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Jun 29, 2016 at 4:14 PM
Dec 13, 2009
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Champion, Female, from New York

Beer Trader
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    September 4
    New York
    "Collect Glass, not beer. Drink beer.
    FOR BIFs/Trades:
    The key here is to look at what I (or the person you are trading with) have reviewed/had. sort on brewery makes it easy to find specific beers, if it has been reviewed/had and you still want to send it anyway, please make sure it was a hit (i'm always a fan of fresh ipa that i have reviewed and loved but can't get locally)...ideally send something that wasn't had/reviewed before.

    should go without saying, but please do NOT send me beer that i can buy on the shelf (unless otherwise agreed to - or uber limited releases that disappear the day they hit the shelf are fine too). http://seekabrew.com/distro/compare.html is a great resource...although not always super up-to-date, it is extremely useful tool

    if all else fails, i'm definitely interested in these breweries:

    Deschutes (ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, EVEN IF I HAVE HAD IT...ALWAYS LOVE TO GET DESCHUTES), Terrapin (ANYTHING/EVERYTHING), Duck Rabbit, DuClaw, Flying Fish, Columbus, Fat Heads, Flossmoor, Half Acre, Highland, Mother Earth (NC), Port/Lost Abbey, Three Floyds, Upland, Surly, New Glarus, Lift Bridge, Sebago, Pisgah, Odell, Alchemist (no celia please), Lawsons, Hill Farmstead (ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING, EVEN IF I HAVE HAD IT...ALWAYS LOVE TO GET HILL FARMSTEAD)

    i'm a big fan of glassware too (preferably no shaker pints).

    Trade History

    BIF History

    Glassware (grossly out of date, promise to update soon)

    Trades in progress: Under construction...see history

    Top Wants:
    • nothing really at the moment, but would love to check out some more De Garde or SARA stuff...
    my favorite thing about BA is getting together with other BAs and tickin some beers while having some laughs. if you are in the Long Island, NY area...hit me up, let's get together and pop some bottles.


    for my ratings, i rate on the scale of 3 = ok, 4 = good, 5 = phenomenal. yes, i rate high...i love beer and tend to find most beer to be better than just good.
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