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Arbor Place Beverage Depot

Not Rated.
Arbor Place Beverage DepotArbor Place Beverage Depot
very good

15 Ratings
Ratings: 15
Reviews: 14
rAvg: 3.82
pDev: 18.59%
[ Store ]

7455 Douglas Blvd
Douglasville, Georgia, 30135-1554
United States
phone: (678) 838-9625

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Ratings: 15 | Reviews: 14 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of MatthewD4

New Mexico

4/5  rDev +4.7%

06-30-2014 06:57:49 | More by MatthewD4
Photo of ThickNStout


3.06/5  rDev -19.9%

Douglasville seems to be pretty much a craft beer wasteland but this is the one and only store I've found that carries a halfway decent selection. It is set up like most typical Georgia bottle shops, with separate sections for beer, wine and liquer. There is no "beer guy" that I have met in numerous visits so it's kind of self service. I'm fine with that most trips but they are mostly clueless if you ask about any upcoming/special release. One of the associates even once said they wouldn't even carry any special releases if the distributor didn't push them. The beer section is rather slapdash with dusty IPAs sitting on shelves with 2 year old bottling dates so I know to be very careful with what I purchase. Nonetheless this is the only place I've found in Douglasville where I have any chance at finding many local breweres' seasonal releases.

06-24-2014 19:36:57 | More by ThickNStout
Photo of jocosa


4.45/5  rDev +16.5%

This is an updated review to one a while back. I did Dropped by to seek out Guinness FES and Vertical Epic 10-10-10. Was great to see Josh back after a noticeable absence. Hopefully his return will bring a bit of order back to the beer section. Prices were getting off a bit (Crank Tank for $6.99 - it's $3.99 elsewhere in Metro ATL), and organization had pretty much gone out the window. (Great Divide, Sam Smith and other brands found in multiple locations). Did find what I was looking for, enjoyed to chance to ask about some upcoming releases with someone who knows. The beer section is indeed growing, so if you're on I20, West of ATL, it's worth at least a stop.

10-14-2010 19:11:02 | More by jocosa
Photo of TheBlack77


4.3/5  rDev +12.6%

Stopped in last night on the way back to Birmingham. They had a great selection IMO. It's no Green's, but they had a lot of what I was looking for at great prices. We can't get anything greater than 16oz containers in AL, so I found what I was looking for. Grabbed some Victory Wild Devil, Avery 15, and Avery Branandt. Got a 4 pack of DFH Festina Peche for good measure. Josh was great. Helped me find what I was looking for, and apologized profusely for what was on back-order. It's a convienent stop for me right off I-20 that I will continue to patronize on my trips through ATL.

05-23-2010 06:01:37 | More by TheBlack77
Photo of chingybeerchangy


2.35/5  rDev -38.5%

Thank God Josh is back... Unfortunately, I will not be spending my hard earned money on beer at Arbor Place (except in EXTREME emergencies)! Looks like I will have to restart my monthly pilgrimage to Green's or HopCity! In his absence, the beer prices had gotten WAY out of control. However, when Josh first returned the prices on ALL of the beer started to come down to a respectable level. He seemed to understand what it would take to move more beer (especially in the crappy economy). However, last time I was in I noticed some 6-packs had been increased by 2 or 3 dollars... same situation with the bombers, etc. I spoke to Josh and it was obvious that he was being diplomatic becasue all he would say is... "It's no longer my decision." Arbor place continues to be on a roller-coaster ride in regards to price and service. I'm taking my $ elsewhere. Oh, and by the way, when I was in last I noticed that the assistant managers name is Linda... what are the chances that she is the 'lindapreferred' that gushed about the store in one of the previous posts.... Hmmm, look at the history.
S-Had to delete previous reviews to fit the updated one. Also, scores have been adjusted accordingly. the ONLY thing this place has going for it in terms of beer is Josh. They don't understand what they have and I am afraid he won't last much longer...

11-15-2009 15:16:13 | More by chingybeerchangy
Photo of dylan793


4.5/5  rDev +17.8%

I dropped by Arbor Place Beverage today just to check out the selection and pick up a bottle of something (turning out to be chocolate oak aged yeti). It was my second time in the store and both times I wish I had brought more cash! I'll start off by explaining my ratings. I found quality, service, and selection to be pretty excellent but a 5 would be perfect and I don't think there's such a thing as a "perfect" beer store. Either way I was impressed the first time I came here and I was impressed yet again. The selection was pretty comprehensive. A decent six-pack selection was kept in the wall of coolers in the back, but the shining star in my opinion were the shelves of "warm" singles. They covered just about all styles and brewers currently distributed in Georgia. The man who handles the beer section happened to be there and we talked for a good while. He was very enthusiatic about good beer and definitely knew his stuff. Prices are comparable to other west georgia locations, maybe only differences of 50cents or a dollar, no biggie. Had a few gems here I hadn't found before in Carrollton or Hiram. If you're looking for a good location to pick up some craft brews in the West Georgia area, this is definitely a destination to seek out.

08-07-2009 22:32:09 | More by dylan793
Photo of GrizzlyBrew


3.85/5  rDev +0.8%

Jan - 09

*UPDATE - What a difference a couple of weeks can make! Josh is no longer there. While this may not mean a whole lot - I knew it was a struggle for him to get the beer selection where he wanted it. And don't look for any help from Rob (he's either mgr or owner). He's about as helpful and friendly as a kanker sore. As of right now, they still have the best selection. If anyone knows where Josh went to, please post it.

P.S. - I think they went up ($)on Stone IPA and the Sammy Smith in the last week or two.

Dec - 08

I have been shopping at Arbor Place Beverage Depot on and off for years. My brother-in-law actually worked there a few years ago. However, it has recently become my sole stop for quality beers. Great selection of six-ers, mixed/sampler packs, and singles (a whole glorious wall!)

The shining star of this store is Josh - the new beer guy (easy to remember, my name also). From the first time I casually asked for a recommendation and received the most enthusiastic 10 min of beer advice, I knew this was my place. He genuinely cares about the beer and has expanded the section greatly since his takeover. He told me he wanted to be the "Green's of the West". Well, I stopped at Green's the other day and was almost disappointed. The past few years have led me to believe Green's was the ultimate beer store - it's not as if the selection was bad, it's actually still really good. I guess its magnificence has been reduced to the fact that I have been spoiled in my home town.

The other thing I love about this place is that it is attracting beer lovers I never knew existed in D-ville. I almost always run into another patron, willing to engage in "beer talk" and offering recommendations.

Cheers to Josh for doing a great job!

- now let's see if we can sneak some DFH 120 min IPA in there!

01-13-2009 00:04:09 | More by GrizzlyBrew
Photo of Godot


3.65/5  rDev -4.5%

I moved to Douglasville a little over a year ago and this place has improved by leaps and bounds in that period of time. That being said there is still room for more improvement. There is essentially one guy there that gives a damn about beer, and everyone else looks at that whole corner of the store like the red-headed stepchild. So if your looking for suggestions or info you might be out of luck. However, if you do meet the beer guy he is extremely friendly and very enthusiastic about his beer. His beer knowledge is not immense but he is constantly striving improve his proficiency and more likely than not he has tried the beer your looking at (if I could rate just him I would give him a 5). There selection is impressive, with a 12-14 foot section of singles opposite the coolers with all kinds of Belgians (including Rochefort 8 and 10, which are my penultimate beers, and reasonably priced at that). They also have Unibroue, almost the full line of Allagash, tons of american micro bombers (including tons of Avery), and if you don't see what you want let the beer guy know. If he can get it he will.

Last year they had a huge problem with out of date beer and they have since made some strides to improve upon this problem (you will notice a cart near the register, generally this is their way of getting rid of old beer so buyer beware). Also, I have noticed some of their prices creeped up about a dollar in the last couple of months, especially on six packs. I know with this economy, gas prices, and hop shortages this may be perfectly justified so I wont fault them for it. Also they are the only game in town if you want anything interesting (or belgian at all for that matter) so I am willing to pay a little more for convenience alone. Just an observation really.

All and all I love this place. Its a work in progress but that just makes it all the more interesting every time I go inside. Furthermore it impresses me to see the diverse clientele that I see perusing the beer isle. It just goes to show that there is definitely a market for craft beer in Georgia (even podunk nowhere Georgia.)

07-11-2008 22:32:29 | More by Godot
Photo of everetends


4.5/5  rDev +17.8%

Went here to check it out because I was already in Carrollton, so what's a few extra miles. This place doesn't disappoint. I walked to the cooler section and immediately had the Storm King staring me down from aisle from the entrance. I thought I was crazy, but there she was. Off to a good start. Good selection of DFH, a lot of varieties niether Cheers or Showcase had in Carrollton. The cooler section is impressive but I almost missed the rather large shelf of singles in front of the coolers. Great variety here: Hitachino, Avery, Lagunitas, Rogue, Great Divide, etc, along with a huge amount of Belgians and other European brews. The best part of this store was the beer guy. I had a good talk with him (kid doesn't even look like he is old enough to drink, but he is getting the right idea and trying the right beers). He said he has access to whatever Green's has and just let him know and he will get it. Good to know because Douglasville is so much more accessible than Green's is. Saves time, gas and money going here. Definitely only going to Green's now if I truly need something.
Great store and great people.

06-14-2008 14:32:14 | More by everetends
Photo of Pullen


4.65/5  rDev +21.7%

Typically I visit this store every other week after dropping my daughter off at Ballet school, then I make my pilgrimaged over to this store as one of my stops.

I was impressed at the selection of Micros, and beer style varieties they now have compared to my other visits. Although they don't have quite the beer selection of Green's, given the area they're in, I'm still impressed.

Service is great (unlike Green's), and there's only one price (unlike Green's).

I think they get it in terms of beer, but they're taking baby steps in terms of beer varieties and expansion... as they should.

It would be great if they had an email list and sent email announcements of all there new arrivals.

Overall, good store, great people.

05-07-2008 12:52:34 | More by Pullen
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Arbor Place Beverage Depot in Douglasville, GA
88 out of 100 based on 15 ratings.