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Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant

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NameStyle <ABVAvgHadsBros
Maniac AltAltbier6.803.9416-
New World PilsnerAmerican Adjunct Lager5.003.131-
HopkowskiAmerican Amber / Red Ale10.003.988-
HoppopotamusAmerican Amber / Red Ale7.904.0612-
Big Red WibbyAmerican Amber / Red Ale8.704.0621-
Big Rye WibbyAmerican Amber / Red Ale7.504.29-
Rye-Zen-ShineAmerican Amber / Red Ale6.003.972-
Shirt Tail AmberAmerican Amber / Red Ale4.403.52-
YakimaAmerican Amber / Red Ale4.50-1-
JuggernautAmerican Amber / Red Ale8.00-2-
Hoppy McHopfaceAmerican Amber / Red Ale8.20-1-
Devil's PuddleAmerican Amber / Red Lager6.204.132-
SasquatchAmerican Barleywine9.503.7520-
The SituationAmerican Barleywine10.204.110-
Harry HendersonAmerican Barleywine9.00-1-
India Black AleAmerican Black Ale6.503.8114-
Black IPAAmerican Black Ale6.803.9210-
Dark RitualAmerican Black Ale6.004.1613-
RadablackAmerican Black Ale7.003.531-
Undead Black IPAAmerican Black Ale6.60-0-
Paint It BlackAmerican Black Ale6.203.816-
West Coast Golden AleAmerican Blonde Ale4.003.699-
American Brown AleAmerican Brown Ale5.403.9823-
Charlie Brown AleAmerican Brown Ale5.502.84-
G-Town Coffee BrownAmerican Brown Ale5.203.83-
BountyAmerican Brown Ale5.903.331-
Om Nom NomAmerican Brown Ale6.503.814-
Buccaneer's BountyAmerican Brown Ale6.003.833-
MarzipanAmerican Brown Ale5.403.171-
Green Street Brown AleAmerican Brown Ale5.203.641-
Junkyard DogAmerican Brown Ale5.30-1-
Yin-Yang WitbierAmerican Dark Wheat Ale4.503.825-
Hopilicious IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.203.8630-
KryptoniteAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.004.3986-
Swagger IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.204.218-
Real Boy 2xIPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.003.9925-
Lex Luthor IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA11.003.7915-
Hop Monster DRIPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.804.163-
Hulk,Smash!American Double / Imperial IPA9.003.251-
Titus 2XIPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.80-8-
HoparazziAmerican Double / Imperial IPA9.004.132-
Tiger Style IPAAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.303.465-
Money, Cash, HopsAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.503.9110-
Second RisingAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.70-0-
HopsidedAmerican Double / Imperial IPA8.703.682-
HoplomachusAmerican Double / Imperial IPA7.603.521-
KilohopAmerican Double / Imperial IPA6.75-2-
Something Hoppy-2016American Double / Imperial IPA8.603.753-
Jackalope IPLAmerican Double / Imperial Pilsner6.50-0-
Overload StoutAmerican Double / Imperial Stout9.504.2512-
The Polar BearAmerican Double / Imperial Stout9.80-2-
Rye IPAAmerican IPA6.504.0725-
HopstingerAmerican IPA6.804.1927-
American IPAAmerican IPA6.503.827-
#100American IPA6.503.889-
Rising SunAmerican IPA7.503.9431-
Savage IPAAmerican IPA6.704.0114-
Sweet Leaf IPAAmerican IPA6.504.2238-
Sumo IPAAmerican IPA7.003.482-
Sayonara IPAAmerican IPA6.804.149-
Kamikaze IPAAmerican IPA7.003.9310-
ApocalypsoAmerican IPA7.303.526-
Cascadian IPAAmerican IPA5.803.447-
Nugget IPAAmerican IPA?3.812-
BravoAmerican IPA7.203.124-
Nor'Easter IPAAmerican IPA6.803.7211-
Boo-Yah IPAAmerican IPA7.004.343-
Barnstormin Red IPAAmerican IPA6.503.545-
Full Nelson IPAAmerican IPA?3.8120-
Citra IPAAmerican IPA?413-
Petite IPAAmerican IPA4.203.672-
White IPAAmerican IPA5.803.4115-
Ryed Or Die IPAAmerican IPA7.503.712-
1996American IPA6.503.653-
Appreciation AleAmerican IPA7.003.772-
Hurricane IPAAmerican IPA6.504.072-
Rye-sing SunAmerican IPA6.103.779-
Nelson Muntz IPAAmerican IPA8.203.936-
Hop-anonymousAmerican IPA6.503.872-
G'Day IPAAmerican IPA6.603.695-
Out Of The BlueAmerican IPA6.903.43-
Out Of The BlackAmerican IPA6.753.681-
Bushido IPAAmerican IPA6.503.632-
DY-NO-MITE! IPAAmerican IPA6.703.899-
TKO IPAAmerican IPA6.80-8-
Crime Fighter IPAAmerican IPA?3.814-
Butchers ForgeAmerican IPA6.503.812-
Half NelsonAmerican IPA5.703.833-
Pacific RimAmerican IPA6.30-5-
Gourdzilla I.P.A.American IPA6.703.923-
Boulder BankAmerican IPA6.803.91-
Scrooge IPAAmerican IPA6.20-4-
Ore House IPAAmerican IPA6.70-27-
Ella Good IPAAmerican IPA6.20-0-
Extra InningsAmerican IPA4.603.223-
Against The Grain IPAAmerican IPA7.20-1-
Crusher IPAAmerican IPA5.003.7713-
Belsnickel IPAAmerican IPA6.804.251-
Red Nose IPAAmerican IPA6.903.242-
PounderAmerican IPA4.50-6-
Mo-rye-ah IPAAmerican IPA6.403.582-
Aloha Mr. HandAmerican IPA6.503.813-
Golden Ram IPAAmerican IPA5.25-0-
Heavy Hitter IPAAmerican IPA7.803.52-
Lumberjacked IPAAmerican IPA6.00-0-
The Big One-FiveAmerican IPA8.003.892-
Going The DistanceAmerican IPA4.403.632-
Tower 61American IPA3.70-0-
Lupulin Shift IPAAmerican IPA7.203.571-
Riders For The Fallen AleAmerican IPA4.80-0-
Tyranahops IPAAmerican IPA6.203.751-
Galaxy Quest IPAAmerican IPA6.70-3-
Voldemort's Wrath IPAAmerican IPA?-1-
Riptide IPAAmerican IPA6.604.141-
Kaffe IPAAmerican IPA7.204.14-
Red Devil IPAAmerican IPA?-3-
Copperhead IPAAmerican IPA6.50-1-
Ironbound AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.103.88110-
American Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?3.693-
North Wales Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.003.632-
Small AxeAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.20-0-
Trans-Tasman Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?2.862-
BushwackerAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.20-0-
Sweet AmarilloAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.503.591-
The CrusherAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.004.091-
Session Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)?3.461-
Patriotic PilsAmerican Pale Lager4.30-0-
West Coast WheatAmerican Pale Wheat Ale6.003.7215-
Mahalo, Apollo!American Pale Wheat Ale6.903.8748-
Pig Iron PorterAmerican Porter5.403.92191-
Bourbon PorterAmerican Porter5.303.8341-
Afternoon DelightAmerican Porter8.703.8249-
Vanilla PorterAmerican Porter?4.2910-
Cowabunga PorterAmerican Porter6.404.3715-
Pumpkin Patch PorterAmerican Porter6.004.173-
Sleepy Time PorterAmerican Porter5.403.581-
Candy Cane PorterAmerican Porter5.003.252-
Smoked PorterAmerican Porter5.80-2-
Coffee Pumpkin PorterAmerican Porter5.50-7-
Maple Bacon PorterAmerican Porter5.40-2-
Chocolate StoutAmerican Stout9.104.069-
Luca Brasi Coffee StoutAmerican Stout6.004.1515-
Chocolate Cherry StoutAmerican Stout6.503.715-
Harvest StoutAmerican Stout5.003.851-
Chocolate Milk StoutAmerican Stout5.004.143-
A Happy LumberjackAmerican Stout8.2041-
Wolfgang's IndulgenceAmerican Stout4.503.888-
OnyxAmerican Stout6.803.851-
Peppermint BarkAmerican Stout6.20-1-
Rojo GrandeAmerican Strong Ale8.0047-
Ron BurgundyAmerican Wild Ale11.003.9225-
Dr. FunkensteinAmerican Wild Ale6.503.833-
Dark Humor - Rum Barrel AgedAmerican Wild Ale7.003.854-
Golden ChildAmerican Wild Ale?-3-
RoselaireAmerican Wild Ale?3.341-
Brett Golden AleAmerican Wild Ale5.703.612-
Belgo BlackBelgian Dark Ale6.703.727-
Bourbon Chicory StoutBelgian Dark Ale5.803.53-
Dumbledore's DoubleBelgian Dark Ale6.80-1-
VenerationBelgian Dark Ale6.903.542-
Millennium FalconBelgian Dark Ale7.80-0-
Mahalo HinaBelgian Dark Ale6.90-1-
Belgian IPABelgian IPA8.504.0421-
CapriceBelgian IPA5.403.5917-
Jack The RIPABelgian IPA5.603.9212-
Belgian Rye IPABelgian IPA6.003.9112-
CamillaBelgian IPA6.903.923-
ParamountBelgian IPA7.80-0-
SchipperkeBelgian IPA4.503.281-
Lemongrass IPABelgian IPA7.20-1-
Snowblind IPABelgian IPA6.50-0-
Belgian Pale AleBelgian Pale Ale5.003.7338-
Smokin' Blonde AleBelgian Pale Ale6.203.6410-
Belgian Harvest AleBelgian Pale Ale5.703.547-
Skinny BlondeBelgian Pale Ale5.803.751-
Blonde BombshellBelgian Pale Ale6.503.751-
Fool's GoldBelgian Pale Ale5.403.591-
Biere BlancBelgian Pale Ale8.503.872-
ArianaBelgian Pale Ale4.50-0-
FE 10 Anniversary AleBelgian Strong Dark Ale10.503.833984
Blame The DogBelgian Strong Dark Ale9.20-0-
CannibalBelgian Strong Pale Ale7.803.8225-
Biere D'orBelgian Strong Pale Ale5.003.887-
Cherry BlobBelgian Strong Pale Ale11.504.12-
Abby's FaultBelgian Strong Pale Ale9.004.0816-
The CannibalBelgian Strong Pale Ale8.503.824-
Val D'OrBelgian Strong Pale Ale8.204.354-
Rudolph's RevengeBelgian Strong Pale Ale9.003.8820-
Van DammeBelgian Strong Pale Ale7.80-3-
AkumaBelgian Strong Pale Ale8.20-0-
PoseidonBelgian Strong Pale Ale9.30-0-
KingslayerBelgian Strong Pale Ale8.90-0-
SuperbierBelgian Strong Pale Ale?3.851-
Berliner WeisseBerliner Weissbier2.803.9452-
Pumpkin Berliner WeisseBerliner Weissbier3.003.7115-
La Flama BlancaBerliner Weissbier2.80-1-
Biere De GardeBière de Garde7.003.8620-
Bridge St. BockBock7.503.281-
Tailgater AleCream Ale4.003.124-
Pioneer PilsCzech Pilsener4.703.451-
DortmunderDortmunder / Export Lager6.004.110-
Danny DortmunderDortmunder / Export Lager5.203.521-
Abbey DubbelDubbel6.903.8179-
Bourbon DubbelDubbel7.4042-
Cabby BoysenberryDubbel8.603.662-
St. Bethardus Abt 8Dubbel8.003.892-
Cloister DubbelDubbel5.70-0-
Chocolate WeisseDunkelweizen5.403.993-
Wolfgang's FulfillmentDunkelweizen5.003.555-
Old Tom BarleywineEnglish Barleywine10.504.176-
BarleywineEnglish Barleywine9.603.6628-
English BarleywineEnglish Barleywine9.603.849-
Bourbon English BarleywineEnglish Barleywine10.004.0810-
Winston ChurchillEnglish Barleywine7.803.9915-
Anvil AleEnglish Bitter4.803.7149-
English Strong BitterEnglish Bitter5.803.632-
Germantown Brown AleEnglish Brown Ale5.004.032-
Sugar Shack Brown AleEnglish Brown Ale7.803.395-
English Brown AleEnglish Brown Ale5.203.251-
Saint James Brown ALeEnglish Brown Ale5.203.681-
PugilistEnglish Dark Mild Ale2.633.876-
PiperEnglish Dark Mild Ale3.403.493-
Old School IPAEnglish India Pale Ale (IPA)5.803.816-
King's CroftEnglish India Pale Ale (IPA)7.003.12-
Plunge IPAEnglish India Pale Ale (IPA)7.803.697-
Revolution AleEnglish India Pale Ale (IPA)6.80-0-
Bitter BritEnglish Pale Ale4.503.925-
Coffee StoutEnglish Stout6.504.096-
LustEnglish Stout6.803.811-
Flannel ShirtExtra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.20-2-
London CallingExtra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.00-3-
Flemish Red (F.red)Flanders Red Ale5.003.6849-
Blackburn StoutForeign / Export Stout6.803.853-
Raspberry WheatFruit / Vegetable Beer4.103.4281-
Orange TruffleFruit / Vegetable Beer7.003.765-
Whitesbog Blueberry AleFruit / Vegetable Beer6.003.52-
GourdliciousFruit / Vegetable Beer5.703.812-
Pumpkin Ale 2015Fruit / Vegetable Beer5.503.735-
German PilsenerGerman Pilsener5.003.8622-
Phightin Phils PilsGerman Pilsener5.003.9922-
St. Hildegard PilsGerman Pilsener4.903.97-
Citra Phils PilsGerman Pilsener6.004.121-
Cabbage Hill PilsGerman Pilsener5.003.75-
Mr. Miaygi PilsGerman Pilsener5.203.681-
Das BootGerman Pilsener4.90-0-
Saison De GourdHerbed / Spiced Beer7.40-0-
Polar VortexHerbed / Spiced Beer5.003.991-
Irish Dry StoutIrish Dry Stout3.803.7118-
Irish Red AleIrish Red Ale4.503.5513-
Erin Shea Irish RedIrish Red Ale5.203.742-
Keller PilsKellerbier / Zwickelbier4.803.076-
The HammockKölsch4.503.785-
Prickly Pear & Blueberry KolschKölsch?3.251-
Cassis De HillLambic - Fruit?3.8518-
Framboise De HillLambic - Fruit4.803.4436-
Kriek De HillLambic - Fruit?3.7927-
Lambic De HillLambic - Unblended?3.5317-
Iron Hill Light LagerLight Lager4.002.8856-
MaibockMaibock / Helles Bock7.203.7334-
Hell's BockMaibock / Helles Bock7.303.751-
OctoberfestMärzen / Oktoberfest6.003.838-
RauchtoberfestMärzen / Oktoberfest6.004.069-
PunktoberfestMärzen / Oktoberfest6.004.024-
HoptoberfestMärzen / Oktoberfest6.60-4-
Oompa Loompa Chocolate StoutMilk / Sweet Stout6.504.0436-
Senor Chocolat OroMilk / Sweet Stout6.503.767-
Bourbon Barrel DecafMilk / Sweet Stout?4.52-
Munich DunkelMunich Dunkel Lager5.003.8118-
Munich HellesMunich Helles Lager5.003.8910-
Oatmeal StoutOatmeal Stout5.504.0126-
Breakfast StoutOatmeal Stout8.60-4-
Cerberus IIOatmeal Stout6.503.622-
Koko Niu StoutOatmeal Stout5.002.732-
Hudson StoutOatmeal Stout5.403.961-
Bourbon Hudson StoutOatmeal Stout6.00-1-
Old AleOld Ale7.203.9732-
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Brett Old AleOld Ale7.203.751-
Bruce Camp-AlePumpkin Ale9.504.0315-
The Great Imperial Pumpkin AlePumpkin Ale9.003.732-
Iron Hill Pumpkin AlePumpkin Ale5.503.7352-
Great Pumpkin StoutPumpkin Ale9.403.9715-
Cinderella's CarriagePumpkin Ale8.203.812-
Rum Barrel-Aged Brett Pumpkin AlePumpkin Ale5.503.751-
Pumpkin WeissPumpkin Ale5.70-7-
Imperial Pumpkin AlePumpkin Ale10.50-1-
Oak Aged Belgian QuadQuadrupel (Quad)12.504.0517-
Bourbon QuadQuadrupel (Quad)9.003.316-
MaximusQuadrupel (Quad)10.003.9111-
QuadrupelQuadrupel (Quad)12.504.1725-
QuadfatherQuadrupel (Quad)9.503.9815-
Oak Aged Cherry QuadQuadrupel (Quad)13.003.8620-
Pete's CelebrationQuadrupel (Quad)12.504.24-
The QuadfatherQuadrupel (Quad)10.00-1-
Rye HalladayRoggenbier6.403.836-
Russian Imperial StoutRussian Imperial Stout9.504.18249-
Bourbon Russian StoutRussian Imperial Stout12.504.2419-
Shokolad StoutRussian Imperial Stout9.504.2523-
The Grand InquisitorRussian Imperial Stout9.40415-
Grand InquisitorRussian Imperial Stout9.604.31-
Cherry Vanilla Russian Imperial StoutRussian Imperial Stout9.80-1-
Mocha Russian Imperial StoutRussian Imperial Stout9.80-1-
The CostanzaRye Beer6.204.0713-
Belgian RyeRye Beer7.2036-
Ryeme Or ReasonRye Beer?-2-
SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.003.8455-
Samurai SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.804.1610-
GrisetteSaison / Farmhouse Ale5.603.815-
Blackberry SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale5.503.381-
Starry NightSaison / Farmhouse Ale9.403.95-
Ginger SaisonSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.503.783-
Saison NoirSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.70-3-
Pearway To HeavenSaison / Farmhouse Ale5.90-1-
Golden ArmSaison / Farmhouse Ale8.803.374-
Lappy New YearSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.90-2-
KeezerSaison / Farmhouse Ale7.10-2-
Biere De ArdSaison / Farmhouse Ale6.803.751-
Tiny BubblesSaison / Farmhouse Ale5.00-0-
The Dark SideSchwarzbier9.704.17-
Diplomat DunkelSchwarzbier5.403.727-
Wee HeavyScotch Ale / Wee Heavy8.304.0756-
Bourbon Wee HeavyScotch Ale / Wee Heavy8.004.3513-
McMaster Wee HeavyScotch Ale / Wee Heavy8.003.8711-
Grandma Drum's Wee HeavyScotch Ale / Wee Heavy7.804.273-
Scottish AleScottish Ale3.603.666-
The TartanScottish Ale7.603.743-
80 ShillingScottish Ale5.103.623-
Highland FlameScottish Ale3.50-1-
Ardleigh TowerScottish Ale3.40-1-
Smoke-O-LanternSmoked Beer5.404.081-
CinderSmoked Beer?4.091-
Belgian TripelTripel9.003.8940-
Bourbon TripelTripel10.203.8318-
American TripelTripel9.004.068-
True Believer TripelTripel9.003.897-
Trinity TripleTripel8.80-0-
Bourbon Cherry TripelTripel8.2041-
Honey BadgerTripel8.20-1-
Vienna Red LagerVienna Lager4.403.5881-
St. ModestusWeizenbock8.203.593-
Winter WarmerWinter Warmer6.503.7722-
Belgian WitbierWitbier4.403.7443-
Honey Do WitWitbier9.503.7717-
Chocolate WitbierWitbier4.403.71-
Belgian Full NelsonWitbier8.503.521-
Witches BrewWitbier6.803.882-
Peachy PepperWitbier?-1-
Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant in United States
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