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Amnesia IPA - Indian Wells Brewing Company

Not Rated.
Amnesia IPAAmnesia IPA

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90 Ratings
no score

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Ratings: 90
Reviews: 55
rAvg: 2.49
pDev: 27.71%
Wants: 5
Gots: 3 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Indian Wells Brewing Company visit their website
California, United States

Style | ABV
American IPA |  7.20% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
Named for the beer that was shipped to Her Majesty’s Royal Army in India. This beer was brewed with large amounts of hops, which acted as a natural preservative in transit from the British Isles to India giving it the distinctive bitter taste. Modern Microbreweries now attempt to make IPAs as bitter as possible. Not us. We make the classic India Pale Ale, with an International bitterness rating of around 62. The taste is not overwhelmed with bitterness, but it allows you to enjoy the brilliant subtlety of the complex hops, aromas and flavors of four different hops used to finish our IPA. Oh yeah, we also hand-craft it at 7.2% alcohol by volume.

(Beer added by: largadeer on 08-07-2008)
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Ratings: 90 | Reviews: 55 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of MasterSki

Ontario (Canada)

2.03/5  rDev -18.5%

Thanks to Chris (Spycow) for this gem. Served in a Glunz taster glass.

A - This beer actually looks pretty good. Generous white foam has surprisingly good retention and settles to some wisps, a thick collar, and splotchy lace. The body is a murky orange-brown color.

S - No idea on freshness, but this smells like sugar. Just sugar. Cloying and strange sweetness.

T - The taste is even worse, with strange herbs, watery cauliflower, and a hint of seltzer water. No obvious bitterness, and the finish is mercifully quick.

M - Medium bodied, medium-low carbonation, slimy. I suppose one positive is the well-hidden ABV.

D - Easily one of the worst IPAs I've ever had. Competitive with Keith's.

10-17-2011 00:37:48 | More by MasterSki
Photo of zbellino


2.63/5  rDev +5.6%

A - Colored like dried tobacco, slightly hazy at first pour, but it mellows out and becomes clear.

S - Smells a bit like candy corn, a little sugary and buttery. There is a citric smell in there as well.

T - There is a hop presence, and it comes off kind of like lime. It is polluted, however, by diacetyl, and a weird butterieness that isn't very good.

M - Builds up a coating in your mouth. Not really a fan here.

O - Not a terrible brew, but not one worth going for either.

10-13-2011 01:18:46 | More by zbellino
Photo of RJLarse


2.88/5  rDev +15.7%

I bought a couple of bottles of Amnesia IPA while traveling recently in Nevada. Poured in to a pint glass.

Pours a bright a copper color and is clear. Creamy white two-finger head caps the beer and leaves some dainty lace rings on the glass.

Smell is faint and fairly nondescript. A hint of citrus aroma perhaps.

Taste is a little fruity upfront, Pink grapefruit and sweet lemon, but then it gives way to a dry bitterness with a soapy flavor.

Mouthfeel is crisp effervescent and clean.

Overall I think it is better than most of the reviews it is getting here. It's drinkable, but I probably wouldn't have it again.

08-14-2011 23:53:50 | More by RJLarse
Photo of bunnyhustle


1.8/5  rDev -27.7%

Wow, one of the worst beers I've ever had! Pours a dark copper, almost ruby. Clear, no head, retention or lacing. Smell is soapy and yeasty (I swear). Taste is way off. Slightly grassy, more soap, off taste, very slight hops. Mouthfeel was fine but that doesnt make up for much. Just not a great beer and my first drain pour I've had in forever.

05-28-2011 04:03:38 | More by bunnyhustle
Photo of abraxel


2.9/5  rDev +16.5%

Tasted blind as part of Blind BIF 5, courtesy of sholland119. Poured into a tulip.

A - Reddish-gold, with 3-4 fingers of off-white head that's dropping, but leaving thin, intricate lacing. I wasn't expecting sediment, so when it showed up in the last ounce or so I accidentally let some in, and it's showing off a feathery plume in the center of the glass. Besides the unintentional yeast, this looks pretty damn good.

S - Smells reminiscent of a German [doppel]bock. Some nice, caramelly malts and something that smells like lager yeast, I think. There's something a little off that I can't place, but that might be paranoia. Not very interesting, but fine.

T - Kinda bland. There are some decent amber and caramel sweet malts, and it's rather smooth. Some yeast flavor, but not much. The slightest bit of hops in the aftertaste. I think dumping in some sediment helped this beer by giving me more to taste.

M - Thin to medium mouthfeel, with a touch of carbonation. Not bad.

Overall, meh. This isn't actively bad; it's merely passively bad. Just... meh. Considering how similar this experience was to the last killshot, I'm gonna go ahead and guess this is Indian Wells -- perhaps Lobotomy Bock? What an appropriate name that would be.

Non-blind comments: Well, I got the brewery right, but... Amnesia IPA? Really?? There is no way in hell this is an IPA. As I'm finishing up the glass, I guess I can see some more hoppish qualities, but that's just because I'm looking for it. If I had been rating to style (not blind), I probably would have been harsher.

05-24-2011 02:30:04 | More by abraxel
Photo of bayougutter


2.15/5  rDev -13.7%

Found on sale @7,99 so I thought I would give it a whirl. Poured from bottle into a goblet. color is an amber with small white head that left quickly with little lacing. Smelled of caramel malts with over ripe apricots. Mild hop aroma. Taste was much like the smell with mostly malt coming thru. Not to style and a total dissipointment. Beer was thin and watery and after a few minutes was flat. Overall it was not to style, more like a mild Scottish ale that would rate a C-, nothing like and IPA. I did't drainpour but didn't really enjoy.

05-22-2011 17:11:43 | More by bayougutter
Photo of sholland119


1.75/5  rDev -29.7%

A-Pours a muddy amber with a foamy off white head and lots of sticky lacing. Odd looking to say the least.

S-Lots of caramel malt, little to no discernible hop presence.

T-Pretty bad really. Pungent with a very light malt presence; some tangy hops in the mid palate.

M-Thin, watery, blah.

D-Pretty much undrinkable.


03-02-2011 00:28:41 | More by sholland119
Photo of GarthDanielson

North Carolina

3.03/5  rDev +21.7%

Served on tap in a pilsner glass at the Brewery. The beer had an amber color to it, with a decent thick, foamy head. Minimal hops aroma in comparison to most IPAs. The beer had a mild hop-forward flavor, and tasted almost in between the flavors of tradition west coast fresh-hop IPAs and east coast IPAs. The feel of it was unremarkable in mouth, with a flat, crisp edge to it. Aftertaste was also middle of the road when compared to most IPAs. The beer itself was easy to drink, and the flavor was enjoyable. One of the stronger productions from this brewery, but mediocre with what is available out there in the IPA genre.

11-12-2010 05:39:34 | More by GarthDanielson
Photo of nickd717


1.2/5  rDev -51.8%

12oz bottle thanks to largadeer.

Pours medium amber with a small white head. Doesn't look terrible.

Floral hop aroma and...AH INDIAN WELLS!!! Some serious weird stuff going on. Some bad earthiness to it.

The flavor is really rancid. Sickening even. I can't even say why it is, but it's dirty tasting and vegetal.

The palate is thin and astringent. Just not good, and didn't sit well in my stomach.

One of the worst IPAs I've had. I hope I get amnesia and forget this experience.

11-02-2010 18:07:06 | More by nickd717
Photo of dwilson01


2.73/5  rDev +9.6%

poured from a 12oz into an indian wells pint glass, has a white head, fingers worth which dissipates to an thin film atop the brew fairly quickly and leaves thick lacing on the sides. The body is the color of honey, a hazy golden amber which looks thick with unfiltered malt.

The smell doesn't really betray much of anything, it's faintly a floral hoppy scent with a small grainy maple syrup smell but it's barely there at all.

The flavor is pretty skewed toward the malt for an ipa. I get a small amount of bitter hops in the background which is the initial palatable flavor, this is followed by a honey maple syrup type malty flavor and thickness. The hops don't come back in the aftertaste at all which leads me to believe there were no late hop additions to the boil or any dry hop at all.

The mouthfeel is pretty solid, thick and creamy from the amount of malt in the brew, definitely a ton of crystal 60/90 in here to give it that. The feel is my favorite part about this brew to be honest, it's more of a higher abv pale ale in my mind, the hops are some much in the background that the category ipa does not come to mind with it.

09-15-2010 07:13:38 | More by dwilson01
Photo of DogFood11


2.13/5  rDev -14.5%

Floor display at the local whole foods had this on sale. 7.99 for any IPA is hard to find so in the cart it goes. I like the name and the bottle design is alright. Poured into a pint glass it is easily managed. Head falls to a thin, sustained head. Light copper body with tons of carbonation.

Hmmm. Smells kinda like a second run of a barleywine mash. A small beer of sorts. Mild apricot makes up the lame hop profile and the malt bill is equally as dull. Soggy wheat bread and sprite like carbonation make up the middle and the ending is watered with some lingering acidity.

Notes: Regardless of style classifications it just doesn't taste good and thats all that matters to me. It is far from an IPA of any nature and falls short no matter what its called. Avoid.

08-28-2010 03:13:18 | More by DogFood11
Photo of wc87


1.63/5  rDev -34.5%

Hazy amber with a smallish off-white head that disappeared rather quickly. Lacing is ok, not spectacular, but not bad.
This is an IPA? Smells like a brown ale.
Not bad for a brown, but certainly not an IPA. Caramel notes, Slightly bitter finish. No pine notes?
Thin, watery.
It's drinkable, but did someone switch labels on me? Waitress, I believe I ordered an IPA...;)

This is my first review, so take it for what it's worth. However, I was expecting a bit more from this beer. I was expecting an American IPA but it's more a strong brown or a subdued pale ale.

07-10-2010 00:42:33 | More by wc87
Photo of DovaliHops


2.9/5  rDev +16.5%

Pours an ugly dark amber (almost brown) color with a descent head. Smell is not very appealing either. Not getting a very strong citrus, hop, or piney smell. A little bit of a sweet and sour scent. The taste is initially some maltiness, followed by very slight hoppiness. This is very watered down for an IPA. The mouthfeel is the only thing about this beer that is pretty normal. The drinkability is descent. With so many amazing IPAs made here in California, it's hard to believe they continue to brew this one.

07-07-2010 23:36:10 | More by DovaliHops
Photo of theboozecruise


2.65/5  rDev +6.4%

Pours a clear amber/golden color... not much head, kinda fizzy and white but quick to recede.

Almost smells more like a pilsner than an IPA. The hops are there, but it could use more balance to it. Smells thin.

It tastes a lot like it smells... slightly hoppy with no real balance... very thin on the mouth.

I picked up a 6er of this stuff at the local grocer... not too impressed at all. Oh well, can't win every time.

07-01-2010 00:47:56 | More by theboozecruise
Photo of slatetupelo


2.3/5  rDev -7.6%

A - Poured from a 12 oz. bottle into a pint glass. Pours a medium to dark copper with just a thin head.

T - I had not read any reviews on this beer before trying it and had hoped that I'd stumbled across a really good new brew, BUT this was really underwhelming. It just has a really odd taste that is hard to pin down. There is some bitterness there but not really a good bitterness there is a really odd aftertaste that lingers. I imagine this is what flat Dawn dish washing liquid tastes like.

M - Too distracted by the taste to even notice.

D - I'm glad that I just bought this as a single and not a six pack. One was enough.

06-07-2010 03:26:51 | More by slatetupelo
Photo of deereless


3.13/5  rDev +25.7%

A: Thin layer of head which dropped relatively quickly, medium copper to light amber in color, active carbonation in the beer - 2.75, S: Solid dosing of pale malts and biscuity aromas on the nose, gentle smells of floral and citrusy hops, though it's a fine line Amnesia seems to gravitate towards an English rather than an American IPA given the malt presence - 3.00, T: Though there are recognizable characteristics of an IPA, the flavors are quite subtle, noticeable caramel malts and with a slight toastiness, small hop bite, some grapefruit rind on the tongue - 3.00, M: Medium bodied and a little prickly - 3.50, D: All in all a drinkable beer, just a touch tame for an American IPA but a really good Pale Ale, in my opinion Amnesia would benefit from a balance that favors the hops rather than the malts a little more - 3.50

05-01-2010 00:51:56 | More by deereless
Photo of mikesgroove

South Carolina

2.63/5  rDev +5.6%

One of the first new things I tried over the weekend, I have to admit I had never even heard of this one before when I saw it sitting there. I figured it could not hurt so I went in and tried it. Decent pour, nothing mind blowing, but decent for the style. Medium amber in color with a soft white head of foam that capped the top of the glass rather nicely. Faded out fairly quickly though and left behind a nearly bare top with minimal lacing and some carbonation coming up from the surface. Aroma is very light, nearly non existent at times but what you can find is a light citric hoppiness, caramel and bready malts, well balanced, but again just very light and this carries over in the flavor profile as well. Very light, nearly watered down flavor with a very over carbonated body leads to some very lack luster impressions. Soft hops are quickly shunned by a grainy malt bill that all but over rides their presence. Thin feel is way over carbonated and this too leads to it coming across as if it was far lighter then it should have been. It was clean and quite drinkable it was just the lack of depth in the flavor that would keep me from coming back to it again.

Overall I will have to pass on this one, just too bland for me.

04-13-2010 23:24:55 | More by mikesgroove
Photo of EgadBananas


1.95/5  rDev -21.7%

Pours a cloudy light copper colour. Decent amount of head, and the lacing isnt that bad either. However, a shade lighter and I may confuse it for a Hefe if you just sat it down and told me to guess.

Theres is very little on the nose. Faint somewhat stale hop aroma, and a little bit of malt. No pine or woodsyness, nor anything remotely floral.

Like in the nose, I got this hop taste that was...well, stale is the best way I can put it...like the hops were past their prime. It wasnt very pleasant. Abv claims 7%+, which I may believe, as there is a little warm sensation after a few sips. This thing just doesnt have much balance to it.

The feel is average I'd say. Not horrible, but had the hops have been fresh tasting, a cleaner, refreshing bite would have been nice.

For the price, and the over all experience, drinkability falls to the wayside. Maybe an unexperienced IPA drinker may find it palatable, but me being an IPA fan, even the most average of the average tower over this in drinkability.

This beer is basically good to get another notch on the old belt , but nothing more. Try one, and then forget you ever did.

04-09-2010 23:58:06 | More by EgadBananas
Photo of hayalex6


3.4/5  rDev +36.5%

I think all of the previous reviews must've been from a bad batch, because I get no alcohol on the nose, the appearance isn't cloudy at all, but a clear amber.

And to those who say no hops, y'all must've had a really old bottle or they changed their recipe because the hops blast you first in the nose, and then on the tongue. The hops linger in your mouth even 10 minutes after drinking.

Mouthfeel is the most disappointing aspect of this beer, as it just feels empty. Malts are seemingly non-existent, and it has a slight watery mouthfeel to it. I can't taste or smell the alcohol.

Overall this is a decent hop forward IPA, but lacks balance.

03-06-2010 21:59:05 | More by hayalex6
Photo of yemenmocha


2.45/5  rDev -1.6%

Pours dark hamber with haze, small suspended yeast particles, and a medium sized head. Nose has an off-toffee aroma. On the palate the beer comes across as watery, low on hop flavor, and has a somewhat chalky character. Some off-flavors on the finish too. Avoid this beer if you can.

02-08-2010 01:15:48 | More by yemenmocha
Photo of Squelch

United Kingdom (England)

2.8/5  rDev +12.4%

Appearance: Brown. Cloudy. Off white head. Nice lacing.

Smell: Malts and hops. pretty nice. Actually the best part of this beer.

Taste: Strange hop selection. English noble? Not an american IPA here.

Mouthfeel: Very dry. Astringent. Light bodied.

Drinkability: Literally hard to get down

01-24-2010 04:56:57 | More by Squelch
Photo of ELDAVIS69


1.78/5  rDev -28.5%

A friend of mine picked up a six pack of this swill last week. Their is a slight hop presence in the nose but once it hits your tastebuds it's absolutely terrible. This was a terrible Ipa and the only thing i would compare it to is watered down motts applesauce.

01-21-2010 18:37:38 | More by ELDAVIS69
Photo of Beerandraiderfan


2.31/5  rDev -7.2%

Dang, those before me are a little harsh. Pours a little cloudy dark yellow/orange, good head. Smell, nothing coming out, some unfinished alcohol remnants (acetyl something right?).

Taste, yeah, its bitter, not bitter balanced, just bitter, alcohol very pronounced. Mouthfeel is a little on the not good sour side. Drinkability, a little too acidic o have a bunch, but they do the trick. Not the greatest effort, but I've had worse.

12-24-2009 04:41:53 | More by Beerandraiderfan
Photo of shakeheap


1.73/5  rDev -30.5%

I admire the efforts of the little guys who go for wide distribution but I would recommend perfecting the recipe first. Slightly bitter but only for the sake of bitterness. Not a lot to comment on other than that.

I wanted to like this ale but the long and short of it is this is what I'd expect to taste if Anheuser Busch were to introduce and IPA. And I mean that only in the most respectful and kindest way.

11-14-2009 02:03:24 | More by shakeheap
Photo of vdread


2.13/5  rDev -14.5%

Amnesia IPA
bottle to glass

when i saw this in the store, i didn't want to get it at first, but it was on sale. the label looks uninspired, but i decided to try it anyway.

pours attractively dark and hazy amber color. the head, however, is tiny and disappears in seconds, leaving no lace whatsoever.

nose is of grassy hops and some caramel malt. not much else, and not very impressive for an IPA. taste is pretty bland. the hops are dull and nearly nonexistent, the caramel malt takes over and something else sticks to the palate...something metallic or earthy. i can't quite put my finger on this taste. whatever it is, it's bad. mouthfeel is thin, slick, unpleasant. drinkability is very low to low. nearly lacking in any taste, especially the hops i was expecting. it's like if inbev tried to make an IPA this is what would come out.

10-31-2009 11:30:12 | More by vdread
Amnesia IPA from Indian Wells Brewing Company
62 out of 100 based on 90 ratings.