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World Wide Stout - Dogfish Head Brewery

Not Rated.
World Wide StoutWorld Wide Stout

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3,914 Ratings

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Ratings: 3,914
Reviews: 1,626
rAvg: 4.19
pDev: 14.56%
Wants: 516
Gots: 1,319 | FT: 117
Brewed by:
Dogfish Head Brewery visit their website
Delaware, United States

Style | ABV
American Double / Imperial Stout |  18.00% ABV

Availability: Rotating

Notes/Commercial Description:
Brewed with a ridiculous amount of barley, World Wide Stout is dark, rich, roasty and complex. This Ageable Ale clocks in at 15-20% ABV and has a depth more in line with a fine port than with a can of cheap, mass-marketed beer.

70 IBU

(Beer added by: Todd on 01-02-2002)
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Ratings: 3,914 | Reviews: 1,626 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of raverjames


5/5  rDev +19.3%

Vintage WWS
Bottle date 1999 (I think this was the first year)
Sampled at one of our wonderful Wichita beer tastings

A: Black, but not too thick. Slight carbonation. Still has a little bit of head, eventhough it is 9 years old.

S: Very slight oxidation, sweet raisins, dark cherries, slight vanilla.

T: Perfection! Fruity and sweet with lots of raisin coming through. Nothing like a stout anymore.

M: Creamy, chewy, smooth, warming.

D: I could drink a bottle of this every day. Too bad that was probably my only chance to taste it.

Thank you Rob for sharing this wonderful beer.

07-02-2008 19:47:54 | More by raverjames
Photo of cyrusthecyrus


1.1/5  rDev -73.7%

Well since I suffered through a bottle of this I guess I might as well review it. Not much else to say other than malt and sweetness that was totally overwhelming. I'm usually not one to ask for more hops, but this beer needed them. I generally like stouts and porters and tend to stay away from IPA's and other 'hoppier' beers.

A- Appearance was average, just really dark.

S- Alcohol and...some more alcohol

T- Sweet syrup and...alcohol. Nothing complex like one usually finds in porters and stouts.

M- Left a syrupy residue that I had to wash out with some Alaskan Amber.

D- If I hadn't paid nine bucks for this I wouldn't have finished it.

06-05-2008 04:08:17 | More by cyrusthecyrus
Photo of SirEgbert


3.83/5  rDev -8.6%

This is a beer I bought in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, about a month and a half ago. Two bottles, and I got tired of it teasing me, so I drank one. Thinking it well worthy of review, it's off to number two...

Pouring out of a 12 oz. bottle into a snifter. Date bottled is 2007.

A - Pours thick, into opaque dark brown/black with a subtle hue of mahogany. ¼ inch khaki head quickly dissipates to a thin ring. Modest carbonation leaves a lace across the surface of this beer. 4.5

S - Warm, slightly astringent solvent smell from the high ABV. Fruity undertones--raisins, dates and some bright cherry. Freshly-cut wood. Vanilla. Molasses. The fumes rising from this beer tarnish the experience somewhat. High alcohol comes off a bit acrid. 3.5

T - Upfront sweetness with a big tang of alcohol. This leaves quickly with a thick, full maltiness rushing in. This is a beer that deserves to be savored. Let this one linger in your mouth. There are more fresh woody tastes. Burnt toffee. Espresso. Caramel sweetness, as well as dried fruits--raisins, prunes, maybe apricot. 4.0

M - This one coats the tongue fast. After the swallow, the astringent alcohol dries out the palate, leaving a sweet, thick malt behind. Though despite the high ABV, this is not an overbearing beer. The residual mouthfeel is mellow and warming, like a good Cognac. This is one that will stick with you for a while, and that's certainly not a bad thing. 4.0

D - This is a very sweet, powerful stout. I'm nearly to the bottom of my second bottle, and enjoying every sip, but any more than two would be excessive, I think. (in a few ways) There's a syrupy character that builds as you drink. Still, this is a delicious and robust beer, which is better suited to the colder months--somewhat barleywine-like in characteristics, though the malt base of this brew is much heavier than any barleywine style I've had. I would like to see a little more hop balance out of this beer. Not my favorite Imperial Stout style, but certainly a treat that I wouldn't mind enjoying again. 3.5

Cheers to Dogfish Head. This is one of my favorite breweries around for adventuresome beers. While this is not my favorite of their offerings, it's certainly a class-act example of a true craft stout.

06-05-2008 02:26:25 | More by SirEgbert
Photo of turbine2475


2.9/5  rDev -30.8%

Thanks to Tprokop7 for this brew:
A - Pours a totally opaque black that formed an awesome two finger head after an agressive pour that disipated quickly leaving a spotty lace.
S - Dark chocolate, coffee, dark fruits, cab grapes, and spices.
T - Dark grape, plum, coriander, apricot, and slight notes of chocolate and light coffee. Way sweeter then I expected...Maybe some age will help this a bit.
M - A little chewy with a good carbonation. Not bad.
D - Was expecting something totally different then what I experienced. Not bad but was much sweeter then most stouts. Resembles the 120 min of stouts. I'm not complaining just different. Would like to try this beer with some age on it.

05-24-2008 04:23:46 | More by turbine2475
Photo of perfectkaos


4.13/5  rDev -1.4%

Picked this one up at the beer arena after conversing with the manager about the case of Chimay Red that i bought. Also got a 120min with it.

Pours a black color with a dark tan head that dwindles down to a light ring around the glass. smells of roasted barley, alcohol and tannins, almost like wine

tastes very complex. sweetness up front, an alcohol kick, and then roasted malts on the back. definitely a warm one.

Not a beer to take lightly, and if i had obtained this in case form, id probably have to build a cellar, else it would sit in my fridge for years. It is an amazing dessert beer and definitely would go great with a cigar and a fire... and maybe a smoking jacket and fez.

05-23-2008 22:31:41 | More by perfectkaos
Photo of USCTrojanBrian


3.68/5  rDev -12.2%

12 oz bottle poured into nonic

A - Brown/burgundy one finger head. Rich, molasses dark pour, hint of lilac color. Some floaties inside.

T - Wow, first sip is sticky sweet. I could lie and say the roasty malt flavors are evident, but so far it's still plain old sweet. And stays sweet, too sweet. Some coffee after a while.

S - Oddly: soy sauce. Non-Guinness stout smell, sort of porter-ish as well. Sweet roasted malts.

M/D - Not too thick and syrupy, not watery either. Good. Potent stuff, though. An elixir best taken slowly.

05-22-2008 04:30:07 | More by USCTrojanBrian
Photo of doubleipa


4.75/5  rDev +13.4%

This review is for an '04 bottled that was cellared properly. No head, and black. Very strong dark chocolate and strong coffee. Plenty of raisin and plum. Heavy initial sweet taste and an equally heavy sweet finish. Still a heavy alcohol finish and goes on and on. Still need a couple of more years.

05-20-2008 21:27:53 | More by doubleipa
Photo of erosier


3.6/5  rDev -14.1%

L:This beer pours a deep black color with a tall and thick brown/tan colored head that takes a long time to settle. It laces the glass a lot the entire way down.
S:The aroma is of very sweet deep roasted malted barley and then alot of vinous fruits. It had a slight aroma of wine.
T: The taste follows the nose very well. It has a strong malted barley taste and then it has a very big alcohol flavor that tastes kind of like wine.
M: The mouthfeel was very bold, thick, and warming which made for a nice sipping beer.
D: Not very drinkable since it is so heavy and full of alcohol, but it was definately tastey.

05-16-2008 00:48:17 | More by erosier
Photo of Big78CJ


4.13/5  rDev -1.4%

"Bottled in 2007"

As it poured it looked reddish brown but upon settling in the glass I see no color whatsoever, just a sea of darkness with a faint tan head.

Very interesting flavor from the abundance of barley malt. Slightly sweet but with spicy alcohol smell as well.

Much sweeter than I expected, though I guess that makes sense with all that barley. The taste is somewhat more than a typical malt flavor, however, but I cannot identify what it is. There is certainly the presence of alcohol but for 18% it is pretty subdued. I do like this flavor but I am puzzled by the unidentified component....After reading Jason's review I agree that it is a combination of solvent and wood.

Mouthfeel is thick and sticky. Some of this beer will stick with you long after swallow...and I don't just mean the alcohol.

I could see drinking one of these on rare occasions but the price is a bit steep. I have one more bottle and it is going in the cellar for a long nap. Has anyone had luck cellaring this beer?

05-13-2008 21:45:49 | More by Big78CJ
Photo of kenkochiss


4.45/5  rDev +6.2%

Appearance is redish brown head when poured. The sizzling carbonation seemed to turn it from redish to light brown within a minute.

Smell is of alcohol, sherry, carmel and chocolate. Very malty in a good way.

Taste is smooth for such high alcohol (18%). Rich and creamy flavor.

Mouthful is sweet and chocolaty and flavors get strong with more time in mouth. My wife says she tasted licorice.

Like most dark, high alcohol beers, one is enough to enjoy. As a matter of fact, about 3/4 of a bottle may be enough to enjoy.

I'm headed out to purchase a few more of these tomorrow!

I just had another one of these (09/20/2008)and I'm pretty sure I've decided this is my favorite american Stout....by a mile. Love it, love it.

05-13-2008 02:40:42 | More by kenkochiss
Photo of irishkyle21

Ontario (Canada)

4.38/5  rDev +4.5%

Pours with a dark head, not much retention. The snifter is marked with a few blotch's of lacing here and there. A deep black color with hints of brown near the edges.

My nose is bombarded by dark fruits, alcohol, roasted malts and chocolate.

Thick and creamy mouthfeel. Chocolate, fruits soaked in alcohol and vanilla mix together nicely for my taste buds.

05-09-2008 05:46:07 | More by irishkyle21
Photo of HardcoreKeith


3.63/5  rDev -13.4%

From a 12 ounce bottle. I didn't feel like drinking the equivalent of 3.6 shots of vodka so I poured half into a snifter, and then recapped the bottle and placed it back in the fridge.

This is unlike anything I've had before. Pitch black. As black as my heart. It smells like bourbon. Or maybe kahlua. Not really. But strong, coffee and bourbon aromas, with a huge whiff of alcohol, and some sweetness. Tasting it, the first sip gives me a little alcohol burn on the way down. My head reels slightly. Surprisingly balanced for its power. It's extremely sweet at first, but then the coffee bitterness and alcohol kicks in and balances it out through the mid and aftertaste. It's such a unique experience that it feels more like sipping a cordial than a beer. I take tiny little sips, but I keep going back for more. I'm not aware of any hops in there.

This is now the most expensive beer I've had at $10 for the 12 ounce bottle. It's worth the experience to try it once.

05-07-2008 04:22:50 | More by HardcoreKeith
Photo of rodcom


4.9/5  rDev +16.9%

You have probably heard a lot about this beer already or you would not be reading my review. If you see a bottle and you have not tried it grab the bottle you may not like the style, but you will agree that it is a great beer.

This beer is a dark black in color and you can't even see light through it. There is no head on the beer. It will remind you of the darkest espresso that you can brew.

As for taste it is just a terrific stout beer. Heavy in flavor and taste. It is unbelievable that there is that much alcohol in the beer you simply can't taste it.

This summer I am vacationing in Delaware and can't wait to try it the brewery!

05-04-2008 19:13:30 | More by rodcom
Photo of gregc

New York

4.45/5  rDev +6.2%

I have 2 reviews for this beer...

First on tap at lazy boy saloon, white plains new york

Poured pitch black with a small dark brown head.
Smells of coffee and roasted malt.
Tasted coffee, chocolate, bourbon, small amounts of vanilla.
The high ABV is masked well, not overpowering but its there, this one is a slow sipper.

Vintage 2005 bottle.

Poured pitch black with almost no head. When swirled in glass noticed some legs left on the glass.
Smells of burnt coffee, alcohol and roasted malt.
The alcohol is a bit more noticeable in this one as opposed to the review above, but tasted all the same things - chocolate, bourbon and vanilla. Great bottle, im glad i have 3 more 05's left, but i think they will age for a bit more.

04-30-2008 23:41:52 | More by gregc
Photo of shroompod


4.28/5  rDev +2.1%

Vintage 2006

Pours with a small head that dissipates quickly. Seeing some alcohol legs when swirling.

Dark malts and coffee dominate the nose. Alcohol is apparent with hints of bourbon.

I'm surprised at the amount hop bitterness left in this beer. Or is it the dark malts bittering it? Either way, it's a nice combination of sweetness with caramel,dark roast, black patent lending wonderful complexities. ABV is apparent but less then expected.

Mouthfeel is pretty thick , maybe thinned out slightly by the high ABV.

Overall a nice sipper I'll seek more of.

04-30-2008 01:38:40 | More by shroompod
Photo of treehugger02010


4/5  rDev -4.5%

I bought this single 12 ounce bottle at Capone's Restaurant in Norrsitown, Pa and poured it into a pint glass.
Appearance: Deep brown almost black body with a very small light brown head on top. No lacing and poor retention.
Smell: Very sweet. Malted dark fruits, tons of sugar.
Taste: Very sweet, bordering on tart. Again loads of malted dark fruits.
Mouthfeel: Very smooth.
Drinkability: Let's just say better than good.
Don't drink and review.

04-29-2008 23:25:11 | More by treehugger02010
Photo of jayrod20


4.58/5  rDev +9.3%

Pours a dense opaque black with a 1/2" head that dissipates to a small cap, then foam at edges. Roasted malt predominant with fig and/or raisin to the nose. Taste is spectacular, roasted malt with some fruit notes. Alcohol very well hidden considering how high the ABV is. Marvelous mouthfeel, so smooth, full bodied and mouth coating. Drinkability is high despite the ABV. Just a wonderful experience to finally get my hands on a couple of these. This IS MY FAVORITE BEER I have had across 42 states.

04-29-2008 23:17:45 | More by jayrod20
Photo of Donnie2112


4.53/5  rDev +8.1%

Appearance: Black quickly fading head

Smell: Molasses, grapes, chocolate, vanilla and rum

Taste:Whoa! My first thought was how much the taste reminds me of the Sam Adams Triple Bock which I didn't care for, but this I like. Definately some coffee there and an alcohol flavor that reminds me of Appleton Estates Rum and that's to say a bit buttery. Maybe there's some honey there right off, it's very malty and very sweet but finishs with a coffee or tea like finish. The alcohol feels warmer going down then anything I'd ever had. Also reminds me of both Thomas Hardy's Ale and J.W. Lee's Harvest Ale. Very Very Interesting

Mouthfeel: Buttery, maybe mapley, thick and creamy a bit more carbonation then the visual inspection would indicate. Awesome.

Drinkability: Well this is absolutely not a session beer but it's not meant to be. I'm not going to give it a 5 but it's got amazing drinkability for the amount of alcohol that's in this brew. This would be so nice on a winter night.

I really really like this and I will be keeping an eye open for more of it...yum!

04-29-2008 00:56:33 | More by Donnie2112
Photo of Portertime


3.93/5  rDev -6.2%

I am partial to stouts but this is a kicker. A typical extreme alcohol tasting brew from Dogfish Head. Poured a midnight black with a wee little head. Tried to get some sort of coffe smell but it was just overwhelming alcohol. Tastes about the same with the alcohol numbing your tongue and kicking you while you are down. Certainly a hearty brew.

04-22-2008 20:04:59 | More by Portertime
Photo of dreadnatty08

District of Columbia

3.95/5  rDev -5.7%

07 Vintage
Pours an opaque, pitch black color with a slim covering of tan head, not as thick as expected. Perhaps not as dextrinous as other high gravity stouts. Aromas are pretty typical of DFH high grav. stuff: plenty of boozy, fruity alcohol notes over which I'm truly struggling to pick out any sort of roasted aromas. That's it, it's alcohol and nothing else. On the palate, an incredibly rich, sweet, alcohol, dextrinous, thick brew lays over the tongue. I'm first hit with a barleywine like flavor, grapey port, and finally a meager, chocolaty roasted flavor. This beer is truly amazing; what it lacks in aroma (by far) it makes up for quite well in flavor. There's even a drying bitter roastiness in the finish that helps mask the cloying sweetness. Not as good as the Olde School, but a very interesting brew indeed.

04-20-2008 23:09:24 | More by dreadnatty08
Photo of ckeegan04


3.63/5  rDev -13.4%

A - Thick darkness, somewhere between dark dark brown and black, with a very then layer of brown foam that quickly dissipates.

S - Alcohol dominates from the time you pop the cap off the bottle. Hints of some chocolate sweetenss. Did I mention alcohol?

T - Strong alcohol flavor slaps you around up front, followed by some sweetness. The alcohol was too dominant at first but as it warmed it became fairly well balacned given the 18%.

M/D - Smooth and creamy, with alot of alcohol warmth. Definitely not a beer to have multiples of, but would be great when you need a good warmer.

A truly unique brew. Not sure it was worth the $9 bottle, but definitely one I would recommend everybody try at least once.

04-08-2008 13:58:08 | More by ckeegan04
Photo of goschool


4.45/5  rDev +6.2%

2003 Vintage

Appearance: The pour is a thick black liquid that's somewhere between imperial stout and chocolate syrup topped by an almost microscopic ring of light brown foam.

Smell: The massive nose has equal parts cocoa, port, and macchiato.

Taste: The flavor profile start out with warming alcohol which immediately leads into sweet raisins, merlot, cherries, and figs. A ton of semi-sweet chocolate joins the mix and lingers in the mid-palate. At the finish, Northern Italian espresso adds a roasty element, but it's almost equally sweet. The ABV makes itself known once again in the aftertaste.

Mouthfeel: If I use the term "full-bodied" to describe this, I will need to go back and adjust all of my previous reviews and downgrade everything and, to do so, I would have to coin a term like "ultra-light-bodied." That's way too arduous, so let's just say, this beer is very thick and surprisingly well carbonated.

Drinkability: It's too alcoholic to get a higher score, especially since I can get a similar experience without a super boozy finish. Was this vintage 23%? If it was, I would love to try the 18% to compare.

04-06-2008 08:20:38 | More by goschool
Photo of deltatauhobbit


4.03/5  rDev -3.8%

Pours a dark black color with a decent sized tan head, some retention and lacing.

Smell is quite intense, lots of malt, chocolate and dark fruit (maybe some raisins?!).

Taste is rather sweet, but it'd have to be for the alcohol punch this beer has, chocolate and malt take the forefront with some mild bitterness and a large warming sensation, carbonation is low but that's to be expected.

Surely take your time with this one or share it, otherwise it becomes a bit overwhelming.

04-04-2008 02:44:01 | More by deltatauhobbit
Photo of ClassicBrad


3.88/5  rDev -7.4%

Poured aggressively into a shaped pint. Big irritated head reduces to a wet layer of coffee head that sticks sparatically to the walls.

The smell is reminiscent of 120 Minute IPA from DFH with insane alcohol and malt character in the nose.

The taste is overwhelming of deep, chocolate malt and alcohol heat. It is the most intense flavor that I've ever tasted in a beer. If it was a little more comprehensible, I would give it a 5 but it is almost uncomfortable to drink.

Interesting concept [world's strongest dark beer] but the drinkability is so hindered by the intensity and alcohol content that this brew is too-- dare i-- extreme.

I will buy it again, simply for the insane experience that it has given me. Congrats to DFH-- you accomplish what I'm sure you wanted to do and it was very fun to drink this.

03-31-2008 01:33:11 | More by ClassicBrad
Photo of jessecarr

New Jersey

3.75/5  rDev -10.5%

Split a 12oz bottle last night.

Upon cracking the bottle, I was immediately hit with the pungent smell of alcohol and barley. It reminded me of a Tawny port.

The first sip was... perplexing. It felt interesting, but not quite like a stout at all. It had that Dogfish taste of experimentation and intrigue, but not quite that of a well-executed experiment.

It had an amazing mouthfeel--a bit thick. The aftertaste was where the beer failed a bit. It was way too alcohol-driven, and by the end of my pour, I was not looking forward to the next sip.

03-30-2008 21:58:27 | More by jessecarr
World Wide Stout from Dogfish Head Brewery
93 out of 100 based on 3,914 ratings.