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Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel - Klosterbrauerei Andechs

Not Rated.
Andechser Doppelbock DunkelAndechser Doppelbock Dunkel

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680 Ratings
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Ratings: 680
Reviews: 352
rAvg: 4.31
pDev: 9.98%
Wants: 365
Gots: 38 | FT: 4
Brewed by:
Klosterbrauerei Andechs visit their website

Style | ABV
Doppelbock |  7.10% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
This world famous bock from Bavaria’s Holy Mountain is not meant to be rushed, but savoured slowly. As solid as a rock, Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel presides over the evening meal with a colour reminiscent of dark copper with nuances of fiery red. Its clear gleaming look harmonises with its firm, fine pored head.

Also the aroma delights the connoisseur: soft roasted accents and a nuance of dried fruit carrying a vein of caramel. This Doppelbock Dunkel from Bavaria’s Holy Mountain presents a pleasant effervescence. And then there’s the unmistakable flavour: mouthcoating and velvety, strong and yet pleasantly malty – a powerful, robust body. At the same time, it develops an easily recognisable sweetness, embraced in roasted cocoa and a light, bitter hoppiness.

Concluding with a powerful punch, this Doppelbock departs with a lingering aftertaste of quality plain chocolate. A strong Doppelbock that embodies the centuries old Benedictine brewing tradition, sip by delicious sip.

(Beer added by: Bierman9 on 06-16-2002)
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Photo of egajdzis
4.38/5  rDev +1.6%

Poured a reddish brown color with a small thin, fluffy, off white head that left nice lacing on the glass. Aroma of dried fruits, sweet caramel and honey, light alcohol. Sweet chocolate, caramel, light roastiness, musty cobwebs and light alcohol as well. Creamy mouthfeel, this is a solid Doppelbock.

egajdzis, Dec 19, 2004
Photo of Billolick
4.47/5  rDev +3.7%

16 ouncer,, with "mindestens haltbar bis" dating of 020305, Fresh as far as I can tell. Brought back by a neighbor from Germany. This classy brew is a treat. Rich, bold, and ultra smooth. Pours a classic, brownish dark amber, white tiny bubble head. Nose is pure rich malt. Wonderfully smooth and rich mouthfeel. Notes of dark caramel, raisins, molasas, rum, tastes like a nice sweet light chocolate brownie. Complex, smooth and satisfying. If you can find some, buy it.

Billolick, Nov 13, 2004
Photo of GCBrewingCo
4.6/5  rDev +6.7%

The beer poured clear deep amber brown with an off-white lasting head which laced the glass.

The aroma was slightly smoky with Munich malt and dark fruits of raisin and prune followed by deep caramel.

The flavor was Munich malt then more of the dark fruits, raisins, prunes, and plums. The caramel contributed to the complexity of the malt backbone which also was quite crisp.

The finish dried out over time with lasting caramel and dark fruits long into the aftertaste. The body was medium full.

0.5L bottle from German dept store in Cologne...cost of about $2.50 US...thanks to Richard Todd for bringing it back!

GCBrewingCo, Nov 02, 2004
Photo of ncbrewerbun
4.7/5  rDev +9%

I have to thank a fellow homebrew club member for bringing one of these back from Germany and taking it to a meeting.

This is an easy beer to love. The crystal clear dark brown/ruby red appearance is inviting. The aroma is complex yet clean. The flavor is chocked full of fruitiness (raisins) and a malty sweetness...and it is just so smooth.

What a treat.

ncbrewerbun, Oct 29, 2004
Photo of paulaner
4.45/5  rDev +3.2%

This is a great beer and I didn't even go out looking for it. I happened to see it as I was waiting to check out and I saw doppelbock dunkel hmm that sounds good so I bought one came home and read about it on BA and to my surprise it had rather high rating and after drinking it I would have to agree.

The color is a dark redish black with a strong head at first but slowly dies down. The aroma is not very noticeable but at first sip all thoughts of weakness are thrown out the window. It has a very noticeable doppelbock taste that is not as bitter as german dunkells but is not week due to this. This is definitely a beer that I will be buying more of. I guess as they say good things in life will come to you if you wait and this was no exception.

paulaner, Oct 03, 2004
Photo of TinusTime
4.9/5  rDev +13.7%

WOW-- pours a dark garnet with a off white head.. The nose is fruity, with plummy notes and some dried fruit overtones. Taste-- Holy cow is this a dopplebock or heaven? Malty and fruity with enough to balance it from getting too cloying.. These monks know their business. Mouthfeel is as silky as a young Cuban womans thigh. Drinkability.. you are joking right? This is a session dopplebock.. Drinks so easy its insane.. 7.10 percent ? Where.. The flavour hides it so well. Not as malty as celebrator, not as wimpy as Salvator.. This is liquid gold.

A huge HUGE HUGE Thanks to Bierman VA for bringing me back not one but three of these Gems back form his trip to Oktoberfest.. Now given my wifes loves for Dopplebocks-- I need to lock these up somewhere!!!

TinusTime, Oct 03, 2004
Photo of BierManVA
5/5  rDev +16%

I have sampled this bier a few times now...at Andechs and in the bottle. Every time I have this bier, I think "This is so damn good...". and it is.

Read all the reviews for this bier; Color - Great, Smell - Sweet, fruity and complex, Taste - Amazing, Mouthfeel - Light and delicious, Drinkability - Second to none.

This bier ranks high, in the top ten. Justifiably so.

Andechser Dopplebck ist am besten.


BierManVA, Oct 02, 2004
Photo of Rastacouere
4.7/5  rDev +9%

Generous off-white head forms atop the dark brown body. Head is foamy, frothy, sticky, moderately lasting. Light ruby hints make the color seem complex. A truck of malt in the aroma. Various flavours of smoked fruits, red berries, blue berries, cherries, light smoke, light roast. Terrific integration of the aromatic components. Another sniff gave me mineralic or salty notes. Another hinted me toward bread. Yet another proposed candy sweetness almost approaching honey. If the aroma contained a truck of malt, it’s 2 trucks you have when sipping. Its intensity is pushed further although always staying in the subtlety grace as opposed to a celebrator. Incredible precision, every angle is well cut. Bolder than the aroma in its leathery expression. Quite dry overall. Nut skin, roasty and earthy light hops finish. Could last a little longer perhaps. It really tastes like fresh and clean water was used. Incredible malt depth they have there. Gets even better as it warms, close to a 10 as far as taste is concerned, I guess just a bit more length would nail it. Polite medium to full body, high carbonation is at the limit of being too much. Stellar doppelbock that grows on you sips after sips. New developments and happenings every time. 2 thumbs up to Stephen and his neighbor for this unique chance!

Rastacouere, Sep 27, 2004
Photo of Naerhu
4.55/5  rDev +5.6%

Beautiful clear garnet red with thin offwhite head.
Rich malty caramel nose
Rich malty caramel, slightly buttery on the finish.
Refined smooth carbonation, mouthfeel infinitely lighter than celebrator dopplebock. Alcohol is nowhere to be found.
Great fun to drink. Supper easy to knock back a couple of these, just as you would a nice pilsner.

This has replaced Deadguy Ale as my house beer, I can hardly believe it. This is a great after dinner beer. This should be required drinking in EVERY beer appreciation seminar.

Naerhu, Aug 12, 2004
Photo of Crosling
4.15/5  rDev -3.7%

Sampled at the monastery.

Dark Ruby.

Big, hearty, meaty, strong and herbal nose with other whiffs of dark fruits and clove.

Front is smoke (slight) with many dark fruits. Notes of caramel, molasses and chocolate in the mid-palate. Plums, lots of plums on the lingering finish. Well this beer was excellent.

I had 2.0 Liters of it but unfortunately it was after I had already had a 1.0 L of the Spezial Hell. Needless to say, I was wasted.

Note to self: 3.0 L of beer in one sitting is too much.

Crosling, Jul 21, 2004
Photo of rotsaruch
4.78/5  rDev +10.9%

Oh boy, the monks on the mountain have created one of the world's best brew. Guys and girls, this is what a malty, craft brew is all about.

The appearance is a clear, deep burgandy in color. The head was slighly beige in color which slowly dissispated into a thin lace. This brew is about malt, but in a very subtle, not obvious way. The maltiness fragrance was very noticeable on the nose. The body is full and distinctive. The taste can only be characterised as very a smooth, silky mouthfeel. The maltiness flavor dominates up front with some apparent caramel and toffee tones. The hops are present, but solely in a supporting role providing a very delightful dry finish. It has to be one of the finest doppelbock brewed on the planet Earth. I really look forward to having this brew on draft. A truly exquiste brew!!

rotsaruch, May 18, 2004
Photo of feloniousmonk
4.65/5  rDev +7.9%

A bottle procured for me by Dave, a loyal customer at my restaurant/bar, who has recently been bringing German gems back from business trips for me. All hail Dave!
Appearance: partially clear, dark ruby hue, an enigmatic appearance, really, clear here, dark there, obtuse in places, with a lovely, lush layer of pale, tanned foam standing guard on top.
Aroma: caramel & spice, soft & creamy, lightly toasted, with subtle fruit.
Taste: luscious fruit proclaims itself at the onset, a beautiful blend of grape, cherry, berry, & more, supported by a warm, generous malt bill.
More flavors interject as we continue, raisins, figs, chocolate climbs aboard, too, for a spell, contributing a subtle, sensuous cocoa feel all over the palate.
Sublime, really.
This mere 7.1% ABV doppelbock only peeps up the tiniest bit in alcohol feel, so smooth it is, so rich with flavor, not harsh, nor brash, mellow, cool, yet bold with flavor, getting winey-er and winey-er in taste as we go.
Got to hand it to the monks at Andesch, for they are gentle, benevolent geniuses, and those who know their work are doubly blessed!

feloniousmonk, May 11, 2004
Photo of tjd25
4.5/5  rDev +4.4%

A brownish dense head disappears into a very thin color. The color is impressive: a beautiful brown-red, almost purple, opaque. The smell is of dark malts, non sweet caramel, and a warming winy grapes aspect. The taste is very enjoyable and complex. Raisins with a sweet and refreshing citric aspect (almost like the soda aspect of Belgian stouts); then dark malts, with a thick almost chewy impression of chocolate; the chocolate announces the veil of hoppiness that covers the mouth without overwhelming it. Finally, a warm alcohol feeling. Very well balanced. My favorite Doppelbock .

tjd25, May 01, 2004
Photo of BeerBard
4.85/5  rDev +12.5%

Memories of Andechs...the bottle's bringing them back...
My favorite beerotic moment in life was my first trip to the Andechs Monastery and "gezaufen" (it's a phonetic spelling for "drinking like a beast"...) a variety of beers. I met some wonderful locals (Uwe and Hans)...though I walked the 7 or 8 kilometers up there from the subway station earlier in the day, we later took a cab from the monastery to the subway stop together. I went there a second time about 3 years later with my friend who lives in Bavaria. It was as equally memorable.
Anyone who has the opportunity to go there should go...don't think twice about it. I'm very, very, very serious!
Well, the bottled version I'm drinking has been in my closet about 5 months. It was brought over in my friend's luggage from Bavaria to Austin, as it's not imported to the States, as far as I know. If anyone knows differently, please let me know. Bottled ain't is good as draft...PERIOD!
I'm drinking it side-by-side with an Aventinus Wheat-Dopplebock. I thought they'd be similar. They are, but then again they're not....the Andechs has no "wheat" taste. [As a side-note, the Andechs Wheat Beer is the most wonderful example of the style that I know...the natural bannana flavors are exquisite....but, as you'll see below, you'll have to go there to get the complete indoctrination...the full "flavor"].
The head doesn't last...which is a shame (because I want to rank it higher...I acknowledge my bias). It went flat within a minute (the Aventinus head has lasted 45 minutes now). However, I believe it lasted much longer at the monastery.
The smell is excellent...just take my word on it.
The taste....exceptional...MALTY sweet raison rum currant bannana alcohol and a "hint of hop"...what more can you want?!?!?!
Mouthfeel...as good as it gets for a dopplebock. If you like the style you can't dispute the SUPERIORITY of this beer. It's tremendous!
Drinkability....if I could have this beer every night, I would. I would go to sleep happy with all my troubles erased...all my sins absolved.
If all the world had this beer nightly perhaps we'd all be at PEACE!
I'm in love with Andechs...
Like any true heartsick man in love, I will visit my sweet Andechs again...hopefully within the next year ( a friend is getting married in the Netherlands in March 2004...Bavaria is close enough...only a few hundred miles away...I look forward to a trip after the wedding to Brussels for the Belgians and then Bavaria for the Best of the Rest....my mouth is watering already...keep posted...is anybody really reading this??? CHEERS!).!&$@&@#$

BeerBard, Apr 19, 2004
Photo of francisweizen
5/5  rDev +16%

On-Tap! At De Vildeman in Amsterdam, Holland. I've heard much about this brew, but when I failed to get a bottle from Germany, I decided to try this when I actually saw it on tap! I'm really glad that I did, as this is probably the best Doppelbock being made! This was dark as night, with some rusty edges of maroon and brown. The head was small, tan, and short-lived. The aromas were of fresh bavarian soft pretzels, deepl malts, and slight floral hops on the finish. The taste was extremely malty, not too sweet, and hoppy on the finish. The perfect doppel! The mouthfeel was thick, creamy, and oh-so-smooth going down, and the drinkability was excellent. This stuff is like liquid crack...amazing and highly recommended by this BA!

francisweizen, Mar 30, 2004
Photo of kunzbrew
4.63/5  rDev +7.4%

Pick this bad boy up in Germany along with 80 others when I was over there in October of 03.

The brew pours a a stellar copper color with a monster cream colored head that last for a while reducing to a 1/2 inch head leaving a silk sexy smooth lace in its tracks. The hop and raosted malt aroma is so huge it is just bursting out of the glass and into my nose. The caramel aroma is also strong. The first sip reveals a slighty smoky flavor along with a toasted caramel malt flavor that is to die for. This has to be the best dopplebock that I have ever had. The easy drinking beer kicks your ass with the 7% alcohol.

This is truly a great beer from a great country.


kunzbrew, Jan 21, 2004
Photo of CRJMellor
4.38/5  rDev +1.6%

Pours a beautiful crisp, clear brown with red and gold highlights. Pours produces a decent head that has staying power and kicks off tremendous sheets of lace. Aroma, dark malt, toffee, wheat and spice. I swore I got a whiff of hazelnuts also.
Taste is truly to behold. Very wet malt and toffee front backed with a spicy yeast finish with a hint of alcohol power. To me this prototypical German taste and if I close my eyes I can feel myself singing county road and the Star-Spangled banner in the Hofbrau House in Munich.
Truly beautiful beer and need to find a way to import to the US (besides carry-on luggage.)

Thanks to TRBeer for this beauty.

CRJMellor, Jan 11, 2004
Photo of Hobbz
5/5  rDev +16%

One of the greatest of all beers on this planet is this monks' simple doppelbock. "Enjoyment for body and soul" it is written on the bottle... But this review is for the fresh, sprit-awakening stuff poured on-tap from the monastery atop the "sacred mountain" outside of Munich.

I have been awaiting review since my 'de-virgining' (from tasting notes from a gorgeous, eventful day outside at the monastery, 09/22/03) -- just waiting for the right time to dignify it with a review (and an otherwise 'unworthy' attempt at translating exaltation). This is a good time, as I am also enjoying one of my remaining few bottles of Andechs I had taken back with me...

The Andechs doppelbock is not as dark or thick as some, but has every bit the flavor. I love how the monks' yeast (also aging?) produces such pleasant, earthy-like notes (almost like a refined and classy, taste-enhancing & good 'mustiness'): It is amazing how a set of few, simple, simple ingredients can translate into such an enormity of taste! I enjoyed its character in every way and was just so darn drinkable (then reminding myself it was a double bock and breakfast).

Truly a beer to be sought.

Hobbz, Dec 12, 2003
Photo of putnam
4.97/5  rDev +15.3%

Beautiful beer.
Like Salvator plus spice, cream and those mysterious, ancient yeast-generated earthy nuances that allow you to close your eyes and travel far.
Fluffy (like the Allagash tripel the same night) with characteristic 2xbock flavors and aromas of vanilla, whole cream, Asian spices, roasted hazelnuts, walnuts and bitter, broiled sugar. Serene, velvety, refined texture and peeling layers of complexity.

Thanks to Tim

putnam, Nov 02, 2003
Photo of marburg
4.53/5  rDev +5.1%

trbeer was nice enough to bring a bottle of this back from Germany and then let the Detroit BA gathering sample some.

Thick brown color with rich burgandy highlights. A little more translucent than I was expecting -- not quite the intense depth of color I sometimes see in doppelbocks.

Sweet bread and chocolate ice cream hit the nose. Some syrupy caramel and molasses float beneath. Medium-full bodied. Very nicely textured -- meaty but smooth. Very, very, very sweet, malty flavor with some toffee notes. A little bitterness on the finish cleans up and balances. Eminantly drinkable. Great beer.

marburg, Nov 02, 2003
Photo of woemad
4.65/5  rDev +7.9%

Had this 4 years ago in Lubeck, bought a couple of bottles in a grocery store on a whim and was very happy I did.
As I can remember, it had a delicious, fruity taste - at the time, it reminded me of apples & pears, with a robust alcohol presence that makes itself felt by the second bottle.
I wish I could remember more about it.. But I wish I could have another one even more!

woemad, Jun 11, 2003
Photo of jcalabre
4.28/5  rDev -0.7%

Originally sampled on 1 April 2003. This beer is a work of art. Nice dark brown color, w/ a tan head and a malty nose, I'll have one anytime. Typically, I'm not big on lagers, but this Doppelbock is great. Wonderful maltiness, this is simply a world class beer that any beer geek/snob needs to try.

jcalabre, May 27, 2003
Photo of TheDM
5/5  rDev +16%

What else can I say but simply, the best beer I have ever had! Small fine bubbles, heavy flavor, full bodied, no foul after taste or bitterness. Extremely smooth.

Im Himmel gibt es kein bier!
Darum trinken vir Andechs heir!

In Heaven there is no beer!
That is why we drink Andechs here!

TheDM, Mar 16, 2003
Photo of bierman2000
5/5  rDev +16%

Maybe one of the smoothest dopplebock in the world. Tastes in Munich at the Kloster-Andechs special restaurant, near St. Peter's church and close to the Marienplatz. Dark, delicious and very drinkable, the alcohol creeps up on you at the end of a couple half liters.

bierman2000, Feb 05, 2003
Photo of Bighuge
4.83/5  rDev +12.1%

Clear deep burgandy color. Some slight orange highlights. A slight beige head sits on top. Thick maltiness on the nose. Some molasses tones seep in. Great smell. Body is almost full. Silky smooth in the mouth. Chewy maltiness dominates, and it should. Caramel and toffee notes are big. Hops are there solely for balance. Molasses also makes an appearance on the buds. Beautiful. An elite Dopple. This is so damn easy to drink.

Give me a nicely stoked fireplace, some Van Morrison in the background and 10 of these badboys and I'm smiling.

A Bighuge thanks to Shit and Mrs. Shit for securing this dandy for me.

Bighuge, Nov 02, 2002
Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel from Klosterbrauerei Andechs
96 out of 100 based on 680 ratings.