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Jubelale - Deschutes Brewery

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very good

1,810 Ratings

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Ratings: 1,810
Reviews: 774
rAvg: 3.94
pDev: 11.93%
Wants: 111
Gots: 97 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Deschutes Brewery visit their website
Oregon, United States

Style | ABV
Winter Warmer |  6.70% ABV

Availability: Fall

Notes/Commercial Description:
Available: October to December
Alc. by Vol.: 6.7%
IBUs: 60

216 calories per 12 oz serving

Label artwork changes annually.

(Beer added by: BeerAdvocate on 09-07-2001)
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Ratings: 1,810 | Reviews: 774 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of tfinn


4.03/5  rDev +2.3%

this 2003 bottling pours a light chestnut color with light head, and leaves light lacing down the glass.

scent is hoppy with only faint maltiness.

taste is hoppy with pleasant malt undertones, and dare I say even a little buttery. (strangely enough, this buttery flavor is NOT present in the cask- conditioned version.) body and mouthfeel are definitely in-line with other strong seasonal ales. hops finish off each mouthful.

I keep getting flashbacks to mirror pond while drinking this. it's a very similar hops profile.

good for sipping by the fireside. or while surfing the web.

01-07-2004 06:19:10 | More by tfinn
Photo of PhantomVodoo


4.05/5  rDev +2.8%

2003 bottling.
Good, light brown head that laced sits atop this amber brew. Some particulate matter at the bottom of the bottle.
Aroma isn't as big as I anticipated, but it shows a deep, rich lightly roasty malt base, spice, and hops.

Taste shows a deep, rich lighty roasty malty beer. Chocolate notes. Spice accents the malt. Good hop balance seems to have a citrusy twang.

Plenty of body to this beer. Great, creamy mouthfeel.
Good drinkability.

Overall, a good strong ale.

01-03-2004 17:04:19 | More by PhantomVodoo
Photo of ngandhi


4.78/5  rDev +21.3%

A touch of grain leads into pineapple and caramel on the palette accented by a floral nose. Though it only hits 6.7abv, Jubeale has all the characteristics of a strong ale -- lush body, spice, and an aggressive palate -- while remaining sinfully drinkable. Elegant, balanced, and profound, this beer has it all.

Thank you to Michael for the bottle.

Relax, relax.

12-28-2003 03:23:25 | More by ngandhi
Photo of OldFrothingSlosh


4.38/5  rDev +11.2%

What better way to start off the Christmas Eve libations than with one of the holiday beer exchange brews from the esteemed Xlperro!

Appearace: Poured a medium-deep red in color with a few minute bubbles dancing up from the bottom and sides of the glass. Half-finger thick off-white lace is thick and creamy...a real lip-coater. Nice lacing of the glass.

Smell: Very caramel in the nose. A bit of Heath bar, too. Some fruity/earthen hops stand by off to the side.

Taste: Tis the Season! Sweet candied fruit flavors pair with some darkened and ripe fruit to match wits with the bitter chocolate flavor. Some caramel flavors noted as well. Finishes slightly on the dry side. Some residual warming from the alcohol right at the end. Cocoa powder flavor rests on the palate.

Mouthfeel: Amazingly smooth and creamy. Hugely chewy. Get me a spoon! Very full-bodied.

Drinkability: Where can I get more of this? An excellent winter beer...one I could drink all night long. Extremely flavorful, creamy smooth and very, very quaffable.

Huge thanks to Xlperro for this one.

12-24-2003 23:43:43 | More by OldFrothingSlosh
Photo of CRJMellor


3.78/5  rDev -4.1%

Pours a medium brown with orange and red highlights. Small but frothy head that leaves amazing lace on the glass. Aroma is caramel apple and some subtle bitter hop notes. Taste is a beautiful malt, slighlty sour on the front. Middle has a mild bitter alcoholic kick and finishes with a spicy dry after-taste.

12-24-2003 04:26:46 | More by CRJMellor
Photo of Boilermaker88


3.23/5  rDev -18%

I got this offering from Deschutes Brewing Co. during a holiday beers swap conducted during the Strong Ale Festival at the Carlsbad Pizza Port a couple weeks ago. Jubelale had a clear reddish-amber color and a long-lasting foamy beige head that deposited lots of sticky lace on the glass.
The smell was an interesting mix of earthy malt, toffee, some citrus hops and some mild herbal notes. The taste fell short of what the aroma promised, IMO. At first, pleasant caramel malts and toffee flavors were picked up. All too quickly the palate was jarred by a rather harsh rush of bitterness and an astringency that really clashed with the malt profile. A long, dry and bitter finish made this seasonal a tough one for me to follow through to the bottom of the glass. The feel was medium-bodied and dry.
I’ve enjoyed Deschutes’ Black Butte Porter and had high hopes for Jubelale. Unfortunately, all I can say is that I was disappointed with how the tastes didn’t same to mesh well. I’ll pass on this one in the future.

12-18-2003 22:31:18 | More by Boilermaker88
Photo of feloniousmonk


4.28/5  rDev +8.6%

Appearance: hazy, murky, but bright cherry-red color, lighter and transparent at foot and sides, beneath a great, creamy head of foam.
Aroma: instant rich, sweet maltiness, with fruity flavors, too, and slight nuttiness, but altogether wonderful, a true treat to drink in the nose!
Taste: abundant, and wonderful. with tasty malt, just enough hops, a medium body, and a flavor that ranks among the most delicious. Possessed of a thick, clinging, sweetness on the texture that hangs mightily on the palate and makes this winter ale a never-ending delight. Mmm, Mmmmm1
This one really hit the spot!
Kudos to King Gusler for helping me to sample it!

12-16-2003 09:00:17 | More by feloniousmonk
Photo of Bighuge


4.28/5  rDev +8.6%

Nice looking burgandy tone. Thin and sticky beige head. A creamy film is left along with an average collaring after a minute. Lacing is quite bountiful and nice. Beautifuly fresh floral hop essences served against a backdrop of sweet maltiness. Hop notes are piney and fragrant. Maltiness smells of biscuit and caramel. To me, it seems like this strong ale is more about the hops than the malt. Not that that's wrong. It tastes good, but could use a little more caramel malt goodness. The hops are piney and fragrant. Bitter pine cones. Some spicy goodness includes hints of cinamon and orange peel. Just a hint of alcohol on the tongue. Body is approaching medium. Mouthfeel is delicate. This one's a winner.

12-14-2003 05:10:47 | More by Bighuge
Photo of TheLongBeachBum


4.33/5  rDev +9.9%

Presentation: 12 ounce bottle obtained during a recent 6-Pack swap at the Motel6 we stayed in whilst hitting the Pizza Port Strong Ale Festival. A Tall thin bottle, which has hops embossed onto the neck area. A crayon like drawing of the winter view from a 6-paned snow covered window forms the main label. Listed as “Jubeale Festive Winter Ale”. No freshness but listed as 6.7% Alc.by Vol.

Appearance: Dark brown clear body, with some ruby red hints when back-lit. A brown frothy like head forms easily when first poured, to collapses in a very uneven manner, leaving clumps of head and some interesting lacing. A swirl reinstates a more even ½“ thick head that’s has good staying power.

Nose: Caramel malts and hops that have a soil like odor. Some dark fruitiness and light hints of spices at times.

Taste: Bitter-sweet malt starts the beer. The brew has a lovely smooth malty center with a spicy hoppiness that comes through in the back-end. Finishes with a lovely dark fruity ending that begs you not to put the glass down and take another sip and answer the question that playing on your mind, ‘was the last mouthful really that good?’

Mouthfeel: Big feel to this beer, given its 6.7%, none of this seems to come through in the mouthfeel. The malts however support the backbone of this beer

Drinkability: It did not take long to dispose of the 12 ounce bottle. A solid drinking beer that is very nice indeed. Drinks well. Wish I had the whole 6-Pack!

Overall: A very nice Xmas beer that is not over the top but a great partner for a cold night. Thanks to EyeChartBrew for this one – my very first from Deschutes, hopefully I’ll get to try some more in the very near future.

12-08-2003 02:14:30 | More by TheLongBeachBum
Photo of alexgash


4.45/5  rDev +12.9%

Thank you Idaho. Dark cinnamon body with a creamy light-brown head. Smells of sweet, rich toffee malts, a little fruit, and loads of spicy hops. Taste starts out with toffee malts, at the perfect sweetness level, rich, some alcohol. Hops are big, but balanced, piney, spicy and am I detecting some nutmeg? Maybe I'm crazy. Deliciously warming, and bitter. One of the best holiday beers I've ever had.

11-17-2003 19:11:29 | More by alexgash
Photo of RoyalT


4.43/5  rDev +12.4%

Appearance – Liquid brown sugar in color with no head to speak of and tons of big sediment.

Smell – Big sherry and oak flavors jump out of the glass first, followed closely by the dark, sugary malts. This is the kitchen sink of sugars, and just about any type that I’ve had is in this aroma. There’s some ripe bananas and cherries as well, but it’s one part fruit 99 parts sugar.

Taste – For a powerful ale, this is wonderfully blended. The sugars meld expertly with the malt and sherry oak flavor. No, this is not the same as the Deschutes Jubelale.

Mouthfeel – Almost full in the body with a big, chewy mouthfeel and a light sting of alcohol.

Drinkability – I felt like a king drinking this ale. This one is awesome. If you’re looking for a BA Christmas present, this is it.

11-12-2003 02:42:13 | More by RoyalT
Photo of Gueuzedude


4.15/5  rDev +5.3%

2003 vintage tasted fresh:
Pours with a light brown head. It is a deep brown color. As it pours I get notes of raisin and roasty malt aromas, perhaps a hint of banana as well that might be a hop contribution (really hard to tell). There is quite a bit of fruity - spicy hops in the aroma that seems to have a candy coating. This beer is quite smooth, a finish that is reminiscent of rum. Quite good, complex. Has a finish that is of roast malt and an astringent / slightly alcoholic ending, as well as some balancing hop bitterness. Fruity notes of raisin and cherry are evident as well. A very well balanced beer with some hop character as well, some hop spiciness definitely hits my tongue, though it is subdued. The aroma is the best part of this beer, it is not quite perfect but it is close.

11-07-2003 19:32:18 | More by Gueuzedude
Photo of rkhaze


4.47/5  rDev +13.5%

2003 offering. Poured a beautiful reddish/amber. Almost looked like an amber that had a little cherry juice poured into it. Very festive. A spongy thick tan head that didn't stick around long and left good lace. Sweet malty nose with a bit of chocolate, spice and a mild hop presence.
Rich, full, malty bittersweet taste. Some chocolate, red fruits and a hint of caramel make an appearance. Nicely balanced by a spicy hoppiness and a bit of citrus rind.
Thick, smooth & creamy mouthfeel with great carbonation. Highly drinkable for the style. Great job Deschutes!!!
I tend to be a Sierra Celebration fan when it comes to winter beers, but this is definitly the cream of this years crop. I've certainly enjoyed Jubelale in the past but this year it's exceptional.

11-04-2003 00:54:08 | More by rkhaze
Photo of pluto


4.4/5  rDev +11.7%

Sipping my first Jubelale of the season and a happy day it is. Pours a beautiful deep russet brown, almost too dense to read the lettering through it on the back side of the glass. The head is modest and dissipates quickly, tan colored. The flavor is a wonderful mix of roasted malt, coffee, subtle spice and subdued hops that signals the arrival of the Winter Beers, which I'm ready for. The standard against which I judge other winter beers--no element over the top, all in balance. Delicious.

10-19-2003 23:54:40 | More by pluto
Photo of arizcards


4.33/5  rDev +9.9%

Thank you Deschutes for expanding into the Grand Canyon State! Went in looking for Black Butte Porter in my local AJ's and stumbled across this little gem.
The color is appears to be almost reddish-brown. Poured a decent head that dissapated quickly. Tastes of toasted malts and coffee with just a right touch of spice finish. Can't put my finger on which spice is used. This is a nice full beer that leaves my mouth quite satisfied. This is another extremely drinkable brew from my favorite Oregon brewer!

10-19-2003 01:06:51 | More by arizcards
Photo of Padron4KM


4.33/5  rDev +9.9%

The temp in AZ dips below 90 degrees, time to drink a winter ale, lol...

Pours a dark reddish brown with a thick creamy tan head that hangs on forever and laces nicely. caramel malt aromas, with some citrus in the background . Flavors are sweet malty, citrusy, bitter, spicy. Nice long spicy bitersweet finish.

10-11-2003 06:17:46 | More by Padron4KM
Photo of Reidrover


4.18/5  rDev +6.1%

Ok my first sight ( and purchase of course) of a winter seasonal and thank goodness its my favourite.
Comes in the typical Descutes 12 oz bottle..nice simple label..of a poinsetta bordered window looking out to a starry winter sky.
Poured into my British imperial dimpled mug..this is a beauty of an ale..Garnet coloured with a nice sized coffee n' creme coloured head..that goes but leaves nice lace.
Lovelly strong aromas of malts ( coffee) and of wine!..very nice.
The taste is nice too not too over powering at all..nice smooth malt sweetness with a small hop bite and a hint of warming alcohol as it hits the throat.
Very delicious and utterly smooth and creamy on the palate.
A very nice winter ale..not to strong on the alcohol..but definatlly the smoothest on the market.

10-01-2003 03:24:45 | More by Reidrover
Photo of drewbage


3.9/5  rDev -1%

Sampled in a 6oz Sample Glass at the Washington State Summer Brewfest

(Brewery aged keg from 2002 saved for the June Festival)

Deep rich brown ale with a short white head that disappates quickly. Nose is dominated by cinnamon and brown sugar aromas of oxidation.

Body is sweet but rich with caramel and toasted malty notes with a fading hoppy flavor and a spicy and slighty sour finish.

06-24-2003 23:43:54 | More by drewbage
Photo of Mitchster


3.68/5  rDev -6.6%

2002 edition. Barely cloudy dark amber with hints of red, forming a thin yellow head despite a vigorous pour. Retention and lacing are OK. Aroma is of sweet rasins, brown sugar, fruity mild hops. Taste begins with herbal flavor hops, round amber malts with some earthiness, hints of dark fruit followed by moderately perceptable sharp alcohol and a sustained moderate earthen bitterness. Mouthfel is dry with a medium-dense body. The alcohol is pungent yet tolerable at cold temps and gets worse as it warms. Rough all over and a little ugly on the side.

06-17-2003 17:32:21 | More by Mitchster
Photo of 49degrees

British Columbia (Canada)

4.65/5  rDev +18%

Released as a "limited edition Millennium ale" it is closely related and based on its older cousin, the "Jubelale" but it taken to new extremes in virtually every directions including bitterness, aroma, maltiness and character. This is a real winner. Although the abv is unlisted on the bottle., I've seen references to 7.0%abv written in places; but for this avid beer fan, its seems to pack a much heartier punch ... Perhaps a little closer to its local competitor Hair Of The Dog and their selection of 10%abv releases.

Pours a deep dark brown with a heavy ruby red accent. Pours with a very small head which quick fades to little more than an extremely small inconsistent collar and no glass lacing.

Aroma is rife with passion and extremely fruity, malty, sour, and hoppy hints with plenty of interesting earthy hints like peat, oak and smoke.

Flavorise,this really packs a punch and is a cornacopia offering of different ingredients for beer. This is intensely fruity (cherry, apricot, plum, and apple), earthy (walnut, peat, and oak), wickedly sweet (toffee, caramel and chocolate) plus a nice round hit of coffee/espresso to help round it all out. Extremely bitter, but it doesn't make your tongue tingle like many barley wines, but its tends to sit better at the back of the throat and slides down with a interesting bitterly sweet malty taste explosion.

Considering everything that is going on in this brew, it’s a real intresting and highly enjoyable brew. Best of all, all the flavors come together in one very well rounded, almost creamy consistency package that delivers a real knockout punch.

A nice brew that should age well, considering the quality of it at this juncture more than 2 years after being brewed. Sadly, I've only come across 3 bottles of this and failed to grab more than the one I'm about to finish off now. Sublime!!

[ STATS:>> 12oz bottle / ABV: unlisted / PRICE: $2.39 ]

06-14-2003 16:45:36 | More by 49degrees
Photo of NeroFiddled


4.8/5  rDev +21.8%

A pumped-up version of the Deschutes Jubelale... the 2000 batch was brewed to a higher gravity, dry-hopped and cask-aged! And I almost feel as if I've made a mistake by tasting it now... it's that good - and it will get better!!!
I poured the complete bottle, sediment and all, leaving a cloudy brown body beneath a thin layer of light tan foam. The head dropped shortly but maintained a decent collar throughout most of the glass. The nose is just astounding! Very unique! It displays a complex variety of fruits, sweet malt, and woody character that includes fresh-picked berries, soft baked-apple-pie, a slight hint of red pepper, dried apricots, tangerines, mushrooms, cocoa, cocoanut, dark caramel, toffee, fudge, a touch of smoke, some creamy coffee, and alot of oak. Whoah! The aroma in itself can be enjoyed throughout the good part of a night by the fire or as the sun sets and the sky comes alive with stars! This is truly a beer for all seasons. Impressive. The body is full/medium; and it's quite creamy and smooth across the palate with just a gentle caress on the tongue from the restrained, natural carbonation. Not surprisingly, some different flavors arise in the mouth. Previously unseen, soft prune rushes the stage; accompanied by a mild and sweet cherry, toasted cocoanut, dark toffee, light coffee and a nutty character that really develops in the long & complex finish along with some residual piney and grassy notes from the receeding hop flavors. It finishes dry with a very mild note of smoke, but no longer robustly bitter. This beer should soften and develop a bit more complexity over then next year or so, and then change as more cherry/sherry character develops for some time. Exceptional!

05-27-2003 14:55:17 | More by NeroFiddled
Photo of BeerResearcher


4.53/5  rDev +15%

I wish we could get more of this stuff on the east coast! Dark reddish copper with thick off-white head and nice sticky lace. A pleasantly sweet aroma of malt, hops, fruit and trace alcohol vapors. The full rich malty body is sweet and exudes the essence of berries. Medium/high in complex hops. Balanced yet complex. Velvety & smooth. Celebrate!

05-16-2003 11:38:50 | More by BeerResearcher
Photo of Fabric8r


3.98/5  rDev +1%

I liked this winter brew. Others are better, but this one is just fine. Nice strong flavor, although a bit more hops than others of this style. The flavor grabs you right quick, but you settle in and enjoy it. I can't drink more than one or two, for some reason I just can't take more.

02-20-2003 11:15:44 | More by Fabric8r
Photo of aracauna


3.23/5  rDev -18%

Nice cherry-red glow with light tan head that is nice but fades incompletely. The aroma is oranges, mild winter spiciness (whether it's added or not) and a light, sweet malt. The first sip is a shock at the amount of hop bitterness. The hops seem to float seperately from the rest of the beer which is a warm soft sweet maltiness. The hop bitterness fades as you get used to it but it still seems out of place and unbalances the beer.

01-09-2003 00:27:31 | More by aracauna
Photo of John

New York

4.4/5  rDev +11.7%

Ruby/amber color, deep and glowing. Smooth and creamy tan head. Pretty as a picture. Gorgeous aroma that spews forth the scent of tastes to come. Brandied fruit, ripe sugary plums and a prominent (sometimes fusel) alcohol, reveal themselves individually, then become integrated. The alcohol fires up the nostrils and throat with each swallow. Hops are reserved but adequate enough to provide the precise balance. Some hints of chocolate and molasses emerge as this lovely brew coats the palate. A big malty brew perfect for the winter months. Classic seasonal ale. (Thanks to Valleyboy for the Christmas beer!)

12-19-2002 09:03:33 | More by John
Jubelale from Deschutes Brewery
88 out of 100 based on 1,810 ratings.