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Heineken Dark Lager - Heineken Nederland B.V.

Not Rated.
Heineken Dark LagerHeineken Dark Lager

Educational use only; do not reuse.

571 Ratings

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Ratings: 571
Reviews: 253
rAvg: 3.2
pDev: 20.31%
Wants: 22
Gots: 47 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Heineken Nederland B.V. visit their website

Style | ABV
Euro Dark Lager |  5.00% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes & Commercial Description:
Beer added by: BeerAdvocate on 08-08-2001

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Ratings: 571 | Reviews: 253 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of SkiBum22
1/5  rDev -68.8%

Photo of Miz77
1/5  rDev -68.8%

Photo of DmanGTR
1/5  rDev -68.8%

Photo of rusty3335
1/5  rDev -68.8%

Photo of plab
1/5  rDev -68.8%

Photo of TheBeerSipper
1.04/5  rDev -67.5%

Photo of DrMindbender
1.25/5  rDev -60.9%

Photo of Brewben_James321
1.26/5  rDev -60.6%

Photo of JDeming
1.5/5  rDev -53.1%

Photo of BGsWo22
1.5/5  rDev -53.1%

Photo of
1.5/5  rDev -53.1%

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Photo of halo913
1.5/5  rDev -53.1%

Photo of Mark5252
1.5/5  rDev -53.1%

Photo of BeerNewbs
1.64/5  rDev -48.8%
look: 3 | smell: 1.5 | taste: 1.25 | feel: 2 | overall: 2

Don’t ask why I tasted this, just thank me for taking the bullet instead of you. I am a huge fan of Heineken and even Heineken Light - nothing is better for a day full of outdoor activities. Needless to say, Heineken went too far when producing this Euro Dark Lager. It lacks a clear difference in flavor profile from its counterpart and doesn’t feel complete. It might be worth trying as reviews are mixed, but I wouldn’t recommend buying a full case on a whim.

Photo of Noelito76
1.75/5  rDev -45.3%

Photo of Sebas
1.75/5  rDev -45.3%

Photo of cassmoney13
1.75/5  rDev -45.3%

Photo of kobeer
1.75/5  rDev -45.3%

Photo of baconman91
1.75/5  rDev -45.3%

Photo of emakings
1.75/5  rDev -45.3%

Photo of Intelbeerlord
1.75/5  rDev -45.3%

Photo of RoyalT
1.77/5  rDev -44.7%
look: 2.5 | smell: 3 | taste: 1.5 | feel: 1 | overall: 1

Appearance – Clear light brown body with a typical bee-bop head that went up and down in less than ten seconds.

Smell – Nice scent of toasted malt and caramel.

Taste – Ugh! An insult to dunkel lager to say the least. It’s tough to explain. The cheap, burnt malt flavor is somewhat bitter but nowhere near nice. The tease of caramel sweetness turned into a handful of Sweet-N-Low picked up from the floor of a dirty diner after a long week. I think I actually tasted a cigarette butt in there.

Mouthfeel – Flat and difficult to swallow. The worst.

Drinkability – The smell wasn’t that bad, but that taste was evil incarnate. Sorrow I couldn’t offer much positive here, but the only purpose for making this beer would seem so that a regular Heiny-in-a-can doesn’t taste so bad. This "one" rating was well earned.

Comments – Chase this with a shot of Jaegermeister.

Photo of ViveLaChouffe
1.77/5  rDev -44.7%
look: 2 | smell: 2.5 | taste: 1.5 | feel: 1.5 | overall: 1.5

Pours a deep clear reddish brown, tinges of mahogany. thin tan head with no lace at all. Smells of caramel malt. Lighlty fruity.

Mouth is malty and flabby. None of the richness of the nose is evident in the flavor at all. Limp and weak. Some faint herbal hops. lightly fizzy and really thin. Nothing particularly appealing about this one. Way worse than regular Heineken. Pass.

Photo of WholeLottaTricks
1.8/5  rDev -43.8%

Photo of DogFood11
1.97/5  rDev -38.4%
look: 1.5 | smell: 2 | taste: 2 | feel: 2 | overall: 2

Red beer, medium carbonation, thin white head that fades never to be seen again. crystal clear. smell was of light sweet malt, lots of similarities to an Irish red.

There is an added depth in the taste, sweetness has a caramel lean to it although I'm admittadly reaching. Really no hop presence and I wasn't expecing one so this came through in the clutch. If you like soft malt profiles, innoffensive, uneventful brews this is worth a shot.

Whoa back up the bus, It's been a while since I've been on a blah beer streak but this makes 2 in a row that just have me wondering.

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Heineken Dark Lager from Heineken Nederland B.V.
74 out of 100 based on 571 ratings.