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Alhambra Negra - Grupo Cervezas Alhambra, SL

Not Rated.
Alhambra NegraAlhambra Negra

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141 Ratings
no score

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Ratings: 141
Reviews: 89
rAvg: 3.28
pDev: 15.85%
Wants: 2
Gots: 3 | FT: 0
Brewed by:
Grupo Cervezas Alhambra, SL visit their website

Style | ABV
Euro Dark Lager |  5.40% ABV

Availability: Year-round

Notes/Commercial Description:
No notes at this time.

(Beer added by: rhoadsrage on 03-18-2005)
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Ratings: 141 | Reviews: 89 | Display Reviews Only:
Photo of Horbar

Rhode Island

3.25/5  rDev -0.9%

03-30-2012 01:10:46 | More by Horbar
Photo of AtrumAnimus


3.85/5  rDev +17.4%

Started trying this one with no expectations or anything to cause me to prejudice this beer in anyway.

The pour is almost black with a thin head that is almost white. The lacing is adequate. The appearance is good and dark. A very appealing glass of beer to look at.

The smell is of a sweet malt with subtle hops.

The taste is very good and satisfying. It is a nice balance of smoky bitterness and not to dry malt. There are very complex flavors here with some hints of dark chocolate and coffee.

The mouth feel is surpassingly effervescent for how dark this beer is. And the texture is bit more watery than I expected, but not is a bad way. For such a dark beer it is rather a refreshing beer.

Overall a very descent beer that I would definitely buy again.

03-27-2012 14:19:46 | More by AtrumAnimus
Photo of phaedrusovchaos


3/5  rDev -8.5%

02-28-2012 11:28:14 | More by phaedrusovchaos
Photo of LJWalker


3/5  rDev -8.5%

02-06-2012 19:25:55 | More by LJWalker
Photo of Campodog


3.5/5  rDev +6.7%

01-31-2012 13:06:38 | More by Campodog
Photo of matjack85


4/5  rDev +22%

I saw this on the beer list at La Tasca Spanish Taoas Restaurant in Arlington Heights, IL., so I decided to give it a try. 12oz brown bottle with a best before date on the back label, but the printing was so faint I couldn't make out the date. $5 per bottle.

The beer poured out a deep dark brown color and made 2 finger's worth of light brown head. Retention was good and lacing was decent.

The beer smelled like roasted malts and chocolate.

This is a simple, but tasty beer. Nice roasted malt flavor with caramel sweetness and a touch of chocolate. Hop bitterness is very mild.

Smooth mouthfeel. Light to medium body with moderate carbonation.

This is a decent dark lager. Very drinkable with well hidden alcohol. I've never seen this on a store shelf, so if you're in the downtown Arlington Heights area, stop in and give it a try. Just a 2 block walk from the Metropolis Performing Arts Center, so a convenient stop for a before or after theater drink.

01-26-2012 16:10:55 | More by matjack85
Photo of TheBMan


3/5  rDev -8.5%

01-24-2012 07:19:38 | More by TheBMan
Photo of Socramahis

South Carolina

3/5  rDev -8.5%

01-19-2012 19:42:26 | More by Socramahis
Photo of metter98

New York

3.38/5  rDev +3%

A: The beer is clear very dark amber (near black) in color. It poured with a ½-finger high dark beige head that slowly died down and left a bit of lacing on the surface, a thick ring of bubbles around the edge of the glass and some lacing running down the sides.
S: There are light aromas of dark malts and cola in the nose along with hints of molasses and roasted malts.
T: The taste is very similar to the smell and has flavors of dark malts and cola along with notes of molasses and roasted malts. There are also some notes of artificial sweetness.
M: It feels light- to medium-bodied and a bit thin on the palate with a moderate amount of carbonation.
O: The beer is extremely easy to drink and almost goes down like water.

12-27-2011 22:47:22 | More by metter98
Photo of Amp


2.5/5  rDev -23.8%

12-27-2011 20:28:00 | More by Amp
Photo of Beeraucrat


4/5  rDev +22%

12-14-2011 06:47:04 | More by Beeraucrat
Photo of tbeq00


3/5  rDev -8.5%

12-13-2011 20:18:11 | More by tbeq00
Photo of mdillon86


4/5  rDev +22%

11-25-2011 02:08:05 | More by mdillon86
Photo of bpfrush


2.5/5  rDev -23.8%

11-16-2011 02:41:38 | More by bpfrush
Photo of ZenAgnostic


2.1/5  rDev -36%

11.15 oz bottle poured into a pint glass. Bottom of back label says "Best by" but there's no date stamped. (edit: I take that back. The date ALH10274 is stamped at the top of the back label, far from where it should be stamped)

Appearance - Super dark brown/black body. Huge loose offwhite head with low stick and decent to good retention.

Smell - Strong corn. Coffee. Some malty sweetness and noticeable alcohol.

Taste - Stale coffee water. Some metal in the finish. Acidic.

Mouthfeel - Pretty flat and stale. Very weird acidic/astringent aftertaste.

Overall Drinkability - The metallic, astringent, stale, and acidic off-characters are so prominent that this beer has almost no redeeming qualities.

11-06-2011 03:39:11 | More by ZenAgnostic
Photo of Radome


3.1/5  rDev -5.5%

Poured froma 33 cl can into a goblet.

A - Very dark brown to black color but some light gets through and shows mahogany highlights. The head starts out tan and thick with large bubbles, but it fades quickly.

S - The aroma is noble hops (though they seem stale, somehow) and a bit of burnt sugar and chocolate. It smells mostly like a cheap pilsner but with some burnt notes that make it more interesting.

T - The taste is very bitter and acrid, seemingly from roasted grain additions, rather than hops. It has some bitter coffee flavors and a dry graininess that gives a "powdery" feel in the mouth. Malt and hops are lost behind the burnt notes. As it warmed and breathed it became less acrid and some malt roundness emerged in mid-palate.

M - Very light body. Some stinging carbonation. Dry finish.

O - This is more interesting than the vast majority of Spanish mass-market beers, however, it's a bit disappointing.

10-22-2011 20:30:25 | More by Radome
Photo of GRPunk


3.53/5  rDev +7.6%

Bottle poured into a tumbler.

A- Looked a lot like a Coke. Dark-brown body. Any head that developed dropped quite quickly.

S- Very roasty aroma with a hint of chocolate.

T- Much as the aroma would lead you to believe. Lots of roasty notes. Still picked up a touch of chocolate.

M- Quite spritzy. Clean, though a little thin.

O- Not a bad beer really. Made for a nice drink to go along with some really good tapas during a recent visit to Chicago.

10-16-2011 00:53:31 | More by GRPunk
Photo of mactrail


3.38/5  rDev +3%

Black color in the wine glass with just a touch of beige head. Big bubbles and a coarse mouthfeel. Nice caramel flavor with an overlay of burnt sugar. Hops are pretty much missing, but it has a decent tanginess. Somewhat perfumey flavor. Nose is just a touch of malt and dried fruit. Surprisingly not bad and good with warm tortillas.

Bottle at a South American restaurant in Old Town, San Diego.

10-06-2011 06:09:23 | More by mactrail
Photo of UCLABrewN84


3.55/5  rDev +8.2%

Pours an almost opaque dark brown with a 1 inch tan head that fades to a thin film on the top of the beer. Random dots of lace form around the glass on the drink down. Smell is of roasted malt and caramel notes. Taste is very much the same with a roasted malt/grain taste and a sweet caramel presence. A very slight roast bitterness on the tongue after each sip that quickly fades. A good level of carbonation makes for a crisp and clean mouthfeel. Overall, this is a pretty good beer that is very easy drinking.

08-15-2011 04:40:58 | More by UCLABrewN84
Photo of LXIXME

New Mexico

3.9/5  rDev +18.9%

Big tan head rests atop a clear dark burnt red almost brown colored lager.

A light syrupy almost roasted molasses aroma.

Roasted almost burnt caramel taste, quite interesting, don't know if this would get worse or grow on you if you were to drink a bunch of these.

Finishes with a light dry roasted aftertaste.

08-12-2011 22:40:14 | More by LXIXME
Photo of Knapp85


3.9/5  rDev +18.9%

This beer to me was a bit surprising. I picked up a bottle years ago at my local shop and gave it a try. It poured out as a deep brown color, the head was pretty good looking and tan in color. The smell of the beer has some aromas of sweet roasted nuts and some burnt caramel. The taste was a little sweet upfront and slowly faded into a more bitter toasted aftertaste. The mouthfeel was a little watery but still had enough body to hold my interest. Overall I found this beer to be much better than I expected it to be.

07-13-2011 02:45:14 | More by Knapp85
Photo of treque


3.2/5  rDev -2.4%

A: a deep brown, almoust black with some dark brown hues if you see against light. a small off-white head, wich dissipates kind of quickly, but a tiny layer remains.

S: some toast and carmel but there is no a strenght smell at all

T: a sweet notes appear at the beggining, crisp on tongue and the toast notes appear at the very end, all flavours are very smooth, chewy end lacking of flavour

medium-light body, its just like a premium version of an industrial beer

05-11-2011 21:47:47 | More by treque
Photo of Beejay


2.73/5  rDev -16.8%

A: Deep brown, with ruby hues when held tot he light. Nice tan head on top.

S: Very sweet and syrupy, with a touch of roasty malt. Definitely a corn syrup thing here.

T: Slightly roasty, but it really has a club soda thing going on. Very weird... The finish is a bit roasty and bready.

M: Thin mouthfeel, and very high carbonation.

D: Meh.. I don't think I will need to get this again.. definitely a little thin and odd ball.

01-12-2011 03:25:29 | More by Beejay
Photo of Gobzilla


4/5  rDev +22%

Poured a dark brown in color with brown highlights that had a thinhead and left almost no lacing sticking to the glass. The aroma had toffee roastiness upfront with coffee bean and faint vanilla notes. The toffee was more potent on the palate with, nutty, caramel, malts, and vanilla accents. The brew was light in body with a fair amount of carbonation which had a sweet, malty, nutty, and crisp finish. It drank good and was surprisingly good coming from spain.

12-21-2010 17:51:23 | More by Gobzilla
Photo of KickInTheChalice


3.05/5  rDev -7%

Poured from a 12 oz. bottle into a pint glass.

Appearance: Pours a dark brown color with a ruby tint in the shallow part of the glass. Clear and a little watery in the edge of the glass. Big carbonated bubbles hug the side of the glass, and a small off-white head forms but fades quite rapidly and leaves no lace on the glass.

Smell: Slightly metallic caramel and roasted malt aroma.

Taste: It starts with a light molasses sweetness, but there is a contrived, manufactured, extract flavor to the taste. Slightly roasted coffee, and a bit of chocolate malt.

Mouthfeel: Hmm, could have been crisper. Just comes across with a medium carbonation and a little bit watery.

Drinkability: After a few moments of deliberation, I cannot think of any reason to go out and buy this. Any bar or store that has this will have better beers available.

12-13-2010 00:00:09 | More by KickInTheChalice
Alhambra Negra from Grupo Cervezas Alhambra, SL
76 out of 100 based on 141 ratings.