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IPA - District ChopHouse & Brewery

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18 Ratings
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Ratings: 18
Reviews: 5
rAvg: 3.61
pDev: 8.31%
Wants: 0
Gots: 1 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
District ChopHouse & Brewery visit their website
District of Columbia, United States

Style | ABV
American IPA |  6.50% ABV

Availability: Rotating

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: Sammy on 07-02-2008)
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Reviews by bckayaalp:
Photo of bckayaalp

New York

3/5  rDev -16.9%

03-24-2013 23:12:34 | More by bckayaalp
More User Reviews:
Photo of Sammy

Ontario (Canada)

3.63/5  rDev +0.6%

Grapefruit colour with white head, white lace. Lots of creaminess. Appropriate significant carbonation, carbonation bubbles. Fairly high IBU, and a good bitterness. Smooth drinker.OK for an American IPA, good bitterness like a British ESB with a higher IBU profile.

07-02-2008 22:57:48 | More by Sammy
Photo of smakawhat


3.6/5  rDev -0.3%

Poured from the tap into a shaker pint glass.

A very gorgeous orange amber body, but while cloudy looks a little hazy also. Very good lacing while drinking giving some nice rings of sheets, and an off white head that is foamy/almost soupy.

Bouquet is kind of small very wet and clean smelling, but a distinct faint orange wet citrus bent. Not much else.

Light malt on the taste and that wet citrus orange hop feel as before. Borderline tea and herbal qualities too, almost feeling English IPA like to some extent. Weak orange juice feel in the mouth.

Overall a simple good example, almost a mish mash of style between American/English, but small on taste and body. This is not anything like a hop bomb or a big citrus or pine blast either. Easy drinking and simple, a good beer.

06-22-2011 22:38:51 | More by smakawhat
Photo of blackie


3.6/5  rDev -0.3%

this particular version is listed at 7.6 percent abv

a: pale copper in color, not much head to speak of

s: the hops display a juicy grapefruit profile on a standard pale malt structure, big citrus rind, sugars well in check, not bad

m: carbonation and body both in the light-medium range

t: big grapefruit flavors ride over simple, grainy pale malt, very pulpy and juicy, tart grapefruit rind, the citrus takes over - not much complexity, finishes with a moderate-high acidity

d: like the grapefruit hops but more balance and range of flavor would be key, still a refreshing drink

standard pint at the brewpub

11-15-2009 14:20:06 | More by blackie
Photo of mendvicdog


3.5/5  rDev -3%

04-09-2013 21:34:44 | More by mendvicdog
Photo of boss302


4.08/5  rDev +13%

District chop house, Am IPA, draft, 6.6abv

A clear amber in color. Small head, didn't last long, however had good lacing.

S Floral sweet hop aroma. Best part of this beer other than drinking it.

T Huge American hop flavor, wonderful piney flavor, acidic, and earthy. There is a good dose of malt as well. Not too sweet, good attenuation.

M Medium body, maybe a little light on carbonation.

D Very good example of an Am IPA. No problem having more than one of these.

08-05-2010 23:27:43 | More by boss302
Photo of nmann08

District of Columbia

3.5/5  rDev -3%

12-17-2011 19:38:49 | More by nmann08
Photo of Boone757


4/5  rDev +10.8%

04-12-2013 02:20:04 | More by Boone757
Photo of 2dogbrew


3.5/5  rDev -3%

03-28-2013 22:26:34 | More by 2dogbrew
Photo of beerpadawan


3.25/5  rDev -10%

08-27-2012 21:44:15 | More by beerpadawan
Photo of MattXT


3.5/5  rDev -3%

02-07-2014 14:57:47 | More by MattXT
Photo of jenray


3/5  rDev -16.9%

11-23-2011 19:17:33 | More by jenray
Photo of novacor

4/5  rDev +10.8%

07-19-2014 16:55:31 | More by novacor
Photo of AGB

District of Columbia

4/5  rDev +10.8%

07-11-2014 20:44:51 | More by AGB
Photo of t0rin0


3.75/5  rDev +3.9%

09-20-2012 00:36:49 | More by t0rin0
Photo of bakebrew


3.75/5  rDev +3.9%

08-08-2013 21:27:02 | More by bakebrew
Photo of paulish

New York

3.75/5  rDev +3.9%

05-19-2014 14:41:17 | More by paulish
Photo of Daniellobo

District of Columbia

3.58/5  rDev -0.8%

Nice IPA, a bit on the light and subdued side.

Presentation: Draft serving at its own brewpub. Served as a Brewer´s Marker on the menu, the chalkboard notes a "West Coast style IPA" Alc. by Vol (7.?%). Served in a shaker pint glass.

A - Medium amber/copper pour, with a nice one finger of frothy head, and good lacing as it goes down.

S - Soft hoppy profile, with a citrus, pine tone.

T - Crisp and good bitterness with a nice malt balance.

M - Nicely carbonated, on a smooth and light to medium body.

D - Nicely drinkable and pleasing brew.

Notes: These Brewer's Markers at the District Chophouse keep on bringing tasty and reliable brews. Always worth asking about what is rotating on this one and the seasonal selection. Good IPA but ironically I felt their APA last time had a better hoppy profile both in taste and particularly in smell. This one is a good one in any case.

11-13-2009 01:36:26 | More by Daniellobo
IPA from District ChopHouse & Brewery
82 out of 100 based on 18 ratings.