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John's Market

Not Rated.
John's MarketJohn's Market

72 Ratings
Ratings: 72
Reviews: 60
rAvg: 4.33
pDev: 11.09%
[ Store ]

3535 SW Multnomah Blvd
Portland, Oregon, 97219-3761
United States
phone: (503) 244-2617

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Photo of BDTyre

British Columbia (Canada)

4.85/5  rDev +12%

This beats Bottleworks hands down in terms of selection..too bad its not closer to home, and too bad it doesn't have mead (at least not that I saw).

As many others have pointed out, it is unassuming from the outside. It looked to me like an inner city grocer. I love how at least 1/4 of the floor space is beer, and at least another 1/4 is wine.

Selection, as mentioned before is unrivalled. I probably walked up and down the beer section for at least ten minutes before grabbing a single bottle. My wife practically fainted when we walked in...she is a sucker for Belgians and fruit beers, especialy Belgian fruit beers.... I found stuff here I thought I would never get.

Oddly enough, I didn't buy that much. Partly it was fear of bringing beer back through Customs, and partly it was not wanting to buy stuff here and then find even more I wanted in Seattle. But I will return...and I will buy more.

Again, as others have stated, the clerks don't come up to you, but they are very friendly. What are the chances that I run into someone in Portland who used to come up to Vancouver every week?

06-19-2007 06:20:10 | More by BDTyre
Photo of spickler


5/5  rDev +15.5%

In Portland at the end of May for four days of beer and wine tasting, we stopped at John's Marketplace on the way back to the airport. I visited many BA recommended establishments during our trip but must specifically praise this one.

Their opening time of 6AM (according to the website) sent me there instead of Belmont Station as my flight was at noon. Nonetheless, we were running late as we always are. I guess frantically stuffing sixers of IPA into a box drew the attention of one of the employees because he asked if he could help. I explained my dilemma and he promptly mentioned the new "liquid in carry-on baggage" rules, which I had somehow failed to consider. (We hadn't taken a wine/beer trip since those were instituted and were used to hauling as much beer and wine on board as we could carry.)

He quickly assessed my selection and retrieved a shipping box from the stock room and suggested that we replace my six packs with 22oz bottles of the same or similar brews. His suggestions have been excellent so far. After leaving a few spots for the bottles of Pinot we had already purchased, he helped me get the box to the front and even grabbed some packing tape and a free bottle opener for me all the while giving me simple directions back to I-5.

I didn't even get a chance to fully appreciate the massive selection. I had to go with recommendations and offer the VERY occasional, "I can get that in Tennessee." But the selection was beyond anything I'd ever seen, especially in the huge 22oz bottle section.

I don't run into people too often who fully understand my affection for beer. Clearly, BA is full of them, and I'm happy to say John's Marketplace seems to be as well. What great service and selection! We made our flight (barely), and all of the bottles made it to my beer fridge without so much as a scratch.

06-01-2007 21:21:37 | More by spickler
Photo of josiahschlender


4.35/5  rDev +0.5%

I'm not sure how many times I passed by this place without noticing it. Like everyone else has mentioned, it's not too much to look at. And the inside doesn't get much better. This is a beer store that has a few groceries on the shelves. It's amused me several time to walk by the produce aisle and laugh at the few browning heads of lettuce or look for expired food items on the shelves.

The beer selection is extensive. I like the huge amount of foreign beers that are roughly sectioned off according to country. They even have small sections for obscure places like Italy. Not that I recommend Italian beer though, they should have stuck to wine. Belgium, England and Germany are all well represented.

They've got a great selection of Northwest beer, especially in large bottles.. Honestly, there is so much beer that it's a little overwhelming for me as I'm just beginning here at BA. My advice is to go in with a style, region or list of wants and work from there. It might make your trip little more manageable. If you don't know much about beer, it seems that it would be like walking into Blockbuster knowing very little about movies.

The folks that work there have been friendly, but don't exactly wander around asking you if they can help.

John's Marketplace is a must-try for Portland if your visiting, and the place to go when trying to find a new favorite beer. A little offbeat, but it has the best beer selection I've ever seen next to the great little Multnomah Village area.

05-23-2007 08:18:34 | More by josiahschlender
Photo of guitarmage


4.5/5  rDev +3.9%

In my opinion this place is exceptional in all areas, I am just allowing for the fact I have not been all over the US. Great selection, nailed many of the beers from the Best of BA I wanted to try, friendly folks at the check out, nice atomosphere, just a convenient store on the outside with a sprawling inside with wine and beer. Even some nice glass wear, although the weizen glass I wanted had Blue Moon on it so it discouraged me.

If you're in Portland or live in Portland, check this place out, it brightened my day.

02-06-2007 07:43:01 | More by guitarmage
Photo of phishgator


4.55/5  rDev +5.1%

I was there in the fall and I was blown away. I was out visiting a buddy of mine who is not as obsessed with good beer as me, but none the less he loves the good stuff when I'm around. The store has a great selection of all the West Coast varities: Stone, Russian River, Rogue, Big Bear Republic, Anderson Valley, etc...then they have the Colorado staples as well as DFH, Allagash, and other East Coast offerings. Their Belgian selection is out of this world I believe they had close to every offering from Cantillion. Everything is sectioned by brewery and then by region. The prices were in line with every other place I purchased beer from out there, but no sales tax! If you want to stock up this is the place to be.

12-12-2006 18:08:02 | More by phishgator
Photo of Matthew


4.65/5  rDev +7.4%

In my opinion this is the best place to buy beer in Portland besides grabbing some beers to go while at concordia ale house. Johns market place has a very large selection of American micros, and tends to have nearly everything that they could get their hands on from every brewery they carry. I've found some interesting suprises in their coolers as far as vintages and random beers I didnt know had been released. The import section is equally as good with a very nice selection of belgian, german, and english beers in addition to many other imports. The service is pretty good, knowledgeable staff, helpful etc....Prices are pretty reasonable and far better IMO than some of the other well known beer stores. Highly recommended. One of the best places I have been to shop for great beer.

10-19-2006 23:08:59 | More by Matthew
Photo of slander

New York

4.5/5  rDev +3.9%

"114 days in the sun" and then the union caved. Finally. The Teamsters signed the damn contract and the strike was over; an unconditional return to work. What a mess; the messiest of messes, and I'm going to have to do a lot of clean up, upwards of 4 months worth. But not today. And not tomorrow either, or the day after that or the day after that. I'm takin' a little time off and even then, nothing's easy as evidenced by what I had to go through to make the flight out the next day...

But today's a new day. Pope picked us up at the airport hotel, we did a great breakfast, and now we're going to the amazing beer store he's been raving about. I don't know what to make of this place. It's a spacious open room, with a little kitchen/deli area off to the left where it appears they make sandwiches or something, and some seating there as well. Most of the front of the store is wine, with produce off to the right side on the far wall, and then the aisles to the rear hold your standard non-perishable market items, toiletries, dry goods and the like. But over in the... it would be right to say "corner" because it takes up a whole hell of a lot more space than just the back corner, it's kind of spread out nicely, so I guess I'll say, "Over there", that's where the beer is.

Absolutely maddening. This being my first visit to a west coast beer store, it would seem difficult to gauge if this sort of a selection is standard everywhere out here or if this is just Crazytown. I suspect the latter. The first thing you really hit are the Belgians. Just, everything you'd want, except Westie 12's, and oddly enough, no Rodenbach, but everything else (A dozen varieties of Cantillon hiding on the end cap, Fantome, Oud Beersel, Fonteinen, Des Rocs, Verhage, De Ranke, Dupont, De Proef (3 Flemish Prims and 4 Andelot Cuvees), Caracole, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle, Achel, Chimay, Scaldis, Hanssens, Piraat, Bornem, De Dolle, Boon, Petrus, Maredous, St B, Urthel, Val Dieu, Pater Lieven, Corsendonk, Leffe, Bink, Chouffe, Goliath, De Koninck, Liefman's, and all the non Belgian Belgian types (Panil, Hemel Neiuw Ligt, 't IJ).

Shelving units everywhere, beers of the world sorted (English, German, Asia, South of the border and beyonds, Eastern Euros, Ciders, Scottish/Irish, N/A's), and then the whole back corner and a good deal of the cooler space dedicated to US micros.

An extensive selection of West coast bombers & 750's on the maze of racks, and singles in the coolers (Alaskan, Midnight Sun, Elysian, Fish, Dick's, Hale's Ales, Skagit River, Deschutes, Full Sail, Siletz, Hair of the Dog, 2 dozen varieties of Rogue, Terminal Gravity, Bridgeport, Bear Republic, Marin, Santa Cruz Mountain, Eel River, Alesmith, Bison, Moylans, Butte Creek, Mad River, Stone, Lagunitas, Lost Coast, Speakeasy, Anderson Valley, Mendocino, North Coast), and then considerably lesser so the more East you go (Big Sky, New Belgium, Great Divide, Avery, Goose Island, Jolly Pumpkin, DogFishHead, Victory, Penn, Wolavers).
We got a discount up front, probably as a result of volume. Said the guy, "You guys have good taste in beer. Not enough people come here and buy this". You think? Outstanding beer store.

Everything and a bag of chips (and jerky, too).

09-03-2006 16:56:11 | More by slander
Photo of PopeJonPaul


4.55/5  rDev +5.1%

Wow, I can't believe I hadn't reviewed this place before. Just got back from Portland with a suitcase full of beer from John's.

The overall selection is impressive, the copious amount of local and West-Coast micros is awesome, and the Belgian selection is outstanding (for cryin' out loud, they had Belgians that are hard to find, if not absent, on the East Coast.) The real charm of this place though is that it's still a grocery, with produce and a deli; it's almost like the beer section is slowly growing in the back like a happy tumor. The place still looks like a reject from the 1950s (I think it used to be a gas-and-grocery way back.) I love it.

One complaint might be that they hardly have anything 'old', but you can't fault them for the fact they can't hold on to stuff (I did pick up an '02 Leviathan there once though, lucky me.) They move quite a bit of beer for such a low-key, quiet looking 'corner store.' It's totally self-serve (which is fine by me, really) although one of the guys did come back and try and help us find some Arctic Devil (didn't have it, but Felonious Phil did score some later at Concordia, which is another story...)

If you're in Portland and you don't visit this place, you may want to seek counseling.

08-02-2006 04:01:57 | More by PopeJonPaul
Photo of Rezzin


4.2/5  rDev -3%

I made it a point to stop by Johns Marketplace on my recent trip to Portland. It's near a Fred Myers but that's about the most I remember as far as directions go as I didn't drive.

The outside looks like your typical run down liquor store but once you walk in and past the wine section you'll be like a kid in a candy store. This place has a huge selection of beers. Although a lot of the beers I can find back home (so cal), just the fact that they carry DFH was good enough for me. Oh yeah I forgot to mention - they even let you split up 6 packs. Love it.

Fortunately I have a friend who lives nearby that visits several times a year so - he's now become my official Johns Marketplace errand boy.

03-21-2006 05:27:57 | More by Rezzin
Photo of Toddv29424

District of Columbia

4.2/5  rDev -3%

I drove up to this place after reading all about it on this site. Its true, there is not much to look at inside or out. Its the back corner which will blow you away, where they have about 15 fully stocked rows of beers from all over the world. I am not sure if there is any method to the organization (I did see an English section and an American section) but the rest seem to be pretty scattered around. If you are looking for one thing in particular it might be hard to find, but if you keep an open mind about new styles and regions this is the exact place for you. I was most impressed by their trappist collection, which included beers which I not only havent seen other places, but new sizes as well (I didn't know St Bernardus came in 1.5 liter bottles!). If you've been exploring this site for a while and have a good knowledge of beers and breweries, then its a must.

There was very little service though, and the people there didnt know anything about the beer I was looking for or purchasing, but as a beer enthusiast this hardly detracted from the aura.

01-12-2006 01:58:57 | More by Toddv29424
John's Market in Portland, OR
96 out of 100 based on 72 ratings.