent.

Smooth mouthfeel, medium carbonation with a slight bite on the aftertaste.

A very impressive beer from Boulevard, it sure is nice to support local brewers with a smile. High ABV once again makes for limited consumption but definitely worth trying out. Look forward to trying out the others in the Smokestack series.

09-06-2008 13:52:17 | More by Zadok
Photo of KeefD


4.4/5  rDev +6%

Poured a hazy, creamy orange color with a nice two finger head, into a chalice. Somewhat floral aroma, grassy, big hits of lemon, mild banana, spice, and slightly boozy. Very nice. Taste is sweet up front, a bit grassy, spicy, hints of malted wheat, a touch of citrus, and long, dry finish. A mild alcohol warming in the mouth and throat. High ABV presents itself, but in a good way. Good carbonation, feels slick and smooth on the tongue, creamy, medium-full bodied to say the least. An excellent take on a Belgian-style Tripel. As close to the real thing coming from this side of the pond.

09-04-2008 01:32:59 | More by KeefD
Photo of ppoitras


4.1/5  rDev -1.2%

750ml bottle obtained via trade with mhewes. Thanks for the opportunity. Corked & caged, Batch T8067.

Poured into a heavy glass chalice, formed a 1" beige head above the clear dark golden brew. Head is moving and grooving, but keeps on trucking, with average to good lacing. Aroma is sweet and effervescent, with spices present amply as well. Taste is a spinning experience of sweet, spice, and alcohol warmth, all flavors coming on spearately now and again. Mouthfeel is soft over the tongue, and drinkability is good. Numbness does seem to slowly appear on the tongue and at the back of the throat, but this one's worth the effort.

08-30-2008 23:59:45 | More by ppoitras
Photo of orangemoustache


4.38/5  rDev +5.5%

Pours slightly hazy with some nice orangish colorings,the head is tall and light with a soft appearence,but it holds itself up for quite a while. The nose is dead on,citric tart and spicy. Flavors are much the same as the nose with one ingredient not standing above the rest,this is a great Tripel. Lots of clove and pepperiness,slightly sweet and consistantly yeasty. The mouth feel was first class,good texture and carbonation. Damn I'm glad this was a big bottle. Get some people!!

08-30-2008 05:22:51 | More by orangemoustache
Photo of scoobybrew


4.45/5  rDev +7.2%

This was poured into a tulip glass from the bottle.

A - clear light amber color with a great head that is well retained; leaves a nice lacing

S - sweet malt aroma with very faint hop scent in the background

T - sweet malt up front with fruity yeast character and a slight hop finish; some dryness from the alcohol

M - medium/light body with high carbonation

D - This is quite a nice tripel. Boulevard continues to impress me with their Smokestack series. I was a bit skeptical at first, but this is the second that I've been pleasantly surprised with. Check it out if you can.

08-29-2008 01:06:44 | More by scoobybrew
Photo of barefootbrewer


4.05/5  rDev -2.4%

A: This beer poured a golden color with a huge creamy head and nice lacing.

S: The aroma is a complex mixture of Belgian yeast, candy, spice, orange and cereal.

T: The taste is bitter and cereal. There is the distinct Belgian Triple flavor noticeable.

M: The mouthfeel is thin to medium bodied. There is a definite carbonation kick.

D: This is a balanced and easy drinking brew that hides the alcohol well. Oh, and you've got to love the name.

08-26-2008 13:06:10 | More by barefootbrewer
Photo of Vancer


3.68/5  rDev -11.3%

Massive "pop" from the corked bottle, massive carbonated pour into my Corsendonk snifter. The massive white head does settle into a pillow-top floating on the amber orange brew.

Orange dominates the fruity aroma and presents itself in the quaff. Taste is on the dry side for a tripel, this reminds me more of a strong Belgian pale ale than tripel. No hint of any alcohol in it.

Still pretty tasty and a decent cut at a difficult beer to brew, but I doubt if I would seek out another bottle of it.

08-24-2008 19:12:49 | More by Vancer
Photo of feloniousmonk


4.18/5  rDev +0.7%

My notes are minimal, but my enjoyment was full.

Long Strange Tripel, Boulevard...

hazy golden hue, huge white head...

sweet and spicy aroma...right on for a tripel.

Lemon, .lime, orange, and more in the flavor, with a spicy kick.

Delicious stuff...perfect fit for the tripel style.

That's all I had to say while I drank it, but it says it all.

08-23-2008 09:46:38 | More by feloniousmonk
Photo of naterock


4.2/5  rDev +1.2%

thanks to my fiance for randomly picking this up for me, and to specialk for helping me drink it.

Pours a cloudy orange with amazing head retention and a thick yeast haze. beautiful tripel to look at, reminds me of a duvel in a tulip.

Smells suprisingly hoppy with a sweet malt quality and a slight estery nose. typical for a tripel but delightful none the less.

Tastes malty with a slight hop nuance and a sweet fruity-like aftertaste not too overly complex but solid.

Not to overly carbonated which is good, I think a belgian can easily be too overly carbonated which diminishes the malt quality that we love so much.

This is possibly the best of the smokestack series that I've had, besides the saison. will definitely buy this in the future for a solid tripel.

08-17-2008 01:59:14 | More by naterock
Photo of SpecialK088


4.05/5  rDev -2.4%

Thanks to Roo Naterocks fiance' on this one

Poured from a bottle into a snifter

A-Pours a cloudy copper with a nice white speck of yeast floating and a near perfect head that lingers the entire lenght of the brew.

S-A bit alocholy, with notes of pine, little earthy with a very subtle honey/sweet note.

T&M-Bready with great notes of alcohol and the slightest hops bite nice bitter middle and finish, nice smooth full body.

D-Would love to have this around often and would also love to age one to try I belive this would be the best of all the smokestack to age.

08-17-2008 01:50:08 | More by SpecialK088
Long Strange Tripel from Boulevard Brewing Co.
93 out of 100 based on 1,190 ratings.