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Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Unser AventinusSchneider Weisse Tap 6 Unser Aventinus

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Ratings: 3,839
Reviews: 2,009
rAvg: 4.33
pDev: 9.93%
Wants: 230
Gots: 290 | FT: 7
Brewed by:
Weisses Bräuhaus G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH visit their website

Style | ABV
Weizenbock |  8.20% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
Formerly Schneider Aventinus.

(Beer added by: BeerAdvocate on 02-01-2001)
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Photo of dherling
4.22/5  rDev -2.5%
look: 4 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 3.5

Pours a nice, deep brown. Good sized tan head with nice lacing. Has an alcoholic nose, with clove, fruit and banana. Taste starts off sweet with a little bit of fruity tang, plus some slight caramel flavors. Finishes more with clove and an alcoholic taste. Heavy and creamy... though there is a crispness to the beer as well.

Photo of Grundle20
4.4/5  rDev +1.6%
look: 4.5 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4

Pours a dark amber in color. There is an excellent head to this beer, the best I've seen in so long. Big and beefy and would hang on to the end if you didn't drink it. Very pleasing.

Rich scents of banana bread blast up from the glass. Very sweet with just the right alcohol uppercut.

Taste and Mouthfeel:
It's nice and smooth and paints your mouth with the banana bread taste I smelled from the pour. There's a weird and welcomed tropical fruit note that kind of undulates amongst the banana bread flavors. The alcohol sting has disappeared for the most part but there's still a little kick in the fore.

I was expecting this to drink a little heavier but I was pleasantly shocked. The beer is very tasty and pretty refreshing, but with an 8% ABV this could easily become a danger beer.

Bottom Line:
A very interesting and delicious beer. A fine addition to any German beer fans repetoir.

Photo of xoqx
4.33/5  rDev 0%
look: 4 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

This is massive beer by every measure, especially taste, smell, mouthfeel, alcohol content. The color is deep brown, almost beginning to redden with sparkling carbonation. The offwhite head was small and dissipated quickly and no lace ever formed. The smell is smoky and clove-spicy with dark fruity aromas. The higher than average alcohol is detectable in the nose. The taste is complex and multilayered with deep wheaty malts and bready notes followed by sharp spicy phenols with significant tart character. The mouthfeel is warming from the alcohol to be sure and very carbonated and crisp, almost sharp. The finish is long and not solventy, but a bit hot. This is very drinkable, in spite of its high alcohol content. A superb beer.

Photo of Dizzy
4.2/5  rDev -3%
look: 5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4.5

Pours a hazy brown with a 1 inch layer of creamy off white head on top. This beer has the best head retention I've ever seen. Aroma is yeasty, smells like a wheat beer, masking most of the malts. Carmel like malts and maybe chocolate are evident in the flavor along with the yeasty flavor. There is a faint alcohol burn in the finish, but overall it hides the high alcohol volume well. Full bodied. Drinkability is great, it would be easy to drink more than one (but it might not be a good idea).

Photo of hunteraw
4.18/5  rDev -3.5%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 4

Split a bottle of this one with my dad last night.

Appearance: Nice head, tawny in color with purple highlights. Little in the way of lacing, however.

Smell: Smells like a maltier, darker hefeweizen. Bubblegum aromas in particular stood out, along with caramel malt and a bit of tanginess.

Taste: Lots of weizen-like phenolics, but enough malt character to keep them in check. Hops balance, but don't play much of a flavor role themselves. Alcohol is obviously higher than average.

Mouthfeel: Body is rather thick, along with the bubble gum flavors makes it seem a bit medicinal.

Drinkability: Good, but not exceptional.

Photo of McStagger
4.13/5  rDev -4.6%
look: 4 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 3

This is my first experience with any kind of non-american wheat beer. I probably should have started with a traditional hefe, but a buddy bought this for me at the bar one night.

Appearance: Pours out a thick, brown head. Head was much darker than I expected. However, with the consistency of the beer, I was surprised at how quickly the head dissipated. Dissapointing... The beer itself was an extremely hazy brown. Under the dim light of the Electro Lounge, it almost looked as if there were bits of sediment floating around.

Smell: Heaven. Rich chocolate and carmel with a touch of vanilla. Little bit of dark fruit, almost like raspberries. Delightful.

Taste: Much more of the subtle layers of chocolate. Still got a lot of carmel, as well. Layers of vanilla were intermingled . As the beer got warmer, (was served at about 40 degrees F), I began noticing the presence of the yeast more. Lingering notes of banana bread and soft mocha replaced what was previously chocolate and carmel. Incredible taste.

Mouthfeel: Incredibly full bodied beer. Some may argue viscosity and an almost "syrupy" mouth feel, but I believe this beer is pure velvet. Slides across the tongue depositing lingering pockets of taste to delight the palate. Very nice.

Drinkability: The only thing about this beer that I had any issue with. Not that it's necessarily hard to drink, but that it is something that should not be consumed in any sort of excess due to it's overall sweetness, amount of yeast and alcohol content. Not a beer to trifle with, which is sad, because it's so delicious.

Photo of dbalsock
3.88/5  rDev -10.4%
look: 3.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 3.5

Appearance: Rich brown with a very tan head... tons of very tan head. The beer itself is a little hazy, with no lacing and weak head retention, but it's still pretty on the intial pour.

Smell: A mix of blackberry cheesecake, molasses, chocolate and banana... quite the nasal experience.

Taste: Dark chocolat runs the show with supporting characters of molasses, banana, fudge, breadiness. The aftershow is lead by a strawberry character that allows the brew to clear the palate nicely.

Mouthfeel: Alcohol is the major presence here, and really makes the brew enjoyable to the palate.

Drinkability: This beer stays interesting through the whole session which is helped by its full flavored nature. The one draw back is how rich it is.

Photo of jmbranum
4.95/5  rDev +14.3%
look: 5 | smell: 5 | taste: 5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 5

I've reviewed this on several occasions. Ratings above are of my most recent tasting....

Review of 10-28-06:

AP: 4.5, SM: 4.5, T: 4.5, MF: 4.5, D: 4.0

Dark muddy hazy brown brew with a giant head that lingers for awhile and slight glow when held up to the light

Refreshing mouthfeel. Kinda tingly. The aroma is warm and inviting.

Dark spicy wheat bread, lots of cloves, a bit of cinanum and nut meg, a tiny tinge of bananas, a strange mix of citrus (maybe sorta a tiny bit of orange)

The hops I know are there but they seem to only lend a tiny bitter note to the otherwise fruity/spicy mix.

Lots of alcoholic warmth

The best part is at the end, as this beer is best enjoyed by leaving a little beer in the bottle, then swirling it (or rolling the bottle horizontally on the bar) and then pouring the remainder into your glass so you get all of the yeast. The extra yeast adds a very pleasant spiciness to the end.

This bottle is not as good as some I've had (maybe it is too cold). I thought it improved as it warmed up, but still wasn't quite to the level of past Aventinus bottles. I also wonder if it could be the age of the bottle (Aventinus to me really improves with several months or more of aging). The aroma is still superb in this bottle, but the flavor is slightly less complex than normal.

Also another difference to note, is that the label now says it is 8.2% ABV, while it used to be 8.0% ABV. I wonder if the recipe has changed or what?

Review of 1-1-10: One of the great beers. My all time favorite over the years, so take this with a grain of salt. Enjoyed tonight after midnight on New Year's day 2010.

Massive richness. Magnificent aroma. The aroma is full of nice rich honey wheat bread. A bit of banana and citrus. Tons and tons of spices. Cloves for sure. Maybe a a little bit of cinnamon. A little of prckliness from maybe some hops and carbonation.

Thinking of all of the dear friends I've enjoyed this beer with over the years, as I drink it again tonight. Happy New Years to all!

2-23-10 - Changed the taste rating from 1-1-10 from 4.5 to 5.0. Have no idea why I said this was only a 4.5 that night. Must have enjoyed "too much alcoholic warmth"

5-11-12 - Changed the overall rating. This is 5.0 beer if there ever was one.

Photo of GimpyCane
4/5  rDev -7.6%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

appearence: poured murky dark brown with a ruby hint accompanied by a small off white head which left a small amount of lacing.

smell: heavy caramel malt scent, sweet banana, hint of clove or allspice, also a hint of alcohol

taste and mouthfeel: began with a fizzy sweet caramel with a hint of root beer (weird), ended dry, clove spice and a long acidic aftertaste such as lemon. Has a nice mouthfeel, full body, clean, and well balanced flavor.

drinkability: smooth

Overall imo this brew is really good. Love the subtle flavor of clove, fruit and root beer. Having drank several weizenbock this is the best on so far.

Photo of athensbeermaster
3.93/5  rDev -9.2%
look: 3.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 3.5

Good dark brown with just a hint of ruby red shining thru. The mouthfeel was full body one of the best features about it.mid palate was a nice fruitcake with dried plums and a splash of chocolate.
For most of the flavor being on the sweetside the finish leans toward a dry clovelike finish. This company is the king of wheat beers!

Photo of SudNut
4.08/5  rDev -5.8%
look: 3.5 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

Pours to a plum colored amber with a finger thick head that dissipates quickly. Smells of wheat and hmmm grapes, plums or prunes, not sure.

Taste definitely was prunes I think, with wheat and a bit of alcohol in the background. Finish was a chocolate covered clove leaf.

Swishing about the mouth brings out the suds and alcohol taste, a light and frothy feel.

Drinkability is good but the alcohol content is a bit high for a session beer.

Photo of orsulacp
4.03/5  rDev -6.9%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 4 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4.5

The beer had a cloudy brown color with hints of orange and a thin off-white head. The smell had prunes, some banana, and a bit of alcohol/clove spiciness. The taste is right on to the style; it has dark fruit mixed with bready malts with some banana and vanilla in there too. It also has a faint taste of chocolate. The mouthfeel is full and creamy with a high level of carbonation; I am always amazed when a beer is real creamy with this high carbonation.

Photo of OStrungT
3.33/5  rDev -23.1%
look: 4 | smell: 2.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 3.5

This beer pours a brown color with a slight ruby red tint to it. It has a thick light tan head that fades very slowly, leaving a decent lacing.

This beer has a bubblegum like aroma. It also smells slightly spicy. Some caramel malt aroma is also present. It has a very subtle yeasty aroma also.

From the aroma, I was worried about what this beer would taste like. However, I was wrong. It tastes good. It is spicy, with some yeasty flavor.It has a caramel malty sweet flavor also.

This beer goes down smooth, leaving a malty sweet aftertaste. It is decently carbonated for the style.

I doubt this beer would kae the best session beer. It is a little high in alcohol. Also, although the flavor is decent, it might be a bit much after a few.

Overall: I didnt particularly like this one. I dont know what is was, but I just didnt like it. Sorry.

Photo of Osiris9588
4.38/5  rDev +1.2%
look: 4 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4

A 3oz sample at a tasting at Spagio Wine Cellars in Columbus. It pours a murky amber color tinged with honey toward the bottom.

The aroma is very yeasty and malty, warm and toasty, consisting of orange peel, corriander, and an array of fruits. The taste has a root beer quality, flavored by corriander, cinnamon, brandy, anise, cherry, and blackberry.

The mouth is complex, as the yeast and sugar interact with one another. A great beer.

Photo of hckyfn9999
3.65/5  rDev -15.7%
look: 4.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 3.5 | overall: 4

Pours a dark brown with orange hues, with a nice head that lasts for a while.

Smell is of yeast and bananas with a little carmel.

Taste is similar to the smell. Sweet with a little banana and some yeast.

Mouthfeel is fine and its pretty drinkable although its not all its hyped up to be.

Photo of akorsak
4.38/5  rDev +1.2%
look: 4 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4

A 500 mL bottle served near room temperature.

A: The beer is a deep orange-brown color that had a large head on the initial pour. After the pour subsided, a small white ring remained.

S: The beer has an unmistakable clove aroma, estery with hints of banana.

T: The first flavors to hit are light wheat notes. They soon give way to the weizen esters. They are fruity but reserved, not fully taking control of the beer. As the beer warms on the palate, a slight alcohol burn emerges but it is not that astringent.

M: The hefe weizen aromas combined with the stronger wheat body make this a good tasting beer.

D: The beer is very drinkable, the deceptive abv notwithstanding. The beer combines the enjoyable flavors of a hefe weizen with the strength of a bock, nicely done.

Photo of nicefix
4.28/5  rDev -1.2%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4

I just got back from an Octoberfest tasting. While I was there I stumbled upon a conversation about Aventinus between a few veteran BAs. With all the raving, I just had to try it. Man, what a beer!

A gentle pour gave me a huge white head. The color is deep brownish red, cloudy from unfiltered bottle conditioning. Very attractive.

Big bannana and clove on the nose. Lots of pungent sweet fruit character.

Taste of heavy clove and some bannana lingers along with caramel and some rum.

Mouthfeel is smooth and syrupy with a medium to heavy body.

Really quite a beautiful beer, not my favorite style but definitely must be respected.

Photo of BarrelBrother
4.6/5  rDev +6.2%
look: 4 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4

Thanks to many positive recommendations on Beer Advocate I sought out this incredible beer. I've never had a doppelbock than grabbed my attention like this one! We were at a German bier stubbe in the Chicagoland area enjoying various schnitzel dishes, when I saw Aventinus on their beer menu. Remembering my Beer Advocate recommendation on this beer, I suggested we order a round. WOW, we weren't dissapointed!

A: Dark ruby, cloudy when held to the light. The vision is that of a deep robust beer. The head is outstanding, thick & creamy full of frothy goodness.
S: The variety of aromas coming from the glass made me ponder for minutes all that assailed my senses. Raisin, clove, oatmeal with many overtones as the carbonation tickled my nose.
T: Smooth and flavorful with many different tastes on my palate. Sheer enjoyment as I savored each sip. Carmel and raisin were predominate, but there was a toasty aftertaste that I really enjoyed. Just a wonderfully complex beer that treats your senses on every level.
M: Silky smooth, creamy, with a wonderful afterglow of warm alcohol tingling your palate. Not overbearing mind you, but you know it's there.
D: At 8% I'm sure a couple of these would have you mellowed out in a hurry. Very drinkable, not heavy, but this is a potent brew and after 2 pints I could feel the kick. But I loved it.

If you like doppelbocks or hearty brews with big chartacter, give Aventinus a try. It's a great beer.

Photo of ultralarry2006
4.22/5  rDev -2.5%
look: 4 | smell: 4 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

Poured from a 500 ml. bottle. Leaves a big hefe-weizen type head of more than two fingers, some retention, not much lacing. Body is a cloudy garnet. Looks pretty good.

Smell - cloves and bananas and alcohol.

Taste - like the smell. Cloves and bananas, with hints of chocolate and spices breaking through here and there. Some warm, but not harsh alcohol is present, but mostly is rather well hidden.

Mouthfeel - medium bodied, creamy.

Drinkability - this is good, but high abv holds down sessionability.

Photo of MaltyGoodness
4.33/5  rDev 0%
look: 4 | smell: 4.5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

16.9oz bottle

Pours a dark chestnut brown wiith a fluffy tan head that thins, but maintains. Mild lacing on the glass.

Rich bready and yeasty aroma with a complimentary nuttiness. Slight notes of sweet maltiness appear here and there.

Big yeasty and bready flavors upfront leading into a sweet malty flavor with a light toasted nuttiness. Finishes with a lingering and pleasing breadiness.

Full body, big carbonation

This is an excellent weizenbock and a perfect example of the style. It's a sheer pleasure to drink, but not a session beer by any means.

Photo of HopsHops
5/5  rDev +15.5%
look: 5 | smell: 5 | taste: 5 | feel: 5 | overall: 5

How can i not love this one?

Fruity sweetness that leaves a sticky feeling on the lips...

A smell that cannot be denied ... Nice dark reddish brown

its just so good...kinda raisin like....with sugary fruits added...nothing specific

great for after dinner as a relaxer...the carbonation is really nice and feels good going down ...

went down nice and warm even though i let mine sit in the fridge for 2 days...

potent but not too potent 8.0%abv....just an all out beauty...

i couldnt ask for a better beer... unique and a real nice sipper


Photo of umfskibum
5/5  rDev +15.5%
look: 5 | smell: 5 | taste: 5 | feel: 5 | overall: 5

I'm glad I can finally leave a review of Aventinus, a brew I found in Germany a year ago and have managed to enjoy often since then.

Served in a 1 pint plus .9 fl. oz. bottle, no freshness date marked.

A: Pours a nice, deep brown. Good sized tan head with nice lacing. Pretty much clear, with some slight clouding.

S: Has an undoubtedly alcoholic scent, along with notes of clove, fruit and banana.

T: Wow. I've heard more than one reviewer call Aventinus "The Nectar of the Gods" and I couldn't agree more. Starts off sweet with a little bit of fruity tang, plus some slight caramel flavors. Finishes more with clove and an alcoholic taste.

M: For the most part, heavy and creamy... though there is paradoxally a crispness to the beer as well. Incredibly pleasant warming alcohol feel as well.

D: I would only suggest one or two of these in a night, but that doesn't mean that the beer has low drinkability. Rather, I could happily have Aventinus every night.

Notes: A golden standard for the Weizenbock, and for quality brewing in general. Probably as close to a perfect beer as can be found on earth.

Photo of davidshamoon
3.45/5  rDev -20.3%
look: 3.5 | smell: 3.5 | taste: 3.5 | feel: 4 | overall: 3

This hazy, brown beer poured with one of the liveliest heads I've ever seen (though it then settled down and left only the slightest trace of lacing). A spicy, cinnamon aroma, along with a peculiar sweetness I associate with canned corn dominate the nose and taste. The relatively high alcohol content also contributes to the flavor; I definitely welcomed those esters for adding an additional dimension to the otherwise clobbering maltyness. To that end, I found that a few bites of dark chocolate brought out a crispness that I might have otherwise overlooked. Overall, a bit of a heavier brew than I usually care for, but definitely worth experiencing.

Photo of beveritt
4.47/5  rDev +3.2%
look: 4 | smell: 5 | taste: 4.5 | feel: 4.5 | overall: 4

Poured from a 500ml brown bottle into a standard pint glass. I know, I know, should have used a weizen glass, just wasn't thinking. No date on the bottle.

Appearance: Initially, the standard, huge, wheat head. This one is a little less creamy than a hefe, but about the same in volume. This drops slowly down to nothing. The brew itself is crystal clear, medium brown, with a hint of red/orange. Constant streams of bubbles coming up.

Smell: Like a wheat beer on steroids. Many of the same sweet banana and clove smells, but significantly magnified. The smell is so strong and well-defined that it seems like a liquid, filling up your nose.

Taste: Initial bite of CO2, followed by strong banana and clove flavors. The whole thing is tied together with an underlying malty/wheat sweetness.

Mouthfeel: Average to above average level of carbonation, especially considering the amount of head it put up. Nice mouthfeel, lots of body.

Drinkability: Great beer, but the higher levels of carbonation, sweetness, and alcohol combine to make this a beer I usually only want one or two of.

Photo of mjc410
4.03/5  rDev -6.9%
look: 4.5 | smell: 4 | taste: 4 | feel: 4 | overall: 4

The pour into my Aventinus glass (I love it when I get the chance for this!) raises a head that just won't stay in, forcing me to wait for it to subside. It falls slowly to a thick tan layer that won't depart. The body is a translucent brown/copper. The nose is strong and clovey, with lots of banana bread, along with a lot of sweet berry odor, and alcohol. Taste is sweet, alcoholic, and banana bready. Finishes on a bready note. There is a nice cinnamon, pepper note as well. The mouth is full, with lower carbonation than most wheats. Very nice. Very drinkable

Schneider Weisse Tap 6 Unser Aventinus from Weisses Bräuhaus G. Schneider & Sohn GmbH
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