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Wells Banana Bread Beer - Wells & Young's Ltd

Not Rated.
Wells Banana Bread BeerWells Banana Bread Beer

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2,298 Ratings
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Ratings: 2,298
Reviews: 796
rAvg: 3.49
pDev: 18.62%
Wants: 55
Gots: 192 | FT: 3
Brewed by:
Wells & Young's Ltd visit their website
United Kingdom (England)

Style | ABV
Fruit / Vegetable Beer |  5.20% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: rastaman on 08-15-2002)
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Ratings: 2,298 | Reviews: 796 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of pwoody11


3.65/5  rDev +4.6%

Had cold from a pint glass.

Short lasting and thin, off white head. Nice golden color, but assumed this beer would've been a little darker.

Not much to say here. The beer smells and tastes like banana bread. The banana taste is nice as it's very present, but not overpowering.

I find the beer to be enjoyable, but as it's ABV may suggest, I don't find it to be a good session beer, but rather a nice pairing with a dessert or possibly a fruit gazpacho or fresh fruit salad.

03-07-2010 16:30:51 | More by pwoody11
Photo of jbphoto88


3.78/5  rDev +8.3%

Tangerine colored brew that is exceptionally clear. A thin head crests above the beer and is the off white color banana peel pith. Despite the profile picture this one is presented in a brown bottle.

The smell is best described as... well... banana bread. I didn't really know what to expect other then banana on some level and it sure delivers. I have to say it's soothing and pleasant with a nice bouquet of nanners and fruity esters mixed with bready malts.

It is exactly what it says it is. Banana bread beer smells and tastes like banana bread. Creamy malt is the backbone with sweet banana definitely being the focal point. Interesting flavor and high points for being probably the most true to it's label. No empty promises this is banana bread in a glass.

The mouthfeel is good but not great. It's thin and slightly watery despite having creamy flavors. I also dislike the lack of carbonation and hop bitterness but I bet they would mute the banana flavors. To sum up I was psyched starting out with this beer. Who doesn't want a glass of liquid bread especially a yummy banana bread but after about half a glass I'm bored with the novelty of it. This beer loses me for the same reason it originally captivated me. I'll stick to eating my banana bread from now on but I've been thrilled trying this honest and tasty brew.

03-06-2010 23:23:08 | More by jbphoto88
Photo of PaintballDad


2.58/5  rDev -26.1%

Really overall a good idea just not what I expected. Wonderful smell nutty and banana...but its not sweet and its very light. I think I will take a crack at some thing like this in my home brewing adventures more nuts more banana more sweetness and more alcohol... :)

03-04-2010 22:27:15 | More by PaintballDad
Photo of jwinship83


3.15/5  rDev -9.7%

500ml bottle nearing expiration drank from a standard pint glass.

A- this one pours out a clear light copper colored body with a nice sized bright white head on top. the head lasts a few seconds and leaves behind spotty lacing.

S- the first thing i notice is a strong odor of fresh bananas. after that comes a much more faint scent of bready and nutty malts.

T- the taste is much like the smell, very heavy on the banana. the bread like malts come through a lot softer than i would have imagined. the nuttiness is almost non existent.

M- light bodied and pretty thing. a high level of carbonation.

D- more of a novelty beer than something i would want again and again. if you like banana, check this one out. if you dont stay away.

03-04-2010 16:33:29 | More by jwinship83
Photo of Mosstrooper


3.8/5  rDev +8.9%

Poured from 19.9oz bottle into Ommegang tulip glass.

Appearance: Pours copper with a medium off-white head that dissipates quickly and leaves a heavy lace.

Smell: Smells of banana, with some nuttiness.

Taste: Banana backbone throughout, with a nutty/sweet flavor like a brown ale.

Mouthfeel: Sharp carbonation up front. Thin body with a crisp finish.

Drinkability: Good beer overall, I definitely dig the banana flavors. Definitely would have this one again.

03-04-2010 05:45:23 | More by Mosstrooper
Photo of turnstile


2.78/5  rDev -20.3%

Appearance: Definitely the best thing about this brew. Dark reddish-amber in color with a half-inch foamy head. Slightly cloudy.

Smell: Tons of ripe bananas, some brown sugar and slight hints of spicing.

Taste: Again, bananas are most present with sweet malts and a residual earthy hop bitterness. Nothing too complex. The quick shift from ripe banana to a bitter aftertaste with nothing in between leaves a lot to be desired.

Mouthfeel: A pretty weak body. Fizzy carbonation, although moderate.

Drinkability: It's more of a novelty than anything. Fairly sessionable.

03-02-2010 19:30:25 | More by turnstile
Photo of FreshHawk


3.88/5  rDev +11.2%

A - Light golden amber brown color. Decent sized foamy off-white head. Disappears fairly fast with a little bit of lacing left.

S - Lots of banana and some sugar. A bit of spice and malt.

T - A good amount of banana, but less than the nose. Also a good amount of bready malt. A little spice and a good amount of sugary and caramel sweetness. Also a hint of nutty flavor is present. Hops are almost non-existent.

M - Lighter side of medium body with good carbonation. Fairly smooth.

D - Easy to drink if you are in the mood for the flavors. Body is good and it goes down smooth, just a case of if you want to taste slightly sweet banana.

Notes: Seems more like a banana bar than banana bread due to the sugary sweetness. Not a bad beer for a gimmicky type of beer, and pretty good if you are in the mood for it. I like the idea, but would have liked a bit more bread and a bit less sugar. Banana flavor isn't intense and it taste generally like a banana, with just a slight artificial taste (artificial taste seems to follow the taste of a real banana just a bit stronger and sweeter).

03-01-2010 21:48:46 | More by FreshHawk
Photo of Thehuntmaster

South Africa

3.6/5  rDev +3.2%

500ml bottle 5.2% abv

Appearance: Lovely golden orange with banana-yellow edges. Good off white head, leaving a few spots of lacing.

Smell: Up front a smack of freshly picked bananas (reminds me of when I was younger picking fresh bananas on our farm). Hints of pecan nuts are also present. As the beer warms more of the English bitter base hops are present.

Taste: As with the smell banana is the dominant flavour, but the taste is more of banana candy than fresh bananas, slightly spicy and nutty. The English bitter base comes through nicely at the swallow with floral hop bitterness (it's a great flavour, but does contradict the sweet banana slightly).

Mouthfeel: Light and a little over carbonated.

Drinkability: This is a hard one. The flavour does not lend itself to a session drink, but I'm thinking that pairing with a good banana and chocolate dessert a few bottles could go down very well.

02-27-2010 20:28:32 | More by Thehuntmaster
Photo of DrDemento456


3.93/5  rDev +12.6%

Man I have been waiting for an individual to try ever since I found a big bottle case.

Poured into my tulip tasting glass.

A - Clear yellowish in color with little to no head.
S - Best part of this ale was the smell. Fresh baked bread banana bread on the nose. Very inviting.
T - Not as much banana taste as expected. Mostly dominated by a bread malt flavor but the bitter bite was pretty harsh.
M - Kind of harsh to drink. Could it be the ABV because at this low I really didn't expect the bite.
D - It's a good thing I didn't pick up a case because I really don't seem to like it. Good novelty beer though!

02-24-2010 03:23:52 | More by DrDemento456
Photo of nukem5


4.15/5  rDev +18.9%

A: Pours a very nice copper color and has a thin white foamy lace the is slightly sticky to the walls of the glass(was not sure so used a lager glass)

S: Smells just like you would think, fresh baked banana bread from the oven.

T: Also just like it seems it would taste, fresh baked bread but the Banana flavor doesnt last for long so it forces you back to the glass.

M: Creamy malty bananas foster mmm

D: If it was not so pricey would have one every day as desert,did I say yet Mmmm.

02-23-2010 04:17:20 | More by nukem5
Photo of MunchkinDrinker


3.5/5  rDev +0.3%

A - Clear fizzy orange with a cream colored fizzy bubbly head that quickly fades into nothing. No lacing.

S - Well, it lives up to the name. And not in a bad way. It smells like a freshly baked nutty banana bread. Sweet, but not cloying with a good bready backing. Some sting from the carbonation.

T/M - Quick tang of carbonation fades fast into the rest of the flavor. Mild banana that stays in your mouth, but the nuttiness in the smell doesn't come through. Slightly watery. Feel is juicy, slightly watery, but not offensive.

D - Very drinkable. If it wasn't expensive it would be a good standard to have a stock of just for something to drink.

02-23-2010 01:26:51 | More by MunchkinDrinker
Photo of sisuspeed

New Hampshire

3.6/5  rDev +3.2%

Waves of sweet, sugary banana come rising out the bottle after prying off the cap. This should be interesting.

Poured into a pint glass, Wells Banana Bread Beer is a clear, yellowish-orange with a thin, bubbly, white head on top. Some sticky lacing.

Nosing the glass reveals a sweet, powdered sugar, banana aroma. A little bit of malt, but mostly sugar and bananas. Somewhat one-dimensional, but Wells does deliver on the banana.

Like the aroma, the flavor is sweet, sugary bananas right away, but then the bananas quickly fade and the tongue is left with some light citrus and bready malt. I wish the banana flavor would last a little bit longer on each sip, but if you keep reaching back to the glass you can get all the banana you want.

Mouthfeel is like a pale ale with a slightly heavier body than most. Carbonation is light yet prickly. Overall, pretty good.

Drinkability is also pretty decent. I don't know how often I would want a banana beer, but this stuff isn't half bad. The glass is disappearing faster than I would have thought. Definitely enjoying the bottle I have.

Overall, this is a good brew. It's the only banana beer I've had and the banana flavor goes surprisingly well with the pale ale base. I wouldn't go out of my way to find it, but if you run across it, definitely give it a try.

02-22-2010 01:59:59 | More by sisuspeed
Photo of abuliarose

New Hampshire

3.75/5  rDev +7.4%

Into a pint glass pour reveals very bubbly body of bananas foster color with decently airy and dying off-white head. smells a little like an Oktoberfest ale with dried sweet banana chips. I can't imagine a banana beer smelling much better.

Tastes smooth, not overly sweet, and with the lingering hint of banana. Some people are saying they get only imitation banana flavor, but I am tasting very ripe, whole banana here and now some chemical isolate. Slightly bitter finish and some mineral character. Not getting the bread flavor so much, though. Light body. Smooth, almost watery. Quite drinkable, though the mineral-ness gets to me a little.

Overall, it's pretty good for a banana beer. I wouldn't know what more to ask for.

02-22-2010 01:56:54 | More by abuliarose
Photo of Bighuge


2.6/5  rDev -25.5%

Deep golden body. Bordering on copper. Very clear. Thin off white head. Sporadic lace. Smells like a banana flavored popsicle. Oh, I used to really like those. Flavor has "imitation" written all over it. Very artificial tasting. Confectionary like. Banana extract comes to mind. Looks like they used real bananas, but it tastes like imitation. Not a lot of other beer traits to talk about. Maybe a little caramel malt. To me, this is not that good. I've only had one other banana bread beer and it was much better (Town Hall).

02-20-2010 05:36:59 | More by Bighuge
Photo of rarbring


2.15/5  rDev -38.4%

A clear amber liquid with a nearly white head that leaves no lacing.

The smell is sweet, jelly beans and banana foam. Cookies and dough.

The taste is also very sweet, banana candy, lemon drops, and a short chemical bitterness.

The carbonation is rather sweet, and the fluid is rather watery.

Far too sweet for me and rather unbalanced, and I have a hard time imagining something that would go well with it.

02-12-2010 17:41:22 | More by rarbring
Photo of joecast


4.1/5  rDev +17.5%

initial head formation was quite impressive. a good inch thick off white and frothy above a clear, light amber beer with low carbonation. score had to be knocked down for poor retention as after only a few minutes the head was all gone leaving only a thin sparse lace. no lacing down the glass to speak of.

impressed by the aroma. i actually do pick up some banana. per the name, its not banana on its own, but some spice and breadiness. how the hell did they do this??

taste also has banana and bread aspects to it. still retains a beer background but the spicy, banana and bready characteristics are all there as well. lacks the hop part of the equation but the malt is certainly there.

the beer just feels too thin in the mouth and with the unique character here i think a bigger body would have helped carry it.

while the banana bread part was pulled off exceptionally well, this remains a novelty been for me. kind of circus like in that it is enjoyable, but only every couple of years.

02-09-2010 08:58:06 | More by joecast
Photo of jwillcourt


2.75/5  rDev -21.2%

Poured from the 25 oz bottle into a wine glass.

A - Orange shade of gold. Clear with a steady stream of bubbles. Pillowy, two-finger head that settles quickly into a skim of foam and leaves little lacing. Why did I expect banana bread beer to be a brown ale?

S - Smells just like banana taffy. It smells sticky but not too sweet.

T - Banana dominates the taste too. Bready malt flavor hides behind the bananas. It tastes like it was brewed with real bananas, rather than using artificial flavor. It tastes like bananas on white bread rather than banana taffy. It is sweet, but not too sweet. I commend it for that. However, the finish includes a bitter and unpleasant aftertaste that lingers too long. The hops counterbalance the banana and malt to keep the beer from tasting too sweet, but the hop flavor just doesn't work well. There is a funny sour taste in some sips as well. Where are the nuts? I can't find them.

M - Medium body. Carbonation is a little heavy. It grows more creamy as it warms and the carbonation dissipates. It does not feel sticky, as I expect from the smell.

D - This beer is very filling for its medium feel. The poor aftertaste also discourages me from having another.

Overall - This banana bread beer is what it says. It succeeds in that respect. But I expected something more like a loaf of banana bread: brown, roasted caramel malt, nuts, bananas, spices. The label claims "banoffee" flavor, so why wouldn't I expect a toffee malt flavor? It should say "banaffy."

I recommend drinking this beer along with food. You need something to take the bitter aftertaste out of your mouth quickly and to complement the bananas. I ate candied walnuts, and they improved the beer a lot.

01-30-2010 20:01:47 | More by jwillcourt
Photo of ShadesOfGray


3.88/5  rDev +11.2%

Poured from a 1pt 9oz bottle into my Mad Elf tulip. Pours a copper color, light and clear. Little head that disapates very quickly. Lacing isn't really a factor since it slides extremely quickly down the sides of the glass.

Aroma is, well...of banana. Kind of like sour banana. With that said, that's about all I can pick up in the nose.

Flavor is like your average crisp carbonated ale, followed by a long lasting banana aftertaste. Banana flavor is overall light, which surprised me. I was expecting heavy banana sweetness...but alas, not at all. Once again, pretty mild...light mouthfeel. Not overly sweet. Not bad.

01-30-2010 01:32:01 | More by ShadesOfGray
Photo of SPThirtyThree


2.35/5  rDev -32.7%

A: Crystal clear, darker than an amber, more brown than red. Light a bright mahogany. One finger-sandstone head. Head retention is fairly high - it keeps a solid lid on the beer until the finish.

S: An explosion of banana smell, and not in a good way. The banana smell doesn't seem genuine, but rather, an artifical, candy banana flavors. Nutty and bready, with an almondlike biscuit malt smell. The combination of banana and nutty brown clearly provide inspiration for the "banana bread" title, but it still falls short of the real smell of banana bread. Slightly too tart, like apples.

T: There it is again, too much banana. The banana tastes exactly like banana Runts candy. Yuck. Saccharin taste. More citrus hops than were present in the nose, which adds a nice lemongrass taste. This flavor is actually very pleasant and compliments the awful rotten candy banana taste. Some nuttiness. Some acetaldehyde.

M: Light, and soft. Not much here.

D: Low. I'm not sure banana is actually soluble in water, so artificial flavoring seems likely, although the label indicates that "Fairtrade Bananas" were used. Right. A handful of bananas and a gallon of banana flavoring.

01-29-2010 03:16:19 | More by SPThirtyThree
Photo of WeezyBoPeep


3.7/5  rDev +6%

Poured from a dark brown bottle into a standard pint glass.

A: Clear copper with a little soda-like head.

S: Super ripe bananas and a sugary sweet character are accented by an underlying grainy scent. Corn maybe?

T: Better than the smell. Slightly sweet and nicely carbonated front, banana peel in the middle with slightly bitter malts and floral hops, good balance. Bitter finish with a miscellaneous spice that lingers for a little.

D: For me, pretty high. I've come to realize that anything "banana flavored" is going to come across as artifically flavored, but I happen to love banana flavor so this beer could be enjoyed over an evening.

Value: The worst thing about this beer. I paid $4.99 for a bottle. Should be priced at half that.

01-27-2010 15:36:00 | More by WeezyBoPeep
Photo of JerzDevl2000

New Jersey

3.25/5  rDev -6.9%

Picked this up because I've never tried this before and it seemed like an appealing flavor. While this was a bit of a letdown, it wasn't a bad beer and if it's a novelty that you're going after, this will more than suffice!

The deep apricot hue was nice but there was little head and no lacing to be seen once I started to work my way down my glass. This has a very thin mouthfeel to it and it seemed almost like mineral water in terms of it's consistency. There's banana here but the malt-liquor aspects of this beer show up much sooner than the smoothness does in the back. I expected a beer like this to look and taste much thicker along the lines of banana bread, but it's just not meant to be here.

The lightness extends to the alcohol, which can hardly be felt here. Polishing off one of these wouldn't be that hard to accomplish in terms of how strong it is but it takes too long for the European-like hops in the back to kick in. Worth a try once only because I have yet to find anything out there remotely close to this!

01-27-2010 02:49:20 | More by JerzDevl2000
Photo of tavernjef


3.45/5  rDev -1.1%

Dark goldenrod, glossy and semi clear with a slim khaki hued foam that crowns itself briefly. Lacing in a few strains of torn and tattered tissue paper are flecked about the glass.

Aroma is quite nice, very bready and doughy fresh, fresh yet browned banana, deeply soggy, kinda mushy, with a super nice splice of sweet dry nuttyness and butter.

Flavor is simple and a bit more low key compared to how much aroma it kicks off. Plain grainyness with a small pitch of breadyness and a tablespoon of banana and nuts. The finish is what really keeps this from being better as it gets off on some wierd drying medicinal, metalic taint taste as it drys with tannins of tin.

Body is lighter then medium with a simple, easy going tone that's partially watered down in some areas. More malt please. And the finish is just so off with its quickened dryness and tinny tone.

Incredible aroma, but stops there and goes downhill quickly as it doesn't quite have the taste and body to back it up.

01-21-2010 03:18:08 | More by tavernjef
Photo of jhall00


2.48/5  rDev -28.9%

A- pours dark brown beer with little to no head

S- Well....bananas over some malts

T- Well...bananas, sort of. And then nothing.

M- Very limited mouthfeel. No body.

D- For me, not so much. For my wife, who is a fan of fruity beers, not so much either. She was frankly disappointed.

Definitely cannot drink more than one in a sitting.

01-20-2010 02:43:07 | More by jhall00
Photo of WhiteOak


3.33/5  rDev -4.6%

A- bright golden amber. Eruptive head w/ white lacy foam.

S- Banana taffy.

T- Initial (somewhat contrived) banana flavor, followed my light-bodied malt, a touch of cookie dough.

M, D- Too light on structure and too heavy on CO2. Perhaps a passable hot-weather thirst quencher, but not suitable for serious ale drinking. Nothing very objectionable, but nothing inspiring either.

01-17-2010 23:03:35 | More by WhiteOak
Photo of fastsrt

New York

3.85/5  rDev +10.3%

bottle to pint glass
A: iced tea, 2 finger head
S big on banana, a touch of spice and hops
T: banana, spice and hops
M: dry, lingering banana and hops
D: its good but, would only be willing to drink one of theses. It would pair well with some foods and is unique, a good change of pace.

01-17-2010 17:13:31 | More by fastsrt
Wells Banana Bread Beer from Wells & Young's Ltd
79 out of 100 based on 2,298 ratings.