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Young's Double Chocolate Stout - Wells & Young's Ltd

Not Rated.
Young's Double Chocolate StoutYoung's Double Chocolate Stout

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4,768 Ratings

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Ratings: 4,768
Reviews: 2,214
rAvg: 4.02
pDev: 12.94%
Wants: 135
Gots: 346 | FT: 2
Brewed by:
Wells & Young's Ltd visit their website
United Kingdom (England)

Style | ABV
Milk / Sweet Stout |  5.20% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: BeerAdvocate on 02-06-1999)
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Ratings: 4,768 | Reviews: 2,214 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of Buschyfor3
4.45/5  rDev +10.7%

Enjoyed a YDCS off a nitro-tap (hells yeah!) at Flanagan's Ale House, Louisville. Just recently added to their tap rotation.

A: Deadly as ever. This looks like a thick, creamy stout; good cascade effect off the nitro-tap. Head looks like chocolate milk, uber-thick, super rich and creamy. After cascading for a couple good minutes, the body settles to a dark, mahogany brown. Killer head retention and sticky lacing.

S: Nose is all kinds of chocolate like you'd expect - nothing really different or new from the can/bottle version: milk chocolate, dark, baker's chocolate, some semisweet/cocoa powder in there too. The underlying stout has some considerable roasted notes, prominently some coffee bean and heavily burnt toast.

T: Again, delicious. If there is any change from bottle to nitro-can to nitro-tap, its that the chocolate profile seems slightly brighter off the nitro-tap, probably because the nitrogen seems to make beers taste sweeter. The chocolate profile is mildest coming out of the bottle, perhaps a bit "watery." The nitro can seems to help stimulate the release of the chocolate flavor on the palate. A pull off of a nitro-tap, however, really showcases the chocolate notes. It provides a nicer contrast because you get a sweeter milk chocolate/powdered hot chocolate flavor a bit more prominently up front (especially if you take a sip right off the milkshake-creamy head) and then once you get into the body of the stout, the roasted malts release a touch more bitterness through the roast coffee/toast flavors. Works quite well.

M: Goodness this is even silkier and ridiculously creamy/smooth; this stout is already creamy to begin with, but off the nitro-tap it is even a step above what you get from the nitro-can if you ask me.

D: Deadly. Too easy to kill off a 12oz draft in under 5 minutes (it is, after all, 4.9oz less than the nitro-can). Super sessionable stout - pleasant sweetness, with just enough of a bitter roast balance and little hint of the booze means that you can get away with a couple of pints before you start feeling it.

I have to say, this is still one of my favorite milk stout of all time. Still the beer I have in my fridge most often. Still my go-to session stout when I want something light that I can have a couple of and not worry about feeling worse for wear. I wish I had a tap of this at my house. Good thing I can find it on tap at 2-3 locations locally and for reasonable prices.

Buschyfor3, Aug 04, 2009
Photo of joshuadlight
3.68/5  rDev -8.5%

Dark black with a typical creamy nitro head made of tiny bubbles. Smells more like chocolate milk than milk chocolate, very sweet. More bitterness and alcohol in the taste, but still very sweet with some cinnamon and vanilla in there as well. No carbonation bite due to the nitro can, I know its typical, but its not desirable to me. Drinkable enough, if this kind of beer is your thing. Its fine for me every once in a while, but I won't go out of my way.

joshuadlight, Jul 30, 2009
Photo of aaronxsubaru
4.18/5  rDev +4%

Looks dark almost black.
Smells like chocolate somewhat, and a lite alcohol smell.

Tastes like a sweet stout and you notice he alcohol but it's not bad. Like the name says tastes like chocolate and a stout. I like this. I think I like sweet stouts alot. This is very drinkable. Mouthfeel is really smooth like a stout usually is. If you like guinness try this.

aaronxsubaru, Jul 27, 2009
Photo of jgasparine
4.43/5  rDev +10.2%

A- Dark burgundy, almost black. Poured with a beautiful creamy head.

S- Smells like milk chocolate; I can detect the slightest bit of alcohol on the nose if I look for it.

T- I have had this several times in the bottle and as a regular draft... but the Nitro Draft is F'in INCREDIBLE. Tastes like a tall glass of chocolate milk!

M- Again, the Nitro pour makes this feel like a tall class of creamy chocolate milk. Amazing.

Drinkability: Could drink it all night.

Notes: This beer is far less impressive in a bottle or when propelled by CO2 on draft.

jgasparine, Jul 26, 2009
Photo of froghop
4.08/5  rDev +1.5%

pours jet black with a medium size khaki head, and good lacing.

smells of milk chocolate, vanilla, and some roasted nuts.

taste is thick, very chocolaty, a touch of vanilla, a little roastiness in the back, some coffee, and sour malt, ends a little dry and bitter.

froghop, Jul 25, 2009
Photo of ATSJer
4.75/5  rDev +18.2%

Young's Double Chocolate Stout
1 pint .09 US fl.oz
Room temp bottle (large glass)

Appearance: the pour was average though for the size of the bottle it created a chug as it poured which really built the head up, easily I would say 3 fingers, with still more in the bottle. The head was almond colored and had a medium density, but dissipated to a ring by the time I took my first sip. The head has a light cling to the glass, but I noticed some heavier spots near the top where the head reached but the brew itself did not. The stout is ink black in the glass, though you can see just a hint of clean dark amber on the bottom of the glass when held to the light, other than that it is beautifully opaque with zero light showing through the middle of the brew. I can see very little evidence of carbonation on the top. Just looking at it I'm intrigued.

Smell: One of the first things that I noticed other than just how excellent this smelled was the toffee or caramel sweetness and the noticeable alcohol aroma, this had a heavy underlayer of dark malts what I can only imagine are chocolate malts, I also smell a bit of spicyness not nearly as prominent as the Bison Chocolate Stout. In other brews I've smelled hints of sweetness, but here it is especially prominent; as I continued to drink I began to recognize a building in the sweetness and a lessening of the alcohol smell, that with the malt base really had my nose going.

Taste: Sweet toffee right away as it hits my tongue, but not candy bar toffee more of a refined flavor, this mixed with the malts is excellent. I'm a big espresso lover and the deep rich flavors light my taste buds up, as does Young's stout, combine that with the well balanced level of hops with the deep cacao weaving through it all and the taste is simply the best I've experienced. There was some alcohol taste at first, but the more I drank the more it seemed to diminish. The finish has a nice bite from the hops reminding you after all that you are drinking a stout, but then the malts and chocolates remain and flood up your nose giving you an after-taste you don't want to lose. Young's stout is a very robust full bodied brew that will honestly leave you wishing there was more in that oversized bottle.

Mouthfeel: The stout is thick on the tongue and in the mouth it rolls well and has a bit of effervescence from the carbonation but it does not make the brew foamy. If anyone accuses this brew of being watery then they must drink their brews with a spoon, the thing that I noticed most is that the feeling is much thicker in my mouth than it looks. I did notice a light buttery taste and film in my mouth afterwards from the diacetyl (stuff that makes butter feel like it does), but it was not heavy or unpleasant.

Drinkability: Well what can I say, other than I was three fourths of the way through before I decided to slow down and sip the last bit savoring the flavors. This is a dessert beer, I can see drinking this on special occasions or when fine dining with a rich meal, or simply enjoying a bottle during a night with friends. The size of the bottle, alcohol content 5.2% abv and the robust flavors keeps this from being a session beer, but if what you want is a brew to settle down with and work with while letting your senses run wild then pour yourself a Young's.

This by far is the best stout I've had to date and I simply find it hard to believe that it gets better. On my next stop though the liquor store I'll be picking up another for a nice quiet night home.

ATSJer, Jul 25, 2009
Photo of flagmantho
3.88/5  rDev -3.5%

Had this beer from the 440mL draughtflow can. Poured into a glass for a thick, creamy head.

Appearance: extremely dark amber with a thick, creamy head. Quite appetizing.

Smell: chocolate is the most prominent scent, to the exclusion of other characteristics; however, it is intriguingly appetizing.

Taste: malt is well-balanced with bitterness at first taste, though the finish is quite bitter indeed. Chocolate flavor not quite as prominent as the smell, a fact I quite like.

Mouthfeel: slightly creamy, but surprisingly thin for the style despite the nitro can.

Drinkability: the bitterness of the finish detracts a bit from what would otherwise be a well-balanced beer. This reduces the drinkability a bit in my opinion; perhaps paired with a relatively non-sweet dessert this could work quite well.

flagmantho, Jul 21, 2009
Photo of VikeMan
4.38/5  rDev +9%

Okay, I'll say up front that probably my favorite beer is Guinness or Murph's (Tap or Widget), and I'm generally disappointed by other Stouts. Anyway about the Young's...

Poured from the can into a pint glass. Nice and smooth. Dark brown, nearly black. Tan-ish head, but not a lot of it.

Main smell was chocolate, or rather like cocoa powder. Not unpleasant.

Mouth feel...creamy, if just ever so slightly thin.

Nice chocolate/cocoa flavor, somewhat malty. Very nice, and Very sweet.

We drank this as a BYOB at our favorite Thai restaurant and it contrasted very well with a very spicy chili-laden chicken and peanut dish. I also had the thought that this would go really well with cheesecake, though there was none available. Another time.

As much as I was surprised to like this sweet stout, the second one didn't go down as well as the first... just too sweet for more than one, I guess. Like drinking a second milk shake. But I know I'll enjoy this one again...just one at a time.

VikeMan, Jul 20, 2009
Photo of mareth01
3.53/5  rDev -12.2%

Poured into a pint glass to produce a nice 1 finger light brown head that left min. lacing. The beer was a very dark brown to black in color.

Smelled like chocolate with a hint of hops.

Taste started off with a hit of malted barley to the taste buds but then left a faint chocolate/toffee after taste.

Mouthfeel was smooth and crisp with med. carbo.

I would recommend it to someone that what to try different beers once in a while, but its not one that I would drink on a regular basis.

mareth01, Jul 20, 2009
Photo of katybee
3.68/5  rDev -8.5%

Excited to try a new beer flavored with one of my favorite flavors, chocolate, I was a bit let down by this one. Perhaps anticipated something much more sweet. Perhaps the beer definition is something more akin to the color and type of maltings, not so much the actual flavor as compared to a candybar or chocolate Kahlua....

The beer poured smoothly, with minimal tan head which quickly dissipated. No mentionable lacing. Very little carbonation at all . But the thickness of the color was astounding. It was an opaque dark chocolate color...I held it up to the light to see if there was highlights, but none. Very similar to CocaCola or dark coffee...or soy sauce. Yet clear; no cloudiness.

The smell was minimal. Bare trace of hops, if any. The emphasis of the taste was definitely malt. Perhaps like a malt liquor, but without the alcohol and without the carbonation. Smooth, rounded, slightly bitter, traces of cocoa flavor perhaps roasted malts. But there was also something that reminded me of the barley sauce used for fish and chips, and again a soy sauce character without the saltiness.

It was drinkable; probably would be great with fish n chips or a burger or a contrast to a strong salad dressing, and great alternating with a sweet pop like Pepsi.

katybee, Jul 19, 2009
Photo of MikeBrandman
4.68/5  rDev +16.4%

Poured from a nitro-can into an imperial pint glass.

A - Pours a deep black that's opaque even in direct light. No visible suspension, carbonation, or haze. Just black. I didn't get much head on this, only about half a finger. What was there is a tan, milk chocolatey head that, thankfully, sticks around. Not much lace to speak of.

S - Smells like chocolate and alcohol. Not much else to speak of unless you know your chocolate really well, I suppose.

T - The taste is where this really shines. It tastes like a chocolate drink while your drinking it and a chocolate bar as it lingers in your mouth afterward. Slightly bitter, but not too strong. Taste is a little watered down, but the fact that it's so thick and lasts so long makes sure you don't get tired of the flavor.

MF - So creamy and rich. Feels like melted chocolate easing down your throat. The head that lingers really compliments the taste and mouthfeel well.

D - Dangerously drinkable. At least, the first one is. I can't imagine having another one after this though. Definitely a good beer to end a meal with.

MikeBrandman, Jul 17, 2009
Photo of kegger22
2.83/5  rDev -29.6%

I can name that tune in one note... insipid. I'm sorry, but if you want chocolate, try a bottle of Yahoo with a shot of vodka. Or better yet, a small glass of Bailey's and call it close enough. I try to respect beer, so I will never again review one of these milk things (unless I find one that good, or OK, or even acceptable).

9-27-09 I have to give this beer another look. I give the appearance and extra 0.5 and the taste an extra point for the chocolate taste which is there (but still weak).

kegger22, Jul 16, 2009
Photo of vdread
3.38/5  rDev -15.9%

Young's Double Chocolate Stout
bottle into glass

appearance- pours near black with a beautiful foamy head that stayed throughout most of the drink.

smell- burnt caramel, milky chocolatey smell

taste- creamy chocolate. a bit watery. good stout flavor with some chocolate thrown in.

mouthfeel- light for a stout. somewhat watery, actually.

drinkability- not a bad brew. it's not bad for what it tries to be, but overall it could have used more chocolate, or more stout flavor.

vdread, Jul 16, 2009
Photo of onid678
3.7/5  rDev -8%

At my local bowling club, the bar maid and I were discussing drinking beer and eating chocolate.
After further discussion with a beer expert BA member Littlecreature, he recommended trying chocolate cake with the youngs double chocolate stout.

surprising i have eaten a chocolate muffin and had a lager and that was not a nice mixture.

but eating a chocolate cake and having a stout works well for awhile, but as you get to the end of a schooner of this stout and the cake.

even if i didnt have the cake, i dont think id be able to drink too much of this beer.

onid678, Jul 15, 2009
Photo of ADZA
4.18/5  rDev +4%

Its amazing how us as beer lovers always want to try new things but sometimes quite simply forget about old favourites that you havnt tasted for ages until you see it again and think ill give that a go as i just cant remember the exact taste of it and when you taste it you think why havnt i been buying this lately this is one of those beers,it pours a lovely jet black burnt engine oil colour which leaves a prominent three finger coffee like head and slowly dissapates to a big frothy mound in the middle with heaps of nice sticky mocha looking lacing all down the glass,the aroma is overwhelming chocolate notes with a subtle hint of vanilla and roasted malts very lucious,when tasting this beer it leaves you with a very thick mouthfeel of lucious chocolate and malty flavours and can definately not taste any bitterness or alcohol at all almost a choc milkshake so beautiful and smooth,i hate saying that i think a certain beer is the best of its category but so far for me this is definately heads above the rest and will be buying again for those nice cold winters nights next to the fireplace.

ADZA, Jul 15, 2009
Photo of Lerxst
3.58/5  rDev -10.9%

A-Very dark, dark brown with nice mocha head that fades fast and leaves little lacing.

S-Malt and chocolate as one would expect. Smells nice, but the nose needs to be a bit more pronounced.

T-Malt with a bit of chocolate and coffee with the latter two flavors being very understated, especially for a "double" chocolate stout. I'm a bit disappointed. Its not bad at all, but not on the level of say, Rogue Chocolate Stout.

M-Creamy and smooth with a nice full body and good carb level for my tastes.

D-For the style it is very drinkable, but there are others I'd opt for.

This is certainly not a bad beer at all, just a bit of disappointment. Maybe my expectations were too high.

Lerxst, Jul 15, 2009
Photo of tone77
3.08/5  rDev -23.4%

Poured from a nitro can into a weizen glass. Has a black color with a 1/2 inch head. Very mild chocolate smell, not much aroma. Flavor is also very mild with hints of chocolate and coffee. Creamy in the mouth and decent drinkability. My first chocolate stout, maybe not the beer for me.

tone77, Jul 14, 2009
Photo of rfgetz
4.33/5  rDev +7.7%

A - Dark brown to black with nice, thick tan head.

S - All bitter dark chocolate goodness

T - Bitter dark chocolate with a slight toasted nutty note hidden inside. A little sweetness to it.

M - Full and creamy goodness

D - Smooth, low ABV and minimal sweetness equals an excellent treat

rfgetz, Jul 13, 2009
Photo of GarrisWH
4.18/5  rDev +4%

A - Pours an opaque dark chocolate color with a creamy light tan head. Gotta love the nitro-cascade and the lingering head that the nitro creates.

S - Roasted malt and chocolate aromas with a slight hint of coffee.

T - Similar to the smell with roasted malts and nice, fairly sweet chocolate flavors. Slight coffee tone in the background and a hint of smokiness. Very subtle bitterness in there to balance things out a bit.

M - Creamy and medium to full bodied. The smoothness that the nitro adds to this one really fits this beer well.

D - Very enjoyable beer with a nice chocolate presence that isn't too overpowering. Smooth-drinking and not overly filling. I could definitely enjoy a few of these in a sitting.

GarrisWH, Jul 11, 2009
Photo of tj4288
3.28/5  rDev -18.4%

poured from bottle into tunmbler pint glass

a- very dark brown almost black. huge fluffy soft mocha colored head, lasts long and leaves some sticky lacing.

s- very chocolate, sweet and sugary, stronger malts. maybe even vanillina in there, some other sweet/ dessert like spices.

t- strong coco, bitter chocolate. taste is on the malty side. kinda harsh on the back of the pallate.

m- med/full body, med carbonation.

d- this is definatly a great brew and i appriciate it for what it is but it is definalty a little harsh on the back of the palate and almost hits the gag reflex as is warms, imo. med priced but i wont look for this beer again.

tj4288, Jul 10, 2009
Photo of steanu
3.88/5  rDev -3.5%

It's got a nice dark appearance similar to Guiness. It has a coffee smell to it as well. It tastes like Coffee too mixed with Guiness. It leaves a very strong coffee like aftertaste after every sip. It's very easy to drink and it is a good beer. Though, it's not a beer I would hurry up and buy because it's not my favorite and it's pretty pricey.

steanu, Jul 10, 2009
Photo of JordonHoltzman
4.05/5  rDev +0.7%

1pint bottle with purple label. expiration date of 10/31/09 on the bottle. halloween.

simply a dark chocolate appearance. when the bottle is full u don't realize that the bottle is transparent glass, looks like it might as well be ceramic black. the head is that foamy- coffee with cream added colored head. it smells of bittersweet dark chocolate, (obviously expected with the name, didn't blow me out of the water) bitter-dark chocolate dominates my taste buds, but also with the mocha-coffee flavor as its side-kick. i'm not a coffee drinker, but it doesn't ruin it for me. the right carbonation makes this beer have a great mouthfeel.

i had this beer at a pizza joint (called Dani House of Pizza, in queens, ny.) the pizza place has 48 beers by the bottle!!! and most of them are craft brews. best i've ever seen for a pizza joint; great pizza too!
the beer, with one slice of pizza was quite filling. I wouldn't have a second right after, but that doesnt make it a bad beer. Enjoyed it. would've rather had it on its own or with dessert or just simply after the pizza that with it.

JordonHoltzman, Jul 08, 2009
Photo of skrib09
3.85/5  rDev -4.2%

poured rich brown, or black, depending on your angle of sight. light tan head formed up top. looks less creamy and smooth than it's nitro-can counterpart.

smell is roasty, dark on the nose, with chocolate very noticeable.

real chocolate compounds are detectable along with the strong malt backbone of the ale.

mouthfeel is a bit grainy, full-bodied, but it's not astringent like you would get from other similar beers. it's drinkable.

skrib09, Jul 07, 2009
Photo of damienblack
3.95/5  rDev -1.7%

It's funny, in my younger days, this was still a bit harsh going. Now, it is easier for me to drink than chocolate milk (and tastes about the same). Kind of thin for a stout, but the nitro-effect gives it some appearance points. Also, the head lingers very nicely - and some cool lacing. A bit of cocoa-pebbles style chocolate on the nose, but that's all. Taste is a thin but sweet stout - makes for a decent session. Good in lieu of anything else in that you can easily drink a lot of it. Smooth cocoaey notes, but a bit watery. That fact is made up by the fact that it is super creamy and smooth. And very drinkable - it does make a nice alcoholic substitute for chocolate milk.

damienblack, Jul 06, 2009
Photo of brewmudgeon
3.58/5  rDev -10.9%

young's double choc stout
4 opaque dark brown nearly black. short light brown head leaves a long-lived cap and ring, some lace.

3.5-4 at first i didn't smell chocolate at all, just roasted barley. now that the beer warms just a bit the chocolate is definitely coming out and reducing my disappointment. unfortunately, smells more like hershey's syrup than a quality chocolate bar.

3-3.5 not as much sweetness as expected, really fairly dry for a milk stout, though the perception of sweetness increases a little as it warms. but the taste (unlike the smell) of chocolate does not increase significantly. the finish delivers a medium bitterness with both roasted (primary) and dark chocolate (secondary) overtones.

3 mouthfeel could use more creaminess; a bit watery.

3.5-4 a very middle of the road stout plus mediocre chocolate aroma and relatively faint chocolate flavor. i like the idea of a chocolate porter or milk stout and this is very easy to drink, but i don't think this is quite the one for me.

brewmudgeon, Jun 28, 2009
Young's Double Chocolate Stout from Wells & Young's Ltd
90 out of 100 based on 4,768 ratings.