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Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout - Brooklyn Brewery

Not Rated.
Brooklyn Black Chocolate StoutBrooklyn Black Chocolate Stout

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5,521 Ratings

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Ratings: 5,521
Reviews: 2,640
rAvg: 4.15
pDev: 10.84%
Wants: 299
Gots: 861 | FT: 49
Brewed by:
Brooklyn Brewery visit their website
New York, United States

Style | ABV
Russian Imperial Stout |  10.00% ABV

Availability: Winter

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: BeerAdvocate on 12-04-2000)
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Ratings: 5,521 | Reviews: 2,640 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of Boitnott

North Carolina

4.1/5  rDev -1.2%

I have not had many chocolate stouts and this was an amazing first beer for the style for me.

A: The beer is almost solid black. If you put it up to the light then you can see the dark brown, but it literally looks black. The head is a lighter brown color.

S: The beer has a strong espresso and chocolate scent. Also you can smell the malt as well. I would seriously buy a candle that had this smell to it.

T: Amazing taste. The notes of choc, espresso, and vanilla go VERY well together. The strong alcohol content really compliments the espresso flavor. Personally I love the higher alcohol content beers so this one really does it for me. Cannot stress the espresso enough.

M: The chocolate taste goes down very smooth. However the higher alcohol content gives the beer a little more bite than I would prefer.

D: While I love the higher %, it makes the beer harder to drink overall. I would only be able to have 1 or 2 of these and I would not want any more beer. This beer would be amazing as paired with a chocolate dessert, and finished with a strong black coffee.

Serving: Poured from bottle into chilled pint glass. Must serve cold!!

10-14-2010 04:38:46 | More by Boitnott
Photo of cds3717

New Jersey

4.8/5  rDev +15.7%

A: Oil slick black. I love it!

S: Chocolatey, Malty, Coffee, Roasty

T: Reminded me of a chocolate covered raspberry on my first sip. Excellent chocolate, roasty characteristics with a slight sherry and vanilla quality. A slight mint maybe in the aftertaste?

M: Surprisingly not as thick as it looks, but still pretty full bodied. Has enough carbonation that it kind of offsets the stickiness.

D: Im trying really hard to drink it slow because of the ABV. It's difficult.

10-14-2010 01:32:40 | More by cds3717
Photo of mattgreger


3.45/5  rDev -16.9%

Poured into a pint class a solid black color with a nice off white 1 inch head. It had decent retention and some lacing that followed.

There was some strong aroma of roasted malts and a very strong lingering of chocolate.l Notes of caramel, vanilla, espresso, and fruit.

The flavor of this brew is pretty good. Its very complex. There is all kinds of flavors that hit up front. The roasted malts and the cocoa hits you at first, but then they slide in with a bit of almost a dried fruit that give it a bittersweet and tart flavor after the sweetness of the malts and sugars in the brew. There are some other flavors present in there as well. Some caramel and spices that help tingle those taste buds. The finish has a bit of a alcohol hit, that doesn't hurt the brew to much...but is almost to much if you aren't drinking this as after dinner brew.

This is decently drinkable beer. Some might have some issues from the heaviness and the higher ABV might be to much for some people who aren't used to these Russian Imperial Stouts. Still a good brew. Very creamy which helps give a few more points in the rating systems.

10-12-2010 03:42:39 | More by mattgreger
Photo of chrisgn


3.63/5  rDev -12.5%

A- Black with a coffee colored head. Some lacing on the glass, not excellent.

S- Alcohol and dark chocolate.

T- This beer is actually pretty bitter, tastes like dark chocolate. Taste improves as it warms. Hop character is definitely present as well.

M- not very rich and creamy, but still full bodied. Lingering alcohol burn after each sip.

D- This is a well made beer for sure, but the bitterness and 10% abv make this a sipper. Certainly better RIS's out there. Not very much a fan of the bitterness.

10-12-2010 02:30:03 | More by chrisgn
Photo of StoneBrewFanatic


4.13/5  rDev -0.5%

A - Pours a solid black into my pint glass with just about an inch of brown head. Moderate retention and lacing.

S - Rich with toasted malts and bittersweet chocolate. Notes of caramel, vanilla, espresso beans, and dark fruit and a touch of alcohol. Very Nice!

T - Mostly sweet roasted malts at the front, caramel, bittersweet cocoa notes ( a little less than I was hoping for ), dried dark fruit, vanilla, with kind of a bitter coffee/hop combination of the back end with a little more alcohol present than I would prefer.

M - Pretty well balanced, a little lighter than I expected from the look of it, but smooth and creamy nonetheless.

D - Very enjoyable to drink, alcohol is a somewhat present as a reminder of the ABV, but I could enjoy a few without any problems.

10-10-2010 18:25:55 | More by StoneBrewFanatic
Photo of domtronzero


4.3/5  rDev +3.6%

A - Very dark brown, almost black and opaque. Big, fluffy, long-lasting mocha head with lots of lacing.

S - Bitter chocolate, little bit of roast. Dark fruity melanoidins: raisins and prunes. Sweet caramelly malts. Big and complex.

F/M - huge roasty bitter chocolate. A little bit of burnt coffee. Caramelly sweet malts, toffee and dark dried fruit flavors. Medium high bitterness accentuated by the dark malts. Light alcoholic warmth. Medium full bodied, slick and thick. Medium low carbonation. Creamy finish with a lingering chocolate aftertaste.

D - Very good, full bodied and very flavorful. Rather easy drinking for being such a big beer. World class and very good.

10-08-2010 23:30:31 | More by domtronzero
Photo of megahurts4


4.5/5  rDev +8.4%

Brooklyn Brewery Black Chocolate Stout

Appearance: Black with a smaller head and lots of lacing.

Smell: Hops, roasted malts, and some chocolate.

Taste: Chocolate, roasted malts, and floral hops.

Mouthfeel: Medium-heavy, but not like syrup.

Bottom line:
This is a very well crafted beer. It is very hard to tell that this is 10% ABV by how smooth and flavorful it is. To me, it seems like a much more flavorful and alcoholic Guinness.

10-08-2010 05:17:54 | More by megahurts4
Photo of GabrielM

New Mexico

4.03/5  rDev -2.9%

Shared in a trade from OakedCanuck, thanks! Poured into a snifter.

A - black as night with a surprisingly thick one inch brownish head on top.

S - chocolate, coffee, vanilla, and a touch of malt sweetness.

T - good, but a little soft. The chocolate is there, but not as pronounced and I would've liked. Coffee and vanilla in the middle, then some hop/espresso bitterness on the back, as well as a small bit of alcohol warmth.

M - good carbonation and smooth on the palate.

D - it's pleasant, but could use a year to let the alcohol and hops mellow out and maybe allow for some more of that chocolate to come forward.

10-08-2010 00:43:37 | More by GabrielM
Photo of vandemonian


4.47/5  rDev +7.7%

Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout beer is black as space. The head was short lived and had a medium brown colour; only a tiny amount of lacing remains. As soon as a poured it I smelled malt, even from 3 feet away. When you get closer you also smell sweet coffee. The first flavour I got was coffee changing to sweet maltiness. The aftertaste was of bitter black chocolate. As my palate grew accustomed to it, the taste grew more uniform and I mainly tasted milky, bitter chocolate. This beer has a milky feel and is surprisingly light for the style with very little carbonation. This is a very drinkable beer with a lovely complex flavour.

10-07-2010 23:36:25 | More by vandemonian
Photo of mdaschaf


4.38/5  rDev +5.5%

Poured a 2009 bottle

A: Dark black with a chunky brown/tan head, dissipated quickly leaving a ring of bubbles on the top of the beer.

S: Hit immediately with the roasted malts and then some bittersweet chocolate. As it warms get more coffee and chocolate coming through.

T: Lots of roasted malt and some dark chocolate. The chocolate flavor intensifies as it warms. Also some vanilla. Very nice.

M/D: Medium to full bodied with nice carbonation. Very easy to drink and leaves a nice aftertaste. A really nice beer that I look forward to drinking again. Also looking forward to drinking this one with some more age on it as well to see what happens.

10-06-2010 02:41:17 | More by mdaschaf
Photo of revolt914


4.35/5  rDev +4.8%

Talk about a kick in the teeth... this beer really did sneak up on me! I was told by a friend that this is his favorite beer so I had to pick me one up and I did. I first tried it directly out of the bottle while it was still around 42 degrees... talk about bad idea! This beer is excellent when poured into a mug and let to warm to about 48 to 54 degrees give or take on my estimate on temperature. Extremely flavorful beer and very hoptastic!

10-05-2010 06:39:30 | More by revolt914
Photo of bucklemyshoe


4.05/5  rDev -2.4%

Winter '09-'10 vintage. 12 oz bottle served at 48* into a snifter.

A: This pours black as night with a finger of tan head that hold well and leaves a trail down the glass.

S: Notes of chocolate, licorice, and dark fruits rise from the glass.

T: The taste is an excellent blend of bitter chocolate, figs, raisins, and some coffee.

M: It's thick, sticky, and creamy.

D; This is relatively easy to drink for 10%

BBCS is what Bell's Expedition attempted to do but failed.

10-05-2010 02:45:48 | More by bucklemyshoe
Photo of OakedCanuck


3.58/5  rDev -13.7%

12oz poured into MS tulip. 2010 vintage

A - Pitch black with very dark brown edging when held up to light. 2 fingers fluffy medium brown head

S - Chocolate, coffee, sweet malts

T - Bittersweet, almost like baking, chocolate, medium roasty coffee, some sweet malt, and alcohol

M - Medium-full body, alcohol heat and fairly creamy

D - A sipper but two would be easy. I think it will improve and maybe become more complex with some age on it.

10-04-2010 16:19:56 | More by OakedCanuck
Photo of Bonis


4.25/5  rDev +2.4%

A - A black as night brew pours with an inch of creamy mocha head, which settles to a ring of bubbles around the glass. A nice lacing is left, something I have not noticed before with this brew.

S - Smell is of sweet dark chocolate, robust dark malts, and hints of bitter chocolate, coffee, and a dose of alcohol. An earthy characteristic lingers as well. Nothing is too powerful. The aromas are subtle and play together nicely.

T - Both sweet and bitter chocolate dominate at first, and then give way to some dark fruit flavors that I don't often see in a stout. Bitter coffee notes creep into the mix as it warms, as well as some earthy cacao bean flavors. The alcohol is there throughout, but not too powerful, as the flavor complexities of this one tend to hide it. A very rich and robust brew and very well balanced. This is a solid example of the style. Very, very tasty.

M - Wow this one is big. Alcohol explodes in the mouth and leaves a coating of chocolate alcohol goodness. It isn't bad, quite nice actually. Smooth for the ABV and not much carbonation.

D - This is an intense beer that is not meant to be really drinkable. That being said, it isn't bad for an RIS. I won't be having a second tonight, but it wouldn't be a problem most nights.

10-02-2010 01:08:27 | More by Bonis
Photo of Phelps


4.15/5  rDev 0%

Poured from a bottle capped in winter 09 into my perfect pint glass. Thanks go out to CooperEllis for including this in a trade as an extra.

Looks: after an absolutely perfect pour (if I do say so myself), the dark chocolate liquid coalesces into blackness with a glutinous one-finger head of cinnamon. The beer's crown quickly collapses to a chunky, filmy layer of light tan that grips the sides of the glass in thick, webby sheets.

Smells: lovely. Lots of licorice, dark chocolate, molasses, graham crackers, old-fashioned syrup, cocoa powder. Little bit of toast and charcoal in the background. Sweet prunes, raisins.

Tastes: shifty. The flavor begins with sweet dark fruits: prunes again, figs, boysenberry syrup. As the flavor opens up, notes of dark chocolate, espresso and maple syrup take hold before a lingering roasty, toasty finish. The transfer from sweet to bitter roastiness happens quickly and so smoothly that it's hard to pick out when one drops off and the next begins. Very, very nice.

Feels: filling. Amidst a low yet rumbling carbonation, the body is fantastic -- medium yet super smooth and creamy. The alcohol is powerful, noticeable in the mouth, the back of the throat and as a a warming sensation that builds in the stomach. Very nice.

Drinks: wait, you guys are telling me that this stuff is available right off the shelf on the east coast? Like, you don't have to wait in line for three hours or anything to pick this up? You guys got it good over there. If I had steady access to this beer, I don't know if I'd ever not have some in my fridge. For its availability, one of the best RISes out there.

09-30-2010 06:43:07 | More by Phelps
Photo of CooperEllis

New York

3.88/5  rDev -6.5%

12oz into dfh snifter

The color is dark, the pour is not viscous. Very little head, some lacing - both are carmel.

An obvious chocolate aroma, but very little complexity.

Chocolate/cocoa nib with a lightly roasted malt. There is a nice hop flavor underneath that compliments the cocoa, it is more of a hop bitterness than a chocolate bitterness. The flavor rounds nicely, and the finish loses the chocolate which I find to be a positive.

It drinks well, a bit light on carbonation, with a coating sip and a crisp finish I would normally associate with a much lighter and hoppier brew. Although at over 10% it's tough to enjoy more than one.


09-29-2010 01:13:28 | More by CooperEllis
Photo of thebeerdoctor


4.03/5  rDev -2.9%

This came my way sort of by default. A convenience store owner who I do consulting work for, had a case shipped to him, a couple of weeks ago. Thinking it was this winter's edition, I thought it was odd that it would be appearing in September. Turns out that this is the 2009-2010 winter of last year, where a four-pack was plucked from a completely sealed case box.
So what does a year old vintage Black Chocolate Stout taste like? For one thing, it thickens somewhat. As black as can be, with tan foam. This Russian Imperial style has that dark currant raisin plum like depth, and the alcohol strength of 10% becomes apparent, especially if served too cold.
Nevertheless, a classic American take on a world class sipper, although I will never understand the idea of having this with a cigar. Adding nicotine poison to this malt showcase, seems to me to be an incredibly stupid nullification.

09-22-2010 05:57:22 | More by thebeerdoctor
Photo of glazeman


3.9/5  rDev -6%

12 ounce bottle poured into a snifter

A: Pours black in color with a one finger mocha colored head that has okay retention and decent lacing.

S: Some chocolate, but not as mush as in other stouts, and not nearly as much as I expected given the name of this beer. Some alcohol head and some dark fruits as well.

T: Pretty much follows the nose, but there's a little bit of surprise sweetness in there as well. I would say this is a mix of dark chocolate, raisins and brown sugar. A pretty good tasting beer, though I would like a little bit more intensity of the flavors.

M: Too thin for my liking. Otherwise nice carbonation, aftertaste, and weight.

D: Excellent drinkability considering the ABV. The alcohol was not nearly as noticeable as I would have thought based on the smell. This one really goes down easy. Not quite as advirtised though as I really didn't get nearly as much chocolate as I expected.

09-22-2010 02:45:16 | More by glazeman
Photo of BeerAndBourbon


3.95/5  rDev -4.8%

A. Pours a midnight black with a two finger tan head that dissipates to a thin layer of foam leaving lots of islands of residual lacing down the glass.

S. Lots of chocolate malt with caramel and some roasty bitterness.

T. Lots of bitter chocolate with roasty coffee/espresso character. More sweetness in the nose than comes across in the flavor. Little perceptible sweetness due to the bitter from both hops and roasted grains.

M. Full bodied with a high level of almost biting carbonation. The carbonation here takes a bit away from the mouthfeel for me; it makes me want to swallow rather than appreciate the flavor medley.

D. Surprisingly a bit hot even though it's almost a year out and not terribly high abv in the first place. Good, but not excellent. I'd like to try the OPS since I'm always interested in seeing how much bourbon can improve a beer like this. (Everyone knows that bourbon only improves a beer.)

09-17-2010 21:01:34 | More by BeerAndBourbon
Photo of wvsabbath

West Virginia

3.75/5  rDev -9.6%

Serving type - Bottle

Appearance - Black as oil, tan 1/2 head

Smell - Nuts, chocolate, malts, smoked coal smell coffee and also and alcohol

Taste - Very strong, stout. Has some sweetness but doesnt last long when at 10% the alcohol takes over. Coffee and chocolate is present, with some carbination making this a intense beer.

Mouthfeel - Quite a kick on the taste buds. Will numb the tounge if left in mouth for long. A bitter hop malt flavor aftertaste rounds out this monster

Drinkabilty - This is a good imperial stout but id love to taste this beer a few percents lower. A session beer, 1 and done for me. Id rather drink youngs double chocolate stout and enjoy a few

09-15-2010 04:23:36 | More by wvsabbath
Photo of boomer31


3.9/5  rDev -6%

Purchased in MI on road trip. Bottled winter 09-10 according to bottle.

A - Black with light brown quarter inch head. Almost a touch of brown around the edges. The beer literally sticks to the glass all the way thru. Quite impressive

S - Huge roast and bitter chocolate. A hint of alcohol.

T - Roasty malts, and thick bitter chocolate up front with a lingering chocolate finish. A hint of alcohol burn as well but not much. A touch of hop bitterness blends well with the chocolate

M - Very rich and creamy. One of the more full bodied RIS I've had.

D - If you love chocolate you'll love this. The bitter chocolate is almost over the top.

I'm very happy to have been able to pick up a 4 pack while traveling MI. This is a very fine RIS and should age well.

09-15-2010 01:11:12 | More by boomer31
Photo of newk340


4.33/5  rDev +4.3%

A: oily black pour, thick consistancy with a thin khaki head.

S: sweet tapestry of all flavors chocolate (dark, bitter, sweet).

T: intensely chocolate in flavor, chocolate permeates all the tastebuds while leaving a faint licorice, toasty aftertaste.

MF/D: a fizz of carbonation burns the tongue before settling down for a smooth swallow, an exceptional imperial stout that i would gladly drink again.

09-15-2010 00:32:44 | More by newk340
Photo of ryno09


4.4/5  rDev +6%

Appearance - A frothy two finger light brown head. Black in color, can't see any light through it. Impossible to see how much carbonation there is. Head sticks around longer than your typical RIS with such a high ABV. Leaves some fantastic lacing.

Aroma - Dark chocolate and dark fruits with alcohol. Typical roasted malt as well.

Taste - Up front you are hit with alcohol and the dark fruits. Midway through the dark chocolate notes come into play with the roasted malt leaving a lovely dark chocolate after taste. Finishes very smooth. Uncanny how much it finishes with dark chocolate - like after eating a piece of dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage.

Just an absolutely fantastic dessert beer. Would pair very nicely with vanilla ice cream. There's enough alcohol to remind you that you're drinking a big beer but the lingering dark chocolate finish is very pleasing.

09-13-2010 02:52:42 | More by ryno09
Photo of TheStove


4.33/5  rDev +4.3%

12oz bottle from 09-10 Winter poured into a stemmed tulip.

Instantly was able to smell notes of chocolate, light coffee and dare I say banana?!? Pours jet black with a light finger of foam. Light sips leave traces of brown lace.

This is a big rich beer. Like a boozy glass of espresso chocolate cake. It's delicious through the glass, with each sip varying in intensity between chocolate and coffee. with plenty of malt diversity along the way. Light notes of sweetness and banana endure. Unlike some other stouts, I think the booziness is more than apparent but this one is so flavorful that it doesn't take away from the focus of the drink which is the big chocolate malty flavor.

09-12-2010 07:11:28 | More by TheStove
Photo of GilGarp


4.33/5  rDev +4.3%

12oz. bottle from last winter ('09-10).

Taken from the fridge and allowed to warm on the counter for about half an hour. I've had it once before and remember it got better as it warmed.

Served into a pint glass, Black Chocolate Stout really does have a black appearance everywhere except the edges. The thin head settles quickly.

Aroma is very strong. Usually my nose doesn't do much for me but here I can smell all sorts of goodness. Huge roasty dark malts and a good dose of dark chocolate. It also has what I would associate with a bourbon barrel aged beer - primarily oak but also alcohol.

Flavor is intense as well. It starts off sweet and doesn't seem so big and scary. Then it gets big, dark, roasty, and bitter. The middle of each sip is dominated by dark coffee and baking cocoa. The finish is dry and a little harsh.

The mouthfeel is full bodied and low in carbonation. It has a nice smoothness but the alcohol dries my mouth and starts to burn.

Overall I enjoy this beer but it's not one of the best in this crowded style. At 10% I expect it to be strong but it seems like it needs another year to mellow.

09-10-2010 04:34:37 | More by GilGarp
Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout from Brooklyn Brewery
93 out of 100 based on 5,521 ratings.