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Savant, Male, from Pennsylvania

Beer Trader
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    I am just a strong, young hard working, blue collar, guitar player that has (IMO) tremendous flavor interest. I've drank beer since early high school years, I am now 31 and now have an appreciation for the worldwide common elixir, but it wasn't until about 7-8 years ago that I even cared about the "taste" of beer. Don't get me wrong i can still throw back PBR, MILLER products like a champ and my friends and I are in fact Flyers, Phillies, and Eagles fans, and must act accordingly while tailgating, BBQ-ing, parties and concerts. However, at ANY other time i can be found with a smokey nut brown something or other, or some hopped out, malty, imperial IPA thing-a-ma-jig, more than likely its going to be a deep, dark coffee, or oatmeal, or Russian, or chocolate or Imperial stout, or even a double, or a triple or a quad if i'm feelin' crazy. Always on the lookout and willing to get my grubby little hands on the newest brew! ..... !!!!ALL HAIL THE ALE!!!! .....
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