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Bush Ambrée - Brasserie Dubuisson Frères sprl

Not Rated.
Bush AmbréeBush Ambrée

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very good

568 Ratings

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Ratings: 568
Reviews: 397
rAvg: 3.87
pDev: 14.99%
Wants: 20
Gots: 28 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Brasserie Dubuisson Frères sprl visit their website

Style | ABV
Belgian Strong Pale Ale |  12.00% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: Bierman9 on 09-25-2001)
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Ratings: 568 | Reviews: 397 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of WesWes

New York

4.65/5  rDev +20.2%

The beer pours an amber color with a thick frothy white head that slowly fades to lacing. The aroma is awesome. It has a warm malty scent with a sweet, dry finish. The taste is perfect. It is a really smooth tasting beer. It has a light, yet malty flavor with little hops and a creamy finish. It goes down easy with a warm aftertaste. The mouthfeel is fine. It is a full bodied beer with adequate carbonation. This is a damn fine beer. It has a high abv., but it drinks well.

07-30-2004 01:31:08 | More by WesWes
Photo of Crosling


4.43/5  rDev +14.5%

There is a sad story behind this great beer and it starts with the Anheuser Busch legal team. Those bastards. Just recently, AB has taken Dubuisson to court once again, now, Dubuisson is forced to change "Bush" to "Scaldis" in every country except seven (Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Switzerland and Portugal). Somehow I don't think people will mistake this fantastic 12% Belgian beer with an adjunct infested yellow fizzy beer named "Busch." This is another reason why I hate Anheuser Busch! Bastards!

I sampled "Bush" at Lop Lop in Brussels, Belgium. I sell "Scaldis" at my store in Colorado.

Light Brown.

Focused aroma of a malty sweetness, banana and peach.

Massive. I might be on my own here but I find Bush to be insanely drinkable and quite the dangerous session beer. I could have 4 or 5 of these easily, no problem at all. I also enjoyed its "chewy" mouthfeel. Very soft and smooth, with a small trace of its potency and a divine fruitiness, mainly cherries and plums but also a hint of juniper and a lovely caramel maltiness.

07-30-2004 00:56:30 | More by Crosling
Photo of Dogbrick


3.45/5  rDev -10.9%

Sampled at From The Vine beer tasting Jul 9th, 2004: Pours a clear golden orangle color with a thin white head. Decent lacing throughout. The aroma is very nice, a heady mixture of malt, honey and alcohol. Unfortunately the flavor doesn't come close to fulfilling the promise in the aroma. The body is carbonated with a rather Lager-ish character. Peppery alcohol and sweet caramel malt see-saw back and forth throughout. The finish is dry and lightly bitter. This beer was a bit of a letdown overall. Perhaps the (scalding?) alcohol content is to blame, but the beer seems unbalanced and is difficult to enjoy.

07-11-2004 04:20:35 | More by Dogbrick
Photo of Gueuzedude


3.48/5  rDev -10.1%

Best before date of 2005, Sampled June 2004
Pours a hazy orange copper color, it is topped by a thin tan head. I get immediate strong aromas of malt and alcohol. These are joined by notes of orange, sherry, apricot, and a liquor like sweet aroma. The taste is only lightly sweet up front (drier than the nose would suggest). It finishes with a mix of fruity orange flavors and alcohol. This is much lighter in body than I was expecting. This beer is definitely malt dominated, the alcohol hotness is the next most dominant flavor. In fact the alcohol is a bit too much, there needs to be more beer here to tone down the hot alcohol notes. This is not bad by any means, but certainly is not great either.

06-27-2004 19:54:42 | More by Gueuzedude
Photo of lou91


4.15/5  rDev +7.2%

This review is of a bottle I bought in 96 and drank tonight. After 8 years it still has plenty of life with a nice light head with a rich buttered rum nose. It also has not lost any of its flavor exhibiting a caramel and sugar sweetness and an alcohol warmth that is great on a cold day - or a hot day in my case. The age has helped make this a joy to drink - too bad it is in such small bottles and much rarer than it was in '96.

06-24-2004 05:27:55 | More by lou91
Photo of mickeymac


3.25/5  rDev -16%

From a little 250 ml bottle, it has a big frothy white head that stays around to the end. The smell is strong alcohol, some ripe fruit, but most noticeably an underlying medicinal aroma. Although some of the fruit carries over to the taste, it's mostly alcohol. The alcohol taste is more in line with spirits than a beer. 12% is up there for a beer, but this one doesn't hide it well.

06-17-2004 06:41:50 | More by mickeymac
Photo of frank4sail

New Jersey

4.25/5  rDev +9.8%

Rich thick sticky white head. Very carbonated sparkel to the light ruby colored beer in the goblet. Carmel and malt sweetness are lifted by strong abv in the sinus. Very smooth mouth. Big astringent malt flavor upfront with a grassy dry finish. Very malty and hoppy. A huge beer. I like strong beers and this is a huge amber classic.

06-10-2004 03:19:59 | More by frank4sail
Photo of PopeJonPaul


4.1/5  rDev +5.9%

Nice thin white head, tawny cloudy orange with a strange lacing - doesn't leave much as it falls down the glass, but leaves a solid film as you tilt the glass. Smells like a grassy Hefe with a shot of vodka dropped in it.

A bit sour and acidic and surprisingly not sweet, tastes strongly of alcohol, mildly fruity but with additional malt, wheat, grassy flavors. Maintains solid carbonation all the way through, practically disappears from your mouth after each swallow, though it leaves a bit ot dryness behind and a miasma of alcohol on your breath.

I would say the high alcohol content would limit the drinkability, unless you are a Viking and want to find your inner Berserker. I really liked the alcohol flavor without the sweet taste that usually comes with a high ABV, and I'd fill my drinking horn with it.

06-04-2004 00:38:48 | More by PopeJonPaul
Photo of Boto


3.83/5  rDev -1%

25cl bottle: Appears a murky reddish-brown in the glass. Slightly sour and alchohol in the nose. Strong alchohol taste. Somewhat sweet/sour taste, but the alchohol tends to be slightly overpowering. A good beer, but not nearly the best in this style.

05-13-2004 17:33:00 | More by Boto
Photo of Hex92


3.88/5  rDev +0.3%

You can smell the alcohol in this beer. Orangy color and thin head that didn't give me any lacing (maybe my glass wasn't clean enough). Lots of floating stuff in this beer. Overall had great flavor, but I wouldn't be able to drink more than 2 in a sitting. Kind of an overpowering (but good) flavor. I would buy this beer again.

04-15-2004 02:36:12 | More by Hex92
Photo of DESTRO


3.48/5  rDev -10.1%

pours a hazy deep orange/sunset with a small white head. wonderful lacing that leaves a crazy web like finish on the glass. big alcohol on the nose as well as some sweet malt and some tropical fruits and pepper. pineapple. thick in the mouth, sticky, and heavy. right off the bat a huge alcohol rush flies up the nostrils. whoa. fruity and medicinal. big thick malt backbone. spicey as all hell. this stuff is big time. this is a heavy brew, huge on alcohol...yet tasty and drinkable for what it is. the 12% abv is a real ass kicker. this has night cap written all over it.

02-29-2004 09:23:47 | More by DESTRO
Photo of Andreji


3.18/5  rDev -17.8%

well after a very positive experience with the imposing bush noël I decided to venture into the land of bush and found myself confronted to a 1.70euro disappointing brew.

The pour is opaque but rather clouded in a sense that it seems slightly dirty. The head is tan and small and not very interesting to describe. The colour, caramel brown makes you think you're in front of something special, like the rest of 'em belgians....but no.

The smell and taste, overadministered by the malt which doesn't really permit the great side flavours, that you feel in the deep bottom (this is the fruity complexity), doesn't really make you wanna go past the first beer above another better creation. bof.

02-28-2004 10:24:06 | More by Andreji
Photo of GreenCard


3.1/5  rDev -19.9%

Appearance: amber to light brown color, great clarity, a thin layer of light tan foam

Aroma: delectable rummy sweetness, bubblegum phenols, malt, whiskey, some hops

Flavor: malty base-flavor but not much sweetness, lots of peppery alcohol, a pretty robust bitterness (both hop and alcohol related), a touch of caramel, the finish is surprisingly dry for a beer like this and the aftertaste is a bit sharp

Mouthfeel: medium-full body, fine carbonation, lots of alcohol warmth

Overall Impression: This beer tastes like having a rum and coke that is more rum than coke. The huge alcohol flavor is a bit overwhelming. Not very balanced, as such. A little more sweetness would be good in that regard. Bush de Noel is definitely better than this one.

01-11-2004 18:50:00 | More by GreenCard
Photo of stcules


3.13/5  rDev -19.1%

Dark orange in colour, with pratically no foam. A lot of yeast particles in suspension, not clear.
Sharp smell of alcohol, too strong. In the background caramel and red fruit (marron glacees?). In any case, sweet, with no bitter or spicy notes. Cherries in alcohol.
At the taste the alcohol is less strong, and it is more easy to find the malty notes (caramel), the biscuit, with hints of bitter chocolate.
In the aftertaste malt and alcohol again.
It warms.

01-06-2004 15:41:27 | More by stcules
Photo of BJCPCO557


4.93/5  rDev +27.4%

I Visited the Bush brewery in october. This newy revamped tasting room in french speaking belgium was a moment to be remembered for many years to come. This beer is a world classic.Extreme malty nose upfront. Sweet malty caramel flavor. Full bodied. Lasting head to the bottom.

12-21-2003 06:39:26 | More by BJCPCO557
Photo of WVbeergeek

West Virginia

3.9/5  rDev +0.8%

Appearance: Cloudy golden frothy white foaming head with a nice ticket of lacing evenly spread, nice. Aroma: Ginger honey tinted doughy like tones, with a rich syrupy mix of caramelized plums and other fruit tinged with an alcohol burn. Taste: Hops with rich malty flavors are flowing with brown sugar highlights reduced down to a syrup. Mouthfeel: Carbonation is smooth body is full and rich. Drinkability: Beware of the abv I didn't know before ordering, still very tasty Belgian delight.

11-26-2003 00:00:31 | More by WVbeergeek
Photo of chilidog


4.38/5  rDev +13.2%

I agree when others say, "Wow". This is most likely the surprise beer of the year for me. Also my first at 12%abv. It pours a highly carbonated orange color. The head, while shortlived, is a light yellow peach. Lace is slight, but will ring on the glass. The aroma hits the nose with a wake-up-call, pow. Its a scent of sweet alcohol, grapefruit or pineapple. The taste and mouthfeel is smooth, carbonated and warming to the chest. The taste of tropical fruit, yeast or dough, backed yet ballanced by raw alcohol. An impressive strong dessert brew. One to take your time with & enjoy.

11-22-2003 14:13:46 | More by chilidog
Photo of oberon

North Carolina

3.88/5  rDev +0.3%

Pours a deep orange with lighter head than expected,aroma was rich and nutty with some concentrated orange aromas as well.Flavors are sweet and orange liquore tasting pretty syrupy with some light nutty flavors that linger in the finish.The alcohol is very prevelant even more as it warms.I think this would be a nice nightcap,would make ya sleep well Iam sure.

11-13-2003 20:52:43 | More by oberon
Photo of RoyalT


4.08/5  rDev +5.4%

Appearance – Bright orange in color with a tight, foamy head.

Smell – Light yeast aroma with a strong spiciness typical of the style. The coriander especially is very strong. The nose finishes with a lovely fruitiness consisting of big Florida oranges, cranberries, some cherry, and maybe raspberries.

Taste – Beautiful dough and orange flavors come out in the tongue. The alcohol also is much more prominent than in the nose. The strong fruity finish is consistent with the nose, yet not as complex.

Mouthfeel – Nearly full in the mouth with a strong alcohol sensation and well carbonated.

Drinkability – The alcohol notes will make or break your opinion of this ale. If it’s too much for you, you won’t be able to enjoy it. If you’re used to drinking hard liquor and the sting of 100 proof booze isn’t offending, you’ll be able to appreciate this ale.

11-04-2003 03:09:34 | More by RoyalT
Photo of crookedhalo


4/5  rDev +3.4%

Golden colored with a slight tinge of reddishness. Whitish head that dies rather quickly. Big alcohol smell almost like white grapes soaked in grain, miniscule woodiness also in the nose. Big alcohol punch mixed with a sweetness almost like Juicy Fruit gum finished with a dryness and a lingering alcohol effect that warms the esophagus. Almost like a barley cough syrup with a woody, estery finish. Mouthfeel is rather syrupy, yet the alcohol and esteriness work to counterbalance this. This was served in an authentic Scaldis/Bush tuliped glass that measured ~17 oz. full, so 13-14 oz. of one was enough for me. I've had this beer many times before, and I always go back for more, just not more than one at a time in the same night.

10-27-2003 07:29:52 | More by crookedhalo
Photo of Stopper


3.6/5  rDev -7%

Wow, this is orange, and pretty opaque. The head was modest and dirty white, but is already nearly completely gone about 30 seconds after I poured. It left some spotting though, and a ring around my glass. The aroma is a nice blend of light malt sweetness, a tiny (surprisingly tiny) bit of alcohol, and a slight citrus-like sourness. The body is very light and slightly effervescent. The initial taste is very slightly of malt with a hint of light fruit, (and I keep thinking that initially I'm getting the subtlest hint of a metallic off-flavor, but I'm not sure). Then this is overtaken by the taste and light burn of alcohol, riding out into the finish. As the alcohol burn fades from my tongue and mouth to the back of my throat, a fruity spicy hop character becomes very obvious which seems to me to be that of a noble German hop.

The alcohol flavor in this is a bit more prevalent than I think works well on this background. The hints of fruitiness throughout are nice though, and the heavy hop flavor in the finish is an interesting surprise!

10-07-2003 04:46:09 | More by Stopper
Photo of SeanChouffe

New Mexico

4.13/5  rDev +6.7%

Appearance: A rose gold color with a significant amount of carbonation. Pours a fluffy white head with good retention and a creamy, clingy lace.

Aroma: Fresh, fruity (like peaches or apricots), and caramel, but a presence of tartness.

Taste: A sweet start (almost syrupy) with a strong presence of alcohol (peppery), some tartness, and a dry finish that lingers well after the last drink.

Mouthfeel: Creamy and full bodied with the high alcohol content showing through.

Comments: A very dynamic beer. The initial taste is very sweet and almost syrupy with a significant presence of alcohol and a warming sensation. It has an interesting complex combination of sweet, dry and tangy flavors, that evolve as the beer warms. Drinkability is low, because it is so intense.

09-02-2003 00:27:10 | More by SeanChouffe
Photo of granger10


3.45/5  rDev -10.9%

Comes in a small 8.2 oz bottle. The price is very expensive so this has to be great. Which it wasn't, but it wasn't bad either. Caramel sweetness is there with some slight floral hops. But alcohol is the most dominant taste. Tastes like whiskey. The head is solid which makes this kind of confusing for me. How strong would the alcohol taste if there was no head? Anyways, I drank about half then let it warm and the taste improved immensely. More of a barleywine, belgian mixture.

07-25-2003 03:28:23 | More by granger10
Photo of Garin

Alberta (Canada)

4.03/5  rDev +4.1%

It pours a deep golden red colour. It is quite clear. A thick and creamy head forms easily, and is maintained by the sturdy carbonation. It's a very nice looking beer.

On the nose, it is quite hoppy and floral. I sense a bit of sweet malt in there as well. The head is still going strong...

The flavour is intense and delightful. Alcoholic, sharp, sweet, malty, bitter, hoppy, spicy, fruity/pineappley, clovey. So many things! Especially the alcohol. Yegods. The head is still going strong.

The body is rich and warming, and the carbonation perks it up. And need I mention... the head is still going strong?

It's a unique, tasty beer. And for the $2.75 I paid for it, it's a steal.

05-28-2003 22:55:18 | More by Garin
Photo of canucklehead

British Columbia (Canada)

3.9/5  rDev +0.8%

This came in a small bottle for $2.75 Canadian so given the fact
that this is really a barley wine it's not a bad deal.

The beer looked great with a dark gold colour with almost a
reddish tinge. The smell was alcoholic and slightly hoppy.
The intial first taste was bracing and fairly fruity but as the beer
warmed up the drinkability impressed me for such a strong beer.
I could see myself having a small glass of this just before bed
as I could feel the effects after only a bottle. Not the most complex
Belgian but a nice drinkable strong beer that will probably improve
with age.

04-10-2003 11:28:46 | More by canucklehead
Bush Ambrée from Brasserie Dubuisson Frères sprl
87 out of 100 based on 568 ratings.