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Young's Oatmeal Stout - Wells & Young's Ltd

Not Rated.
Young's Oatmeal StoutYoung's Oatmeal Stout

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very good

537 Ratings

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Ratings: 537
Reviews: 455
rAvg: 3.98
pDev: 10.8%
Wants: 41
Gots: 4 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Wells & Young's Ltd visit their website
United Kingdom (England)

Style | ABV
Oatmeal Stout |  5.20% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: erz316 on 02-20-2009)
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Ratings: 537 | Reviews: 455 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of wanker


4.55/5  rDev +14.3%

Extremely fresh tasting, which one doesn't always find in bottled beer in Texas. Wonderfully silky mouthfeel. Very crisp bitterness on top of a very smooth base. Nice dark tan head and lacing. I can't say enough good things about this beer. Absolutely delicious. Unfortunately, it didn't show as a product on Young's web site when I checked on 10/9/06, so it may be retired.

10-10-2006 13:52:08 | More by wanker
Photo of leeenglewood


3.15/5  rDev -20.9%

Poured in the typical nitro can fashion black with a creamy head. Nothing exciting about the smell just a hint of dark malt and no hop smell. Tasted almost like a half fermented beer without the yeast. Hops arise but are there only for a second and disappear to sweetness. Mouthful was creamy and rich but drinkability suffers from the odd sweetness. Maybe if it were a little bitterer either from the use of hops, roasted malts, or barley I would enjoy this somewhat disappointing beer more.

08-24-2003 19:35:19 | More by leeenglewood
Photo of mwearl

North Carolina

3.35/5  rDev -15.8%

Beautiful near black with the slightest light showing through, this beer had a 3 in head poured correctly with eternal lacing. Smell was sweet and fruity, detecting a tart grape odor as if aged in a wine barrel. Taste was rather dull yet balanced with little bitter taste and more coffee mocha than anything; very little complexity. Mouthfeel was suprisingly light leaving only some mild bitterness on the tongue. This is a drinkable beer but does not live up to its look and smell. Not bad, but there are better examples of Oatmeal Stouts out there.

05-27-2007 02:50:27 | More by mwearl
Photo of danny013


4.33/5  rDev +8.8%

Poured from a bottle into an English style pint glass. Pours a rich, 2 finger light brown head that sticks with the beer for most of the pint. Body is dark, lets no light through save for a few dark red hues in the corners of the glass. Nice lacing. A beautiful looking stout.

Smell is very nice. Some sweet hints around the edges with some roasted grains, but the main smell is a gentle dark chocolate sweetness. There are some fruity esters, but I can't pick them out.

Taste is excellent. Light malt sweetness up front followed by delicious dark chocolate flavors. Roasted grains creep through to round out the beer and balance it out a bit. Roasted grains fade slowly, leaving a nice, faint hoppiness that pulls through and lingers with the roasted grains. Not too sweet, not to bitter from the roasted grain/hops. I don't think you could want much more in an oatmeal stout.

Mouthfeel is great. Body is medium-heavy with a decent amount of carbonation and a great velvety smoothness. I would love to try this beer on nitro; I think it would only make it better.

Drinkability is also good. A very good beer with a great balance of flavors; one or two would go down great. I left it at a 4 becuase I'd be so full after the first two I couldn't drink more. Truly a classic example of the "meal in a bottle" cliché of stouts.

Overall, an excellent oatmeal stout. A great combination of all flavors that mix well and don't overpower any aspect of the brew. My favorite oatmeal stout. Highly reccommended!

07-31-2008 18:41:11 | More by danny013
Photo of charliedango


4.38/5  rDev +10.1%

Poured from 550ml bottle into pint glass. Dark, opaque appearance with light head that holds for some time before dissipating into a fine lacing. Smell is exactly what to expect of an oatmeal stout. Taste neither surprises or disappoints. Mouthfeel is very typical if not the atypical oatmeal stout - smooth and rich with minimal carbonation. Overall it's a pleasant drinkable stout that doesn't offend, but doesn't present pleasant surprises either.

06-28-2008 07:55:36 | More by charliedango
Photo of roller


3.45/5  rDev -13.3%

Pours an opaque black with red highlights. Little bubbles coalesce into larger ones which pop and leave little divots in the light brown two-finger head. Leaves rings of lacing as I drink. Aroma is dark roasted malt with chocolate and coffee flavors. Taste is roasted malt bitterness with milk chocolate. It's toasty with some caramel. The edges are nicely rounded by the oats. The biggest disappointment with this beer was the mouthfeel. I expect an oatmeal stout to be thick and chewy, velvety even. This one just wasn't. It was thin and watery. Was a little creamy, but didn't hang around on the palate long. Overall, this was a fairly enjoyable oatmeal stout, but not the first I'd reach for in this style.

08-26-2007 19:25:54 | More by roller
Photo of trpng0bily

New York

4.22/5  rDev +6%

Pours dark, dark red, with a sizable tan head that sticks around with some solid lacing. Smells of roasted malt and coffee. Tastes the same, with some hops thrown in, right on target. This is one rich oatmeal stout - an extremely pleasant surprise. I wasn't expecting much, as I don't really enjoy their double chocolate stout, but this is terrific brew.

03-06-2008 05:21:54 | More by trpng0bily
Photo of rockdick


4.4/5  rDev +10.6%

One of my favorite beers overall. Love the color, the taste, everything. Reminds me of why I love a good quality beer.
Personally, I like this one better than Samuel Smith's.

Peace, Love, and BEER

11-18-2002 10:31:09 | More by rockdick
Photo of DragYourBone


3.73/5  rDev -6.3%

Pours dark, thick and rich with a slight brownish tinted foam that quickly settles into a light film.
Scent of a slightly sweet roasted malt.
Taste of subtle slightly sweet roasted malt.
Goes down thin, slick and wet with a slight fizziness on the tongue.
It was a little less full bodied than I had hoped and what I anticipated- especially based on the look of the glass.
This is something between a Grays and a Sam Smith. Grays is a bit more subtle, softer almost. And Sam Smith's is more full-bodied w/less sweetness and a more malty roastness.
Still quaffable nevertheless.

01-26-2008 15:35:30 | More by DragYourBone
Photo of Hemi


3.9/5  rDev -2%

Black in appearance under incandescent light but I'll take the breweries description as being ruby to almost black appearance as gospel. Fruity roasted malt aroma with a hint of chocolate with some residual toasted characteristics. Toasted barley taste with a bit of a fruity taste I cannot break down specifically but definitely exists. Smooth thick mouthfeel with decent but not excessive mouthfeel for the style. Okay drinkability, I can have a few of these.

Overall I like this beer, with an okay drinkablity. It a very nice mouthfeel. The taste is not overpowering in any way. Reminds me more of a regular stout but I can feel the oatmeal existed within the mash. I like the smell as it is sweet but not overly as it would seem unsweetened chocolate exists. By the time my beer was gone the lacing decipated to nothing but a couple spots.

10-23-2007 08:53:09 | More by Hemi
Photo of neobassman


4.35/5  rDev +9.3%

I was surprised by this beer, a product of an English brewery with a long and rich history. Admittedly I am an newcomer to oatmeal stout, so some of my being enamored with this brew may be in part a new affection for the style. However... Having tried stout many times over the years, I have felt bad, maybe even inadequate, for having mixed feelings about stout. Aren't true beer aficionados supposed to love stout? For me, I always came away with an appreciation that feel well short of fondness. This beer, however, may turn me from a dabbler to a true stout fan. This beer pours from the bottle with a full, tan-colored head and a characteristically black color. Even held up to a strong reading light this beer passes very little light. Color, where it can be seen, is reddish brown, mostly brown with not much red. No sign of cloudiness. "Looks like Guinness..."

The smell is full and balanced, and the taste - well - I encourage readers to give this one a try, even if you are not a fan of stout. There is a clear essence of oatmeal, a characteristic malty, roasted flavor, but relatively little of the burnt, salty sharpness that I have struggled to come to terms with in past stout encounters. Perhaps this is characteristic of oatmeal stouts, and if that's the case, count me in. This brew is somewhat dry on the tongue late in the taste, but not at all unpleasant. I like this beer for the same reason I like a lot of American porters, but this clearly one-ups porter with its fuller, darker taste but without becoming an ordeal. I would choose this over Yuengling Porter, for example, on any day my beer budget could support this import.

My only regret is that I bought only one bottle. Certainly this will be on my recommended list, and, with future confirmation, it could easily be a favorite. The brewer's website describes a recent merger with Wells, and today I could not find mention of the Oatmeal Stout on their list of brews. I hope this does not foretell the loss of this great beer from their line.

11-03-2007 21:36:25 | More by neobassman
Photo of Tresha

4.05/5  rDev +1.8%

I am extremely fond of desserts and have a major sweet tooth, which is why this beer fascinated me from the very beginning. The aroma is surely chocolate and coffee, sounds delicious! The flavours are also pretty sweet, chocolatey and a bit of licorice. I am looking forward to using this when I whip up my next chocolate based dessert!

06-20-2012 10:50:33 | More by Tresha
Photo of Atch


3.63/5  rDev -8.8%

Appearance: Beautiful dark brown, a little red at the bottom of the glass when held by a light. Tiny bubbles floating up the sides of the glass. Poured 3 finger cola colored head.

Smell: Sweet and smoky. Cedar?

Taste: It tastes just like it smells. Nice roasted taste.

Mouthfeel: Very smooth and not a lot of carbonation.

Drinkability: Easy to drink. Not particularly my style, but I think it would be good in the fall with a bonfire or something.

03-19-2008 23:26:09 | More by Atch
Photo of dwpiercetx


4.08/5  rDev +2.5%

This was a good beer. Went to a tap room in McQueeney, TX called the Silver Eagle. Nice bar. Very empty though because the owner in recent years has voiced and pushed his opinion on politics on everybody. Although, he was a nice gentleman and has a grand taste in beer. He did not fail to remind me and everyone that he had the last two kegs of this beer in Texas. It's a good beer, basic full stout. I love stouts, so this did not disappoint in the very least. It was a little thin though...it might be that these kegs were from many years ago. I didn't ask. If you get a hold of one by chance, take a drink or two. It might be your last, especially in Texas.

09-07-2008 03:07:05 | More by dwpiercetx
Photo of psyco1


4.03/5  rDev +1.3%

This poured black in the somewhat underlit room I was in. There was nearly no head at all.

The smell was of a bit of roasted barley, then the chocolate took over, then smoothness, if that's a taste.

Thin for a stout, but not bad. Almost no carbonation.

It reminds me of Sam Smith's Oatmeal, which I really like. I could drink this too, probably until I had to crawl home.

05-13-2004 23:44:12 | More by psyco1
Photo of mbutter1997


3.9/5  rDev -2%

A: Pours thick, dark brown with thick and creamy head, light brown in color. Foam clings to the glass and some film remains all the way down.
S: Light aroma of mild chocolate and fruit.
T: The flavor is all about the malt. The hops add a nice touch to the palate of roasted barley, hints of fruit and toast.
M: Very creamy with smooth combination; a full bodied stout.
D: Quite a tasty brew that is very enjoyable overall. It's like having a good hearty meal...and why not, it's oatmeal. Well done.

06-08-2007 23:50:57 | More by mbutter1997
Photo of darklager


4.45/5  rDev +11.8%

This is a very dark, light impeding beer. It pours a nice thick tan head that clings to the side of the glass, refusing to go away. The aroma is a typical oatmeal stout that really doesn't prepare you for how good this brew really is. The flavor is complex, yet amazingly smooth and creamy. This beer feels like a beer should feel. The mouthfeel is absolutely amazing, and the taste is of a complex oatmeal stout, but somehow manages to be exceptionally smooth. This is one beer I will visit again, only next time, I'll be sure to invite more than one bottle.

05-18-2003 08:00:20 | More by darklager
Photo of inbeertruth


2.75/5  rDev -30.9%

A: Pours very dark, almost pitch black with a rust-colored head with PLENTY of lacing (My wife actually joked and said, “What are you drinking now? Soy sauce?).

B: Smell didn’t do much for me. Smelt musty (someone said something about foot odor), with the faint aroma of stale chocolate.

Taste: Dark, cocoa and coffee notes with malt.

MF: Very smooth and watery.

D: I don’t think I will be trying this again. I got the bottle at Spec’s for over three dollars, and at my dinner party tonight during cocktail hour, I ended up giving the rest of my pint to my mother-in-law who “doesn’t care for beer” but “liked whatever it was I was drinking,” after letting her try it. I wanted to try and find something for fall drinking, so it looks like I’ll have to keep looking. Then again, I’m not usually a stout drinker.

09-14-2007 03:31:03 | More by inbeertruth
Photo of JArami


3.9/5  rDev -2%

A: Black as black can be. You can't see through it. The head is thick, i got three or four fingers, then again I poured it into my wheat glass (it was the only pint worthy glass i had). Dark tan head, very fluffy.

S: I was a little let down, you can sense the hops, but the roasted malts get trapped by the turbulent head.

T: Burnt and roasted, dark notes of possible chocolate and caramel. The oatmeal is delicious and sweetens the mix. Very roasted and not too bitter.

M: Awesome. Not as thick as some other stouts, carbonation is unbelievably smooth. The aftertaste is short and leaves the mouth a little dry, but residue of the roasted dark malts are nothing to complain about.

D: Very drinkable, so smooth, wish i had some dark chocolate to go with it.

I wanted some Old Rasputin, but the Fresh Market I go to was out so I tried something new. Good choice.

11-06-2007 19:57:38 | More by JArami
Photo of yosh

North Carolina

3.83/5  rDev -3.8%

On tap at the Flying Saucer, Raleigh, NC

This beer was a nice smooth beer. It was a dark, black color when it came to us with a nice head that left a lace all the way down the side of the glass. There was a mixed chocolate and coffee smell and a chocolate taste to this beer. I got this beer to get a free glass (Youngs Brewery) and I enjoyed the beer. They give a free glass away every week and rotate the brewery's at this place.

06-18-2003 20:21:42 | More by yosh
Photo of sutcliff


3.73/5  rDev -6.3%

A very good example of this style. Rich and smooth with a thick head. This bottle was similar to Sammy Smith's Oatmeal Stout but not as hearty or rich. The color was ruby black and the presence of aroma hops was minimal. The mouthfeel was pleasant and the finish was subtle.

09-03-2004 23:20:36 | More by sutcliff
Photo of tkach


4.22/5  rDev +6%

This a very black beer maybe a hint of brown to it, can't even see any light come through when held in front of a ceiling light. Head is a nice brown color.

I personally didn't find there to be too much to the smell, maybe it was just the beer being in the bottle or my senses. I smelled a very faint sweet smell and couldn't even make anything out. Possible that the bottle had been sitting a while?

Taste was very delicious regardless of there being poor scent. It had a rich but not too rich taste and was very flavorful! There definitely was no oatmeal taste and that is great. The delicious malty flavor is just delicious to say the least.

Mouthfeel was prefect for me. The ideal amount of carbonation for this that makes your mouth tingle to compliment the amazing flavor. Did not leave too sticky a feeling in the mouth and left a decent creamy aftertaste to help the flavor last.

I found this beer very drinkable and I've not been a huge stout fan in the past. The flavor was just delicious enough and not too harsh that I could keep drinking it at the pace I wanted. This beer I tend to favor a bit too much for the flavor savoring but it was overall a very delicious and well made beer.

01-07-2008 05:23:07 | More by tkach
Photo of Meandmymonkey


3.83/5  rDev -3.8%

Pours almost oil black which was a pleasant surprise. Medium/thick lumpy head that reveals most of the aroma right off the bat. A good mix of coffee and wood nose but also hides something else that I just can't quite put my finger on. Young's says the finish is similar to toast and I can't really disagree. Except maybe burnt toast, but not in a bad way. More like the burnt toast that you end scraping all the black off and buttering up and eating anyway. Wasn't too impressed with the actual taste. It lacks that true oatmeal stout creamy/dreamy mouth feell. I'm a big fan of Young's brews and maybe my expectations were a little too high.

10-19-2008 01:20:42 | More by Meandmymonkey
Photo of mrjimcat

New York

3.53/5  rDev -11.3%

This stout from Young's was a slight disappointment for me. It was a fine brew but lacked a certain fullness that one looks for in this sort of beer. The bitterness was ample with tasty burnt flavors. The middle on the palate taste seemed weak. While it was a decent brew I much preferred the double chocolate version.

01-01-2003 18:59:33 | More by mrjimcat
Photo of ffboooboo


4.03/5  rDev +1.3%

Appearance-Pours black with a fluffy dark tan head that fades thin- The head sticks and slides down the side of the glass.

Smell-Clean sweet

Taste-Smooth roasted chocolate taste with a bit of bitterness.

Mouthfeel-when the beer first enters the mouth the smallest sip seems to fill the mouth

Drinkabilty-I like this so good I’m lost for words.

05-08-2005 22:05:24 | More by ffboooboo
Young's Oatmeal Stout from Wells & Young's Ltd
89 out of 100 based on 537 ratings.