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Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale - Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co.

Not Rated.
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel AleKentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale

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2,124 Ratings
very good

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Ratings: 2,124
Reviews: 515
rAvg: 3.67
pDev: 18.53%
Wants: 98
Gots: 353 | FT: 5
Brewed by:
Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co. visit their website
Kentucky, United States

Style | ABV
English Strong Ale |  8.19% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
Award winning Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale is a unique sipping beer with the distinctive nose of a well-crafted bourbon. Our Kentucky Ale is aged for up to 6 weeks in freshly decanted bourbon barrels from some of Kentucky’s finest distilleries. Subtle yet familiar flavors of vanilla and oak are imparted to this special ale as it rests in the charred barrels. Pleasantly smooth and robust, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale may also be served as an aperitif or after dinner drink.

(Beer added by: SheepNutz on 07-13-2004)
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Ratings: 2,124 | Reviews: 515 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of AleWatcher
1.59/5  rDev -56.7%
look: 1 | smell: 2.25 | taste: 1.75 | feel: 1 | overall: 1

Grabbed a 4 pack on a recent excursion to the Hoosier state... I planned on drinking one and tossing the others in as extras-- and now that I've opened this, I'm even more certain that will be my action with the other 3!

Served in my Portsmouth tulip.

The one finger... Er... Half finger... Ummm... The thin ring of antique-whitish bubbles form a collar around the inside of the glass. Oh wait, they're gone now. This looks like it was apricot juice, if such a thing existed. No lacing. No signs of carbonation.

The nose and flavor are pure cheap boozey bourbon and artificial vanilla. I don't get anything from a base beer here.
This is boozy and harsh. Unbalanced and unenjoyable as a sipper. As this warms, I'm reminded of honey flavored cough drops.
The body is very thin and holds limited carbonation.

Overall, there are so many bourbon barrel-aged beers out there, I would be fine to never drink this again. The beer isn't my cup of tea-- but that doesn't mean I cannot imagine some one else enjoying it.

AleWatcher, Jul 14, 2011
Photo of Chrisc212
1.6/5  rDev -56.4%

Chrisc212, Oct 08, 2014
Photo of gfreed
1.63/5  rDev -55.6%
look: 4.5 | smell: 2.5 | taste: 1 | feel: 1.5 | overall: 1.5

This is one of the clearest, brightest beers I've ever poured into a glass; a big, bright pool of shimmery amber just begging to be sipped. But... stop! Unless you like butter, pour this one down the drain. Butter in the aroma, suffocating butter in the taste... butterbutterbutterBUTTAH! Even the body felt a bit oily. I don't know if this thing was aged in an oak barrel or aged over oak chips (or aged in a vat of butter), but the brewery boys and girls need to take a lesson in moderation. Too much oak = too much butter. Might taste good on pancakes, but not much else. Poo.

gfreed, Apr 14, 2011
Photo of Monalenard
1.64/5  rDev -55.3%
look: 2.5 | smell: 1.25 | taste: 1.25 | feel: 3 | overall: 2

Pours a mahogany brown with a fizzy macro/corn soda lager head that fades as quickly as possible.
smells like it looks, cheap malt, slight hints of bourbon and oak.
taste follows the nose- bourbon barrel budwiser.
mouthfeel is medium, average carbonation.
overall- bourbon barreled budwiser.

Monalenard, Jul 30, 2014
Photo of PaulD
1.75/5  rDev -52.3%

PaulD, Jan 13, 2013
Photo of hikeeba
1.75/5  rDev -52.3%

hikeeba, Dec 07, 2013
Photo of jbeezification
1.75/5  rDev -52.3%

jbeezification, Jun 02, 2013
Photo of cld253
1.75/5  rDev -52.3%

cld253, Oct 20, 2014
Photo of magsvmi
1.75/5  rDev -52.3%

magsvmi, Oct 06, 2013
Photo of KNor
1.81/5  rDev -50.7%
look: 2 | smell: 1.5 | taste: 1.75 | feel: 2.25 | overall: 2

What city does the "M" stand for that on the bottle? Ussually a letter in front of the code indicates a differnt manufacturing location.

tasted fruity/ banana not as bourbon like as it was last time i tried it. Did they start diluting this down. wonder what percent of the beer I drank was ever in a barrel

KNor, Aug 01, 2014
Photo of aforbes10
1.93/5  rDev -47.4%
look: 1.5 | smell: 1.5 | taste: 2 | feel: 2.5 | overall: 2

Bottle purchased by shivtim on his drive through Kentucky. We assumed this was one of those MBC "front breweries" but apparantly its not. Pours an uninteresting amber with a slight, wispy head. Smells like grain alcohol, shitty bourbon. Tastes like watered down bourbon, vanilla flavoring and not much else. pretty bland and watery. Medium to thin bodied. Eh.

aforbes10, May 11, 2008
Photo of magnumpoppy
2/5  rDev -45.5%

magnumpoppy, Feb 24, 2014
Photo of Kevincredible
2/5  rDev -45.5%

Kevincredible, Apr 18, 2013
Photo of uziangis
2/5  rDev -45.5%

uziangis, Jan 13, 2012
Photo of JustinSparks
2/5  rDev -45.5%

JustinSparks, Jul 29, 2014
Photo of tourdot
2/5  rDev -45.5%

tourdot, Feb 02, 2013
Photo of ALLISON01
2/5  rDev -45.5%

ALLISON01, Sep 03, 2014
Photo of lisahope27
2/5  rDev -45.5%

lisahope27, Nov 16, 2012
Photo of Lewdd
2/5  rDev -45.5%

Lewdd, Jan 26, 2013
Photo of ThrashMaster
2/5  rDev -45.5%

ThrashMaster, Jul 28, 2013
Photo of bundy462
2/5  rDev -45.5%

bundy462, Aug 17, 2014
Photo of Martinecu
2/5  rDev -45.5%

Martinecu, Apr 26, 2013
Photo of RollBounce
2/5  rDev -45.5%

RollBounce, Nov 27, 2012
Photo of porterman66
2/5  rDev -45.5%

porterman66, Dec 27, 2013
Photo of Brensol
2/5  rDev -45.5%

Brensol, Oct 09, 2014
Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale from Alltech’s Lexington Brewing and Distilling Co.
83 out of 100 based on 2,124 ratings.